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  1. Shut down all boarders and test everyone. This should have been done as soon as the out break began. Now it is almost too late.
  2. Both goals tonight were scored from in front of the net. Has anyone figured out whether Tryamkin can be signed for this year or no?
  3. The age of players is not the only thing to consider. For the last fore years we have been in the bottom of the league. Just adding a few players dose not automatically make you a winning team. It takes a while to build chemistry. Then they need to be tested by fire or prove what they can do. They need to prove it to themselves. Build confidence. I see a team that is still fragile. Making the playoffs would be nice but would also be a huge step over last season. Maybe too big of a step.
  4. We have some key pieces in place to build around. Bo , Petey , Hughes , Beoser , Virtanen are all very solid young players to build with moving forward. We have some reel solid youth in our system. I think fans are a little unrealistic to where this team is. I personally think that they have been playing above their true weight level. A few injuries to key players is all it took. They have been giving up close to 40 shots all year. Markstrom has clearly been sensational. Jims job is clearly not over and this off season will be huge. Can they clear enough cap space to keep Tyler? Will he even resign? Can he beef up the defense a little more? Will they bring back Tryamkin and is he a true NHL level player? Lets face the facts, this is clearly a young team that has shown it's fans some big time hope for the future. IF we miss the playoffs it would be a prime year to break the curse and win the lottery.
  5. This team has been giving up way to many shots for some time. Marky has been saving their bacon. Not sure if it is coaching or a week defense. Both maybe.
  6. This is still a team that is rebuilding. I think some fans think we are a cup contender or something. Lose your best goal tender and missing two top nine forwards. They are showing that they are still a bit fragile. We still have our first round pick if we miss. It is a deep draft, don't forget.
  7. What if the Canucks make the playoffs and they get completely healthy at the same time? It could be an interesting team.
  8. I would like to see MacEwen be a part of the overall team grit. But not from the press box. As Benning has said , the kid is ready. Maybe he is not as good defensively as LE but he has WAY better hands. I don't think his defensive game is that far off and giving up 40 shots a night we will need to continue scoring a lot.