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  1. :lol::lol::lol:




    1. Ghostsof1915
    2. coastal.view



      this might be too subtle

      but i don't like the word seriously

      as i think someone was serious

      about whatever it was they did or were doing


      people seriously disagree about things

      and all sides can be very serious about this

      even if some serious views are terribly blinded or distorted


      i use the word "really"

      and often on these boards

      as it connotes a disagreement with the reality

      someone is trying to impose on others

      and i do think you meant to say "really"



      people try to impose their reality on others

      flippantly, seriously, ignorantly, in a troll like manner, or for a variety of other or personal reasons


  2. Damned if I didn't hear Basil Fawlty's voice reciting those words!
  3. I reacted with the confused face dude via slippery finger syndrome. I don't recall ever saying or indicating that I wanted Harv back to troll...
  4. I am SO going to hell for laughing at that!
  5. That is all. ^^^ Post $&!#, expect it to be treated as such.
  6. Get over yourself. If you support or tolerate the behavior and comments of the corpulent cancer in the White House then there's nothing more to be said. It has been proven countless times in this thread alone that a Trump supporter turns their ears off when confronted with facts and context and so never changes it's spots. Those of us who have been here since the beginning are tired of Trump sycophants showing up in here and expecting us to ONCE AGAIN explain it. You show up late in the game and throw this bull$&!# out there....it's not an ad hominem attack when it's the truth. If you're not angry about the $&!# coming out of the White House these days then there's just no hope for you. A definite lack of those characteristics that make people human. I have two words for you but they'd get me banned so I'll let you suss them out for yourself.
  7. You have just &^@#ing lost the plot. That is all. Thanks.
  8. Un&^@#ingbelievable. ^^^^^ You need to stop drinking the koolaid and stop watching those youtube videos.. Conspiracy theories are so....so...yesterday. Seriously, the view out your windows is an inner wall of a certain colon.... so many other places to go with that last comment but I'll leave it to your imagination. Edit: Usually I don't respond to such ignorance but today of all days, after the brilliant bug in the White House's comment about George Floyd...even invoking George Floyd's name AT ALL is insulting coming from his mouth, period. Using a dead man's name to pat himself on the back is unconscionable. Edit #2: Oh, and I read the transcript of the speech...straight from the waste of skin and air's pie hole.
  9. I have no words...it's too early in the day to plumb the depths of the dictionary to find the words to describe the utter tone-deafness and Eau de ICK that surrounds and emanates from this sad sack excuse of skin and air. Every single time I think he cannot step any deeper in the moat of his own $&!#, he finds another way to do it and then attempts to use it to pat himself on the back. Bunker Baby Donnie needs to be plugged...preferably with a pneumatic drill with cork attached.