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  1. Injury prone yeah.... you’re making him sound like a pylon and that’s just silly. The guy is a very good player... moves the puck out of the zone quickly (he’s willing to take a beating doing so which is why he ends up injured, this year he seems to have figured that out/benefited from playing with someone else who can move the puck quickly).
  2. 6’3, 200lbs, good hockey sense but lacks experience. See how Green goes, I’d love to see Olli in.
  3. The fact that Hall, Nugent-Hopkins, Yakabust and McDavid are Coilers should tell you everything you need to know a out whether it’s rigged or not.
  4. Yeah I don’t think that would be the first tool in the box I’d be reaching for if I were a gm if I’m honest. Worth using as a supplement though imho.
  5. I’m interested how character, grit and will can be quantified through analytics? (Like actually curious)
  6. Agree to disagree. Not the type of player I’d want, but there’s always someone who values goals imho. I could see Nylander being a guy like Kessel who bounces around a bit and may have some good success on a team with the right culture.
  7. His contract is a bit rich but weather he’s ‘lazy’ or not we’re talking about a guy who fairly consistently puts up points.... he’s not a throwaway. I think under normal circumstances he could bring back something pretty useful defence wise.... given the flat cap that may be more of a challenge.
  8. I agree but I would define any top four as a ‘legit Dman’. That being said we’re talking a guy who put up 30 goals and was just shy of a point per game... it’s hard to imagine there isn’t at least one gm who would see enough value there to consider moving a 2b/3A guy.... and for the record I don’t love Nylander lol.
  9. I’m not sure that’s true... a team that’s deep on the backend may be willing to work something out for a second pairing guy.
  10. I like this matchup....once you get past -Pietrangelo -Parako -Tarasenko -O’Reilly -Schenn -Perron -Faulk -Steen They really don’t have a whole lot, just normal NHLers.
  11. I’m sure some of you guys have seen the article on The NHL site but the praise Tanev heaps on Hughes is pretty significant.... “You guys all know how good he is," defenseman Christopher Tanev said of Hughes. "He's going to be the best defenseman in the League -- if he's not there next year or the year after, he's going to be there soon. "The way he skates, the way he moves the puck, he's a special player -- and he's going to be the best player around for a long time coming. We're happy he's on our team." https://www.nhl.com/news/quinn-hughes-helps-vancouver-canucks-advance/c-318336370 edit: it seems to me like the young guys are also all looking to Tanev off the ice as the big brother figure.... I know you mostly sign players for what they bring in the ice but it’s pretty hard to replace what it looks like Chris has been bringing off the ice.
  12. Anyone else noticing the crowd noise seems to have died.... or am I just hearing things?