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  1. I am unhappy because we did better then I expected. I was hoping for bottom of the league. Like 31st. You just can't please everyone.
  2. They might be better off playing Loui in front line positions hopping he get it going and then trading him at the dead line.
  3. I hope the kid shuts the season down soon and hits the gim. He needs a good off season of strength training.
  4. Is Byram a top pairing D man or is he just the best defense man in a draft that is short of elite D men. There is a lot of interesting players in this draft but what I read is that there is no franchise type players. So we seem to be looking at a draft that has depth well into the second round but it is not laden with elite talent. Of coarse you never know when evaluating 18 year olds. There is always a few gems to be found.
  5. I don't know their system so just threw out a name. The idea is to turn Hughes into two solid young players. If someone wants to put the Hughes boys together they might pay a premium. He might drop to the Rangers.
  6. I don't know much about Ty Smith. They would need to hit a home run and the return would need to be young.
  7. If the Devils take Hughes might they want another one? Hughe's for Butcher and Zacha.
  8. I can see Loui going to anyone of the sunshine states. If that's not a surfer dude then what is he?
  9. I wouldn't move Bo for Hughes. 215lb versus 180lb. That's not for me. Boeser for Byram and you have my attention. I want both their first though. Players; Tanev , Sutter , Bear , Hutton , Granlund , Motte. I miss read your comment. Tanev might get you a late round first. The other could land a second down to 5th. Every pick counts. If their not in our long term future then move them. Huttons value should be at it's highest right now.
  10. I have not given up on Lind , Gad , Woo , Tryamkin plus a few of the college players. Hughes is just getting started. The biggest key is what can be acquired over the next 5 years. I personally think that we are going to be out of the playoffs a few more times over the next 5. This team will go through a flux for a while yet. Can Benning or will he even try to turn some vets into picks. Not prospects. I am done with that scenario. Draft picks , draft picks ,draft picks and more draft picks.
  11. Lets focus on trading players they we currently have..
  12. "Next five years and prospects".
  13. Hear is another wacky idea. We know that Colorado is well set on D. If Byram is there at 4th would you offer Boeser for the 4th and 16th? Boeser has had wrist and back surgery. I expect to get yelled at for this suggestion. LOL I would consider it but it would all pivot around Byram.
  14. What if the management decides that Marky has become a true number one and signs him to term. We wouldn't be able to protect both at the expansion draft. The expansion makes things interesting.