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  1. Green and Benning like walking all over Horvat. Benning can't find him a proper line mate and green takes any half decent line mate from him. First, Green replaces Miller with Leivo a guy that has no talent what so ever and shouldn't play on a line higher then the forth. Second, Green replaces Pearson with Ferland I'm sure only to try and make Benning not look as ridicules as this signing is. Ferland money should have been used to sign a decent 3rd line centre who could play second line PP Third, Green started Horvat at the beginning of the season on the second unit PP and had Leivo on the first unit what a joke. Finally Green actually did something right and replaced Leivo with Virtanen. But I'm sure this wont last to long after all no one can expect Virtanen to put a string of good games together at 11 mins per game. Benning first great trade for Miller I give you that. Second Benning terrible signing for Ferland many fans questioned this. If the fans question this move how come a gm, Benning didn't realize this was a bad signing idea. Third Benning you need to get a 3rd line centre that can play 2 PP unit. The Ferland Money should have been spent on this position. Forth, For Green and Benning Bear needs to be called up. Bad on Green for sending him down especially since he was coming off a concussion season and Bad on Benning on forcing green to have to do it cause we have to many wingers. Now you might ask why did I write this? No it isn't because they lost last game. I write it because The Canucks are winning and cause there seems to be glaring holes that our goalies thankfully currently are covering up with their great play, However, as anyone knows goaltending and the ability to score your problems away works in Oct and Nov but as Dec roles around these issues can easily sneak up on a team and kill the season, My suggestion even though I know no one will really listen or possibly laugh at my suggestion is this, Call up Baer (not here for goals but his play making ability) send Eriksson down (not playing anyways) and sit Leivo (same as Eriksson not much here). What this would look like. Miller Pettersson Boeser Pearson (Baer) Horvat Virtanen Baer (Pearson) Sutter (Gaud now that Motte is injured) Ferland Schaller Beagle Sutter (Gaud) PP 1 Stays the same. PP 2 (This is where Baer comes in). Pearson Baer Virtanen I know neither is a centre and my argument is you don't need one they need the best playmaker they have that isn't on the first unit and that's Baer. The reason you don't need a centre is they don't take a faceoff. The second unit always comes on after the puck is cleared and there is a line change. Baertschi gives them options and that's why he is more valuable then Leivo. Baer has shown to be a 40pt player. Baer has shown to have chemistry with Horvat. Baer has shown to be a better playmaker then Sutter. Most of all with Motte injured for a week or two the Canucks have the best chance to put Gaud and Baer into their lineup. If Baer doesn't work at centre on the 2nd unit pp, Green will have options with Baer, Pearson, Gaud and Virtanen and I'm sure options cant be a bad thing. A Baer Gaud and Virtanen PP unit also frees up Pearson to cover for Motte on the PK. Last point, This is not a long term solution to the problems that could come about, The best solution is a trade that sees the Canucks acquiring a third line center who is better then Sutter at dishing the puck and who is a better fit on the second unit. I actually believe that the first unit will be fine and will probably be a top 10 pp unit by seasons end. But I do believe they will need to find some goals on their 2nd unit pp and to shore up Horvats line with some stable wingers. Or in time Bo the doormat Horvat might just become a nickname that sticks. And yes I know it is Cheesy
  2. Horvat gets his first goal Myers gets his first goal And the Canucks win if they win special teams.
  3. I found this article on the Canucks history of game 1. Maybe the hockey Gods are on our side. With the Canucks 50 anniversary and all maybe a loss was the best thing, a sign of things to come.
  4. Edm was prime to be out played on their 3rd 4th line and our bottom 6 is not good enough Sven Gaud Virtanen could have dominated their bottom 6. Give Jake decent line mates for F sakes
  5. Yup people will flip over this but it is 100% allowed in the CBA. As others have said the rule only applied to compliance buyouts and the media again fed the general public false Information.
  6. HAHA that's legit funny I rounded to the nearest dollar
  7. Thanks I didn't know are team contains several players I thought the Canuck roster was only made up of 4 players BB,EP40 and Hughes and that other guy we hear a lot of Eriksson I think his name is.
  8. Circumvention is real law in contract law when you disagree with circumvention you are disagreeing with the letter of the law. There really is no point in going further with this conversation.
  9. In contract law circumvention occurs when someone or something has done wrong to someone else or something else. Ltir doesn't hurt anyone.
  10. So your question about insurance is that yes most contracts are insured and insurance pays 80%. The problem is that the player salary is on the payroll as a cap hit. If a team is up against the cap it requires work arounds an as many have mentioned before if not done right can cause overages with things like bonuses. The thing about the recapture penalty was it corrected an unfairness between the rich teams that could front load contracts and poorer teams that have to run their budgets year by year. A team like Toronto knows that it will make X amount this year and years to come. A team like CBJ or the Coyotes budget is much more dependent on attendence year in year out and merchandise is only a small part of their budget. The Ltir can help both sides of the argument, Toronto can use Ltir to retain a guy like Marner and Ottawa can use Ltir to get to the floor with out actually spending real dollars. I have said it before and I will again. The recapture penalty was imposed on the owners not the players by the Owners. For Ltir rules to be considered circumvention it must be deemed by the owners as such and imposed on the owners by the owners. Thos will never happen because Ltir helps both sides of the argument the rich and the poor. Keep in mind the NHL CBA is a contract between the NHLPA And the Owners of the clues. The issue of Ltir does not affect the Players. And even if the owners wanted to stop it the players would want to decline it. Here is way. Take Toronto as an example, Horton and Clarkson ar being paid as they still remain on the roster and it allows Toronto to bring the roster size up by another player (Marner). That means now in stead of 23 players making nhl salaries 24 players can now make nhl salaries. LTIR in away creates more nhl jobs. There is limited amount of jobs already in the nhl so why wouldn't the players want to create more jobs. Ltir is a win win win scenario for everyone. Truth be told I have no idea why Loungo would want to give up his million dollar salary as he did when he retired.
  11. I actually wrote about this before either in this topic or another. Ltir players remain on the payroll and and the club roster. Any player on a clue roster is still considered an asset and therefore, can be traded. If a minor league player gets injured in the preseason the clue is required to keep him with the big clue to collect his nhl salary and can not be sent down. However, that player can also be traded as well cause he is an asset. The problem in the CBA is that a ltir player can actually not be sent to the minors and his contract still remains legal. Therefore, a team is left with 2 options keep him on ltir (which means he's still on the roster) or trade him. I know people don't like when I tell them I'm in this line of work but i actually just got clarification from the NHL central registry on this matter recently.