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  1. It wasn't Luongo's decision to make, it's the club's.
  2. This is perfect. "I'm tired...I'm tired and it's a lot of baloney...' Yup. Pretty much sums up this thread.
  3. For $5mil. I'd play in the ECHL for next season. (plus $4mil for the next two) I'll guarantee you I'd be a whole lot more competitive than "little things" too. Then I'd retire.
  4. Best roster (on paper) since '94 IMHO. This team just needs to back their way up into the playoffs and then that real fun can begin. C'mon training camp!
  5. Ferland - Roussel - Virtanen Benn - Myers The munchkins won't stand a chance.
  6. Bieksa has a B.A. in finance. Quite a bit more than "Grim Reaper" smart.
  7. If I were JB I'd have no trouble signing that deal.
  8. Matthews for OEL...who'd have to waive his clause of course.