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  1. I voted yes, but if I had to choose between him and Luongo I'd easily choose Luongo.
  2. They're definitely a scary team. Still kind of weird that they're not in our division. I think the Canucks are a couple years behind Colorado in our rebuild, but they should worry about us too.
  3. Virtanen not looking out of place on the 1st line.
  4. Hughes was ridiculously dominant. Karlsson barely had any possession time.
  5. Looks to me that Virtanen was jus bracing for contact. Could have hit him a lot harder if he wanted too. Perreault is a pussay
  6. Very dumb decision by Vegas. Their team has over-achieved because of coaching.
  7. Well this thread got off the rails quickly. Credit when credit due
  8. Those were dangerous hits. Kassian took matters into his own hands and pummeled Tkachuk. It's stupid Kassian got suspended and not Tkachuk. Neither needed a suspension, because they were both punished in game. Sometimes you should just leave things on the ice.
  9. Good to see Pearson get some credit. Easy to think Horvat needs two top 6 wingers, but Pearson has been really good. Tanev has been great with Hughes. Has been reliable, and allowed Hughes to play his roving style. Shotgun Jake has upped his game, but I think people have taken notice, so I don't know if he's unsung.
  10. I'm confused. Isn't the gold medal game still going? People are talking about Podkolzin getting 22 minutes like the game already happened.
  11. Podz looks like a player that will fit in well on one of our top lines.
  12. I don't think the hit is suspension worthy. He was just bracing himself for contact. Denisenko was aiming to hit him.
  13. Virtanen has surprised me with his dekes. Upon getting the puck, he often flashes some pretty good handles and then cycles it. He's developing into a more east-west player, whereas he was purely north-south before.