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  1. If Benning can find a team wanting to move up in the draft, I would look at trading down, get assets and draft whomever is left between Soderstrom, Bromberg or Seidel ?? Or even take a flyer with Alex Newhook ??
  2. I think Krebs was considered to have much higher hockey IQ than Virtanen and Pouliot !?? At tenth pick, we won’t be getting the most desirable, highest rated prospect ?? We just have to go BPA or need ?
  3. It’s interesting to see that during the 2016 WHL Bantam draft it was Peyton Krebs that was drafted #1 ahead of Dach, Byram and Cozens ! He is very highly regarded and I would not be at all disappointed if he was the Canucks first pick ! He has skill, talent and heart........reasons for his being picked # 1 with the WHL draft in the first place ! He plays a lot under all kinds of circumstances on a very poor team so his - 50 and 19 goals wouldn’t be a concern ! Lol.....I have followed the Canucks draft fortunes since our very first pick of Dale Tallon back in 1970 and its very very rare that the team would draft whom we all would like to see them draft !