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  1. Isn't Luke draft eligible in 2021?
  2. McIntyre called up to Canucks. Who is hurt? I guess Mikie gets his first start on Wednesday night. Go Comets.
  3. Is he living here? He would be great to hear more of him in the media.
  4. You might want to check the months they were born and consider when the cutoff date for the draft. He is an overager with Calgary and if he makes WJC team he will also be considered an over-ager there as well.
  5. JD going back to Sweden's second tier league kind of looks like he can't handle the pressure of higher completion. May not be true but the optics aren't good.
  6. I think it would be better for him to go and help the Comet's in a long playoff run. They need Center depth.
  7. Yes, same age as KL and JG last year.
  8. He also seems to be better along the boards and protecting the puck so far this year.
  9. You know, I like rum but that spiced rum makes me sick. Reminds me of Vanilla Coke.
  10. I watched the game and Jake had more than 1 hit. I don't know how many but I would have guessed it was more like 3 or 4.
  11. Do you think it is because they are not familiar with each other yet? What do you think about Kole Lind so far? I've been impressed.
  12. I watched the game and thought they were non-factors but Goldie was more noticeable than Baer.