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  1. (Newest) 2018-2019 Time Capsule thread

    we don't win the cup. but we will one year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hopefully im still young when it happens.
  2. Domi son playing for the habs
  3. Mafia - General Discussion

    ded like canucks chances of winning a cup in the 2015-16 season.
  4. Mafia - General Discussion

    nominating @milk and honey
  5. yo unless i get sk, mk and lynch and whatever way of being killed. im done with this game
  6. A Goodbye Letter From Our Twins

    bye sedins My biggest regret as nuck fan is never seeing you live.
  7. watch him get a bonus of 5k where does the 5k even go to? charity or what?
  8. do you like COBS Bread?

    I have gone to a few different ones. Some are pretty good, some were not as good. their scones are pretty good though. bread wise I like capeseed or sourdough. Still seeing them on tv, youtube ect.. so much I thought their product would be a bit better.
  9. when someone gets into your bank account and commits fraud. I'm so thankful whoever did it, did it after Christmas. I definitely learned to be thankful and happy when stuff doesn't happen and never take anything for granted!


    cheers all

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    2. VanGnome


      The only time Bitcoin gets stolen is if people invest in shady crap (like Bitconnect, classic ponzi scheme). The single biggest reason why Bitcoin or other Crypto's like it are monumentally safer is because of a lack of centralization.

      Bank accounts, Credit Cards etc are what is called a "Custodial Account", meaning some authority manages the "security" of those accounts and authorizes requests to pull from the account.

      Using crypto currencies, you control the safety and security of the account "wallet" and initiate a Push of funds from one account to the other. Without the private keys which control access to a wallet, no one can authorize the money inside.

      What happened with bitconnect is several million people out of pure greed and no common sense invested into a ponzi scam without the understanding that it was a ponzi scam.

      Can you make money in a ponzi? Yes, absolutely. Get in early, get out fast, problem is most people don't know how to identify a ponzi scam before it's too late.

    3. BananaMash


      Thanks for the clarification, that's actually super interesting and a lot better explained than the few news articles I looked at.

    4. VanGnome


      It helps when you understand the technology, mainstream media knows nothing and wouldn't know a bit from a coin.

  10. EXCUSE ME I got lynch'd, MK and SK all at once when tp. I am the worst
  11. sorry dudes I'm extremely busy, maybe in a few months.
  12. The Official European Football (Soccer) Thread

    CR7 Fat ronaldo is definitely top 10.
  13. pretty sure the canucks defense are already blind. srsly though reading the story I was almost in tears. horrific story and heartbreaking to happen to so many humans who happened to be their own kids. absolutely heartbreaking. No doubt they are in good hands now and hopefully the state, the community will take care of them for the foreseeable future.
  14. The Official European Football (Soccer) Thread

    if messi is the goat. then ronaldo is #2. 3rd would be pele then maradona. thats a big if for messi though no international domination. I personally rate it as pele messi maradona ronaldo. 5th is where things get really interesting. as for pure skill in their primes. ronaldinho is imo a top10 player but overall career hell no.