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  1. NHL has some explaining to do

    Its game management. The league does not want a Canucks team in the play-offs this year. And it suite revenue when all Canadian teams watch. I watched the Canucks ,at least the last few games come out and dominate and penalties evened up the flow or went against the flow. Its becoming obvious that game management is becoming more like wwf old time wrestling! The league gets away with it because they fan out the hate towards the pacific and then no traction is ever gained. Fans are fans first. So if you hate a team you call it a good goal based on preference! That being said when the tables are turned and the OIlers get poor one sided Officiating in the play-offs people take notice because they have been bad for so long. When the Canucks get poor officiating in the play-offs its called complaining fan syndrome "CFS". The only way to stop this garbage is allow kicking the puck into the net! But wait! How would game management work if they couldn't disallow goals? Linesmen calling the over the glass puck sometimes takes the game out of their hands! I watch a lot of hockey and the refereeing actually gets worse once you watch pro hockey. Yeh mistakes are made. But most games don't look like the games are managed. Maybe if the referees had a stick you would see who they are aiding! Putting the whistle away has never been good for hockey. I actually don't blame the players for suing the owners for not protecting them. I imagine the Sedin's could sue the league for their mistreatment! lol
  2. Elias Pettersson | #40 | C/RW

    Hope Elias bounces back from 3 pointless games and 4 games ago he got a late point in a blow out win. He is looking a lil tired, hope he keeps his confidence!
  3. I get it totally and maybe its the fear that you could be right! Maybe I don't want to go that way yet! But I am sorry for my first reaction!
  4. I did remove that like 3 seconds after I Posted it. But it did have me wondering!
  5. I remember Gretzky having to learn to be a difference maker! Watch their first Stanley cup series! No points Gretzky. Hey even if he finishes the year with 50 points. He still could be a Gretzky type! But 50 would be a very low number considering players are going to start returning from injury!
  6. Your challenging the hype of a 20 year old rookie who has had the best season for a rookie in the modern SHL and the best start of a rookie in the modern NHL? He has set up Players who haven't finished and he himself has hit the post. he is in a league of his own and does look tired but that will pass. Not going to get points if your line mates don't play well. He is still leading the Calder and has averaged more than a ppg. and despite 3 games with-out a point he has had chances and set up chances. The team is ravaged by injuries! your comment is embarrassing to all CDC and is a comment CDC'ers should wait until they calm down to make . Is it like 3 of our top power play guys out? He could and would easily have 3 points with the guys back. Gretzky didn't win any cups after leaving the holy city of Edmonton! Gretzky proved its a team game and one player doesn't win championships! But this is like his 13 th game!
  7. O.K it has to be said. Allow kicking the puck into the net to count! save the NHL FROM SHOWING WHO THEY FAVOR!
  8. [PGT] Vancouver Canucks at New York Rangers | Nov. 12, 2018

    Hard not to love what we are seeing! Sure we have injuries, and many of the players have stepped up! Goldy has to quit pretending he is EP. Start shooting and quite getting fancy. Same with Pouli… get the puck to EP when you first think you should, its that little delay that's screwing everything up. How many times has EP had to take a bad pass and almost stop to find it before he gets moving again. Simple Joulevi would solve some of that! As will Edler when he gets back. Stetcher you don't need to skate the puck when EP is out there. Just get him the puck before he circles back ! The defense we have are sucking the energy out of the game with very poor passing and un timely rushes!
  9. [PGT] Vancouver Canucks at New York Rangers | Nov. 12, 2018

    Average for the Canucks is losing by or not being able to score. This team has not been average at all this year. They are 4 points out of 8 so far and should be maybe a solid 5 if they the young injured team didn't blow a two goal lead. They will be a play-off team as long as Elias stays healthy. They have better hockey ahead of them.
  10. Some posts require more admiration! This is one of those!
  11. Bo Horvat | #53 | C

    I think it was 3 years ago, but it could have been 4. I was at the young stars tournament sitting beside two Pro scouts for the Winnipeg Jets. Horvat was flying out there Skating was not as big of issue as people said he was fast and agile. He came down the left wing towards the net. The right side defenseman pushed him around to the outside so he would circle behind the net. he flipped the puck too the slot and continued to skate behind the net and he jumped over the defenseman on the other side as if he was doing a wrap around (puck still in the air) .The puck landed right in front of his stick and he missed the top corner. Now I listen in too the scouts "man I am upset we didn't make a charge for Horvat" said one He looked at me wearing a Canucks jersey and said "you guys are lucky this kid brings it!". the other guy said He will be a top line center one day and what few people understand is Bo has the WOW factor to his game. Now I have posted this story before. But I am seeing Bo bring it to the NHL level now. He has way more to give than what we are seeing. And for those saying he was slow, Maybe in his draft year but in Penticton at the young stars tourney he was already beating guys wide!
  12. Elias Pettersson | #40 | C/RW

    Three games EP has went with-out a point. He has averaged 3 points in the game after a non-point game. 2pts 2pts and 5 pts
  13. EP has had 3 games with out points. Each game he followed it with a 2 point night, with the exception of The 5 point night in Colorado. so in three games held with out a point he has followed it with 9 points...…………………….HMM that could spell 3 points...…………….but for sure 2.