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  1. You think? Not saying that you are wrong, but to me Edler isn't quite there for jersey retirement. He's a warrior, loyal, great team guy, but he's not an elite player which in addition to the above qualities I think is necessary. ROH absolutely!
  2. Very emotional! Got up at 2am hoping to watch the entire ceremony but couldn't find it. Hopefully it'll be on the Canucks website later. Let's crush Chicago!
  3. Maybe some of it has to do with his family health situation. Can't be easy knowing that your dad's health is failing and you can't be there with him. They seem like a very close family.
  4. I think Green is safe until December next year even if we don't make the playoffs this year. He'll be given a chance to hit the ground running for next season and if they struggle then they'll make a change.
  5. Man every thread I go into has a discussion on something other that the title of the thread. Kind of like a Christmas cracker surprise whenever you enter a thread - you never know what you are going to get. The jokes aren't as good here though!
  6. Maybe not but I wouldn't think it's a sackable offence if Green starts him. Demko coming of a concussion, Marky with lots of rest behind him, and a big game that we really need to win. Plus another week of later in January seems to be as good a time as any to let Marky play both games of a back to back. Now if Demko does get the start I would also be pretty ok with that...good thing I'm not the gm either!
  7. Loved that Burr gave him props over his game against Laval when he (Burr) was meeting the Canucks before the Sens game.
  8. There have been long stretches where he's played top 6 and he hasn't really produced consistently since he's been here.
  9. Well I guess if he goes a couple of years at this scoring pace people will be more vocal. Meyers isn't playing absolutely horrible, but yeah it would be great if he scored.
  10. Didn't think it was a rough start to the 2nd as much as the coil came out on a mission. They weathered that and took control of the game back.
  11. I think it's probably the case with lots players who struggle. Not saying everyone has struggles this deep, but we don't know what's going on in people's lives and these guys are only human. Vey is a great example of this. Lots of people on CDC were crapping all over the guy because he wasn't performing as well as he could've, but after he left Vancouver the news came out that his family situation was messed up.