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  1. I’d do this which probably means it’s not enough going to NJ. Maybe make it a 2nd round pick.
  2. I wonder if this could also be JP Barry looking around the league to see if there’s any interest in a multi year deal at more than 2 mill a season which is what he’s getting from Vancouver. If they know he’s going to get sent down to the minors in Vancouver for 2 million a season and say a team like LA wouldn’t mind having him at 2 million a year for 2 years in the NHL. Then maybe Barry and Eriksson terminate the contract with the Canucks and sign elsewhere.
  3. Brenden Dillon is the guy I would sign! Make it happen Benning! I think he can play with these young guys while also being a little bit of a protector. Dillon is a LHD from Surrey BC and he’s 6’4” 225 pounds and actually throws big hits unlike the rest of our dmen.
  4. Let’s get some grit on the defence! I love Tanev but he’s likely looking for somewhere along the lines of a 5x5 deal. I don’t want to spend that on a guy at his age and with his injury history. I think trading or offer sheeting Cernak and signing Brendan Dillon would be a fantastic change for our defence. Hughes Cernak Edler Myers Dillon Juolevi Benn and Rafferty as 7 and 8
  5. That’s a big price to pay as I feel Juolevi can become a top 4 dman himself! His biggest hurdle will be if he can stay healthy. I’d personally rather offersheet Cernak or build a trade of similar value.
  6. If the Canucks can offload Eriksson and potentially make the switch to Demko as the number 1 with a cheap backup that should be around what Pietrangelo would be making. Would have to get creative if he wanted to add other pieces.
  7. I think even if he’s slightly better than Juolevi and Rafferty in camp he still gets sent down next year. Juolevi and Rafferty are worth NHL season game looks. If Rathbone makes the team then you have to waive one of these guys. I think Rathbone will surprise and look great but I wouldn’t be shocked if they give him a full year in the AHL. Don’t rush the kid! Let him play 20+ minutes in every role in the AHL than 11 minutes every other night in the NHL.
  8. I knew he wasn’t tall but damn only 180 pounds. I already felt like the Smurf’s in the playoffs and our next closest dmen prospects are Juolevi, Rafferty and Rathbone.
  9. I understand we have the spots locked up for the foreseeable future. I’m just thinking his value in my eyes will trend up to that of a 2c and value wise is that worth it if you’re also giving up Boeser? In the hypothetical deal.
  10. If we have a center that’s being involved it’s definitely something along these lines. I like the addition of Sutter. I’m not sure how much I like losing both Boeser and Gaudette because I do still feel like Gaudette can turn into a 50 point 2nd line center. Is Dumba worth a potential 2 line center and a 1rst line winger?
  11. He always plays great against us. If people think he’ll sign for cheap I wouldn’t mind a cheap one year deal.
  12. Could use another forward that uses their size. Too many big guys that peel out just before the hit in the playoffs.
  13. Stetcher is an RFA that’s set for an arbitration number higher than he’s worth because of how much we used him. Much like the situation with Hutton. I don’t know if a team would pay for Stecher. You’re right on Virtanen though! If the rumours are true on Benning looking to shop Virtanen we could definitely recoup some picks.
  14. To get rid of Eriksson and Baertschi in the same deal I’d easily do it attaching Virtanen and a 2nd with only a conditional 7th coming back.