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  1. I don't think they got it

    The Canucks are already filled with players from the top of the draft, the Tank is completed time to collect. When we take home the cup there will still be "fans" that will attribute the success to the Tank. D.Sedin 1st (2nd overall) Several trades involved but a tank non the less H.Sedin 1st (3rd overall) See above E. Gudbranson 1st (3rd overall) Does it count if it's somebody else's tank or is the rule that you have to draft them too? J. Joulevi 1st (5th overall) Full on Tank, but they forgot to pick first somebody tell JB how the draft works. J. Virtanen 1st (6th overall) Out of the top 5 the rest can still be depth on our team I hope. B. Horvat 1st (9th overall) B. Sutter 1st (11th overall) S. Baertschi 1st (13th overall) L. Sbisa 1st (19th overall) B. Boeser 1st (23rd overall) B. Gaunce 1st (26th overall) E. Etem 1st (29th overall) Tanks come again. Maybe JB found the loop hole to the Tank let others do it then grab up the prizes or find players else where.
  2. {Article} Can Canucks become playoff team? Jason Botchford

    If I could give more plusses I would. Agree with almost everything that you have said. I am very excited for this season to begin. Certainly a lot more positive posts then in the past which is always nice to see. I would expect that since you gave numbers though that there will be the regular destructive fans in all of their knowledge that will add everything and tell you how stupid these numbers are. I especially liked seeing that the projections of our "rotten" core had increased their numbers, which is usually only possible in other cities or if there is a first overall draft pick involved. Next important question is. Does Henrik pass the cup to Daniel first? Does he make him wait? I think he's gotta go Danny 1st.
  3. Haave the sedins really slowed down that much?

    Willy already plays the twins on a regular rotation. There were several times that even commentators mentioned that they should have the big guns out there when they didn't. You can't force other players to score more than them. If it is to give others a try on the top power play I agree unless they are clicking at the time. The twins earned the title of first line, let others earn it as well. There were times this year that Vey among others had times very close to the first line players. Although you could be onto something let's call the Dorsett line the first line, now the other team will put their best defenders against the Dorsett line. Leave Sutter to man the second line, Horvat the third and we will play the twins in clean-up. No one will see it coming the twins can light up the league against lesser defence. This could be like a money ball thing but for hockey (patent pending). P.S. they have always signed for below market value.
  4. Henrik Sedin wins 2016 King Clancy Award

    I would prefer to have the twins on this team over a star that could be awarded several trophies then in the off season disgrace the team with his actions. I wonder what's in store this year? Will Panarin learn from his leader? Does Kassian train with Kane in the off season? But what ever happens should be dismissed with a good season (disgusting). Henrik said that he feels that it is just as important what the players do off of the ice as they do on if not more important. I could not agree more. I hope that with Linden at the helm the make sure to allow the twins to retire with only one NHL team under the belt (should they want the same). Give them another contract after this one is done. I am proud to have the twins on this team, I am proud that my children idolize them and hopeful that they stay on after their careers to help teach the next brigade about the hard work on and off the ice, as well as the ability to ignore the opinions of the ignorant pessimists. Congrats Hank. (could have been a possibly been a shared trophy, seeing Daniel go visit the Children during the All-Star break with Byfuglien) Go Canucks Go. Stanley Cup this year, I already have the parade route planned so this time it is for real. You can quote me on that EVERY year.
  5. Vote for Denko, Hobey Baker award. I don't know how to add the link but in the prospect update and story on Boeser and Demko there is a link to vote. Maybe someone could add it. Go Canucks Go., the future looks bright. Who do you think will get called up for Vrbata? Utica has got to be getting pretty thin.
  6. Is it just me or are we poised to dominate the Pacific again?

    I love the optimism, great post Mr. Creed, only time will tell. Could you imagine if all Negativity was wiped from CDC by a simple bet, these predictions are NOT that far off, any team with the twins will be competitive. Markstrom could become one hell of a Goalie, still love Miller. The Canucks had a large run of injuries last year and still played great, all of the players who helped out have another year under the belt. Every time the twins get a point a Canuckticon dies, dying might be a bit harsh but.... Go Canucks Go!!!! In Linden We Trust.
  7. The Canuck-ticons

    The Canuck-ticon, Noun(Ca-nuck-te-con) (single) All he did was bash the team the whole game, he must be a Canuck-ticon. (plural) If you don't cheer at the game the Canuck-ticons have won. The Canuck-ticons are only able to express negative comments about the Canucks, and will only ever seem to be content with the complete annihilation of everything Canuck. Canuck-ticons are a sad species, they are unable to enjoy or compliment anything Canuck. They are the "fans" that can see no future for the Canucks as a positive one. Every year the team must be blown up, if another team fails it is allowable to have such excuses as injuries or officiating, but not when it comes to the Canucks for a Canuck-ticon, defense sucks, every other team has better players, players are just paid too much, had a bad year?, trade him, fire him, what they should have done..., and the only way to win is to get rid of everybody for the first overall pick! (it is so simple, for the formula see Edmonton). That's how you win a Stanley Cup. Is there any way to get a Canuck-ticon to change sides? Must it always be dark and destruction, or will they always stay with us, in the same manor. Is there a way to tricking them into becoming Edmon-ticons (exciting times over there, with plenty of seats on the band wagon soon to be filled)! Interested on your thoughts... should be Good... (I don't think they can see positive words)
  8. Cole Cassels | C

    Looks good on you Cole, I just hope the Canuck-ticons don't get a hold of you, those are the "fans" that can only complain and would like to see nothing more than the complete annihilation of all things Canuck. There must have been something they didn't like or maybe it was an awful shift probably time to trade him, I mean what has he really done for us lately. Maybe it will be that he is too good of a prospect that will not allow for complete bottoming making us lose the 1st overall pick we must get in order to win. By the looks of the prospects this year, Cole and Utica along with Subban, If we join forces we may be able to kick some Canuck-ticon a$$. Go Canucks Go
  9. The Canucks

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