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  1. So a smuggler of contraband who is not legally allowed to possess firearms (but has a "stockpile") is known to the RCMP yet the response is to ban certain firearms? Excellent plan.
  2. Holding a PAL gives the RCMP the right to check your criminal record daily. If a complaint such as domestic abuse is filed on a PAL holder, you can bet there's going to be a red flag. I certainly agree the ball was dropped here considering the history/background of abuse.
  3. You can be sure if those firearms were legally owned the RCMP would've been at his door immediately. Especially considering it was a domestic abuse complaint. This should turn into a public enquiry.
  4. This is from a while ago and appears to be Mike just "messing around". That uppercut to left hook would be a miserable experience. Tyson combination
  5. Now why would you go and edit your previous post? You're proven wrong so you revise your statement? Further proof that you have absolutely no idea what you're talking about.
  6. You should bring your bolt action out and do some boar hunting. Lemme know where and when so I can watch. From a distance. With my Kodiak.
  7. I just don't understand why the government doesn't simply make murder illegal. It seems pretty simple to me.
  8. Once again, you're wrong. Bolt action rifles are inherently more accurate due to the bolt being "locked" when firing. While the BCG on a semi auto is "free floating". If you're accurate (especially at ranges over 200yds.) with a semi automatic rifle you're pretty much guaranteed to be even more accurate with a bolt action. Both rifles are widely accepted hunting tools. The misinformation you have spread in this thread alone is remarkable. I can only imagine what a joy you are to be around irl.
  9. FYI, "paranoid Cletus" (?) cannot carry in Canada. You can apply for a carry permit...but you're not going to get it. I really don't get the reference. I believe you're confusing the events in the US with what happens occasionally in Canada. I'm certainly not using criminals as my "reason for ownership". I don't own any firearms for "protection". I'm a hunter and sport shooter. Criminals in possession of firearms should be the focus of the federal government if they're truly interested in "keeping Canadians safe". That's what I'm saying. Focus on the crime. I was fairly certain that was clear.
  10. I don't "need" handguns either but, since criminals use them to commit crimes I guess they're next to be banned and you're ok with this? It's almost more humourous you don't see how ridiculous this ban is than the actual ban itself.