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  1. Do you want Jim Benning re-signed? (Discussion/Poll)

    I am in the camp of wanting him to return. 2-3 years would be ideal. I genuinely hope this guy gets a chance to continue his vision. As I've seen mentioned prior, man has improved during his tenure
  2. Best Athlete In the World?

    Jon Jones sry not sry And as other mentioned LeBron, Williams, Phelps etc edit: & the Subban family of course!
  3. Top 30 Current NHL Players - #6

    Vote Price Nominate irl Pernell Karl
  4. 2-headed Swedish monster

    Wasn't in creative section but I fully expected an artsy Sedin sig given the title Interested to see if this Swedish tandem can be just as lanky & awkward albeit slightly improved over the last
  5. I appreciate the inclusion of Jordan Subban but I'm questioning some of these predictions
  6. Top 30 Current NHL Players - #1

    Voting Crosby I support the Hedman nominations as well
  7. [Signing] Dwight King signs in KHL

    Always interesting to see how many points these guys can put up overseas
  8. Mason Raymond Scores a Crazy Goal

    I too suffer MayRay ptsd whenever his name resurfaces
  9. 4 Unforgettable Moments From 2016-17 ?

    Tryamkin v Benn or really anyone.. Heated matches against Laffs
  10. Photography chat and shares

    First couple rolls of film developed today and the Pentax and I are certainly doing work. Images turned out better than the lady at the store probably anticipated given my nooby nature. Clearly still a lot to learn and I am looking forward to taking in all of the new info as I fumble about
  11. Photography chat and shares

    Been into the picture taking for a short while. Recently bought my first proper camera, was finally able to track down a Pentax k1000 in good shape. Figuring it out as I go but I'm already getting into it more and more
  12. Sundin & Kesler albeit briefly was a cool ticket sales / mentor signing
  13. ***The UFC/MMA THREAD***

    Sad to see Romero take an L but I'm interested to see where Whittaker takes this