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  1. that's what I'm saying Demko is ready now, Markstrom took longer, they are different,
  2. I think you are in for a shock then when he signs on the open market for far more and much more term
  3. my point exactly Just cause Markstrom became a starter in his late 20s doesn't mean Demko isn't ready now
  4. I still think the whole post is a stretch, I still responded with my post so to start discussion, I did not just blow the whole thing off and not post at all. We are allowed to disagree. The era is different in my opinion. The Era where Chi won those cups was a speed game, this era we are in now is more balanced between speed and defending that speed, It is neither the 90s trap or the major speed game that it was just a few years ago, and yes I am saying the game has changed in the last few years. And do keep posting and expect people will disagree with you and on occasion people will agree with you as well.
  5. the bigger picture for myself is if Markstrom is at 6 mill who do we lose after next season to insure we can sign Hughes and Petey. The cap implications do not just transfer to next year but to years after as well. After Petey and Hughes are re-signed next up is Boeser again. that's why term on Markstom Contract will be just as important as the $$$. Demko can be had for less then 4 on his next deal and DiPietro would closely resemble Demkos contract this year. Goaltending can be had at under 5 mill.
  6. I agree with this statement, except for playing Virtanen and McCann as yearly as they did, in my books this was a clear mistake, and he has learned from this one. Patients with these kids are a must, let the ones that truly belong up here be here (Hughes Petey Boeser) and the others develop in the AHL.
  7. you are absolutely right signing Markstrom will have cap implications, I think no matter what Gaud and Virtanen are re-signed If Markstrom signs Demko will be a casualty for sure, and Tanev or Stecher will be gone, But I wouldn't give Tanev more then 5mill per for 3 maybe 4 years. Or he can walk, Tanev and Markstrom are in the same boat for me over 30 and going to start declining
  8. At least some one here understands
  9. This will never happen IMO because I believe Benning Knows this and therefor, I believe in Benning Thus, Bye Bye Markstrom
  10. Last thing I have to say about Markstrom Mark my words if Benning signs Markstrom longer then 3-4 years for greater then 6 mill it will be the beginning of the end for Benning. The Contract will hand cuff the Canucks and they will lose better assets at the goalie position, as well as put themselves in to Cap hell
  11. And then Demko is traded by the Deadline or risk losing Him in the expansion Draft.
  12. I think there is always that Chance that Markstrom could give a home town discount, But also this is his last contract. But also if we sign Markstrom Demko is gone and I don't like that possiblity
  13. Marstrom was a starter at 27 Demko next year will be 25 I don't think Demko needs another 2 years
  14. But I think for me I would rather lose Markstrom over Demko And the truth is if Markstrom signs Demko will be gone my end of next season
  15. So our disagreement is I think Demko is ready and you do not Only time can tell which of us is wrong