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  1. Jim Benning will represent the Canucks at the Draft Lottery

    Anyone see Benning on Global News the other night with Squire Barnes? Squire asked Jimbo if he’s lucky or if he’s ever won anything noteworthy? Jimbo awkwardly chuckles and says No, I’ve never won anything in my life. Haha. Seriously, ❤️ Jim Benning. I’m excited for the lottery but when Benning takes to live TV, it’s must watch imo. Best Canuck GM ever.
  2. Lots of talk about possibly Bozak, Spezza being a potential suitor for the 2018/19 Canucks. What about Krejci? Apparently he’s not getting many minutes for the B’s right now and his play of late isn’t making him a Cassidy or GM Sweeny fan. Krejci is 31 yrs old. 3 years remaining. $7.25M per We have too many bodies so I see us trading instead of going UFA, imo. $7.25M seems a bit rich, maybe a bit at least. Perhaps Boston would include incentive IF they want to move him. That’s IF they want to move him. I think they would. I’m not sure what the trade would like but Gagner or Sutter could be ‘part’ of the trade and maybe one of our RFAs after we sign them; Granlund or Sven. I’d like to keep Sven. Not easy finding affordable 20 goals per year players. Would you want Krejci? His $ doesn’t bother me because it’s only for 3 years. Hopefully we’re ready to compete by then. He’d be a bridge player. Not sure of his character off the ice or in the gym? He earned a nice contract with the Bruins so hopefully he’s a dedicated hard working guy.
  3. Jim Benning will represent the Canucks at the Draft Lottery

    Don’t the odds say we’re likeliest to drop one spot and select #7 overall? I can totally hear Jim saying he fully expects to draft a really good hockey player at #7 overall. But I love the decision Jim has made, to go himself. TV couldn’t get any better than Jim winning and doing a live interview. Seriously love Jimbo in front of the camera. Without question he’s my all time favorite Canuck GM and I’ve been around to witness plenty of them. Please get lucky.
  4. Not so much a FA signing here but I can really see Jimbo and the Canucks getting something done with Ottawa. Karlsson and Ryan and a 2019 pick to Van because we're hosting in 2019 for Tanev, Eriksson, either Sven or Granlund after we resign him, one of our player ready prospects (Goldobin?) and a 2020 pick. We then extend Karlsson 4x$10=$40M. If Ryan isn't working out then perhaps he becomes a buyout candidate in a few yrs. Ryan and Loui both have 4 yrs remaining. Ryan $7.25M per (ouch). Loui 4 more @ $6M per. We know Jimbo covets that right handed PP guy. Extending Karlsson until he turns 35 yrs old should be ok because he shouldn't lose much of his skating prowess. is that enough or too much from Van's perspective? You know what you get from Tanev. Sven is a 20 goal scorer in this league and is young. Could Goldy become a 20+ goal scorer in this league? Maybe. Loui for Ryan is a cash saver for Ottawa as we know that they want to skim the books. Canucks receive a 2019 3rd rounder whereas the Sens would receive a 2020 2nd rounder. Stetcher learns from the best. Back end. Edler Karlsson DelZotto Stecher Juolevi Gudbranson Tanev would sure look good as Chabots partner. Yes, so would Juolevi. Maybe my offer stinks but I seriously can see Jimbo going Jumbo here. Break it down. Karlsson best player in deal but is 4 yrs older than Tanev and a lot pricier. Tanev under team control for a while. Ryan for Eriksson is self explanatory really imo. Ottawa gets $1.25M savings per yr. If Ottawa likes Sven, he's a 20 goals per yr guy. They don't fall off trees. Ottawa also gets a pretty good prospect in Goldobin AND they flip a 3rd for a 2nd. I thinks that's a lot for Karlsson but he'd be worth it in my opinion. With no Sedins on the PP, Karlsson could be the guy back there stirring the drink. We don't have that guy. Imagine ehat a healthy PP without the Sedins would do for the Horvats, Leipsics, Virtanens, Brocks and soon Pettersson's. Only make things better.
  5. Viking clap.. Our new cheer?

    Yes. Let's do this.
  6. [PGT] Vancouver Canucks vs. Arizona Coyotes

    Seriously screw the tank. We die hard Canuck fans know we're not winning the lottery. Let's continue to battle and play hard. Brock, Bo, Virtanen, Goldobin, Sven, Stecher need to see that veteran leadership grinding it out the best they can even in somewhat meaningless games. These kids need to remain in a competitive environment IMO. Gotta say I'm really pleased with Gudbranson's play of late. I'm not buying this "he's minus whatever" against Colorado snd Vegas. Those Avs PP goals were legit and other than bumping Nilsson on that one goal I think Gudbranson played well. His physical game has picked up 100%. Virtanen playing great right now. His speed and strength have been on display and I can't wait to see him with even more confidence at 24 years old than what he's playing with now. Sven, playing very well. Awesome on forecheck. He bats so many pucks down with his stick. Screw the tank. Go for wins. Pick great player #5-#8. Maybe we get lucky snd pick #2-#4. Brady at #4? Hell yeah. Dman in 2nd and 3rd. S'go.
  7. Its time to trade Chris Tanev

