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  1. well I am pretty much confirmed tp aladeen did it so why can't I
  2. same reason as last round tbh also don't talk to me that way.
  3. LOL I also said that I won't be doing that anymore also vote aladeen
  4. I think 1/3 if not 2/3 of lynch was scum and somehow a tie happened. There's gotta be scum somewhere in there. who didn't vote?
  5. no one else will be whats with the activity?
  6. yes he is a east coast guy. I am guess newfie with a thing for t rexs.
  7. what does this mean. even after googling no idea. I am readable just sometimes I get to excited, post to much without thinking and confused myself. which confuses others.
  8. weak sauce I reckon he is mafia with a throwaway vote like this
  9. vote aladeen who says almost for sure tp in round 1.
  11. come over and help me deal with this stress!
  12. PS working on a big business move this week a lot activity won't be like that game. I will read thread later Aladeen acting strange though.