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  1. NaveJoseph

    Rumor: Teams interested in Alex Edler

    If we get offered a 1st, trade him and resign him in the offseason. Anything less, keep him.
  2. I understand that. But 20 is pretty young.
  3. I think people are underselling Puljujarvi a bit. A lot of people had him #2--ahead of Laine. 2016 wasn't that long ago. From the sounds of it, the Canucks wanted Dubois, but that was probably assuming Laine and Puljujarvi were gone. I like the idea of putting Puljujarvi with Horvat, and reuniting him with Juolevi.
  4. I would get Puljujarvi because of the proven chemistry he has with Juolevi. They were incredible together at the World Juniors. If OJ is going the other way I don't really see the point.
  5. NaveJoseph

    [Report] Evgeni Malkin suspended 1 game

    Agree to disagree. Glad he got something rather than nothing... He was sure he was going to get off scot free.
  6. NaveJoseph

    [Report] Evgeni Malkin suspended 1 game

    He does have a history--the hit on Willie Mitchell is the first thing that comes to mind--but I think 1 game is enough in this case. Raffl should have been penalized at least.
  7. NaveJoseph

    [Report] Evgeni Malkin suspended 1 game

    I think people are overreacting; It was a snap decision to getting punched in the back of the head.
  8. NaveJoseph

    Elias Pettersson | #40 | C/RW

    Gretzky is the best player of all time, arguably in any sport. Messier was a great player, but no one was on Gretzky's level.
  9. NaveJoseph

    [Discussion] Canucks at the Trade Deadline

    I think we should acquire a right winger, and sell assets for draft picks. Making the playoffs would be good for our young team, but the 2019 draft in Vancouver is priority #1.
  10. NaveJoseph

    How long until Markstrom has proven himself?

    He has proven himself as a bonafide #1.
  11. NaveJoseph

    Playoffs, could it happen?

    I think the Wild will slide and the final wild card will between Vancouver and Colorado.
  12. Love what he did last year... Not sure about this season. Schneider being a shell of himself really messed things up. Hopefully he gets going, because he can be an elite goaltender when healthy and confident.
  13. McDavid, Pettersson, Matthews, Mackinnon, and Dahlin are my top 5. Would not be surprised if Pettersson goes on to having the best career out of that group, but the same could be said for any of those players. They have long careers ahead of em. If I had to pick, it’d be McDavid. But Pettersson might be #2. Oof. Just remembered Laine. We have some great young talent in the league now.
  14. NaveJoseph

    Injury Report: 2018/19 Canucks

    Confused is good enough. That doesn’t bring up pluses right?