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  1. wish he could try and find some excuse to retire early but i dont blame him for what he did.
  2. him trying to achieve his life goal to get a cup isnt a mistake, but i still forgive him.
  3. i thought lou was already in the panthers banners or ROH?
  4. theres replays and people posted pictures of the hit with his elbow down untill after the hit where his elbow is lifted. EDIT: if your talking about Virtanens hit on Nish, thats prefectly legal too, so can you explain what your talking about please?
  5. i dont blame him for trying to achieve his dreams at winning the stanley cup, sucked for us but i also dont hold it against him.
  6. meh i wouldnt mind it but the way the fans acted booing him everytime he came here, might not seem like a good idea.
  7. just going through them right now, thank god they got better mics and stuff.