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  1. The great teams didn't surround their core players with younger players and win cups. They added veterns to lead the younger players to cups. This is a dangerous team with lots of depth and add a hot goalie and you never know what will happen. And as soon as the young players develop consistent efforts they will be a top tier team. rIGHT NOW THEY CAN BE A TOP TIER TEAM one night and a bottom teir team the next. And I'm sure the Canucks have enough prospects to go forward. Madden will never be a top 3 player. He is just too small. Maybe in the regular season. But small forwards get beat up in the play-offs. Just ask Johnny Flame kid.
  2. Lots of teams have won the cup or challenged with rosters not expected to make runs at it. You can lay over thinking the top teams will win the cup every year if you want. Or yo can look at a very weak conference and think with a break you could go to the finals. A couple upsets and you never know what is going to happen eg. LA or more recently St Louis!
  3. Kesler will never get Booed again by Van Fans in General. its time we can celebrate what happened in 2011! The more teams they add the harder it will be for any team to win a cup. And for a Canadian Team to beat the NHL and opposing team it might never happen again! Mason Raymond broken Back! aaron Rome suspension the series had a odd flavor!
  4. On the offside non-call I wonder if it was the other way if the same call is made?
  5. I have bad news for you then. Quinn will win the Calder because he is better suited for the long season with his effortless skating!
  6. Simply put. The NHL was trying to screw Vancouver with the Lottery and in the process as Don Cherry would say the Hockey god's evened things out!
  7. And before the draft on CDC I was scolded for saying I was happy losing the lottery because The best player was not going to be at number one. I also stated The best defenseman would be the not Rasmu as I didn't want to jink any shot at landing him. (hughes)
  8. I loved seeing Hughes and stetcher out their. Talk about speed on the back end. It kinda killed some of the Isles momentum!
  9. I've seen team s win the cup with performances like the Canucks had tonight. I have seen the Canucks dominate and lose series and vice versa. This team last year was always giving up the lead late in games. Now they seem to always get the empty net goals>
  10. give it another two years and you will be saying Dahlin who!
  11. Canucks Regular Members 2,535 2,444 posts Location: aT tHe RiNk Report post Posted June 22, 2018 I never expected Quinn to fall in the draft. And anyone who has ridiculed me for saying Rasmus Dhalin is not the best defensman in this draft. I am looking forward to seeing this kid prove me right. 3 1 canuktravella, Alexandre, VegasCanuck and 1 other reacted to this TOOK ALOT OF HEAT FOR COMMENTS like these but man it appears I might be right! Quote Edit
  12. The Canucks have beat the teams they needed to beat the last couple weeks. And this morning the standings show that they beat Calgary, Edmonton, Vegas, Phoenix. And I remember how far back they we're at the end of November. Had they gotten through November a little cleaner they would be 6 or 7 points up. And to have a positive goal diff despite some blow-out losses speaks volumes.
  13. Who cares je is a gem.
  14. wait until he is the clear points leader in the NHL. Something I have called from the start. love this kids Hockey IQ
  15. I sure got ripped on Quinns draft year when I said that he would be the best offensive defenseman from the draft. And I still stand by my call to take him 1st over all. Could we have accidently won another draft lottery?