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  1. Tanev, as a coming UFA, would absolutely return a late first or two later seconds. We are keeping him though, so the point is moo - as Joey would say.
  2. Dhalen could score a million points in Sweden and it makes no difference. He’s got no heart for North American hard nosed hockey.
  3. Leafs are losers again. The shine is off the new coach. When do Shanahan and his little buddy Dubas get the axe?
  4. If not for our Canadian fanatical love of hockey the NHL would not exist. US franchises bleed money. Americans will never truly understand our game. I’d rather have teams in Europe, where there are real hickey fans.
  5. Heard their new coach was very disappointed that the players quit competing in Philly. Now tonight they lose again. Their best player, by far, was Hyman. He’s a high compete player. Tavares, Matthews, and Nylander were again soft, and stayed on the perimeter 5 on 5.
  6. I wonder how long the transition to living without oil though! Oil is in pretty much all our stuff now.
  7. If it’s not serious, why did he miss a month of play and have to come to Vancouver for evaluation? Sounds pretty darned serious to me.
  8. this is all bad news for our Canadian economy. The Feds are going to be needing dollars, so it's higher taxes somewhere. Likely it's us here in BC.
  9. Pageau is playing great this season. He's going to get paid this summer.
  10. Are we (Canada) getting the same investment dollars now (in the new tech) as we did in the oil/gas industries?
  11. IMO the hitting thing is not why Peters is being vilified. It's the racist comments.
  12. I'd love to have Domi here in our middle six, but the cost in trade would be really high.
  13. I get your point now. I was confused. I think the hitting, kicking thing was (sadly) something that happened way too much in the NHL. It's like there is a disease among the coaches making them think that was acceptable. I think the racist comment is the one that Peters really will keep Peters from coaching in the league again. JT and Peters did (said) in the past racist things. One is being treated differently by the PC police and SJWs IMO.