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  1. There is a lot to like in Leivo's game. He's in tight to earn a top line winger spot but I can see him settling in on the 3rd line.
  2. He's so choppy with his stride. A lumber jack on skates...If he does get better at skating watch out. I love the grit he brings.
  3. Oh, I know it would cause a lot of trouble for the Royals. I was just spitballing, the logistics don't really add up. But fun to think about. I just really like the structured game of the AHL, it's so close to NHL action and to have that in Victoria would be amazing.
  4. Those are all great locations to move the farm squad. But selfishly I think an AHL franchise would look good in Victoria. We have a respectably large fan base on the Island, lots of fans would go to those games. Plus I think the island would add a needed buffer for prospect development. I think in any greater Vancouver area they could get over whelmed by our rabid media. Anyways, one can wish.
  5. Not sure if you watched much of him Stierlitz, but knowing you follow hockey over there try and catch a game or two of him. I really liked him last year in Utica, he's very active in net, fun to watch, bouncing all over the place, full of energy. I wish him the best.
  6. I don't think we are communicating properly here...I didn't mention anything about bad contracts? All I was trying to say was there are lots of rabid over the top fan bases all over the world, not just hockey in Canada. You look at the attention other pro athletes get all over the world and NHL players enjoy a pretty low key lifestyle compared to their counter parts. I think it's ridiculous if you are a professional athlete and you can't handle the media and fans..It's what athletes all over the world deal with. Your isolation of Canada and how we obsess over our hockey players is true, but it's not as terrible as you are making it out to be when put in context with the rest of the world.
  7. Ok, too positive...I'll reign those Louie comments in a bit
  8. I can see your point about players not liking the media coverage in Canada. It has happened to several players in the past too. But it is crazy to me to hear these guys complain about the media and fans. You look at any other large sports league in the world and they all have their rabid over the top fan bases. Soccer? Those fans are crazy! You think soccer stars hide from the media and fans? NFL, football...same, way bigger markets and way bigger audiences. In reality NHL players enjoy a lot more of a low key lifestyle compared to other sports. Canada being an exception to things...but every player who signs with a Canadian team knows this...Louie included.
  9. If Louie shows up and earns his spot no one will be complaining. We all want to see him earn his 6 million.
  10. Well, he is a Canuck after all... I guess our zebra luck extends beyond this continent lol.
  11. Very good points IBatch. I didn’t think about what other goalies could be available to them. It’s going to be a very interesting season with our goaltending.
  12. I do wonder and have been for a while that they sell high on Marky. Teams really took notice of him last year. There are quite a few decent stop gap goalies we could sign after next season is done. We could sign the likes of Howard, Elliot, Anderson, Lehner, etc...lots of UFA goalies. The top being Holtby but don't see us going after him. Point I'm getting at is we signed Miller for 3 years so we could take our time grooming Marky. I could see JB doing the same thing if we trade Marky and go full Demko. As you said lots of variables that can happen between now and then. But at some point this,season they will have to pull the trigger on some kind of decision. Will be interesting to see how things play out this year!
  13. I'm actually trying to help you. I have read all the way back from the beginning. It's always you in the mix. If you don't see the connection that you are a big part as to why this thread is so negative then I don't know what else to tell you. I am not bullying you, but giving you some hard advice. If you perceive that as bullying then we're done here. I don't want to hurt your feelings or make you feel like you're being bullied... Take my advice or don't... But trust me we all get your point so you can really stop talking about it.
  14. You are only adding more to the fire. The reason the topic won't die is because you keep fanning the flames again and again. More people jump on the subject to try and defend their team and GM, and you keep saying the same thing over and over to anyone that tries to explain their side. Yes, it does take 2 sides to make a fight. But it's on you for keeping things going, and it will be on you to stop it as well...if you start a fight you have to end it one way or another... cheers
  15. Good lord, just stop it already. We all get that you don't like our current management...but you don't have anything new to add to your argument, you repeat things over and over. We get it, ok! If you had some new original thoughts to this then great discuss away...but you don't, it's just the same thing over and over.... I have no problems with you discussing your thoughts and opinions on here, we are all allowed to do that. But it's all you talk about. Can you diversify yourself a bit and talk about something else??