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  1. How can you throw big money and term at Brock. He has no track record for summer conditioning etc. I like him but players that hold teams ransom are never good team building players.
  2. The teams now have cap troubles previously found on SC winning teams because they have over paid participation rather than winning.
  3. I felt the pain. And was furious when the players went to the bench to watch the replay Wimps looking for a way out. No more.
  4. Nice read and logic that isn't used enough The Second could have sat on back to backs and had more in the tank. But players want to play.
  5. JB is building a winner. They all throw away too much. Its what is on the ice that counts.
  6. A lot of big teams have struggled to make the playoffs but excelled in 7 game series. Ie LA their first cup they were 8th seed.
  7. Brock is not signed yet because he wants more than this. Thank you leafs.
  8. As this Canucks get better they will literally better talent at more reasonable rates.
  9. Might have been the biggest steal of the draft. Some feel he has the best hands in the draft And their is some top tier talent in the draft.
  10. He might have a shot. He is ahead of what u would expect from a 40th. They could arrange it with the SHL.