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  1. Well this is a bit complicated... 1. As a common rule, KHL club and its player may terminate the player's contract before May 1st (first day of free agency) on mutual agreement but the club loses its right to that player. 2. There is some way to go around. The KHL club is allowed to make qualified offer (QO) to the player under 29 with expiring contract between April 1 and 30. If the player accepts QO from the club, then the club continues to have the KHL right to this player - until the player signs KHL contract with the club or decline to sign such contract in written form. 3. If the player accepts QO and the KHL club and him mutually terminate the current expiring contract after that, then the KHL club keeps the right to the player in the KHL. This means that Tryamkin may come to Canucks in April after Avto is finished with the playoffs if he accepts QO from Avto in that month and the club agrees to let him go to the NHL.
  2. Yeah I remember that Travis Green (Utica coach at that time) was running the prospect development camp right after the draft where Tryamkin was selected by Canucks. And Tryamkin did participate in the camp with his famous "run" to Grouse Mountain...
  3. You are right - this was in the game against Switzerland!
  4. He did not spear a German player, that was just bad angle from camera. Vasily extended his stick to stop that German player from attacking another Russian player (Marchenko I think). Podkolzin got minor penalty for slashing.
  5. He is 87 kg on the KHL website which is around 192 pounds.
  6. The winning trio: Morozov, Podkolzin, Romanov
  7. Guys, Nikita is definitely coming to Vancouver this year. Just look at the events with him in Avto this season: - End of exhibition games - Tryamkin was assistant captain and playing large minutes. - First regular game - Tryamkin with no A on his chest and playing on the third pair of defence. - I think sometime in those 3-4 days in between, Tryamkin was approached by the team management about extending his KHL contract and he declined it. - Next 2 months Tryamkin played limited time and Avto was loosing games. - Then the team bosses had no choice but to play Nikita more and more to avoid missing playoffs. - Tryamkin has never been mentioned in interview with the Avto head coach this season and Nikita does not have interviews with the local media anymore, Nikita was not selected for the KHL AllStar games, the club does not clearly see him in Yekaterinburg next season...
  8. One of many passes by Podkolzin, no finish...
  9. "World championship is the best time in life, and this adds more energy. In the game against Sweden we need to play in active hockey and show no mercy"
  10. Podkolzin has two shifts in OT today: the first and the last ones.
  11. Swedish team with the Vancouver luck...
  12. The semifinal games are this Saturday, not Friday.