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  1. For real I want everyone's hot take on me. I want to see something
  2. Yes. Idk who u r. A new person? Maybe red neck mack from high school?
  3. Fair enough. I like your defense. Well played but if u r scum then gosh I will be very disappointed. Vote Hoggers 10/10 work my good home Ceres for a newbie you are better then a veteran like me.
  4. There we have it boys and girls Vote bj
  5. Idk depends. I rarely lie irl but probably a few times a month
  6. Very disappointed this only got 1+ I thought it would get around 8 reactions
  7. I never lied. Go read that game again. Trust me I don't lie and the past few games I haven't said which faction I am a part of to stop this dumb game.
  8. Ll vote seems to have a easy bandwagon. Not liking that. AV and Hoggers need more post Has tl voted? I know he votes late but maybe scum???
  9. Top notch work av Well done mate. Deserves a round of applause