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  1. laddie

    [Proposal] Carolina - Van

    Justin Faulk is a right shot defenceman and we currently have Tanev, Stetcher and Gudbranson on that side none of which get moved in this trade. Plus we give up a lot of assets for the skill set that we just drafted for free in Hughes so I don’t understand why we would want to do this.
  2. I agree with all of what is written except for one you let Edler walk as a UFA without attempting to get some return for him at the deadline? I don’t see asking him to waive at the deadline as being disrespectful but instead giving him the opportunity to compete for the cup.
  3. There has been a lot of discussion surrounding trading Tanev, even though our two highest drafted defencemen both play on the left side and our need is support on the right side. Alex Edler played well last season but as you look down our depth chart, is he needed next year? Is this the time that instead of the “Trade Tanev” chants we should start to envision trading Edler at the deadline? Edler becomes a free agent at the end of this coming year and perhaps this is the time when we seek his approval to trade him at the deadline to a contender. Then going into next season do we start with Hughes, Joulevi and Hutton on the left side? I could envision our starting 6 looking something like this going into next year: Hughes - Tanev Joulevi - Stetcher Hutton - Gudbranson Pouliet
  4. laddie

    Sam Gagner, why the hate?

    I think he has done exactly what was asked of him. However I do see his particular skill set becoming redundant later in the year as young talent from Utica pushes to assume that role. I could see management then attempt to move him at the deadline and open up playing time for one of the younger talent who has earned it. Hopefully when that does occur we can obtain a draft pick in return.
  5. laddie

    [Roster]Opening day forward line up

    I’m not disagreeing that these forwards will be in the Canucks starting lineup but I may disagree with the word “should”. Granlund produced a whopping 12 points last year and Gagner who was brought in to bolster our power play has almost become redundant with the talent we have in some of our young guys especially when it comes to the power play. We are looking for scoring so we may see some hard decisions being made with current and future potential to score which then puts Pettersson, Gaudette, Dahlen, Goldobin and Leipsic into the equation if they can show early that they can produce.
  6. laddie

    [Roster]Opening day forward line up

    Baertschi - Horvat - Boeser Dahlen - Sutter - Pettersson Leipsic - Beagle - Eriksson Roussel - Schaller - Virtanen Goldobin I think Granlund and Gagner are moved before training camp this year as they have become redundant.
  7. Not a great source but a Penguins writer for Hockeybuzz has stated the following:
  8. To Vancouver: Charlie Coyle, Tyler Ennis To Minnesota: Markus Granlund, Ben Hutton, Canucks get the centre they are searching for in Coyle who is young at 26, has shown he can score, is a big body and was over 50% in FO’s last year. They take Ennis’ contract of 4.6 that expires at the end of this year. Not sure the return is accurate but we need a centre and I think Coyle is a better option than the majority of free agents we are currently looking at.
  9. laddie

    Rank our LHD (Discussion)

    Pick a number, any number....maybe its better if we just rank our LHD defensemen without the need for EA Sports numbers.
  10. laddie

    CDC Consensus #7 Overall Pick Poll

    I like Evan Bouchard but I believe he will be gone by the 7th pick. I think Noah Dobson is a really good option. He is quick, very responsible defensively (+33) and was the second highest scorer on his team with 69 points in 67 games played. He is also one of the youngest at the draft and once he fills out his 6’3 frame would make for a good top pairing with Juolevi for years to come.
  11. Any specific Dmen prospects that you like that may be available early in the second round?
  12. For good reason there has been a lot of discussion about the Canucks First Round Pick this year. I am interested in your opinion regarding who, like Kole Lind, we can draft in the Second Round that is a solid prospect. Here are some interesting options that I came across: Jonny Tychonick - Penticton Vees dman that is offensively minded and can quarterback a power play Jonatan Berggren - Swedish forward that has amazing speed and possesses the ability to score Your thoughts?
  13. laddie

    Tyler Motte | #64 | C/W

    The Lockwood Twins