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  1. Man this year is the draft of dmen. Dahlin, Wilde, Hughes, McIsaac, boqvist, Samuelsson, Merkley, Woo and Smith all legitimately have top 15 potential
  2. Even If we had Weresnki, Provorov and Juolevi and Dahlin is the BPA in next years draft, you still take him
  3. According to the Vancouver Province, OJ has gained almost 20 pounds and is now listed at 6'3 200 pounds!!
  4. It's a 1 yr deal not 2
  5. For everyone saying this isn't rebuilding, TML did the same thing 2 years back and then flipped a lot of the at the deadline!
  6. Honestly money doesn't matter. We're in no cap restraints. It's all about the term. Being able to turn him into an asset at this years deadline or next years deadline. As a Flyers fan as well, MDZ is a good PMD but fans shouldn't worry about him making up so much better that we won't pick top 10 in the draft this year
  7. Well Dman are always so valuable at the deadline. If he plays semi decently, someone will want him!
  8. Quality over Quantity. High chance none of those players even become regular NHLers
  10. AHAHHAHA! Late night last night! Completely forgot about Dahlen and Goldobin! Thanks for the reminder....
  11. Hey guys now that the 2017 nhl draft is done, let's see everyone's top 10 prospect list! Do you guys agree with mine? 1. Brock Boeser 2. Elias Pettersson 3. Olli Juolevi 4. Thatcher Demko 5. Jonathan Dahlen 6. Adam Gaudette 7. Jake Virtanen 8. Nikolay Goldobin 9. Kole Lind 10. Michael Dipietro (HM: Subban, Gadjovich, Lookwood)
  12. Let's see how Schenn does in St. Louis. I read somewhere that he had 14 even strength points and only 4 even strength goals! 2 firsts is a pretty nice haul for him imo
  13. People can't be serious right? After Bashing management for taking the braun of jake and passing over the skill of nylander, the same people are knocking Pettersson becuase he's underweight at 18 years old??????? Sorry to say but it's true that some people on these forums are just not smart
  14. He's 18.........
  15. You're kidding right? A ppg in a men's league at 18