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  1. Not what I meant. Was only trying to add that there’s more names that should be exciting in the draft if we don’t win. Obviously playoffs would be better but there’s still excitement for me with the players that could be available at our pick.
  2. Either way enjoy the ride. Playoffs or not there’s a lot to be excited about even after Alexis Lafreniere.
  3. This 2020 draft has been touted as one of the stronger ones in the last couple years. First overall pick or not getting our pick back in the middle of the 1rst round would be very exciting. Noel Gunler, Connor Zary and Dylan Holloway sign me up! This draft I think could be very exciting for some fallers without a chance to raise their stock.
  4. Obviously a good problem to have. If all guys pan out and you’re worried about salary or space you just enjoy the riches for as long as you can keep them together then trade pieces for things you need or high draft picks.
  5. Just looking around HF prospects section and saw some encouraging things from RD Mitchell Miller from the USHL. He had 33 points in 45 games but had a stretch where he picked up 21 points in 10 games. If he’s there in the 3rd round he’s a guy I’d be interested in.
  6. It’s just every other similar contract has the guy riding it out LTIR with no intention of coming back. Still finding a way to circumvent the cap. For whatever reasons injuries, upcoming role or time with family Lou has outright retired. Which leaves us as the only team being punished for something that was done before the rule was in place.
  7. Hurt because there’s a recapture penalty by his retirement which hits us for over 3 mill on our cap for 2 more seasons. If he just went on LTIR it wouldn’t affect us in any way. I feel like the league screwed us over because I thought Luongo signed his deal before this recapture rule was brought in. I feel like we shouldn’t be penalized because there was no rule when we signed Lou.
  8. Weird situation where we didn’t make the playoffs because there wasn’t any playoffs. However if there were and if it was based off of a winning percentage we would have made the playoffs. However technically speaking there wasn’t any playoffs. I feel like they’ll give Vancouver the choice and if that’s the case I’d assume they elect to keep this years 1rst rounder as we already don’t have a 2nd round pick.
  9. Very impressive when a dman leads his team in points. Definitely a worthwhile flyer for sure. Here’s hoping we are in the mix on this guy.
  10. This is gonna be Tanev’s last big contract which makes me think he won’t sign for less than 5x5. Which means you’d have an injury prone player at a high cost and term while he’s 32-37 years old. I love Tanev but injuries don’t get better with time and we need to save on some salary. Sign Toffoli and Markstrom.
  11. Safety just isn’t a premium position. The blindside hit rule on defenceless players makes it hard for safeties to actually thrive. I understand the rule change for player safety but it just makes the safety position very undervalued where teams feel they’d rather spend top picks on more important defensive positions like CB and Dline/pass rush.
  12. I like Kinlaw a lot! Think he’s going to be a pro bowl caliber d tackle. I don’t like the trade up for Aiyuk. Could have stayed pat and potentially got him at their next pick or Higgins, Mims or Shenault Jr.
  13. Arnette is a fine prospect just drafted too high. There was probably 3-5 better CB on the board. I guess anything is possible and who is to say Arnette doesn’t become a better NFL player but he’s just somebody I would have traded down for if he was my target.
  14. I was surprised when they took Ruggs over Lamb and Jeudy. Then they surprise me with an even crazier reach on Arnette.
  15. I think if he becomes anything close to Bieksa we should be extremely happy. Only about 30% of all 2nd round picks become NHL players and Bieksa was good enough for 10+ seasons in the NHL.