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  1. I want to say Virtanen, but I think he will get a lot of hype if he breaks out, and becomes the player he can be. So I’m gonna go with Juolevi, who quietly excels everywhere he has been.
  2. Happy Birthday Jake! Bout to shotgun a beer now
  3. It's too early to say, but I think we'll be buyers. The JT Miller trade puts pressure on us to win now.
  4. I think Hughes will be top pairing by the end of this year, and #1 in 2021-22
  5. I doubt they will be on the 4th line. Don't mind them moving up and down the top 9. I know what you mean though
  6. I would definitely try to trade for him, and reunite him with Juolevi.
  7. I don't see that as a negative at all. Ferland and Miller both bring sandpaper up and down the line up. Miller can play 3rd line center.
  8. No way we buy out Baertschi. His chemistry with Horvat is amazing
  9. He answered those questions very well. Took the high road regarding Eriksson, referring to his open door policy and desire to put out the best on-ice product.
  10. Very pleased with this deal. Devils have had a great offseason.
  11. Decided to vote for Juolevi as a show of faith. Along with Hughes, I think he will bring us back to 2011 level transition game. He's run into injury issues, but I still believe in him.
  12. He made some bad trades. Shoulda been fired earlier.