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  1. ... It's a lottery protected 1st, why would that change if it's not a lottery pick? Theres still going to be a draft, and we are currently in the playoffs. Not sure where the confusion is.
  2. Yes, this dismissive thinking about something declared a pandemic by an organization dedicated to world safety is why we're seeing steps taken that I, and many people here, have never seen. This isnt a flu bro. This is serious.
  3. Dont worry guys, the Coronavirus is here to save our season! If the league follows suit with the NBA, Marky will be healed up and good to go for the stretch run! 3 cheers for Covid 19!
  4. I don't know, but I try to ignore them because they seem like whack bull$&!#
  5. Thanks, edited my post already. Pretty vague reference to a mediocre site but OK
  6. ... who ever called him a waste of a contract? All I've read is people wanting him to stay with the big club pretty much all season?
  7. ... your quoting the wins column in an arguement about the effectiveness of a rookie backup goalie? Wow. Give your head a shake dude.
  8. Caught up to live. Looked great after the response... PP looked dangerous for once, then they let up another grade A chance and all that effort was for nothing.