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  1. forgot to put this in for those that say wait Boeser would miss training camp that's not true a player can opt to go to training camp or opt out. Most players opt out well they have no contract but a player can actually go to training camp if he so wishes.
  2. I was thinking about what Dubas said and how they will get as creative as possible with Marners contract. Then I realized this rule could also help a team. What if Boeser or Marner, first year salary was 4 million and a lot more for the other years lets say a 8 year deal. You wait 1 day after the season starts and and then sign the contract. First year would be prorated to 4.05 mill and the other 7 would be higher. works both ways
  3. I will explain why it is good For RFAs to hold out, before a player coming off a ELC contract wasn't worth much and still had lots to prove so maybe he signs 2-3 year deal and then gets to his arbitration rights which was designed to stop what I just posted from happening either the team could sign the player or walk away and the negotiations would be over. Now the RFAs after their ELC means so much more to a team and they want more money but have no leverage.
  4. This will be my last post till the season starts, So have a great summer. Ask yourself what happen when Nylander signed his contract after the season started. It got prorated. It was great for Toronto and Nylander last season, because they had tons of cap and now Toronto has a smaller cap hit on Nylander. Pension plan Puppets has a great article on it essential by signing later in the season the first season was prorated making the last 6 seasons cap hit at just over 6.9 mill instead of 7.5 mill. read this article to really understand what I'm talking about if you don't fully understand how contracts work in the NHL, Now ask yourself this question, what would happen if Boesers or even worst but not for us Marner got prorated or any other team close to the cap ceiling. Lets just considers Marners contract first for a second. Lets say he holds out and then a 1/4 through the season he signs a contract for 11 mill per season just using simple round numbers for this calculation. 11million prorated = 11*1.25= 13.75 million let that settle in and ask yourself how does the great Dubas fit that into his Cap space LOL. But Wait..... How about Boeser, he has no arbitration rights and can not be offer sheeted, the Canucks hold all the power except lets play out a little scenario. Boeser Hold out then signs a contract a 1/4 into the season what does that look like prorated. Lets say he signs for 4 years 6.5 mill, the first year would be prorated. 6.5*1.25=8.125 mill now Benning has to find $8.125 mill in cap space now. This my friends just gave Boeser and his agent and ever other RFA and their agent on teams close to the cap ceiling Leverage.
  5. And younger cheaper players that Benning has and will draft will fill those spots.
  6. In last 4 years Benning drafted the players he need now, drafted the players he needs in the future and signed the players he now to keep the window open for a very long time
  7. I believe Benning open the window on July 1st and with the Ferland signing including the trade for Miller and blew it wide open on draft day with his draft picks that should be NHL ready in the next 2 years. The Canucks window is now and the next 5-8 years to come. Benning I believe Knew there was no one else in the pipeline to come along in these next 2 years and therefore, made the signings he had to.
  8. You are just tring to make me look bad or stupid or something on that lines but I wouldn't write what I write if I didn't want responses. Or others opinions. Good or bad to me I take them all natural
  9. Actually you and the person I was responding to was what inspired this post. He asked if I thought the Canuck fan base was stupid. I quoted him an said I did. I was responding as if it was a rhetorical question and you took me seriously.
  10. don't worry I'm only one person and only get one vote as well my opinion only has as much meaning as 1 in 8 billion as that's the population in the world. We are all just tiny specs with tiny spec opinions.
  11. I do not need more reasons to write more topics LOL But maybe I will
  12. Cause one person already voted No. I don't make the poll for one persons opinion I made it for all peoples opinion that is why polls exist