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  1. I hope Green keep Juolevi in.
  2. As a Devils fan I'm not happy. But, if the Devils' and Rangers' prospects develop well, it will be a hell of a rivalry. I'm relieved Pittsburgh and Edmonton didn't win. I'm not as anti-Leafs as some are on here, but it's kind of funny they have to give away 13th overall for a cap dump, and we will give a lower pick for a top line player in JT Miller.
  3. Will be a good test for us. Pettersson vs Binnington. I think it will go to 7 games.
  4. I think we should move Sutter to center and sub Gaudette out for Virtanen. We need our top 6 to play better next game, and I think they will.
  5. We had opportunities to get shots in the slot, and squandered every one of em.
  6. Oh come on. I've seen Pettersson get much worse abuse this game.
  7. Very discouraging Jake was benched. Makes you wonder if some things happened behind the scenes you don't know about. Honestly though, Sutter doesn't look like himself. I would sit him and play Jake. That's not knowing what Green does.
  8. There has been a lot of controversy around Virtanen the past two months, and really since he was drafted. Can't wait for him to prove the haters wrong.
  9. Absolutely love this jersey. Actually might have to buy it. Looking forward to the rivalry. I think I'll like this team a lot more than either Alberta team.