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  1. Wow, great info Gurn. Thanks for the post. Maybe Jake is not as bad as some have stated (ad nauseum).
  2. Watching Kole take face-offs and play a little at center this season made me think he could make a good third line center. With his size and skill as a playmaker I think he would be better than Adam in the #3rd line center spot. Plus Kole is a pain to play against. He's a good pest who doesn't back down from anyone. Just some thoughts.
  3. I don;t think some of the comments above are true. He does fight and a few of those tilts were good fights. He has been an offensive upside and plays on the 2PP. I think that a year of adjusting to a new team and a new town affected some of his production. I think he will have a better year this coming season.
  4. JT Miller in his first experience with play-offs scored 1g 7a in 19 games. Not that much different from Jake in his first experience in the play-off with 1g 1a in 13 games (not including the Minny series as this was a play in to the play-off series). JT had 6 assists more than Jake in 19 games compared to Jake's 13 games. I don't think we should trade Jake at the moment. 18g and 18a this season and has improved every year. I think he will be signed to approx. 2.2 mil X 2 years (without protection in the expansion draft).
  5. I read somewhere that the AHL are planning to start December 1. Is this true and does it mean the NHL has similar plans? Also on the topic of Hogz, I am thinking that he will need a season with the Comets. I see him as similar to Kole Lind. Everyone is going to hammer me on this so I will just brace for the on-slot coming my way.
  6. Pyatt couldn't punch himself out of a wet paper bag. One of the softest players to have ever play for the Canucks. If Jake is asked to fight he will drop his gloves.
  7. Sometimes the lack of realism expressed is negligible here (Ha, Ha). I remember Bert disappearing for multiple games in a row and it frustrated everyone. I guess after 10 or more years we forget the bad things and remember what we want to make us feel better about our favorite players.
  8. About a year ago I heard an interview with Markie and he said that Jake is well liked by his team mates. He is one of the guys who helps to keep things light and does some great work with CAN.
  9. You are in the Olly Juolevi thread.
  10. I don't think we will see Nikie in a Vancouver uniform. Too much water under the bridge. I think Jimbo will trade his rights during the off-season. I think we have some good LD prospects and they don't need the drama that Nikie seems to bring with him.
  11. Hey Alf let us know you are OK.

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    2. Toews


      Alf can be found of hfboards, I am afraid he has joined the dark side, goes by the name LuckyLarry.

    3. -AJ-


      I believe @Toews is correct.

    4. DarkIndianRises


      Horse McHindu

  12. Jake seems to be good at drawing penalties. Maybe that could help with getting our PP out on the ice more often.
  13. Has anyone heard from Alf?

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    2. Coconuts


      He's been on HFboards for three years and he considers himself lucky? 

    3. -Vintage Canuck-

      -Vintage Canuck-

      @Coconuts: He went by Alflives on HFBoards before joining CDC in 2015.

    4. naslund.is.king


      I’m just glad he’s okay.