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  1. They need solid goal tending but I don’t want to give up on our young goalies yet!
  2. This is the part that bothers me the most. He was finally playing top line minutes and putting up points at the end of the season with Bo and Pearson and looked good while doing it. I think we were all happy to see him clicking on a line and finding chemistry. To me it really set them up to continue that forward next can he not be happy with that? I don’t understand this guy at all? Sounds like a guy who is tired of playing in a fish bowl market like Vancouver and is looking for a way out.
  3. I actually like the idea of a player swap here. Plus we have more leverage in this trade scenario in the sense that all though the players are essentially a wash, the contracts aren’t. Lucic’s contract has one more year than Erickson’s, so monetarily that is a large difference. The pot would have to be sweetened to take on his contract. Hopefully in the form of extra draft picks.
  4. And we sorely need another Mr. Everything on the back end once Edler is gone. I am still high on him as well. My only concern is his health. I have no concerns when it comes to his talent level or if he will make the NHL, I just really hope these injuries the last few seasons come around for him. I feel bad for the kid, he gets the momentum going and then down he goes again... I do think the reason for his recent stretch of injuries is just growing pains. He is tall and lanky, once he puts a bit more muscle on his frame it should stabilize him a bit better. Which will naturally happen for him as he gets older. He is worth the wait.
  5. Marchesseault on Vegas is a great example of high end skill but comes with grit. I was impressed how much he was hitting guys out there, being a pain defensively, and scoring clutch goals. IMPRESSED...can't believe Florida gave up on this guy because they didn't think he was worth 5 mil. Players/Teams can still be highly skilled, but the difference maker is how the skilled players find time and space to make plays and score in tightly contested games is what sets them apart. They have the tenacity and drive to get past the checking and still make space to do what they need to create offense... I seen the same issues you mentioned in Tampa and Toronto. Skilled yes, but very easily dominated. And then once the foot was down on them they played like there were done...that's the difference. Marchessault kept going and going till they scored that tying goal to send it to OT...Vegas was robbed of a series win, but man what a game no matter which way you spin it.
  6. I really hope we nab him. He plays a solid game.
  7. I was hoping there was a sliver of a chance he'd come home to BC. But his hockey heart is in Detroit. The legend comes home! Very happy for him and Detroit. I've always had a soft spot for the wings as I was a big fan of his growing up so would try and watch as many games as I could.
  8. What I like most about Krueger is the way he has been able to coach the Swiss teams to some great new heights. Like the article said upsets over Canada and other nations have really put the swiss team on the map. And Krueger had a large role to play. Heck he had the swiss team playing true blue Canadian hockey better than the Canadians were. Tight defensive chippy hockey. It's not pretty but effective. He has shown he has a great mind for the game. I'm sure there will be lots of teams lining up for his services no doubt. Whether the Canucks are the right fit i'm not sure? But I think it would be a mistake to not interview him and see where his head is at. Who knows, he could have similar views as to where our team is going and could be a great added asset to our management group...afterall he knows how NOT to rebuild since he went through it in Edmonton.
  9. ...I think it's still useable...just a bit of stains! Good for a spare bedroom i'd say, especially for your inlaws, who checks under the sheets anyways...HAHA
  10. Fair point, but I think it could potentially work if you don't handcuff yourself with term. I'd take both players on 4-5 year deals. We could afford their salaries till then. But if they want more term I would hesitate doing a deal. As you said it just wouldn't work long term for this team.
  11. Interesting news about the agents. Not many teams can take on both their salaries...but we can. Packaging Marky in a deal for a solid top 4 D or prospect with that kind of potential would really help bolster our back end. Panarin in is an offensive generator all by himself. He's not a passenger by any means. And is on the younger side of his peak. We could get 5-6 years of good production from him. We don't have a winger in our top 6 right now aside from Boeser who is a consistent 60 point or more scorer.
  12. It's funny how the Penguins playoff luck ended when Fleury left town...hey Matt Murray, you just gotta laugh...
  13. Yeah it would be a hard sell but I think 5 years would be a good contract for Bob. If it’s over that then it gets hard to shed as a contract if you off load him prior to the expansion draft. But it’s interesting to think about. I keep thinking of that picture of him and Panarin in Vancouver along the water front when they played us at the end of the season. Obviously i’m reading too far into things but I got the vibe that they both really like the city. Plus Ian Clark being here would be a good sell to Bobrovsky.
  14. I feel goal tending this year is a position of strength as far as trade assets are concerned. I've been thinking on selling high on Marky and signing Bobrovski to a 3-5 year deal. If you get to year 3 and Demko isn't ready then trade Demko before the expansion and retain Bob, or if the opposite happens then trade Bob... I know this only works if Bob wants to sign here. But i'd love to see both him and Panarin sign here, plus Tryamkin take a run at the team next year. We'd start looking like a west coast version of the Washington Capitals. Heck, i'm feeling generous lets throw in Goldy and say he has a break out season next year too ha ha. Trading Marky would really help us beef up our defensive end, including trading Tanev for whatever he is worth. It could give us the over haul we need defensively for now. Plus have us avoid a messy over payment this UFA season.