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  1. That's my issue with a Markstrom contract for me a NMC is a non starter. That forces Bennings hand to move Demko prior to the Expansion draft and puts him in a weaker position
  2. I think a big problem for Benning with a Markstrom contract is that he is probably asking for a NMC if so it would force Bennings hand and he would have to trade Demko before the expansion draft. I just don't see Markstrom wanting to go to Seattle there is no guarantee that they will be another Vegas
  3. It shouldn't be about this season it should be about the ability to re-sign your top players
  4. You carry cap hits for next season for tw guys Sutter and Bear that are gone next season makes no sense to me when the have both Hughes and Pettersson to re-sign
  5. Pearson, Bear, Sutter, and Benn are all gone after this coming season it make no sense to carry cap hits on them for next season when the Canucks have to re-sign both Hughes and Pettersson. There is no savings for Eriksson you save more with burying him due to his garenented bonuses. That leaves Roussel Ferland and Beagle and Beagle still brings something to the team pk time and faceoff wins
  6. buyouts are a reality of the game nothing disgusting about it he still would receive 67 % of monies owed to him
  7. No fans in the stand will probably mean no games for any hockey league The Playoffs work for then NHL because the players do not get payed their salary salary is based on regular season. The Players agreed to play my guess is that with out playoff revenue from TV they would have lost all their escrow NFL has huge TV dollars their gate Admission is secondary revenue NHL Gate admission is King and TV dollars are Secondary Revenue I think I once read and i will try to find the article for most teams in the NHL 70-80 percent of all revenue is from gate admission
  8. If I bury them my roster is over the cap by 1.3million my point is not to make my roster work but to point out that every cent matters in a cap era you steal from the future to make the present work and and make the future cap work when the future is the present in 2 years you do not have the Eriksson contract or Luongo recapture to deal with. Ever team plays the cap like this it is not a new theory
  9. I hope Eriksson retires to however, that said I still would buyout Ferland and Roussel if no other alterative was remaining and here is why The Canucks would still be holding 6.5mill after next season if you can not trade them this season and it cost them a higher cap hit if they where to buy them out after next season. Getting rid of both plus Eriksson gives the Canucks even more flexibility after next season and truly this is all about next season. Benn means nothing to me he is gone after next season so is Sutter. I would never argue with anyone if you can trade Roussel or even Ferland and it cost the Canucks nothing then absolutely do it. But not at the cost of picks or prospects.
  10. The most likely scenario the contract dollars are going to stay the same but they will be pro-rated to revenues for the next couple seasons so really its not a flat cap but a over inflated one. All the players salaries if they play next season will be pro-rated if they can not play in front of fans IMO it is pretty simple to figure it out the only question is do the players want to make some or nothing