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  1. Good old 2020, cant Express an opinion without prefacing something about the BLM rioters
  2. Each team does give out team trophies, this is a league wide nomination. Keep it that way.
  3. This. I mean theres a reason Minny has a great record against us, but I feel like theres a reason we finished where we did - above them. This is by no means a 'gimme' series, but it is a great opportunity for our boys to prove they belong in the playoffs - and come into them with some momentum. Or if we cant beat Minny, we shouldnt be there yet.. take our first round pick and hope next years pick is near the bottom.
  4. Glad I never downloaded twitter because nobody needs 1 sentence updates from internet nobodies
  5. Don Cherry hands down. Rest them are a bunch of no name bums.
  6. If Benning picked Joulevi over Bracketts recommendation, Judd should be re-upped and given full control from here on out
  7. Didnt have option for Wellwood so I picked the Pressure Cooker
  8. Joulevi's a bust, dont know how a good defenceman from the KHL has anything to do with that waste of a pick.
  9. I think theres some pandemic or something
  10. Its inexplicable how Canuck fans think a guy who was .5 PPG with Petterson, a defensive liability, and softer than Mason Raymond's christmas stocking somehow earned him a contract.
  11. What's really depressing is the quality of new threads since the season got postponed
  12. ... It's a lottery protected 1st, why would that change if it's not a lottery pick? Theres still going to be a draft, and we are currently in the playoffs. Not sure where the confusion is.
  13. Yes, this dismissive thinking about something declared a pandemic by an organization dedicated to world safety is why we're seeing steps taken that I, and many people here, have never seen. This isnt a flu bro. This is serious.