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  1. There is the feeling of what it is like to be a Canuck fan. Not a feeling that I have missed. Let's hope they finish the rebuild. If we have learned anything it is to forget resigning Marky. Spend that money on our needs.
  2. That can work if the Canucks win. You will pumped and full adrenalin. If they lose you will just be a grumpy drunk and end up crying yourself to sleep.
  3. The ref's will play a big role in this game. They can call the game by the rules. This would benefit the Canucks. This is however the way it should be done. The game has rules and they shouldn't be changed during the playoffs. The other thing that could happen is that the ref's ignore the hooking, holding and overall rough style of play that that slips outside of the rules of the game but are in many cases allowed because many old time hockey people like to see the cup be more of a war then a skilled competition. Canuck fans seen this happen against Boston. We were clearly the better team but the whistle was put away and the game was won by brawn not skill. Too me it was a massive stain on the NHL as far as being a professional league. The Canucks were clearly the best team in the league at that time and the league cheated them out of the cup.
  4. We will see two teams leave it all on the ice tonight. I think it is a 50/50 on who wins. Vegas is one of the last big heavy clubs left. I think that if the Canucks get through them we will have an opportunity to go all the way .
  5. Demko will be used to playing back to backs. It is a common practice in collage and the AHL.
  6. Maybe the hit on Jake will have given him a permanent wake up call. The kid has a ton more to give. What can you say about Demko. Outstanding. Hughes is an absolute stud and he was at his best tonight. Offensively yes but he was so solid defensively tonight. 10 goals for Bo.
  7. It is interesting that they don't mention that the Canucks have missed on 3 break away's.
  8. Demko was impressive. It was very nice to see Boeser wake up. He had a solid game. The Canucks are playing without a lot of confidence. Vegas checks so closely and it has our boys a bit rattled. It is up to the coaching staff to find a way around it. I think we need to move the puck a lot quicker. We seem to be trying too many long plays that aren't on target. We are allowing turnover after turnover.
  9. Greener has this club playing his new style. It is called dump and rest.