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  1. Gotcha lame, thanks for letting me know. Someone piss in your corn flakes today? Or are you always this cheery? He plays more than make believe. Did you know he is co-owner of several minor league affiliated sports league teams, and is a savvy business man? He plays more than just make believe. But whatever eh. Go kick sand, you ain’t raining in my Bill Murray parade.
  2. Good lord, is that how Bo writes...and Rutine...? Screw it I still love the guy!
  3. Lots Alf, ghosts of failed Stanley cups runs of past, they are ugly little buggers. But don’t worry, Bill took care of them
  4. It was a gutsy win by our boys last night...but is it wrong the only thing that has me beaming about the game yesterday was seeing Bill freakin Murray at a Canucks game!? Am I the only one that’s over the moon with this? This guy is one of my all time idols. I so wish I was at that game. Bill fracking Murray, why aren’t people loosing their minds on here!? So sweet to also see pictures of him in our Canucks dressing room after the game too. That guy could just knock on the door of the White House and he would just be let in, no metal detectors, body searches, or questions asked...because it’s Bill mother effin Murray!
  5. He's a beyond Boomer, did we even have names for generations before then? Or was it all just the "horse and plough" generation before the Boomers? I love Cherry, but I can't say this hasn't been coming. I wish he would just stick to hockey, he has a great eye and love for the sport. But he always had to go further with bringing down other nationalities that weren't his version of what Canadians are supposed to be. This reminds me of a Bill Burr comedy skit about how the Duck Dynasty grandpa was shamed for saying racist comments on's pretty hilarious... his point "what did you think he thought? Should we all be surprised!?" He was born into a generation that thought that grandparents included! I still love them tho!! I am doing Bill Burr no justice here, i'll just add the clip so you can watch...hopefully this can make us laugh and move on. Sportsnet made the right call, even if it was many years too late.
  6. Well, It looks like our young team isn't the only young team in the league struggling... Arizona, Carolina, and Buffalo are all on losing streaks too. Coincidence? I think not, young teams are very up and down but can still make the playoffs. Like Carolina last year. You could even lump the Avalanche in as well (but they are further ahead than the previous mentioned teams)...Colorado took many years to rebuild and are now finally turning the corner as a steady playoff destined team. And they still have more to go...even with MacKinnon, what a player he is to build around! I think it takes time for these young teams to handle the constant pressure and grind of the game. We should look around the league and be relieved that we aren't the only ones going through a dry spell right look at the posts on here and it's like our team is the only young team going through the motions. Take a look outside of our Vancouver bubble for a second and realize that we aren't alone. We are an up and coming team, there are others out there, and they are all going through similar swings. We are still a bit away from being a lock as a playoff bound team. But it's nice to see each year we make the progression towards that goal. Rome wasn't built in a day. Can't we all agree that the signs are pointing in the right direction?? We have drafted some amazing talent, in 2-3 years time hopefully we will have a full fledged developed team that is playoff bound for many seasons to come. But right now, we are only teasing the edge of that existence. Also we do have to remember that this is coach Greens first NHL gig too. I don't think it's fair to write him off just yet... He could still add to his bag of tricks...but admittedly he has shown to be very slow at making any sort of changes, which can be death to a coach. If he doesn't learn to adjust his in game tactics then he will be gone soon enough as it is quite clear he is getting out coached in games...I watched him in Utica for many seasons, and unfortunately he's still using similar systems he used down on the farm, he needs to expand beyond that... At this point i'm willing to say he is what he is as a coach right now...a simple, no nonesense, straight forward coach. Which I do think has it's worth developmentally. These kids need a foundation to build upon, the NHL is rough, and Green gives a good template for them to become solid pros in a tough league. I do think another coach will be at the helm when this team starts it's "contending" window. I don't mean to slight Green, it's just how i'm reading the situation as it stands right now. On a more personal and important, real life note, I want to wish Marky and all his family my deep hearted condolences. Cancer is a terrible thing and his father was way too young to go. Rest in peace mr. Marky Sr. ...I could only imagine how painful it is to be a pro athelete and have to perform at such high levels when this kind of stuff is happening at home...absolutely gut wrenching. We should all applaud Marky and the Canucks on how they handled and got through this situation as a team together. No one said boo, no one complained, even though i'm sure all of them were affected heavily over the last few weeks about this. It's been a tough start to the year family wise for the Canucks with Brocks dad and now Markys. This team is all sorts of class. Cheers
  7. Multiple industries in BC are suffering, it's sad to see. Fishing had a hard year, lumber has been hit really hard, oil/gas limping along, mining is up and down...I wonder if we could make protesting an industry? It seems like they have been very successful's like there is a hand at play that is systematically shutting our industries down and squeezing them out of being competitive in other markets. We are a very resource rich province yet we are getting shut down all over the place in multiple industries it's a head scratcher. Then again we have shown to be willing to sell our goods for absolute dirt cheap to China and the US and rob ourselves of our own valuable product. I wish there was a way to balance things out? I'm tired of selling unprocessed logs over to Asia, we clear cut our land for them and barely make a living at it. Boom Bust Boom's gotta stop. I'm in no way smart enough to figure out things such as global economy...but there has to be a better way!?... Natural gas and oil same thing, US has us by the balls. They get our product for cheap and then blend it with theirs and sell it all over the world now for top dollar... Canada in general needs to take a step back and re-group. And what about our automotive sector? They've been given the scorched earth treatment too...anyways i'm ranting because i'm an industry worker and I just feel cornered about what to do next. Just waiting for my industry to completely drop out. It's a shame we can't be proud of the resources we have. Instead we seem to apologize for what we have and give it all away for nothing. Shamefull. Sorry to hear about anyone involved with the Tolko shut down. I do really feel for you. All the best. We all are just trying to support our famility and put food on the table.
