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  1. Matheson hit on Pettersson

    It is better then nothing. At least they are admitting that it was a predator move. Let's just hope that the kid will be fine. Let's also hope he learns from it and avoids circumstances that put him in harm's way. The kid is a superstar in the making. Maybe a franchise type player. If he can deal with this league. Smart kid ,so I am sure he will figure it out.
  2. Matheson hit on Pettersson

    It will be interesting to see what the league does. Do they truly care about their stars? If they do nothing then we will have open season on 165lb swedes. A body check ia a legal hockey move. Grabbing a guy by the neck and throwing him to the ice is an intent to injure It can only be looked at that way.
  3. [PGT] Vancouver Canucks vs. Florida Panthers | Oct. 13, 2018

    The league shows no desire to protect the stars. What is Schallers job? Why did we sign him? Guddy? Roussel? Were they not all there?
  4. This game means scatt. Pettersson and the kids mean the future. There needed to be a reply. Baffling
  5. Don't Get Angry At The Players.

    Lol You have answered your own question. We missed out on at least two years that had franchise players at the top and an a lot of depth through out. Outside of the first round it takes up to 5 years to see what you have. Benning does not draft for Toronto he drafts for us and I have a belief that if he had more picks we would be in even better shape then we are. I think we can also assume that if he had of had higher picks we would have hire end talent then what we have now. You might be watching McDavid or Matthew's. Marner is pretty good also. This year another Hughes would be nice. Ps, Benning dosen't draft for Edmonton either though they could have sure used some help. I just have more faith in our clubs ability to draft then you. Finding supporting cast is easier to do then acquire high end talent and be done once the core is in place.
  6. Mine is still not fully developed. I refuse to let it.
  7. Lets be realistic about our defense. They chased the puck all night and gave it away continually. They owe Nilsson dinner.
  8. [GDT] Canucks @ Lightning Oct 11 4:30 PM

    A little confidence can go a long way. A great goal tender can help to improve everyone's play. A special Swedish rooky can ese the mind. And a rockin Brock will help wins to come for some time. I look forward to seeing young Hughes come and play. Maybe even OJ will be call up and stay.
  9. [GDT] Canucks @ Lightning Oct 11 4:30 PM

    That's the one. No speed required, just shoot.
  10. [GDT] Canucks @ Lightning Oct 11 4:30 PM

    He was never fast. We never cared cause he scored. A lot.
  11. [GDT] Canucks @ Lightning Oct 11 4:30 PM

    After you have surgery on anything it is never a 100%. It also can take a couple of years to get used to. I think he looks better ever game also. He may always tape it as a precaution. I have had a couple of things rebuilt. Hernia took two years to feel right.
  12. [GDT] Canucks @ Lightning Oct 11 4:30 PM

    If you can't get Brock a clean pass in his wheel house then how do you expect him to shoot more?
  13. [GDT] Canucks @ Lightning Oct 11 4:30 PM

    Nilsson has looked good.
  14. [GDT] Canucks @ Lightning Oct 11 4:30 PM

    You need to have a D to split it.