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  1. different? yes, maybe. worse? I don't know. 5 on 5 the offensive production lacks but he is very reliable defensively. Meanwhile his power play game looks better. He runs it very well in Utica and didn't he set up 2 of Gaudette pp goals during his short stint in Vancouver, too?
  2. It doesn't look really better after sending Baertschi down. They were missing Svens backchecking tonight badly.
  3. Hmm, I can't say why, but I think that Pettersson with Boeser is not a perfect combo. I would like to see Sutter with Petey and reunite Baer-Bo-Boeser. I remember Sutter playing well as RW with the Sedins. Miller-Pettersson-Sutter Baertschi-Horvat-Boeser Pearson-Gaudette-Virtanen Ferland-Beagle-Motte
  4. Well, Baertschi plays LW and has playmaking skills and scores goals, too.
  5. To be honest, I don't think that Baertschi had a fair chance to make the team this camp. The decision was made long before, Benning said, he tried to move him during the summer. I think they will miss his skills on the second line, especially Bo.
  6. Switzerland. I am planning a looooong ride with my bicycle next summer, from coast to coast, starting in Vancouver. Hopefully there is a play off game when I am there.
  7. While hockey should stay a contact sport, concussions should be avoided and the nhl should engage much more in this. What about giving the teams a 2 minus point penalty to start the season for every concussion causing to an opponent in a preseason game?
  8. Maybe it's the mood in the team. Mc David is a great player, but making him captain so young was perhaps a big mistake.
  9. Maybe JV was 5 minutes to late for the first practice. No coach could ignore that and has to send a message to the player and everbody else.
  10. the new directive is to have competition at every position and every level, that's all. and i like it.
  11. well, that is a quite a good line up. I like it.. remember, last year the bbb line was the first and now they added a lot of skill with petey and more grit too. without granlund ( already gone), erikson (trade with 50% salary retainend?) and goldobin (utica?) this team is really much harder to play against.
  12. well, juolevi, baertschi and sutter would fill all the gaps you are talking about. if they can play, this is a playoff team.
  13. well, competition isn't a bad thing either. i bet green would love more competition for the players, especiallly in camp.
  14. Possible draft steal from my country: Next Roman Josi, this swiss kid. He still needs to grow into his body and that's why he is listed that low, but he has all you want of a playmaking d. I would take him with second pick in the second round, with the 71th. He is listed somewhere about 200, but I expect him to go not later than the third round.
  15. They need a center, so they will ask for Horvat or Gaudette. Then the 10th and next years first round pick. And then something to round it out like Demko or the 2021 first round pick. And then something on the top like the rights on Tryamkin. Btw, I would ask them what they would offer for Quinton instead. Just curious. If its Hall or Hischier i would do it.