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  1. This is a great looking young team . It is however still missing a few pieces. I think that if their injury list gets shorter they will have a shot at a playoff spot. Gaudette will only get better. He is the type of player who pushes himself to improve. Sutter Beagle Motte Rousell These guys are missed.
  2. Jake has six goals in twenty games. WOW We are still in the playoff hunt. Nice chunk of injuries starting to pile up.
  3. Whats the prognosis on Sutter? Out for the next two seasons? This is why they should have traded him. Not because he is useless but because he is useless when injured. He is always injured.
  4. According to the fancy stats people the Canucks are favored to win the...…………….
  5. Jake is on a fifty point pace. I doubt he will maintain that but it will be something worth watching. Twenty goals and forty points would be a breakout year for the young man. We all know that he is working on consistency. Could it be this year?
  6. I would like to see them give Demko a chance to put together a bit of run. Play him until he loses or a back to back. He looks so good right now.
  7. I am not concerned about their numbers but would just like to see the added size for the playoffs. I think there will be a big effort to resign Tanev. Having Tryamkin and Myers going into the playoffs would make the Canucks that much harder to play against. As long as the big guy has been maintaining his fitness level and has been improving as a pro.
  8. Maybe 21 /22 is the year we win the cup and it is because of our two goal tenders. It is about winning it all now.
  9. I was thinking it was this summer but it is for the 21 / 22 season. A lot of things can change between now and then. Maybe we win a cup. They will either resign Marky this year or trade him. I guess we will see.
  10. That's right. Sign him for one season. Just spit balling. If there is a will there is a way.
  11. If he wants to be here then he will sign. Edler did. No one can just pick him up.