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  1. [SIGNING] Oilers sign Evan Bouchard

    i like bouchard and i think if they rush him he'll never reach his potential, but i always dont want the oilers to do good lol, conflicted. but good thing they didnt draft dobson
  2. Jett Woo | D

  3. [Signing] Rangers re-sign Jimmy Vesey

    i get not wanting to sign if your club wants to pressures you too sign before school, but pretty sure he didnt wanna go there anyways, but Preds were doing $&!#ty then i bet he wished he had a chance at the cup the last 2 years.
  4. [Signing] Rangers re-sign Jimmy Vesey

    why didnt he want too play with the preds again?
  5. [Signing] Blue Jackets re-sign Ryan Murray

    yeah whata flop yakupov was, thank the hockey gods for edmonton to pick him.
  6. [Signing] Canadiens sign Joel Armia

    i cant believe he still has a job, do habs fans actually like the guy or something lol?, ive always liked the habs but holy crap whats going on over there.
  7. well theres the trailer for it lol, it isnt what you thought hahaha
  8. 100 points for 9.5 seems pretty fair also tavares got what 11 mill never got 100 points.
  9. so whats up are they going to sign karlsson or what, i really hope so.
  10. when does the young tourney start? have they relased the dates?