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  1. I did not watch the game yesterday and could not find any clip, just short description from ESPN expert in CHL hockey: Here is another quote from the same ESPN expert about the Podkolzin's play so far:
  2. Every time I go to Europe, I feel awful the first two days. Russians came to Canada just a day before the first game.
  3. Podkolzin is really physical, pushed big defenceman hard in front of the Quebec net
  4. Podkolzin got tripped on a rush going through four opponents, no call...
  5. No surprise that the best Russian players today are the ones currently playing in the QMJHL - Zavgorodny, Khovanov, Sokolov - they don't need to adjust to the different time zone. Other players just clearly don't have much energy.
  6. First intermission...
  7. Podkolzin just missed the tip in