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  1. wait until he is the clear points leader in the NHL. Something I have called from the start. love this kids Hockey IQ
  2. I sure got ripped on Quinns draft year when I said that he would be the best offensive defenseman from the draft. And I still stand by my call to take him 1st over all. Could we have accidently won another draft lottery?
  3. Really liking what I am seeing so far. Another gear to go for these boys.
  4. Best Offensive defenseman in his draft and maybe for years to come.
  5. The questions about his shooting is unfounded. Just go back to his draft year highlights and watch him blow pucks past goalies.
  6. Everyone in Vancouver knows the league doesn't protect superstars in Canadian cities.
  7. When I clicked on this, I was hoping it was about the Canucks shorting their chances at the cup by trying to get better now. Eastern media watching The leafs rebuild for 5 debacled decades has their numbers off.
  8. Side point. I love the pride at TSN. I don't think aqua man cares what they think. If the Canucks have a good season and just miss the playoffs Benning stays. Don't have to go very far to see how rotation of GM's and coaches hurts franchise's. Just look at Edmonton.
  9. Must have ruffled a few feather s at TSN as no story yet.
  10. Every year there are surprised and disappointments. Do the Canucks have what it takes to be better? Yes. Will there be a learning curve? Yes. So this is where the playoffs are made or missed. If they have a good start then they are in. If they sputter gelling then it could be close.
  11. How can you throw big money and term at Brock. He has no track record for summer conditioning etc. I like him but players that hold teams ransom are never good team building players.