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  1. I'll be lookin forward to watching more games next year. Even with Boucher gone, we are at the point our young guns can start to come in and replace him and others. But to say all our young guys will replace the scoring of say Baertchi, Goldobin, and Boucher...whew, gonna be tough! I see them being a defense first team next wonder they kept Cull...he's been able to make ECHL talent look like solid AHL talent... Mikey DiPietro is gonna be busy
  2. All I know is if we want to sign all our free agents, we better do it before our team of young guns shocks and stuns their way to the stanley cup finals to win it all...After that good luck signing all of them! I kinda like the idea if Vancouver becomes a hub city, we won't be playing in our own barn, but that would be such a huge motivator for our guys, win your hub city tournament then you get to go "home" for the stanley cup finals. What a story....lets make er happen!
  3. I was just gonna say, Benning was assistant GM in Boston, he didn’t run the scouting program there. His Buffalo days are where he gets most of his praise when he was their head scout. He unearthed some low round gems like we are doing now...people say Brackett was the reason for all the NCAA talent coming through, but Benning has hawked on the NCAA and USHL for years, way before Judd. Just sayin.
  4. His name should be WhaaaaNson Carter....oh that’s a bad one...yup, goin with it!
  5. ....I always knew the Sedins were racist........poor Carter, must have been tough riding at the back of that Sedin bus for all those tap in goals...what a joker this guys is!
  6. I don't have any ideas how to keep things fresher. But I work in remote camps and have tried all sorts of fruits and veggies out to see which lasts longest in the's my long lasting winners (I work 2 weeks at a time in camp so all these usually last me 2 weeks). -Apples -Oranges -Blue berries -Black berries -plums -Spinach -cabbage -carrots -yams -potatoes -onions -peppers -squash ....Pretty good fresh produce list for 2 weeks. Gives me lots of what my body needs. I also will buy other stuff, but just know that it will likely last one week instead of 2. Also I try and buy pre-bagged produce as much as possible...I got turned off by people getting handsy with the produce a long time ago...bagged fruit and veggies and salads are a great way of reducing contact in my opinion. And also gives me peace of mind I don't have to get crazy on washing my produce. If it's bagged it's usually handled in a safer way. Cheers
  7. We talk about scotch so much on CDC...every friggin topic on here has some form of scotch talk in it one way or another lol....thanks Alf!
  8. I think it’s a good thing. This whole year they have played better when it mattered... Which is to stay in the play off race. They are a young team. I think it takes time to learn a steady consistent game. But they really kick it up a gear when the pressure is on. They have stayed in the play off race all year. A lot of people laughed scoffed at the idea of this being a playoff team. Yet here we are! Repeat of Thursday indeed! Would love some more of that. Also side note for the game...does everyone here agree MacEwan looks so much like captain morgan?...we’ve needed some swashbuckle in our team since Bieksa left...just sayin! Kids from PEI to boot. Probably was born on a boat lol. Goooooo nucks!
  9. What better way to gear up for the playoffs. If we can over come the hard schedule ahead I think this team can push through a lot of teams out west in a 7 game series...orrrr...we crash and burn! Next few games will tell! Been a fun year tho to say the least.
  10. Nice! that is quite the honour. He seems to be a solid guy overall. Always team first with him. There was a storey out a bit ago about him. He's staying with the president of Utica Hockey operations. His wife and kids absolutely love him. Everywhere this kid goes he wins and proves everyone wrong that his size is not an issue. Cheers 73
  11. Thanks bud, you're top notch I say! Yup he's looking awesome. I find myself just watching him and not the rest of the team. Watching all the little things he does good. He is always aware, never caught asleep, kids already a pro lol.
  12. He's been fun to watch. He's very nimble out there. He made an absolute show stopper of a glove save last night. Most goalies would not get that puck. He whipped his glove hand out and snagged it no problem. It was impressive. I was hoping to see a game highlight of it, but nope nothing! I'm going to go back and watch the game again today and try and find that save. It dropped my jaw how quick his glove hand was. His agility sure makes up for his size.