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  1. I'm hoping that the season gets cancelled, I really want to know how leagues like the NHL,and NBA deal with all of the issue Don't get me wrong I do realize a cancelation of the season does mean things got a whole lot worse so I'm not rooting for it it's just a morbid curiosity For now I will just have to pretend it is the summer and there is no sports going on in this province
  2. That's evil You are god on this forum you might make people think there was a game tonight
  3. To all the people who think the cap is going down, this will not happen, it might not go up as much as they said it may even stay the same, but if you look at how teams have been operating, more then half of them at the ceiling and using LTIR, it just doesn't work. If the owners ask the players to take a decrease it will most likely trigger a re-opening of the CBA. The easiest solution for both sides would have the cap increase by nothing or a small amount. Keep in mind, this is a loss of revenue for this season, not a loss of revenue for next season (if the coronavirus goes into next season and they start the season somewhere at mid point then I could see salaries getting prorated. My guess is that the players are not going to receive the remainder of their salaries unless the teams are insured for a case like this. Season ticket holders will be payed back for games missed and each team will suffer some financial loss some far worse then others. T.V revenue will be lossed for the remainder of the season. Which means players will lose out on their escrow payments.
  4. I'm guessing they suspend the season tomorrow
  5. They are not going to play in empty arenas. The NHL is a gate revenue league the cost of flying players from city to city, the cost of accommodations, meals and anything else that is part of the cost will make the owners suspend the league. IMHO, the suspension of any league will mean the suspension of the rest of the season. The cost to the players, league revenue will fall and they will loss all of their escrow payments, which at this point of the season they would be playing for free Then there is the health cost, players fly charter planes but they board those planes by international airports, they then stay at hotels many thousands of people visit, and eat food that dozens of people prepare All this adds up to not worth it
  6. With out him Edm would never be in the playoffs Kass is the driving force behind Edm
  7. he is the Canucks most important UFA signing Marky can walk but Toffoli must stay give him 10mill for the next 8 years
  8. you cant bring that name up to me, he left for money and he ended up sucking, don't make me start a rant on that person
  9. me to should have never traded Kassian I believe if we had kept him the Canucks would have made the playoffs the last 3 seasons
  10. If you can say the Canucks are going to win the Pac division then I can hope that Myers wont play on this team anymore
  11. you got the magic 8 ball out again and beside it a bottle of you favorite alcohol
  12. They do not need t solid Dman they need to get rid of Myers
  13. Alf we can not catch Edm we need Edm to beat Win tomorrow