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  1. Dave Chappelle 8:36


  2. either way seems like losing or winning is a bonus, if we do miss the playoffs, the chances of us getting number 1, but did they announce they were gunna leave number 1 open during this.?

  3. so where do i follow this? EDIT: also had no idea this was even going on.
  4. shoulda post a link, but ima check it out EDIT: yeah ive posted a few songs from that album.
  5. i think he'll get close or even hit it
  6. lol thought that was gauds hand for a sec with the diamond ring.
  7. was gunna say at least he got a cup before retiring...
  8. must like it over in vegas, probably could of got more.
  9. virt shouldnt get more than a ferland deal, hasnt even reached his point totals yet. so probs re-sign him semi cheap.
  10. i dont mind him really, just when we play in alberta, seems too favour them.