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  1. He was good all over the ice. Played a lot with Horvat who makes everybody better but he played off his teammates really well and worked hard on defense and maybe that goal will give him a boost in confidence.
  2. Kole Lind is playing very well. He was one of the best players on the ice against the Crunch on Monday. Encouraging development. He is right where he belongs and stepped up his game in the absence of Boucher, et al.
  3. Markstrom, Biega and Baertschi careers were made in Utica during Calder run under Green. Virtanen and Demko both made in Utica. Not many who came through and got a shot with Utica and played modestly for Canucks have turned into something for another team. Corrado and Clendening both moved on to play in the NHL some but were trade fodder. So it isn’t like we did something wrong and missed the boat on somebody who took off in the NHL after leaving us.
  4. I hope Baertschi gets a shot and does well. Chicago is probably a good team for him to play against and he does have chemistry with Horvat. It is funny how the chemistry thing works. I think Beagle, who is playing amazingly well, had a lot of chemistry with Motte and those two were a menace even on offense. Without Motte, Beagle has disappeared from the O zone a little, not that anyone is expecting him to score. Sutter also seems to show up more with some players more than others. He and Gaudette aren't bad together. I hate to pick on Loui but that guy seems to drag everyone down offensively. He is responsible on D. Never seen him have chemistry with anyone on the canucks and the guy played with the Sedins and Horvat who make everyone look good.
  5. Fantenberg looked solid in Utica. He won’t make anyone forget about Hughes but he can step in and play third pairing no problem. Particularly against a heavier team like St. Louis.
  6. Fantenberg should do ok. He looked solid in Utica. Three games is probably enough to get back up to speed.
  7. What is this passing tonight. Not so hot. Even on our goal the pass was off.
  8. Wasn’t sold on Jordie Benn but I am now. Two excellent games in a row. Marky wasn’t sharp but it is great that we didn’t need him and he can put one in his win column when off a little. Kings should have have been matched up better with lines at home but with the second and third lines being a menace it is a real pick your poison situation. Feels like their have been more stretch passes in October than in the entire Desjardins era.
  9. Those Nat Geo photographers are famous for their cameras.
  10. https://video.nationalgeographic.com/video/00000144-0a44-d3cb-a96c-7b4d63cc0000 Surprised to see National Geographic covered the game last night. Panther warm up early in the video, puck drops around 1:00 mark. Third period is around the 1:50 mark.
  11. Playing with Horvat is like medicine for players who need a little confidence to get going.
  12. Canucks look like the Comets lately. Comets had kind of a close one tonight. 5-1 final but only 3-1 lead halfway through third. That’s a nail biter in Comet land lately.