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  1. Team stuck in cave...

    Thailand has SEAL teams as well. This particular SEAL came out of retirement to help with the rescue.
  2. [Proposal] Van-Tor

    A Canuck fan can fact, it's all we've got.
  3. [Proposal] Van-Tor

    Thus contributing a large chunk towards paying Nylander. Still have to pay four more players to fill out their 23 man roster. I'm sure Shanny and Co. have a plan.
  4. [Proposal] Van-Tor

    5.3mil. counting towards their cap this season and next with (at minimum) Nylander to sign now, nevermind their defense, isn't a problem? Well, if you say so.
  5. [Proposal] Van-Tor

    "These proposals" while quoting I put two and two together. Did you mean something else by quoting mine?
  6. [Proposal] Van-Tor

    Hey, at least I'm not adding prospects AND picks to Tanev. ^^see above^^
  7. [Proposal] Van-Tor

    No-one has mentioned adding Horton to any deal? Helps the Leafs big time and would most likely get a deal done. Only two years remain. Could probably also pry a draft pick to go with it. To Toronto: Tanev To Vancouver: Nylander, Horton''s cheque and a first.
  8. The players signed today aren't competing with the current roster...they're actually freeing up players to play their game.
  9. What, exactly, don't you like about any of these signings? IMO, they're exactly what this team needs.
  10. Beagle, Hansen and Roussel would make for excellent competition at camp, can move up and down the lineup and (with a healthy roster) an excellent 4th line.
  11. Sign Beagle and Hansen.
  12. Natural center who also plays wing. Nearly a PPG player over his career.
  13. I believe he's basing it on the possibility Taveres signs in Toronto. Something has to give if that happens.
  14. [Discussion] A case for Carlson

    Calvin deHaan possibly a target for JB?