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  1. I want to be the worst in the league this year. For once we need to pick first overall.
  2. Thank You Jim Benning.

    Now if they could learn to make trades that actually improve our club.
  3. Benning, Goldobin, and a logjam of forwards?

    The team is also letting it out that they have no problem sending vets down. They have enough cap space to do so. If they waive Gagner and someone grabs him then they will just smile.
  4. Benning, Goldobin, and a logjam of forwards?

    Exactly. There is lots of ways to make room if someone makes it out of camp. What if no one is quite ready? Then you are scrambling to fill some holes. I think fans forget that we have to ice a team no matter what. As many of us have noted the new additions are not taking up anyone's positions because we have no one in the system of that ilk.
  5. Benning, Goldobin, and a logjam of forwards?

    Is there a log jam? I see a full compliment of players with some kids pushing to make the club. If a prospect earns a spot then they make room. Someone gets trade or waived. You also have to remember that injuries have decimated this club over the last two years. The idea of a log jam is pushed by the media.
  6. Generational player? What if Pettersson and Hughes turn out to be just that. Let's call them potential organizational players.
  7. Quinn Hughes | D

    Hey Benning! Just sign this kid. Get it over with so people can relax and enjoy their summer. He can train all summer and into the season. Stage his games so he has more workout time. Then ramp him up as the season progresses.
  8. Edler will resign. Tanev would be a good choice to play with Hughes. If the kid has the puck a lot then Chris will get less injures. Hutton should be given part of the season to see if he can regain his mojo. By by Del Zotto. Waive or trade. Biega can be waived. I can take or leave Guddy. If he starts the year and looks like he has the injury bug behind him then I would trade him fast.
  9. There is a reason that D men are so highly valued. Very difficult to find.
  10. Bottom five team.
  11. Sam Gagner, why the hate?

    There is no hate. He is holding down a spot for one of the up and coming kids. When one of them pushes him out then he must go. He is not suitable for a bottom six role. If he can't be moved down then he must be moved out. Simple! He has a job until Lind , Pettersson, Palmu , Dahlen or someone else is ready to go.
  12. 4 Year Term is Fine!

    When Jake and MaCann were drafted the team left openings for them to make the roster. The problem is that you have to ice a team. So it forces you to put the kids in whether they are ready or not. I agree with Benning. If the kids earn a spot they will make room. The new guys as we have said fill a role that is sorely lacking. Gaunce and Doud didn't cut it. There was no deterrent to stop guys from running our top players. If the kids don't earn a spot then they still have a team. Stecher is a good example. He showed he was ready at camp and was at first sent down but they eventually found a way to fit him in.
  13. 4 Year Term is Fine!

    The fan base is the least of the problem. It is the idiot media that drives the train.
  14. Will we finish higher or lower in the standings?

    Let's see if there are more moves. I think there will some big learning curves. Depends a lot on goal tending. Same or lower.
  15. What we need to become Contenders

    Of coarse we all know that we are going to have our normal run on lnjuries. There will be at least three go down in pre season and we will see a steady trek of players into the infirmary. We may not have to make any room for the kids by any other means.