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  1. What kills Stetcher is that he has an absolute muffin as a shot. It's not great at all. He is like you said a great 3rd pairing Dman, but i'd even say top 4 if he could get his shot working better for him. He's so mobile and calm with the puck, fearless really. If you added a good shot to that mix he gets into the top 4. I don't know if anyone else has ever noticed, but he uses and extremely small stick! It looks so small even for his size. Maybe it's just me? No wonder his shot is terrible with that beaver tail of a stick! I wish he would use something a bit longer even just to allow for better puck breaks ups and add some extra reach. It may even improve his shot.
  2. Never thought of Benson. His star has faded a bit but he's a good match on how Green wants to deploy his line ups. Admittedly I haven't followed him too much lately so not sure what the Oilers think of him. But I liked him on the Giants and if he still has that kind of game to him then ya, that would be a nice add to our prospect pool. Still not sure if it's worth taking Lucic on. But weirder things have happened!
  3. The one thing that is alarming in Edmonton is how could Puljujarvi not crack this line up last season? I'm not sold on him as others are. He may just be in a bad situation, but when you let an opportunity slip by to play with one of the best players in the world...I dunno. Blame on both sides player and team development i'm sure. But wow, another top tier prospect flames out with the oilers. I hope he does well wherever he goes but you have to wonder if the Oilers have Yakupoved him...
  4. I was thinking on the same line of things as well. We have lots of meat and potatoes now but nothing in the way of any kind of "back up" skill. I count Goldy and Boucher as the only 2 with offensive upside, and Boucher isn't even in the same tier as Goldy. We very well may need Goldy and his natural instincts this season. Besides we won't get much via trade for him right now. It's probably a better plan to see how he pans out this year on the team.
  5. Honestly with how the cap and salaries have went up and keep slowly climibing up year after year. His contract isn't too bad really. If he returns to his 35-40 point form and has a full healthy season. 4ish mil for a guy like that is the going rate these days anyways.
  6. Nice Phil, I haven't seen you post this one in a long time. You had me laughing for the whole damn day last time I seen it haha. Cheers. Good thread summary by the way
  7. Keeping the propaganda machine rolling, I like your madness sir haha.
  8. I think the problem is most us fans just see the cap dollars and the hard figures. Breakdowns of what he gets each year. But that is just the simple break down. You start going into performance bonuses, and all the other nuances of the contract there is so much fine detail the player, agent, and team have to settle on. I’ve been part of some large business transactions in my career, and have controlled and executed job plans with budgets well north of 10 million. I can tell you nothing is that simple when the money gets that big or bigger. So many moving parts have to be considered. We just aren’t privy to the fine details so we rattle on like we think we know better...but we don’t lol. He’ll get a new contract and we can all calm down. You guys are both correct, it all takes time!
  9. For sure, just now that we have Ferland I don't see a trade for Lucic. So just trying to see what other contracts are available out there. I looked at Dallas for a bit as well. Since Louie moved his family back there people are saying he's trying to end up there. But what ageing vet could we take there? Not very many pretty options lol. The discussion of a trade between us and the Senators do make sense as well. I just really hope we don't end up burrying his contract in the minors.
  10. I'm pulling for big Mac as well. But I think he is still able to clear waivers, he would have to really push hard for a spot to get on the team. I'm hoping either Bailey or Mac take a 4th line winger spot. To be honest I have only viewed Bailey a few times, I liked what I saw defensively and skating wise from him. He's big and can forecheck, but isn't a "hitting" machine per say for his size. I'd like to see him be more aggressive. But overall great young player to have in our fold. I'm forcasting a "Leivo" type season for him if he makes the team. 20-25 pts.
  11. For sure, he's going to have to earn it like Motte did last year. If he has that kind of camp management have proven that they will make the moves to keep you on the roster if you've earned it. I'm pulling for him but his roster spot is not guaranteed that's for sure!
  12. Yeah that story got me pretty pumped about him. It's remenicent of the way Leivo was in TO last year. They knew he was ready for a bigger role and did a solid by trading him. Plus watching the few games I have of Baileys he never looked bad via the "eye test". I don't see him becoming a scoring forward but a good energy forward, with 3rd line potential. Not a bad pick up.
  13. I keep wondering about the Islanders and Ladd. Coupled with the fact they have been wanting out of Leddy's contract as well. Would Eriksson and Tanev for Ladd and Leddy make sense? Cap space works out pretty even. We've been hearing these rumours of retaining Hutton and trading Tanev then flipping Benn over to the right side to balance the line up out. This is kind of the same thing, just instead of Hutton we have Leddy. Leddy could be an "Ehrhoff" type pick up for us.