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  1. Happy holidays everyone! I hope you and yours have a wonderful Christmas! Best of luck in the new year and I hope 2020 brings everyone everything they need to be happy and prosperous!

    Love you all! Be safe! 

    1. smithers joe

      smithers joe

      same to you betty. best of the season. 

  2. I left Ovi out because he’s a superstar type player he’s an anomaly. I was more comparing ferland to Wilson because they both can be physically imposing and put up 20 to 25 goals. We just need more of a physical presence on the ice to push back teams it just give us a better chance to win.
  3. You and I just watch the Canucks differently that’s all. I look at a team like Washington, who only really has one ferland type of player ie Tom Wilson but you know teams have to play the capitals differently when he’s on the ice because of what he brings. Ferland like Wilson adds more balance to our lineup, and when he’s out throwing the body and punishing the opposition it takes it toll as the game goes along. And that takes the pressure off of our other guys who can just go out and play. Yesterday was prime example of why we need guys like ferland or roussel. At one point we didn’t have a single shot for like 10 mins and philly dominated most of 2nd + 3rd and that’s with our BEST PLAYERS playing. That’s just my opinion so take it with a grain of salt. Ps. Those guys who are missing from our lineup are important and just because they’re not superstars doesn’t mean they don’t bring their own unique skill set that helps this team.
  4. This team doesn’t need new coaching staff, it needs the grit we’re lacking without ferland, roussel and motte. It’s too easy to push us around and we have no one that can hit we rank 3rd fewest hits in the league. When we had ferland back we were doing great then we lost him and boom we’re getting pushed around.
  5. Travis Green > Mike Babcock because green can actually get his players to play for him. We’ll be seeing enough of Babcock soon enough when Seattle names him the new head coach.
  6. I just had to mention Motley Crüe didn’t I?
  7. He’s a plug in and play type player who has already played in the east (NYR) so he knows the conference. They can just bury his contract in the minors when Crosby is back. Plus he doesn’t have to play centre if Pittsburgh picks him up they can just put him on the wing.
  8. I can see the penguins picking him up. Low risk cheap contract they need as much depth as they can with Crosby being out for up to 6 weeks.
  9. Pretty good since he’s still in the NHL.
  10. Didn’t Myers win the Calder his rookie year?
  11. I am a hardcore Canucks fan but when I was growing up I liked certain players on certain teams and kind of grew to like the teams. I was a HUGE Ron Hextall fan so watching whatever I could on him I started to love the legion of boom. I’ll never cheer for teams within our division but out of conference I have Philly and NYI and a small part of me likes the Columbus blue jackets.