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  1. I believe the Galaxy Cup sits at 4 - 2 Comets?
  2. Comets play the Crunch at 4pm PST. Another Galaxy Cup Game and Ferland's first game tonight. I'll be happy if he gets through the game. Comets
  3. Listening to Juice on Wednesday I thought he would be a good replacement for Don Cherry
  4. Considering he was undrafted, his career has been great. Another great find by Jim & Co.
  5. I think he will be a starter in the NHL. What do you think?
  6. How many expected Mikie to be the #1 goalie this season? I didn't. I thought they would be using the 3 goalies they had. He has been impressive.
  7. Lind also had a fight and an assist in the game.
  8. I thought Lind was great last night. When a team mate went down from a bad hit he dropped his gloves immediately. He also had a good night of agitating as well.
  9. I might PVR it because the Comet's game will go to about 6:30 pm PST. I can start the ceremony at 6:30 and then skip over commercials. That should catch me up to watch the game live. Cheers!
  10. Good point. It may have been wishful thinking on my part.
  11. The Comets play tonight against Laval. It will be nice to watch the Comets game at 4 pm and the Canucks game after that. It will be interesting to see how Ferland does.
  12. I would love to see Stetcher ends up in Utica. He would be a great Captain to replace Carter Bancks. With the amount of guys possibly ending up in Utica next year, I don't see them bringing back Carter.
  13. He is playing for a pretty bad team. That could have an impact on his stats.