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  1. Because at the moment if you get killed but have covid. It's a covid death. They have been car accidents deaths from asymmetrical people and it went down as a covid death. The more tests the better imo. Tons of research and doctors and experts agree with me that death numbers are higher then reality. Also covid rarely kills healthy people. I believe I saw over 90% have underlying health problems.
  2. Albertan? Tbh makes more sense to compare ourselves to Ontario and Quebec. They are leading the country with covid cases also us comparing ourselves to PEI or newfoundland would be a joke with how few people they are in those provinces. Alberta to but besides those 3 provinces it would be foolish to compared us to the other provinces.
  3. I think the virus is serious but just to use an example Floyd had covid and his death went down as a covid death even if it wasn't. People like elderly who were already in hospice or nursing homes with serious health problems if positive for covid their death was a covid so I think it is safe to say that the number is probably a bit lower than those that are told. Anyways bc keep it going we are doing decent. The quicker this goes away the better. I miss normal life
  4. Well obviously you are tp hahahahaha Legit though followed the game and the more I read the more I was confused to what was happening. Such a weird game with so much nonsense being talked and so many quiet players including me. I was doctor so was trying not to draw to much attention to me and couldn't get good reads. Legit the list I made was copied from someone else and changed 2names from scum to town and town to scum. Not even joking. Good game everyone I will try to be better in the future
  5. No fans till a vaccine is made per big boss Aqui
  6. Dm is top candidate. I think we will the game tonight