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  1. Which we should be able to afford in 2 years from now many contracts finish up In the next 2 years and I never said we couldn't have a 9-12 mill guy having 2 would be the problem ie. Toronto nest season I would argue a team could have 2 9-12 million guys as long as 1 was on aforward and one was on Defence however it wouldn't work with the Canucks anytime soon as long as LE is making 6mill and we have to take on a contract like Marleau for a year
  2. I wrote a topic recently arguing that our defence needed to be fixed to create more offence from our forward group. This time around I'm going to argue in favour of acquiring more offence through our forward group by acquiring forwards. The main reason I want to do this is cause I gave my reasons for acquiring Erik Karlsson as a UFA however, getting a UFA that you want is not always realistic or possible when competing with 30 other teams. This brings me to my first point, acquiring a top forward may not be possible on July first they may not want to come here this is why I believe we need to trade for a forward. Furthermore, paying a top forward 9-10 million for the next 7 years isn't prudent to the cap at this time I will explain. This offseason and in 2 years from now we will have to pay BB is 7ish million which is comparable to those with same goal point production, and EP his 7isn plus which could be more dependent on 3 factors; his improvement over 2 years (luckily for the Canucks cap BB only had 1 year to improve before his extension). 2nd the increase in the cap causing players to ask for more over the next 2 years due to the fact that the roster remains at 23 and only the dollars go up and 3rd the years to come comparables to EP. So why do these things matter, Simple look at Toronto and you can see exactly what I'm about to explain. There is this ration when dealing with a cap when teams have defined positions in there sport this is not as true for Basketball due to the amount of players and time a player can play in Basketball your top player players in basketball can play almost every minute of the game. But in football and in hockey this ration is very important. I call it the offence to defence ration. There is no specific number or percentage but when you mess it up you can really see it and Toronto is a prime example, they are about to pay there forward group far to much money. Toronto is going to need to trade a forward period it has to happen there is no way around it. So lets consider the Canucks at forward. BH 5.5m BB 7m ish EP 7.0m ish = 19.5 ish million. If we sign a 9-10m ish forward july first lets take 9.5 we are standing at 29m ish dollars per year for 4 forwards. Yes I agree the cap will go up however I'm hoping these are not the only good forwards we have in 2 years. My proposal Canucks 1st round pick (remember it is only pick number 10 over all not 1st 2nd or 3rd overall) for William Nylander and Patrick Marleau. if Marleau agrees to this trade Toronto I believe takes this trade and runs away faster then Usain Bolt LOL. Why the Canucks Make this trade: This draft is weak just my opinion, but when the top prospects not including Jack Hughes are from the states and the WHL the draft is weak. First must of the Americans in the top 10 played on Hughes team that just tells me that there stats could be padded. 2nd WHL players take longer to develop there NHL game then top league Euro or OHL players. 3rd there currently are no WHL goalies being consider as most draft in n this years class of goalies. Look at the NHL you will be hard pressed to find a WHL gaoling in the top league, the WHL simply doesn't develop top tier goals. It is one of the reason why I tell people WHL players are not the best NHL first round picks the top WHL players all have the stats padded by the lack of any top goalies in there league. Any good scout would scout top players going up against top goalies in there league and seeing how they fair against them. So my argument is that if we pick a player at #10 we are looking 2-3 years down the road before he develops into an NHL player if he ever does and yet this is exactly what Toronto needs at the moment a player that can replace a roster spot a cheap rate in the future and is not contending for a spot today. The Canucks need Nylander today because we need someone today to play with BO either BH and BB play together or BH and MN play together either way we need someone. Nylander fits perfect due to the fact he can score but is a playmakers even more which would help BO and his other linemate score more goals and help on the PP as well. There is something inside me that would like to see Nylander play