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  1. I don't think it was ever answered in another thread, but does anyone have an idea of how you can get tix for the draft? Or when they typically go on sale?
  2. 2018 Young Stars Classic returns to Penticton

    My bad if I totally missed Jimbo saying he's exempt. Following the usual van media guys on twitter I'm surprised it didn't get more press. Especially when the poster came out for youngstars and EP wasn't on it. I bet he goes. His injury is minor, plus he'll need to get a place or room with someone here and get used to the city.
  3. 2018 Young Stars Classic returns to Penticton

    so elias expected to penticton now? I would assume sooooo
  4. 2018 Young Stars Classic returns to Penticton

    Makes sense for sure. There's no way he's going back to the SHL. Not after dominating it. It's Canucks or bust IMO.
  5. 2018 Young Stars Classic returns to Penticton

    Screw the Alberta teams. Got jealous and left. I love this tourney and stoked to see the prospects. I'm assuming Elias will go once signed, then add some of their 2018 crop (assuming no USHL / over seas picks).
  6. NHL Draft 2019 - Tickets

    I agree that the pace is going to be quite slow potentially. You don't get the panels like on tv (I assume) so maybe have to listen to 1040 on your phone while you're there lol. I think once the round starts it'll be cool to see. Obviously have to be interested in prospects. I hope Benning loads up on picks for the home town draft.
  7. NHL Draft 2019 - Tickets

    Hello everyone, I tried doing a search but nothing came up. Just wondering when, typically, tickets go on sale for drafts? How much for each etc? Thanks.
  8. [Injuries] Canucks 2017/18

    no boeser, no tanev tonight
  9. Vancouver Vs Arizona - Feb 25 Questions

    Nice oneeee.
  10. Vancouver Vs Arizona - Feb 25 Questions

    I think to be safe just aim for an appy/drink before the game at one of the restaurants to be safe....
  11. Vancouver Vs Arizona - Feb 25 Questions

    Ah I was looking at that too. It was a total fluke the Canucks are there when we booked. Wasn't something we looked at, so happy coincidence. I then seen the Vegas game and still thinking about taking a quick flight over lol.
  12. Vancouver Vs Arizona - Feb 25 Questions

    Were you doing the drive from Scottsdale as well? I think we'll leave well early just in case. GPS says 25 mins, but arena worker told me more like 35 mins. Sunday game so I'm hoping it'll be quiet.
  13. Hey guys, i'm in Arizona during the Canucks game on the 25th. Can anyone comment if they've been to that arena before? What's the atmosphere like? How's the drive from Scottsdale to the arena? Much to do before the game there? Thanks.
  14. Canucks @ Coyotes - Feb 25 / 18 - discussion

    Thanks guys. Appreciate the replies. We booked the accommodations and I thought well lets check the Yotes/Suns schedule, randomly Vancouver was in the middle of it. PERFECT. Always wanted to see the Canucks there with the tons of other fans.