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  1. The GDP is a fact based number. It shows whether your country is growing or not. We are at less then 2%. US is 4 to 5%. Our jobs are being created by government money and short term positions. Investment is at an all time low. They brag about taxing the the richest people in Canada. LOL They just transferred their money out of the country and found ways of not paying a dime. What they did was transferred the burden to those who make 200,000 and up. Middle class families drive this country and they are killing them with taxes. Their wonderful carbon tax is a scam. They say it all comes back to canadians yet they are handing it out to Liberal buisness right and left. They kick a little bit of it back to low income earners and the rest is used to line the pockets of the wealthy. NEVER PUT LARGE AMOUNTS OF MONEY IN THE HANDS OF GOVERNMENT AND EXPECT THEM TO USE IT WISELY.
  2. Baer took a solid hit. Back out for next shift. Good sign
  3. We should have a solid year in Utica this year. It will be interesting to see who we lose on waiver wire.
  4. You think all the part time and government jobs are a sign of prosperity? LOL If those were real jobs created by industry we would have a 4 to 5 % increase not less then 2%.
  5. This man has made Canada is the embarrassment of the world. The debt alone is making the investors pull out.
  6. That is a tidbit that I didn't know. So Jim was saved by the rules. You should have left me thinking that Jim was improving. LOL After listening to Brocks agent I get the impression that Brock told him to get the deal done. Brock wanted to get the year going.
  7. We now have Horvat and Boeser signed without any clauses. This leaves a team with the ability to make moves as they go forward.
  8. Lind looks like he is ready to have a good year in Utica.
  9. Most of the Canucks in Calgary including Jake were not very noticeable through most of the game. Out shot 30 to 7 in the first two.
  10. So pleased to see a shorter deal. 3 years is perfect . Brock gets to prove himself and show he can be durable.
  11. If they need 8 to 9 mil to sign Brock then they will have an issue. It's no wonder that they offered 7 mil earlier in the year. They really need a trade to free up cap space.
  12. You are missing the point. Maybe Brock wants to be closer to home. Maybe they realize that this is going to drag out and end with the possibility of a trade. If you think you might be missing an important piece than you try to prepare for it. Or, you know that pic of Jim with weird eyes and a stunned look.
  13. Maybe the Canucks seen this coming. Could it be why they signed Ferland late in the summer.
  14. If we don't have money for Brock how would we have money for Laine?