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  1. Dislike the idea of moving back the draft age as some have proposed. There’d be next to zero steals of late bloomers. Say goodbye to steals like Gaudette in the 5th or Madden in the 3rd. Heck you don’t get Pettersson at 5th overall. The idea that with good drafting you can find great talent throughout the draft is what makes the draft fun in my eyes.
  2. If he came with an extension under 9 mill a year I’d seriously consider it. If we could somehow pawn off Eriksson back in this package I think we could make all these extensions work.
  3. Sent down and went unclaimed! If being back doesn’t light that fire under him nothing will! Probably his last chance at an NHL career.
  4. Nice to see a good game back from him!
  5. Exactly this the stats have to be taken with a grain of salt. He’s playing in some tough leagues. If he was playing in the CHL like a lot of his peers with his size, heart and skill I can easily see him as a top point getter if he was playing in the CHL.
  6. You just got Focht up! Is what I hope he said after these fights.
  7. If that’s the cost on Barrie you almost have to make that deal. He’s had back to back 50 point seasons before this one. If he starts to rebound it’s a home run trade. If he rebounds and we fall outta the playoffs at the trade deadline he’s definitely worth more than what you’d be giving up in this hypothetical trade.
  8. Goalie was waiting for the 360 lacrosse shot instead rips it top corner! Viktor Arvidsson clone?
  9. Defensively poor I know but the leafs are a top 5 team goals for. For an offensive dman like Barrie I just didn’t foresee bad offensive statistics from him on a good scoring team. He’s a smaller offensive dman I don’t think anybody thought he’d all of a sudden be great on the defensive side of things. He really wasn’t the dman they needed when they traded for him. I still thought he’d bring his 50+ point offensive numbers over to the leafs.
  10. I’m really surprised Barrie hasn’t produced on such a good team. Guess there’s not much left after Morgan Rielly gets all the first reps. This Toronto stint will bring down his UFA offers.
  11. He was good enough for Vegas to ask Edmonton for a 1rst round pick for him just last year lol. A desperate team should give him a look on their 3rd line though. I’m thinking Ottawa or LA claim him.
  12. Probably wouldn’t be dead cap space. Eriksson is playable just bad value. LA doesn’t want to play Kovy because he’s not playing defence. I heard today 5v5 he’s 4 goals for and 15 goals against.
  13. Respect the size and numbers on Zacha didn’t know he was turning a corner this season. I just feel like the Canucks from a cap standpoint don’t need to give pieces up to get rid of Eriksson. We’ll be losing contracts that keeping Eriksson for the duration of his contract while that thought sucks it’s still manageable to keep our youth. Players like Baertschi, Pearson and Sutter are all off the books before Pettersson needs a new contract that’s 11.5 million off the cap. Even letting the often injured Tanev walk that’s another 4.5 mill. All players could be replaced with cheaper alternatives or promotions within like Gaudette, MacEwen and Tryamkin.
  14. Goalies are very hit and miss. If I were Ottawa and having Chabot and Brannstrom on the backend for many years I’d double up on forwards in the top 10.
  15. Don’t like this trade at all. Ty Smith is a great offensive dman in the WHL sometimes that doesn’t translate so there’s a lot of uncertainty there still. At least with Quinn we’ve been able to see his game in the NHL and watch his skills adapt. Zacha looks to be a 30 point 3rd liner. At this point I’d rather have Gaudette than Zacha. Simmonds while I like him is past his prime and on the downward plane.