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  1. How about Lassi Thomson from the Senators? Good right handed puck moving dman with a good shot and first pass. Ottawa will be hungry for goaltending prospects which might make for an interesting trade. Lassi
  2. Looking at possible picks for us in the 3rd and an interesting prospect is dman Joni Jurmo. He is 6’4 200lbs can skate, move the puck and had a really good year Jokerit U20.
  3. Any company would terminate the employment of one of its employees if this type of chat was discovered and then made public to their clients. Whether a person is 25 or 45 they are personally responsible for their actions and all companies would hold them responsible for acting in professional manner. A company was paying Brendan $700,000 a year to represent them entertaining the public through sport. He knew this, he screwed up and he deserves to be fired.
  4. Being reported by The Star and here is the link:
  5. I live in Nova Scotia and the events of the last couple of days has really impacted the community. The details that have started to emerge are nothing short of evil and disturbing. However the province is known for its people, the kindness and sense of community we all share. While the motive I’m sure will be discussed and argued the senseless loss of innocent people who were mothers, fathers, and important members of our community and the memories and legacy of each of them is what is important.
  6. Is it just me or is there a lot of empty net points in this highlight package
  7. I agree completely and that’s why a trade like this is only possible if the teams performance over the next month drops us out of playoff contention.
  8. I don’t know how they are even remotely similar players and I think you are highly overvaluing Baer who hasn’t played more then 69 games, is 4 years older, has never hit the 20 goal mark and is currently playing in the AHL.
  9. I do share your hatred of the Leafs but I’m not so quick to discount a 23 year old who has scored 20 goals already in the league.
  10. What's the fun in that? With the trade deadline a month away isn’t time to start looking at what potentially could occur?
  11. I agree and I think a Tanev trade only happens if we are out of the playoff picture. The reason for the 3rd is that I believe Toronto’s need for a d-man like Tanev out weighs our need for a RW.
  12. Don’t you think that depends on how the team performs over the next month? If for some reason the team falters it would be ill advised not to trade Tanev as I’m unsure if he fits into the Canucks longterm plans and if that is the case we should be getting back something for him.
  13. To Toronto: Chris Tanev and Reid Boucher To Vancouver: Kapanen and a 3rd Round Pick Toronto needs help on defence and we need a RW to play with Horvat.
  14. I’m confused at why there are so many trade proposals that include Brock Boeser? We are actively searching for a top 6 forward so why would we get rid of a 22 year old that has proven he can score just because he’s in a little bit of a slump.
  15. I would rather hold on to Hoglander but maybe look at the long awaited trade with the Leafs for something like this: To Toronto - Tanev To Vancouver - Kapanen There doesn’t seem to be a lot of room in the top 6 for Kapanen in Toronto but he would look good along side Horvat and is signed for another two years at 3.2mil. Plus it wouldn’t be difficult for Toronto to fit Tanev’s contract at 4.45mil with this move.