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  1. BEST. MOMENT. OF. TODAY'S. SESSION. --- Epic burn of Jim Jordan and his grandstanding shenanigans by Rep.Peter Welch
  2. It's NOT frickin' bullying, Alf...I never ever thought of you as being of snowflake variety but you're displaying a very thin skin here considering you're advocating for freedom of speech. I've bit my tongue and sat on my fingers through all your other comments here save one but this one, claiming bullying is allowed to go on? Please, you've no idea of what being bullied here on CDC can be like.
  3. I find this ^^^^ extremely disappointing coming from you, Alf. Whether you truly do believe this or are simply trying to stir the pot, it's extremely disappointing from someone who I'd come to respect in sharing a laugh or two.
  4. I wish I could take the credit but alas, the kudos go to a Twitter user named Lesley Abravanel who has quite the way with words. My personal favourite of hers is "Feckless, fraudulent fecal filament"
  5. The life form has lost it's ever-lovin' mind. He needs to be gone asap. HOW can his supporting cast in government possible defend this? They can't. At some point, even for the Lindsey Grahams and Mark Meadows, John Kennedys, Gym Jordans etc., there has to be nothing left in the tank to defend the indefensible with. If I didn't suspect better, I'd SWEAR the Syphilitic Sock Monkey is TRYING to get impeached. He won't quit but if they remove him, well, that's not HIS fault, is it?
  6. Not tonight, Alf, you get no leeway on this tonight... you cannot possibly believe that he isn't guilty...he &^@#ing signed off on it, admitted it, in order to settle the case. There is no benefit of the doubt for this sleaze bag rip off artist, anymore.
  7. Aaaaand the hits keep coming.... (Don't shoot the "Fake News" messenger! ) READ: Whistleblower lawyer's letter to White House By CNN Updated 8:28 PM ET, Thu November 7, 2019 (CNN)A lawyer for the Ukraine whistleblower, whose complaint document triggered the House impeachment inquiry of President Donald Trump, has sent a letter to the White House warning the President to "cease and desist" attacking his client. The format of the letter won't let me post it here so here is the link to it.... https://www.cnn.com/2019/11/07/politics/read-whistleblower-lawyer-letter-to-trump/index.html
  8. Trump is a lying sack of $&!#. So he posts this statement on Twitter regarding the settlement: BUT....BUT...BUT..... He had to admit to liability in order to settle the case.... ANYONE who supports or voted for or has ever spoken favourably of this sack of $&!# deserves exactly what they get. He is bald-faced lying to them... so &^@#ing blatantly LYING to them in his 'statement' that his pants should have spontaneously combusted. (My apologies for the huge red font but I couldn't make the tweeted content any smaller and I didn't want the personal comments lost in between them. Apparently my Canadian outrage is red! )
  9. That is MOST excellent news! I was just about to go and look to see what the outcome of that vote was tonight! Hopefully Mitch is having a little trouble sleeping these days. As a previous contributor to this thread used to say "Tick tock, Mitch".
  10. Sondland changes testimony, acknowledges delivering quid pro quo message to Ukraine Sondland provided additional testimony to House impeachment investigators this week that updates his deposition from last month. Nov. 5, 2019, 11:10 AM PST By Josh Lederman and Adam Edelman WASHINGTON — U.S. Ambassador to the European Union Gordon Sondland told House impeachment investigators this week that he now remembers telling a top aide to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy that Ukraine would not receive U.S. military assistance until it committed to investigating the 2016 election and former Vice President Joe Biden, according to a person with knowledge of Sondland's testimony. Sondland's latest testimony — stated in a three-page declaration to the House committees leading the impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump — represents an update to the testimony he gave in October and contains significant new details. That includes a fuller accounting of the role he played in personally telling the Ukrainians they needed to cooperate with the demands of Trump's personal attorney, Rudy Giuliani, if they wanted the aid money. The timeline of events Sondland outlined in his opening statement in October largely absolved him of any wrongdoing or of having any foreknowledge of a scheme to use U.S. foreign policy to advance Trump’s political interests. That characterization, however, was at stark odds with both the testimony of other officials and with written records obtained by the House in its impeachment inquiry. His new testimony makes clear that he had been well aware that releasing foreign aid was conditional to Ukraine launching the desired investigations. According to the new sworn declaration, Sondland told Congress that his memory was refreshed after reviewing the opening statements given to Congress by Bill Taylor, the acting ambassador to Ukraine, and Tim Morrison, a former adviser to Trump on Russian and European affairs. https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/trump-impeachment-inquiry/sondland-changes-testimony-acknowledges-delivering-quid-pro-quo-message-ukraine-n1076736 ********************************************** Adiós, sayōnara, ciao, auf wiedersehen, do svidaniya, Wastrel Wankster... the Rotund Lady is backstage warming up the aria, now....
  11. Every single time I think he cannot POSSIBLY say anything more stupid and profoundly ignorant than the last time, he lowers the bar again. The twatwaffle extraordinaire cannot even manage to close an umbrella or remove toilet paper from his shoe but he's suddenly an expert on forest management. What? The last time he got mocked and made fun of when he made these comments wasn't enough? His first comments on the wildfires devastating California this fall and THIS IS IT? He needs to go and I really don't care how anymore, just get him gone.
  12. There's a certain sense of vindication and validation in this for those of us who have always decried Trump's presence in the White House. It's not yet over but the rotund and weight-challenged lady is warming up in the wings....
  13. I guess this esplains how and why these idiots support the PGOTUS....they've all been the recipients of lobotomies and had their stupidity factor upped. FFS, just when you think the Repukes can't get any more stupid they go and lower the bar again. I guess what was good enough for Bill Clinton's impeachment inquiry by Republicans doesn't cut it this time around. Trying to rewrite law and the rules of comportment for Impeachment... of course they are. Un&^@#ingbelievable...and if I weren't witnessing it with my own two eyes (four if I happen to have my glasses on), I wouldn't believe such a thing could happen in a First World Country in 2019. It's a $&!#show from start to finish.
  14. WHAT THE EVERLOVING &^@#??????? He doesn't have a clue...not a single bloody &^@#ing clue. Who one earth could possibly think this was a good thing to do? Un&^@#ingbelievable.