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  1. I want us to pick Boldy if he is there. Caufield is enticing, but I'm worried about how he'd do in the playoffs.
  2. It hurts seeing Boldy playing himself out of our pick.... Legitimately hurts.
  3. Wow. Got his ass handed to him. Hopefully he is alright.
  4. The knee on knee hit was dirty and--I think--intentional. But this was retaliatory. That together with his suspension history, and I think he's looking at at least 6 games.
  5. I like Seattle Kraken. Surprised it's getting such a negative response.
  6. 2014: Dal Colle or Ehlers 2015: Boeser 2016: Tkachuk, but I was happy with Juolevi. 2017: Mittelstadt. Started to warm up to Pettersson, but I had no idea he'd be this good. 2018: Hughes or Bouchard. When we made the pick, I was over the moon, which kinda told me who I wanted more.
  7. I actually wanted us to get Boeser.
  8. Boston beat us in the Finals. I understand the hate for Toronto, but they're still a Canadian team.
  9. Toronto in 7. Anyone rooting for the Bruins should give their heads a shake.
  10. We're the only team that has slipped the past 4 years. And each time, we were one number away.
  11. Devils are my second favourite team. Brodeur is my favourite goalie ever, and Stevens is my favourite defenseman. To each their own. But I'm curious, are you a fan of Pronger?
  12. Devils are picking number one! Sucks the Canucks dropped, but I'm glad we didn't drop out of the top 10.