with EP Cause they are very similar type players. With EP shot An WN playmaking abilities I could see EP getting to 40-50 goals. There is no one to feed to EP. BB is a shooter I would call him a pure goal scorer but EP has every tool Playmaker Goal scorer speed Hockey IQ he finds the open area he just doesn't have the playmaker. I will stop here cause this is another discussion altogether. BB needs a EP But EP needs a WN type player. Why we have to Take Marleau, simple the trade cant happen without it Toronto needs cap relieve a tenth pick isn't s certainty but signing Marner would become one. Can the Canucks take on the cap hit, yes I ran it through Capfriendly, however can the Canucks fix there D NO not this year unless they can do it through trade ie. 1 for 1 type thing, when I ran the numbers I had Edler @ 6mill Hutton @ 3mill Sheen @ 1.5mill. Edler Tanev Hutton Stecher Hughes Sheen Biega Maybe For next season this doesn't look so bad it is a switch from the beginning of this season a cheap version Gudbransson in Sheen and one that actually throws his body and a new offensive weapon in Hughes. And hopefully better versions of Hutton and Stecher and Healthier Edler and Tanev maybe that's pushing to far :). Why NYlander is better for the Cap. He is cap friendly for the next 5 years at just under 7 mill. 9.5 mill guy minus Nylanders 7 mill = 2.5 mill after this season to acquire new defence or obtain another top 6 forward. You will always find no matter what proposal I give you one thing will always remain constant management cant fix all the problems this team faces this season in one trade or one signing. So I would always tell any fan base we must remain patient. However, i would argue there are deals out there that can be and should be made. We the fan base shouldnt have to settle for 2nd teir UFA signings any more. FYI It was pointed out that I spelled Toronto wrong in the Title I would just like to tell anyone who cares about it I'm keeping it that way I a genuinely nice easy going person, but some people aren't and feel the need to comment on spelling mistakes maybe they are English teachers or Professors. But even English Professors make mistakes in spelling. Maybe these people are mistake free in there life I would tell you to go make a mistake and become human like the rest of us.
  3. Wow this kind of took off didn't really expect to check in and see 150 post in my topic. based on my roster prediction JB just saved another 450k on the Demko signing. I should tell you guys I'm an accountant so I'm a nerd for numbers. I never said that the forward group was set my main idea is that the primary concern - priority for this team should be finding more points from the back end. EK can do that like very few can the guy manages almost a pt per game even if he plays 60 games that 60pts from the back end we didn't have. Further A signing like EK help EP become a 100pt player sooner then later and BB become a 40 goal scorer quicker. How you may ask well EK automatically improves our PP and if you check out the top forwards in the league you will see they come from the teams generally with the best powerplays and generally there point totals are padded by pp points. A Canuck example of this is 2010-11 season the Sedins get to 100pts Kesler passes 40 Goals and they have one of the best pp in the league and yes one of the best offensive defences as well. They generally go hand in hand. Some people didn't like my forward lines put the lines together as you feel fit I'm sure that TG will have many line makeups I didn't set them in stone nor would I ever try. Based on signing EK it would mean if the forward group is to get switched up it would require a trade and base on what they are already paying there forward group it would be highly prudent for them not to be signing forwards to large contracts at this point in time. IF they were to sigh a forward at 9-10 million this season and pay Brock his 7ish million this season and in 2 seasons then have to pay EP his new contract the forward defence pay ratio would be completely tossed out. My Point here is that if the Canucks are to become truly competitive they don't need to sign top end forwards the good teams who have legit 6 top 6 guys are teams that tend to have 4 forwards that have proven themselves and 2 guys on entry level contracts that are good enough to become legit top 6 forwards. We are a little backwards due to poor drafting prior to JB so our legit guys are our young guys so now we nned our secondary draft picks to develop quickly and that's asking a lot out of 2nd and 3rd round draft picks. The other option is to find possible trades for these guys and of course the price is going to be steep.
