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  1. Your comment after my retirement is class HAHAHAHA
  2. Legendary game for so many reasons
  3. Aladeen isn't a mafia candidate at all. Give yo head a shake if u think. Me and him are definitely tp Falcon or duce are biggest suspect . I don't buy nik claim Also that blue Jay is simply to cautious for his tp meta
  4. Lewitelli troll me sorry boys Legit said he was gonna sign up 100% then got random promotion and got busy. He is also a gym lad now that's going si buff on treadmill Anyways I really like Aladeen posts Falcon and duce are scum targets for me Vote Falcon I'm probably a scum target for most people but I am just a tp. Go tp go. Very convincingly go tp go My apologies for coming in late. I forgot I was playing tbh
  5. That no one called me out for vote is absolutely shocking. Disappointing no one is a town lean. I repeat no one is a town lean
  6. Vote Qwags Gut feeling. Haven't read more then 10posts but gut feeling yall
  7. Sorry was playing pro clubs all weekend with @Lewitelli and other friends Quick summary plesse