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  1. By the way, Bill Peters is new head coach of Nikita and Avtomobilist.
  2. Unfortunately there is also Gagarin Cup tournament (KHL playoffs) starting on March 2, 2021 and SKA is going to be one of favorites to win the cup. The projected date for potential game 7 of the cup final is scheduled for April 30, 2021.
  3. Podkolzin will play for his club SKA. I was actually wrong with the U20 team - this is so called Olympic U20 Russian team, not the official Russian National U20 junior team which is going to play in the world championship. Interesting to note that Igor Larionov is head coach of this Olympic team, good chance that he would be next head coach of the Russian U20 junior team.
  4. SKA is going to have training camp in Sochi until Aug 18 when they move to Kazan to take part in new tournament of the Gagarin Cup winners.
  5. SKA (and Podkolzin) are going to participate soon in the Sochi Hockey Open tournament. Aug 4 - SKA vs Lokomotiv Aug 6 - SKA vs Russian U20 junior team Aug 7 - Sochi vs SKA Aug 8 - 3rd place, final There was also planned to be Avangard, Omsk but the team cancelled its participation due to covid-19 case with one of their players.
  6. Podkolzin keeps his # 92 in the SKA young prospect training camp:
  7. From Rick Dhaliwal twitter of June 29th:
  8. The title is wrong: he sings the Soviet national athem - same music but different text with the current Russian one.
  9. And back to Podkolzin... Vasily is helping old people in Saint Petersburg during this coronavirus pandemic by delivering ordered food to their homes:
  10. Artem Zub was born in Russian Far East and played for the KHL club Amur from Khabarovsk (Amur is a large river separating Russia and China). He was known as reliable defensive defenceman and as such was traded to SKA in 2016-2017 season. His game in SKA improved a lot, he is universal defenceman now playing in all type of situations, he plays about 20 minutes a game now. This season Artem really shows up his offensive skills - he scored his first hat trick in Dec 2019 becoming just 6th defenceman in the KHL to do this, Zub was the best club goal scorer with 12 goals in Jan 2020. Unfortunately video clips posted in the Russian sport sites are restricted to be viewable in Canada and there are very few on YouTube like the one below. Interesting that his last name Zub means "tooth" in Russian
  11. The latest news: KHL playoffs are suspended until April 10, the VHL playoffs are in waiting mode for a week so far, until March 24...
  12. Well, while the KHL playoffs are suspended, the line of Podkolzin-Marchenko-Morozov played today in Kazan for SKA-Neva in the 2nd round of the VHL playoffs. SKA-Neva was loosing playoff series to Bars, Kazan 0-3 before the latest game. With addition of the SKA young line, the final score was 4-1 for SKA-Neva, Morozov and Marchenko scored goal each. Podkolzin played 16:09 with +1 and no points.
  13. The KHL top executives will have meeting this Tuesday to discuss temporary postponing of the playoff second round. In this case SKA and Jokerit would play, just a bit later...