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  1. If Coach Green really wanted to show he had some balls he would sit a veteran to get Boeser in. I suspect it will be Virtanen though. I watched the whole game and never even noticed Sam Gagner last night until the shootout. I'd sit him. Barring injury it is likely just going to be a rotation of Boeser and Virtanen sitting. It is not right but likely the way it will shake down.
  2. His contract is a joke.
  3. What the hell are you talking about. Prust is a aging, well past his prime, disgruntled and overpaid bum. That is my point. Prust was a disgrace in the playoffs this year for the Canadiens and even if the Canucks want to trade him at the deadline this year it is unlikely they will get more than the 5th round pick they added to the Kassian trade back for Prust.
  4. LOL. That isn't Kassian who did that. It was Prust. The so called character guy the Canucks just traded for
  5. Did you know he was completely disgruntled at the end of the season because of his reduced role and he didn't even show up for the end of season exit interviews because of that. He also got fined in the playoffs because of his out of line public criticism on referee Brad Watson. Even if a ref sucks publicly calling him out is never a good idea. Just ask Burrows. Is that the example you want to show to young kids?
  6. I wouldn't expect any team to give up much for Kassian right now. But why not showcase him early in the year, show he is healthy and then trade him for something that will help them in the future. Anything would be better than what they got. You are missing my point. The timing of dumping Kassian is all wrong. If the Canucks had traded Kassian last year just prior to his injury they may have got a 2nd round pick for him. Now they essentially got nothing for him and had to throw in a 5th round pick. The trade for Prust is barely better than cutting him or send him to the minors. In either of those secnarios the longterm return would be the same as what they got.
  7. Ok. Even if what you say is true, you got NOTHING for him. Prust is at the end of the road. Even the people in Montreal who liked him acknowledge that.
  8. You can wait until you get something that can help in the future for him. Worst case scenario is his back is screwed and he misses most of the year. Therefore the Canucks get nothing for him. Best case scenario he turns the corner and given he is only 24 it makes him a valuable asset in the future. Perhaps if he turns the corner you even keep him. On Prust, best case scenario, you get a 3rd or 4th round pick for him at the deadline, a 3rd is a stretch by the way. Worst case scenario his shoulders are totally shot and the Canucks get absolutely nothing for him and he retires at the end of the year.
  9. I take issue with the type of change we are seeing and the issue of asset maximization. In regards to asset maximization I think Benning has completely failed so far. Trading Kassian is probably not a bad idea but they got nothing that will help them at all in the future for him. He is coming off a major injury and that would make a lot of teams balk right now. Last year, just prior to his injury he was probably playing his best hockey as a Canuck and was producing with the Sedins. Why not, feature him early in the year by playing him with the Sedins and hope he picks up where he left off prior to his injury issue. Then trade him when you might actually get something like a 2nd round pick for him. Lack was also mishandled. First of all, I believe he shouldn't have been traded at all but this management team clearly had no real faith in him being a true #1 in the NHL. Fair enough maybe they are right on that assessment maybe not but still they hamstrung themselves in terms of his trade parameters. The Canucks made it crystal clear just prior to the draft that they were very eager to get a 2nd or 3rd round pick and Lack would be used as bait. So they basically limited Lack's availability to just the 3 days of the draft. After the draft we saw the Bruins get a future 1st round pick for Jones. Markstrom actually signed to a very reasonable shortterm contract and the Canucks could have easily held onto the 3 goalies for a while at that price. Again, why not wait on trading Lack until a decent offer came along. In the meantime if Miller gets hurt or Markstrom tanks then they can reassess whether to keep Lack longterm or not. Again, the return they got for Lack I believe was absolutely the minimum they could have got.
  10. How does trading a younger player and a draft pick for an older player at a higher cap hit signify re-build? I am not a Zack Kassian fan but this trade is useless for the Canucks. Prust is just like Dorsett and he will only play here for one year or less.
  11. What does that mean? We basically got nothing for him. Prust is a Dorsett type player and he is one year from UFA. No way he stays here after this year. So the Canucks basically traded Kassian for a one year rental who comes at higher cap price. Absolutely makes no sense to me and I have never even been a Kassian fan.
  12. I doubt him more for his time in Florida than anything else then you combine that with the fact he gets shelled in his first big chance this year and it has to make you wonder if he is just a headcase. However, I certainly think the correct move would have been to keep Markstrom and Lack. I don't know if the Canucks could have traded Miller but really they never even tried. If they were willing to eat part of his contract then perhaps some team would have took him. Maangement doesn't want to admit to its own mistake on him though.
  13. I like Florida's team better right now than the Canucks
  14. IMO, Markstrom is a headcase. He was having a great year at the AHL and then he gets his shot this year with the big club and he can't make it out of the first period. I know all goalies have bad games but he picked a very bad one to have one and it seems to be part of a pattern. Everytime he gets a shot in the NHL he fails.
  15. Florida did. And he was an epic failure for them.