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  1. True this kid I know got drafted he said in the 9th round 2016. Guy went from Abs to a 6pack beer belly and playing div 3 hockey now. I had no idea there was 2 secret rounds in the draft.
  2. Did I sign up for this game? If I did I do apologize for not playing legitimately forgot about this till just now. Suddenly hit me as I was thinking about nothing as us men do that I forgot about mafia. Milk. Honey Cheerios
  3. Pointless to be part of the royal family madness. They shouldn't be as famous or rich as they are. I understand uk keeping them for tourist money but that people would think that today's royals are special is shocking to me. These people did absolutely nothing other then get born into a royal and make a few generic peaceful speeches for certain causes, and religious holidays.
  4. Sharks more like dolphins this year 10shots for 50mins is of the game shows that our defense can shut down other teams. Finished with 17shots I think. Also the Arizona game. If we stay healthy and make the playoffs we could really go into the conference finals. I still think Dallas and St Louis are better maybe Colorado but within our division I legitimately feel we can beat any team in a 7game series. I reckon we are the most skilled team out of all the teams besides maybe Edmonton or Vegas but we are much deeper.
  5. This x1000 Who is cheecho? Just a thought what if we did 2 30minutes half. Instead of 3periods.
  6. Hey boys and girls. Do you ever think how strange reading is. Like for real it's random shapes put together that someone old decided had sounds. Then think how many languages and different sounds our mouths can make. Back to reading though random sounds that connect information to us. Sometimes even life changing information. 


    Colors to are so interesting. Like just things that are somehow different. Make our eye balls see things differently due to colors like imagine a world only red. So crazy to think that colors whatever they are exist. Like what would happen if no colors existed including black and white. Colors im telling you are very interesting. 



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      A good book is one of the delightful things us hairy apes conjured up..& now we've gone & thrown that(basically) into the crapper. Now I'm seeing red.

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      I see music and hear colours

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      milk and honey

      Gosh last night was wild 

  7. Hey guys been watching hockey since I can remember but tbh been thinking more and more lately how certain things don't make sense. For me the list includes Pulling goalie down 2goals. Chances are you are hurting GD end of year that could cost a playoff spot. Coaches timeout. There are enough commercials breaks imo that they don't need an extra break. Finally 3v3 being the minimum amount of players. Just let it go down to 1v1 if they are enough penalties. Just my thoughts. Shoot away folks
  8. Ocean rising. The worst movie ever. The opening scene you can tell the house is carb board. Low budget. Bad acting, terrible affects and just everything was bad. It's so bad tbh that it's kinda funny
  9. Cheers. Ya much prefer being outside and enjoy our beautiful area. First big knee injury so definitely super cautious about my recovery not to make it worst.
  10. I got an appointment later this week but thought I would ask you guys and see if you anyone got a similar injury. This knee injury is probably the worst injury I have had. I can only imagine a concussion being more inconvenient then a knee injury.
  11. Ok will do. On biking is a gym bike better or worst then an outdoor one?
  12. So I fell during a soccer game and sprained my knee and injured the back of my knee. I went to the er and doctor told me sprained knee and probably a hamstring impact injury. So I iced and rested for most of the past 4weeks. No legs just upper body at the gym. My knee is still making a clicking pop sound when I extend it on the inner part, back of the knee. Anyone have an idea what it could be? I can walk and even run. It's my first big knee injury. Been a learning experience that's for sure haha.
  13. I want anyone but the 49ers tbh. Houston or Tennessee would be incredible though
  14. Houston will probably win this game. Houston vs Tennessee is an interesting final. I reckon Houston vs whoever wins greenbay vs Seattle in the final