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  1. If Ego's were worth money...
  2. Oh wicked lmao
  3. I have to have a big tail wind and have the puck sliding perfectly and I might impress a few kids lol
  4. Probably harder than yours :-D
  5. Good post, thanks. I'm not surprised, Tanev was getting more chances to score jumping up into the play last year. He carries the puck well and makes that good first pass. His offensive potential could be very good and they have a better defensive defense to help him step into that role. Manny could get Horvat that face off percentage way up this year.
  6. Great Job Dave! Great story, thanks for sharing. :-) Dave was a heart and soul player, obviously that never stops.
  7. The facts here are simple as much as so many love to bash the man, Benning knows character and the type of players who have what it takes to win a cup. He's piecing together a team as those pieces become available. A hard nosed, hard working, in your face, relentless bunch. No floaters and whiners, no self centered babies, only team committed work horses. He also looks for hockey sense, intelligent puck movers. When he gets an opportunity, he will add the superstar talent everyone is craving. I've seen no opportunity to get that player without scattering the pieces. The Sedins should retire as Canucks and I believe with the support JB is bringing in, this team will be far less aggravated to watch and win more of those close games, hold down 3rd period leads better and be overall more fun to watch for us fans.
  8. I'm going with Sutter, he's a solid 2 way guy, experienced and an excellent speaker. Has leadership quality and if he stays healthy he'll be showing everyone his character on the ice. Gudbranson is my second choice. Bo needs to concentrate on Bo this year IMHO.
  9. True enough. Biega has heart, drive and he's a great guy. I'm hoping he excels this year. Tanev was jumping up into the play and showing more desire to get points last year. I think he could surprise people this year because the team has more stay at home beef.
  10. Thanks, I need not post my comment now, exactly how I see it.
  11. When your best memory is being at the very first "White towel" game and watched Stan Smyl score the game winner on a breakaway out of the penalty box.
  12. A couple months In Utica would show his stuff. Be a nice feel good story and everyone deserves a second chance. A friend of mine could have made the big leagues but mentally he couldn't handle the rough going. I believe commitment and hard work can be taught. He obviously had it too easy as a kid and he could be ready to giver now.
  13. A .915 save percentage on a team with half a defense was pretty damn good. Canuck fans know how good Markstrom is. Eriksson with the Sedins could be legendary. Gudbranson and Tryamkin give us intimidation and guys who can protect our future star goalies and the writer of Vice (whatever they are?) is just another clown who caters to the haters. The Canucks have alot of haters because they've ruled the east for many years.
  14. Entering my 39th season as a die hard Canuck fan, I'm excited for this group. I just hope they stay healthy and really gel and support each other. I'm on the positive side and really like JB's moves. Linden is also a man who knows what it takes to be a winner. I also can't wait for the first guy who runs our goalie. :-D
  15. The only hockey talk on xm and it has to be these 100% eastern bias clowns. They can barely get through an hour without mentioning their beloved Leafs. I've heard other Canuck fans get cut off quick before. The other day twice they mentioned the top draft picks and didn't once mention the Canucks pick. I think they get bored and enjoy stirring the pot with hearsay, rumors, bad ratings and idiotic posts from this sight because they run out of Leafs, Islanders, Penguins, Sabres praise topics.