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  1. What is interesting, I could not find any Tryamkin's interview in the Russian media since the Avto team lost in playoffs. Usually he is quite open to talk to journalists...
  2. What news? Kyrgyzstan really? Any link to this fantastic news..?
  3. You are so right, Sid, and I hope this would be a good learning lesson for Nikita. By the end of the day, only Russian players from the NHL, SKA and CSKA were selected to play in the current worlds and the NHL players were clearly given free pass to the national team.
  4. Tryamkin does not make the Russian national team so far for the coming world championship in Bratislava, Slovakia.
  5. Just adding some stats: Tryamkin with most minutes 22:06, 2 hits, 2 SOG, 2 blocked shots.
  6. The final score was 0-1 and Tryamkin played the team most minutes 23:07.
  7. Well...This is preseason interview, most likely from Aug 2018. Interesting that Nikita put on skates as 3 years old and entered in a hockey school when he was 4. Basically, he repeated the same public reason to leave the NHL which was lack of ice time. Regarding his experience with the NHL, he said: 1. In 1915-16 season the Avto club lost in playoffs and Tryamkin's contract with Avto was almost over. Nikita knew that Vancouver was interested to bring him to the NHL and Canucks still had 16 games to play in the regular season. So he moved over there. 2. This was not about money. This was a dream of every hockey player, not just Tryamkin, to try himself in the NHL. 3. After the contract was over, he was offered new 2-year contract. Nikita did not sign it. Why? He was not satisfied with the situation. Nikita wanted more ice time, 14-16 minutes per game was not enough for him. For instance, he played 20 and more minutes last season (with Avto). Tryamkin said about his NHL season that sometimes he was sitting on the bench well rested and felt that he could play better than some other tired player on the ice, but that other player had huge contract and was kind of pushed to play more to earn his pay cheque. "And you are sitting and waiting..." 4. Tryamkin returned to the KHL to play more hockey, this was not about money at all.