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  1. I can't help but to tear up, we will never witness twins achieving anything in sport like they have again. Also being two of the classiest gentlemen in hockey for their entire careers, they will be missed. You guys Rock!
  2. CrashNBash

    Put Thy $ Where The Mouth Is! ('18-19, good, or bad?)

    Dahlin will not be a Canuck. I'm guessing we pick 5th again. We should see Peterson next season but unless he pulls a Boeser like show early he'll be sent down, he's still a bit undersize imo. I hope they get Vaneck back and if Markstrom and Demko keep improving next season we'll be in the running for a playoff spot. Im thinking the Sedins will be back for one more season. I expect no miracles for next season but the future will be exciting for sure.
  3. The guys on XM's Power play just said NO draft picks were offered for Vanek.
  4. CrashNBash

    [PGT] Vancouver Canucks vs. Arizona Coyotes

    I have the feeling I'm going to be needed an Archibald signed puck for my collection.
  5. CrashNBash

    [PGT] Boston Bruins vs. Vancouver Canucks

    Whenever Edler plays with a tough partner he steps it up. He's the Edler of old again.
  6. CrashNBash

    [PGT] Boston Bruins vs. Vancouver Canucks

    Great game from Nilsson, his confidence grew by the minute. I love Greens coaching, he's demanding and has the team playing more physical, even the Sedins are hitting harder. I was also thrilled to hear JB say he was looking for a big forward and he wants to sign Guddy. Lots of quick skilled players coming, he knows what the team needs. The Sedins keep playing like that sign them for another year.
  7. CrashNBash

    Where is the hate?

    Then you have a hit like Edler's last night on the Florida player and the guy instantly wants to fight. Eventually it'll turn to slashing and more dives.
  8. CrashNBash

    Where is the hate?

    Who are you his Daddy? Do you have anything relevant to say with the topic or you just whining?
  9. CrashNBash

    Where is the hate?

    No sorry, I didn't notice it. Plural?
  10. CrashNBash

    Where is the hate?

    Careful now, you'll be called a racist hater.
  11. CrashNBash

    Where is the hate?

    You're completely clueless.
  12. CrashNBash

    Where is the hate?

    Everyone's a racist who doesn't agree to a Marxist/ communist society, blah blah blah, beat it, you bore me.
  13. CrashNBash

    Where is the hate?

    Do yourself a favor, shut off the tv.
  14. CrashNBash

    Benning Extended (Official)

    I couldn't be happier.
  15. CrashNBash

    Where is the hate?

    Oh Look another triggered brainwashed snowflake.