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  1. Anderson stole the game. We had a lot of deflections that looked like they were going to go in.
  2. Trading Markstrom would be foolish. We got a good thing going with the Markstrom - Demko tandem.
  3. But in other sports it's kind of fun how prospects can play right away. I agree with you that they shouldn't change it, but it's understandable that they're talking about it.
  4. It's frustrating how injuries have marred his development, but I can't believe people saying he may never play a game in the NHL. Can't wait to see him prove them wrong.
  5. Tanev is a great glue player. He's doing better offensively than I remember, routinely passing to the slot for deflections. He was always good at checking the opponent, and moving the puck up. But now he seems to understand his role when the offense is set up. I wanted us to put Hughes with Myers before the beginning of the season, but he and Tanev looked natural together, and Myers with Edler looked great together as well. Now, Hughes and Myers are playing much like I originally thought they would. Except, Myers is pinching way more than I expected. I thought he would hang back knowing he was playing with a rookie, but he's pinching to support the offense. Makes the pairing really hard to contain. Myers isn't producing as many points as we thought he would, but he's making an impact in other ways. He will probably start producing more now that he's with Hughes. We needed a couple games for our new pairings to gel, and unfortunately we gave up a big lead to Pittsburgh in one of those games. But, when Edler and our defensive forwards come back, I think we will have a team that is very hard to play against.
  6. Podkolzin played in different leagues and tournaments with constantly rotating line mates in his draft year too. He may have been drafted higher if he stayed with one club, and was able to build chemistry. We were lucky to get him. Now, it might not be such a bad thing to learn how to play with different line mates. Podkolzin is someone who can play up and down the line up. He's the kind of player that can complement highly skilled players well by fishing the puck for them; or, be a line driver on the 3rd line and consistently drive to the net.
  7. Tanev fits in too well next to Hughes or Edler. Big piece of our PK too.
  8. Pettersson is #1, and Quinn should be higher.
  9. It's kind of funny how people have been calling for Newell Brown's head, and we're 4th in PP%--if I'm not mistaken, we have the most power play goals. Great to get a win for Burrows. I loved how it said we need to "play like Burrows" and we proceeded to score 4 goals in the first period. Demko played very well. Stopped many dangerous shots in the slot. Really looking forward to seeing how he develops. My 3 stars of the game are 1) Gaudette 2) Demko 3) Roussel, with an honourable mention to Virtanen.
  10. The reffing overall was kind of bull$&!#. Didn't get a double minor when Boeser was cut up by a high stick when he scored. Didn't get a charging call when Neal drove Tanev into the boards. Nurse should have gone to the bench one of the times for diving. Canucks deserved the win, but special teams decided the game. We really need our top PKers back
  11. I wouldn't say they were phantom calls. But Nurse definitely embellished.
  12. Good game. But it sucks we lost because of two unnecessary penalties by Eriksson.
  13. Pearson, Horvat, and Eriksson played well together. I'm happy for Eriksson. Virtanen was very involved on the forecheck, setting up one goal after a dump and chase. 1st line didn't put up any points, but played well all night. Our secondary scoring came through. Hughes has the most power play points of all defencemen, and is making ground on Makar.