  4. I try not to write to much on these types of forums, but I believe there is a fallacy going through the Canuck fan base. I believe that this core of forwards does not need a top 6 or even 2 top six forward to be competitive. I believe that the only problem this team has is on there defence. I believe 2 spots on defence need to be filled 1 must be filled immediately and 1 after Christmas or at the trade dead line dependent on where we are in the standings. You may notice that I said I believe many times in that statement and here is way, if you go through the stats of team defencemen as I did over the weekend, 1 very glaring thing is spotted almost immediately, we don't get enough points from our defence. This is not a new fact this has been a problem since 2011-12 season and has not been addressed until Quinn Hughes. I'm not a believer that Hughes will be the problem fixer next season or even the next few seasons to come, like any rookie I would expect highs and lows for this kid. Id like to point out before you guys do I think we have a future star in Quinn but I emphasize future as I would Pettersson or Boeser will be future stars for this team. In my opinion all three of these kids have lots of growth still ahead of them and Hughes has the most especially to become a dynamic offensive defencemen who can control the pace of the game and who can lead our offence. Assume I am wrong and Hughes becomes this stellar defenceman we all hope he will become next season then what I am about to propose is completely useless. But assume I am closer to being right about his progression. Assume Hughes puts up a 40-50 point season most would agree that would be successful and yet that would mean at 40 pts he would match the top 30 defencemen in the league with 50pts top 13 in the league my point, there are not many who can amass these point totals. 40-50 pts for Hughes next season wouldn't be successful it would be outstanding, impressive and unbelievable unrealistic. How about 30 pts that must be more realistic and yet only 57 defencemen got to 30pts this season. Top rookies this season Dahlin 44pts, Heiskanen 33pts. Doable yes but are you willing to risk a season or 2 or 3 on it. The proposal, I argue that the only player worth signing this off season is Erik Karlsson. You all saw that coming. However, but my argument is go all in 7 year 12mill per, and now I must deal with the cap thankfully I ran it on Capfriendly using this years cap ceiling and it worked leaving room for error by not increasing the cap for next season if reported correctly is coming in around 83 million. I have Edler at 2 years and 6 mil. I could see Edler wanting to pair up along side his countryman. Boeser 6year 7mill very comparable to other players of his talent. Demko at 2 years 1.5 mill show me contract. Leivo and Shenn at 1 or 2 year show me contracts. Olli I have making the team as my number 6 or 7 depending on Shenns play. Now why this works short term and long term these 23 players come in giving the team cap space of 695k at the current cap ceiling of 79.5 million. Why is this important, first bonusses to the rookies we don want to be paying them in the following years and counting to next years cap hit. Second I mention earlier we need to acquire a second piece after the Christmas or a the trade deadline. That piece in my opinion is a defensive defencemen a Hamhuis type player for the playoffs and possibly long term I would argue this would depend on Juolevi or Schenns play during the regular season. That's the short term. Long term Spooner is off the books after next season for a possible pay increase to Markstrom and Tanev if we resign him as well. Year 2 Petterson ,Hughes and Juolevi Contracts, off the books are Sutter, Pearson, Baertschi and Edler total 17.492 million Year 3 off the books Erikson, Beagle and Roussel total 12 million at this point no top rookies to resign, Long term the Cap actually looks good under Bennings Management and it allows them to go after a guy like Karlsson this season. The productivity from your back end With Karlsson and Edler on your top pair should relieve the pressure from Quinn on you second pairing and giving him a partner like Tanev should allow Hughes to take greater risks and when Tanev gets injured Schenn jumps in for 25-30 games as a number 4 guy which also relieves pressure off of Stecher who can play that number 5 roll and bump up to 4 if shenn cant handle the duties. A more Productive back end should automatically mean a more productive Forward group. And there follows the logic 1 top end Defenceman can put everyone else into there proper placing and change the whole dynamic of your offence one day Hughes may be that guy but logically it wont be next season but next season could be major step for him in seeing how an offensive defensive system works. Roussel, Antoine $3,000,000 LW M-NTC UFA - 3 Pettersson, Elias $925,000 C, LW RFA - 2 Boeser, Brock $7,000,000 RW RFA Pearson, Tanner $3,750,000 LW UFA - 2 Horvat, Bo $5,500,000 C UFA - 4 Virtanen, Jake $1,250,000 RW RFA - 1 Baertschi, Sven $3,366,666 LW UFA - 2 Sutter, Brandon $4,375,000 C M-NTC UFA - 2 Eriksson, Loui $6,000,000 LW, RW NTC UFA - 3 Leivo, Josh $950,000 LW RFA Beagle, Jay $3,000,000 C M-NTC UFA - 3 Spooner, Ryan $3,100,000 C, LW UFA - 1 Gaudette, Adam $916,666 C RFA - 1 Left Defense Right Defense Goaltender Edler, Alexander $6,000,000 D UFA Karlsson, Erik $12,000,000 D UFA Markström, Jacob $3,666,667 G UFA - 1 Hughes, Quintin $916,666 D RFA - 2 Tanev, Christopher $4,450,000 D M-NTC UFA - 1 Demko, Thatcher $1,500,000 G RFA Schenn, Luke $1,500,000 D Stecher, Troy $2,325,000 D RFA - 1 Juolevi, Olli $863,333 D RFA - 2 Biega, Alex $825,000 D UFA - 1