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  1. I am not confused about anything... I've read the facts involved....but I'm quite enjoying watching you trying to justify the unjustifiable.. Do carry on.
  2. And just for a moment, so did I. Such is this chaotic world climate we live in and the state of distrust and uncertainty when it comes to the current occupant of the White House and the sycophats who lick his boots.
  3. Well wasn't that just the biggest bloody pile of carefully scripted bull$&!# statement you'd never want to see from a POTUS? One blatant, easily disproved, lie after another and the Republican lapdogs and sycophants just lap it up like recently regurgitated kibble. I must say, watching the Military man on the right behind The Wankmeister doing his very best to keep his eyes under control so they wouldn't roll was most entertaining. Trump is not a well man...mispronouncing simple words again...losing his place...out of breath after the short walk from his desk behind the doors...Nice timing by the way so that the light would shine behind him so he looks like some sort of misbegotten prophet striding forward....and what was all the sniffing and snorting and almost losing his teeth again about? How any self-respecting, intelligent human being could/would/can believe the lies that this slug just stood there and uttered today defies understanding.
  4. Tis definitely a problem...especially here on West Side. At least there seems to be a bigger RCMP presence over here now.
  5. Switched out #7, Herman Wouk, for Ronnie Hawkins aged 84.
  6. He's gotta be getting up there a little, right? Or are you thinking of his demise being hastened along?
  7. Mercy buckets, not sure how I missed that one as I'd double checked everyone else.
  8. CELEBRITY DEAD POOL LIST 2020 Kirk Douglas Prince Phillip Tony Bennett Howie Meeker Bob Barker Angela Lansbury Ronnie Hawkins Larry Storch (F-Troop actor) Cicely Tyson Charlie Pride Cloris Leachman Jerry Lee Lewis Jean Chrétien Little Richard Jim Conacher (Former Redwing/Ranger/Blackhawk) Dr. Ruth Westheimer Sidney Poitier Kim Novak Don Cherry Yoko Ono