    Torn here. Rebuilding doesn't necessarily mean sell all of your best assets to gain picks and prospects BUT if we could net a 1st + top prospect??? That's hard to say no to. I think Tanev is very important in bringing a steadiness to the team. He brings a calmness and shows the kids what confidence looks like. This is vitally important for a young and inexperienced team going forward. Think in two years from now... if not Tanev, which Dman can get back quick enough, absorb or evade a forecheck and either skate or pass it out? Stecher and maybe Juolevi? Doesn't matter how skilled our Fs are if our D can't get them the puck, particularly in stride. I want to keep Tanev but damn, a 1st and top prospect??? Hmmm?
  8. Benning Extended (Official)

    Super excited. Thrilled Trader Jim is here. Let's get these kids going so in 2-3 more years we can extend again and see this through. I just get this feeling that he'll want to prove management right and deliver a great return before the conclusion of this trade deadline. Let's get busy Jim. Super happy!
  9. [PGT] Vancouver Canucks vs. Dallas Stars

    Whoa. I believe this was one of Gudbranson's best game as a Canuck but let's not fool ourselves here. I give full credit to Edler and Gudbranson today but Dallas was flat. Every team has it happen to them at some point. I strongly believe a pairing of Edler and Gudbranson would get exposed in short order. Gudbranson is not long for this team. He must be traded. Value just isn't there for $ but especially term. Sell!!!!
  10. [PGT] Vancouver Canucks vs. Dallas Stars

    Arguably Gudbranson's best game as a Canuck, even if he hadn't scored. It happened with plenty of scouts watching today's game. Loui played hard. Virtanen shows us what he's capable of and I'm still a believer in him. Great effort guys. So happy Gudbranson played well. Vanek sniping was great to see also. Scouts in the house.
  11. The most valuable Canuck

    Not sure why Stecher is getting run in here? He's a great player to have moving forward. Yes there are mistakes but I see a lot of mistakes across the league in each game I see. Stecher oozes what I believe our coach desires; he hounds the puck. He competes very hard (reminds me of Gallagher out of Mtl, smaller right handed shot albeit one's a RWer andthe other a Dman). Point is they're both tenacious in puck battles and compete 100%. This quality positively rubs off well I n teammates. He also transitions very well from our zone, good first pass and one day can step in and play give us some more meaningful PP minutes. Sometimes having a slower D partner with some random turnovers isn't the easiest to overcome (Edler). I like Stecher and he's only going to improve.
  12. The most valuable Canuck

    I read your title and immediately thought I'd put in my two cents not knowing yet who you considered to be our MVP. Without question its Tanev. Imagine our goals against if he weren't in the lineup right now? I play lower level hockey and I play forward. My favorite teammate to have is THAT DEFENCEMAN who get back back quickly, break up most plays, block shots, contest his 1 on 1 matchup but more importantly transfer the puck up ice. Yes Brock is sexy and Bo is a future bull but this team sinks with no chance of returning above water without Tanev. This is why we CAN'T trade him. Our young guys NEED this type of player to help their own game moving forward. We cannot sign Gudbranson, sorry. He excels at one thing only; playing 3rd pairing minutes and sometimes finishing checks along the wall. He excels nowhere else on the ice. We can find what he brings off the ice (leadership) a lot cheaper. Hutton will be traded because his minutes aren't there. He's not a Travis Green player. Gudbranson will be traded for reasons mentioned above. Gudbranson better suited on a big team where he can fit in and not be asked to do all the rough stuff by himself. IMO (Winnipeg, Anaheim). Nilsson traded? I hope so but not sure if it'll happen. He's purely a backup in this league and they're replaceable. I'd even take a 5th rounder. Trader Jim can hit on a late one. And last but not least, I wouldn't be surprised if a trade occured with a player we aren't necessarily expecting (Granlund?) Vanek is a wildcard. Everyone says yes but what if no teams come calling or the offers are way too weak? Wildcard! Finally, I noticed Virtanen playing a little more physical once Archibald broke into the lineup. Jake needs beef on our team. He'll grow leaps and bounds if he knows HE doesn't have to fight if he throws good solid hits. Jake hasn't played aggressive since Dorsett left. And more muscle please. I think this fan base supports Archibald being here and would welcome more. No matter the record, always will I love and support my Canucks. Love Benning. Trade deadline, let's go.
  13. Yeah I agree to an extent but personally I believe Jake doesn't play with that physical edge we all want because our team lacks toughness. I really believe that. If you recall Hutton hitting Orpik clean but suddenly got challenged by Smith Pelley to fight, I think the players see that. In the same game Wilson challenged Virtanen twice and obviously wants no part of Wilson, obe of the leagues toughest. If the Canucks bring in some reinforcement then I bet not only Virtanen plays bigger but so do many others. Archibald is a nice start but I want more. Gudbranson is NOT the answer here.
  14. Love Benning, bigly. Extend Benning and let's watch these kids flourish. Seriously, Benning best Canuck GM. Right up there beside Pat Quinn. Extend Benning now, fast. Love trader Jim.
  15. [PGT] Tampa Bay Lightning vs. Vancouver Canucks

    Fun game to watch and good effort from us. Of course I want us to win but so long as we play hard each game like we did tonight, I'm a happy camper.