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  1. But holding out with Nylander worked out so well, why not try it again?
  2. Hes barely aged... but also looked 50+ as a rookie
  3. I though that was him getting hit by some kid
  4. Good for him. The Oilers are the worst managed train wreck in the league.
  5. She wont hear it if shes mumbling the same
  6. Dont play Baertchi with Horvat, he is good and all, but he doesnt make Bo better. It's about time we had a top 6 without fillers.
  7. I'd say that Aero guy is the most important.. I mean I know I'm getting trolled but his comedic timing is brilliant
  8. Any contract that brings the top cop to your city is a good one.
  9. Goldobin isnt a first liner, hes been given plenty of chances to stick in the top 6 and he couldn't show he should stick... penciling him in for the top line is pretty silly
  10. Then I guess by definition its not a late first. Didnt realize your name referred to your posts.
  11. If there was interest near what hes asking for he'd be signed