  8. One Hughes to lose, one Hughes to win, one will sink, and one will swim....(i'm bored, sue me!)
  9. Waffles are very versatile...chicken and pancakes...frickin gross, nope don't work...the fact you can get away with putting chicken on a waffle is amazing to me.
  10. Very true, Leivo is very strong against the boards. Wins a lot of battles. What you need out of your bottom half of the roster is what he brings. He's not going anywhere. Wish he had better hands tho. But I like what he brings to the team.
  11. I don't want to hack on LE, because...well, beating a dead horse. But I agree, since he's come on the 4th line they have lost their energy. And I don't blame LE for that, he's not geared that way, and never will be. He does not fit on a 4th line. Yes he is defensively responsible, but you want your 4th line to be full of energy and hustle. Just not a good fit. Feel bad for the guy, other players have moved past him at the top of the line up and he just can't/won't get a chance. Not sure how the season will play out for him. I am at least thankful that he's being a good team mate and isn't being a distraction to the team. I do respect him for that.
  12. You are right, it will always be a back and fourth thing. I'm not a professional hockey player so I don't know how you can try and get ahead of the curve, maybe you can? But I think most players have to adjust on the fly as teams start shutting you down you then learn how you need to adjust, I don't know how a player could forecast how teams will try and shut him down in the future? Instead I think you're natural progression approach is more correct, the elite players are the ones that can constantly adjust and get better. Some can do it quicker than others, heck even in game they can change tactics...but those are special players. I hope Petey can be one of them, but right now he takes a bit to learn and adjust...but with age his adjustment timing should get better and better...imo.
  13. I do hear what you're saying, it can be hard to turn cheek so to speak. I've gotten to the point where I have to stop watching games for a bit cause I get really built up and mad...but eventually I let things go because, it is just a game to me and i'm just a fan. There are way worse things in life that can happen to us. I remind myself of this and I cool down...but it can take a bit, and it takes practice to keep a hot head in check. I'm not perfect and lose my cool, but as I get older i'm able to tame the rage better now haha.
  14. Some thoughts on the game... Teams are playing Petey and Boes tight right now, there is not a lot of room for them to carry the puck into the offensive zone. They both have been trying but guys are on them like glue right at the blue line. It's not like they haven't been trying to gain the zone with control. I see the frustration that they are being told to play a dump and chase game... but I think they are being told to use it as an option instead of letting the puck die on their stick trying to gain entry into the O zone every time... I'd rather them dump the puck in and chase after it to gain possession again if the checking is tight like it was last night.... It's all a learning curve really. Once they learn how to operate in the tight spaces better they will improve, it's not like thats all they have been doing is dumping it into the O zone every time, they are still being creative and trying to gain the zone with control, teams are just onto them now and it's harder for them to execute now. It's up to them to push past the adversity. Same with Quinn, he's being tightly contested as well. But I do think all these guys are very capable of learning and improving beyond what they are currently right now. This is still a very young team, with lots more to learn. Injuries have started to creep into the line up, teams are playing them hard, and for the first time this season they are really facing some adversity. Give them a few games to figure things out and hopefully we will see them start to trend in the right direction again. Why must we always take a big crap on the team once things get tough...where is our resilience as fans? We start pointing fingers right away, fire Green, fire Brown, get rid of LE, etc...I understand it is very frustrating watching the team lose a few games in a row, but we all should keep positive and root for our boys to get better and improve. Trust me I was yelling at the TV last night too, I was frustrated as well...but after a game like that I don't come on here and start crapping right away...I give myself the night to cool down then return with a level head to talk about the game the next day. I'd rather stay positive then always focus on the negative. Patience is key to developing young minds. Not worried.
  15. I thought you only used this gif when people use "LOL" and other stupid acronyms...!?.....