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  1. Howdy, yup just finished watching it finally! Great game by the boys. AHL live has its glitches but this year has been the best i’ve seen it. Last year when they switched to their new HD streaming service it was full of glitches! And the previous years you were paying NHL center ice kinda dollars just to see your favourite team play, it hurt forking out that kind of money. The new system is so much more affordable. I do laugh tho when people say it’s only 69.99 for a season pass...yeah in American 100 Canadian, which is still 3 times cheaper than it used to be. Good times being an AHL fan, so much better access to content now and for a way cheaper price!
  2. Yeah usually it’s my only option due to my work schedule and such. I end up watching the Comets games where and when I can! I wouldn’t pay for ahl live if I couldn’t do that lol. Anyways, thanks for confirming. It is strange. I’m hoping they fix the error In a few days so I can re-watch. cheers!
  3. Very good post. I’ve been seeing a lot of the old moose team in this current comets team. We have good vets mixed with great young talent. I love that we can now watch these games in AHL live cause watching the Moose back in the day was a pain lol. side note, it looks like you were able to watch yesterdays game..I tried logging in to watch later last night but the game was missing on the AHL live portal so couldn’t watch it?? You ever have that happen before?
  4. Jasek has been solid this season, he isn’t the best center, but Cull is giving him some stretch on missing assignments here and there while playing he new position. But you are right the fact Cull trusts him in this new role says a lot. He is turning more and more into a Hansen type player for us. All our young kids are looking good. Lind playing top line minutes and looking good, very feisty lol. Love his chippy attitude. My concern with him was if he could keep up the pace and play of the physical AHL but he is shining and showing he can play in that league with no problems. Bailey is the fastest human in the AHL I swear. His offence wasn’t clicking at the start, but now he is on a friggin tear! I don’t know where Bailey fits long term, but I’m enjoying his storey. I think he belongs in the NHL with his size and speed, but he can make some bone headed plays sometimes. He makes some pretty bad passes lol. Gadjovich has been playing down the line up, but he’s looked great in an agitating, grinder role. He gets power play time as well and has proven to be a good net front presence and seems to have a knack for tips and deflections, he also has a really hard one timer. Now my favourite....DiPietro! The kid has been solid, looks great in net and in my opinion has stolen the starting gig. He is smaller but his positioning and athletics are off the charts. He is a student of the game and is absorbing the pro game like a sponge. I’m very high on this kid, I just don’t know how to project him due to his size. My heart tells me we have a NHL calibre goalie in our hands, just not sure if it’s a starter or back up...time will tell.
  5. It’s hard to keep track sometimes. But for this game it was... the way canucksarmy website does good in depth comets post game news. The writer always puts down the lines in the games.
  6. God bless America lol. Gotta love that I could learn how to drive a tank, then walk across the street and go to church after.
  7. This is amazing news. So happy for Marky. It makes me really appreciate the time we took to develop him as a prospect. We got him tattered and torn from Florida, but he still oozed potential. He just could not make it work at the NHL level. The Canucks evaluated him, broke down his training, and gave him his confidence back. We snuck him through waivers the first year, he landed in Utica and the re-moulding process began. Him and Travis Green drove that Comets team all the way to the Calder Cup finals, they didn’t win, but Marky was the star of the show and pushed them all the way there. His goaltending was fantastic. Fast forward to the following season, we had signed Ryan Miller to stabilize our net while we develop our new young goalie. This move ends up proving to be so significant for Marky, as it enabled him to take his time and adjust his game to the NHL. By the time Miller is gone, Marky looked so ready to take over the net. Last season and this season, Marky has proved to be our starter. He has cemented himself in the position. Demko and DiPietro have some big shoes to fill if they want to take his job!! Congrats Marky on your journey to the All Star game, you have earned it!
  8. I'd like to see them try Big Mac on the 4th line with Beagle and Motte, Timmy Schal looks to have slown down a bit lately, Mac is still with the team, I could see him and Benn getting into next game.
  9. Ugh, can I join you at the table? I was drunk in mexico in November, ranting about firing Will there be humble pie served for dessert!? It's my favorite
  10. Plus the Atlantic and North divisions are all so close in the AHL (both teams farm clubs are in very close proximity to each other), the Utica Comets and Wilkes-Barrie-Scranton Penguins play eachother a lot. So my guess is thy Pens already have seen some good shows from Baertchi down on our farm team. He's been looking good. I hope for Baer we could make a trade work. This could be the perfect opportunity for him.
  11. I could see that as a possibility in urban areas like the mainland and such where roads are very well known and mapped by GPS systems... But with the remote roads that I work on, most aren't even on mapping systems completely. There is lots of heavy transportation driving remote back country roads that I just don't think you could replace a driver in that situation. Pretty cool and futuristic to think about, and no doubt we will see it one day!
  12. You hit on some good points Bouds, you are right I should not generalize a race to this incident. The issue is the system in which the training for new drivers is being delivered. I should have been more clear that yes indeed, I see lots of foreign drivers where I work, there are lots of good ones, the bad ones are a mix of new foriegners and just new young drivers who are born and raised in north america. Both are not getting the proper training to do the job safely. You are right about the scales, half of the ones I drive past these days look closed, just a parking lot now basically. Enforcement is key and something we should narrow down on. It helps new drivers learn the rules and the dangers of the road that they are driving in that certain area...The amount of trucks I see spun out on bad winter hills out where I work is crazy. Guys used to chain up religiously on the bad hills, but I think it's also in part as you said due to the newness of a lot of the drivers. They don't know which hills to take seriously or not. Which in my mind, chain up no matter what till you get yourself orientated. But most opt to wing it, then deal with consequences. I don't like that attitude, it's dangerous. Seen too many guys make that assessment then jack knife the rig on a steep hill and shut down the highway for hours, or slide into the ditch causing a roll over or at the very least tipping their load on their trailer all over the damn place...anyways rant over! I do hope we start seeing some better enforcement just in the hope that we start catching some of the bad practices by drivers. It can be corrected.
  13. His shot seems completely off, to the point where he is always looking to pass it off to Petey or Miller instead of shoot it himself. Which makes me wonder, is it a confidence thing with him and hopefully something he can gain back over a summer of re-training? Or even worse, is it that his wrist gotten that bad over the last 2 years that it's diminished his shot? It wouldn't be the first time a guy had an injury where he was forced to play a different style of game...if this is the case it just shows you how talented Boeser is, because his play making ability like you said has gotten better and better as the season has progressed. I hope i'm wrong about his wrist but just seeing how hesitant he is to shoot lately, and when he does shoot, it's got nowhere near the zip that it used is making me start to wonder.
  14. They are using him on the PK in Utica, and he's looking pretty good. A lot of his defensive miscues are due to him not being fully recovered and is getting his timing back. He has in my mind been getting better and better as each game passes down in Utica, which is a good sign. He may never be as physical as Edler, but if he can defend, keep the crease clear for the goalie, and be strong enough to win board battles he will fit the bill nicely. Laying guys out just isn't part of his game. At least from what I've seen so far.
  15. Agreed, he is the heir apparent to Edler. We still have a few more years to go. But to me there is a clear succession plan between the two. Even when Olli does get onto our NHL roster I bet Edler sticks around for another season or two to help develop him at the NHL level. I just hope his injuries are in the past now so he can just focus on his development.