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  1. Congratulations Elias Pettersson.
  2. He forces a lot of turnovers and defensemen are wary of hitting him because he could knock them on their ass, which makes him very dangerous on the transition. He was second on the team in hits, which shows he lays the body consistently. Those thundering hits in junior aren't too common, but neither are boneheaded interference, boarding, or charging penalties. He is pretty good at knowing when to use the stick or lay the body. It makes no sense to trade him for a low 1st rounder that may be years from making the NHL--if they even do. You're not going to get a top 15 pick for Virtanen.
  3. I'd rather hold onto Virtanen and let him progress.
  4. There's no way this means we're thinking of trading Demko.
  5. Looks like a damn good D corps. There's also the possibility that Tryamkin comes back; not this year, but sooner than later. Signing EK could put us over the threshold of being a playoff team. Our PP would be so much better with EK, Edler, Hughes, and Boeser on the points. I think we should focus on getting a big piece on defense by trade or free agency, and get a forward with the 10th pick of the draft. Getting Boldy could fill our need of a top 6 left winger. There are some good centers with the flexibility of playing wing as well.
  6. I think we should stay away from him. His play has dropped precipitously over the years.
  7. That's a good point. Just because we weren't burned for the Golden Knights expansion draft, doesn't mean we won't this time. We need to ensure that doesn't happen. Trading Eriksson for a low draft pick is probably the best solution.
  8. I'm open to a Lucic for Eriksson trade. Lucic can still regain form, and is three years younger than Loui. Could fit in our bottom 9.
  9. Love the home jerseys. Like the away ones too, but the collar doesn't look right to me.
  10. I'm hoping for Zegras or Boldy.