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  1. "Prospective Seattle NHL team hires former Canucks executive"

    Would love for Seattle to have a team, and Gillis would add to the intrigue.
  2. Jett Woo | D

    The part I liked the most was the part you didn't bold. Scott Stevens is my favourite defenseman of all time.
  3. Jake Virtanen still doesn't realize how strong he is

    I thought he looked good all game. Made some good decisions dumping the puck in and clearing the zone. However, he needs to get better at carrying the puck. He used to be able to just outspeed everyone, but now it's not so easy. I love that Green had him defending the lead in the end and he responded with two points.
  4. Penguins unveil third jersey

    I honestly hate them.
  5. [Signing] Oilers sign Jason Garrison

    ... I kind of hate how good this deal is.
  6. ... they were my bet to win the cup. Surprising
  7. Canucks EA Rankings 2018

    Gudbranson's and Hutton's ratings should be switched. And why is Petterson a "depth forward?"
  8. Mac Miller dead at 26

    He was getting so much better as a rapper. Very sad.
  9. Kesler, Johansen exchange jabs over Twitter

    Kesler rules. Forever a Canuck as far as I'm concerned.
  10. [Trade] Jeff Skinner to BUF

    I think Skinner will want to continue playing with Dahlin and Eichel. Buffalo will be hugely improved this year.
  11. [Trade] Jeff Skinner to BUF

    Wow. Buffalo easily wins this trade.
  12. [Article] Winners and Hughes-ers

    So, nobody loses?
  13. Ducks unveil third jersey

    Glorious. I would do without the shoulder patches though.