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  1. Probably some deaths from covid are mislabeled as other things so I think it would even out in the long run.
  2. This makes me mad and sad. Why do people have to inflict abuse on others to make themselves feel better. If I was a parent of a player who went through that I'd go effin ballistic! To think that some of our current favorite Canucks players may have gone through this, and possibly contributed to it as almost takes away the enjoyment of the game for me.
  3. Your parents (RIP to your dad!) sound like awesome folks!
  4. Hey I never said to ignore the long term effects. I'm all for following the protocols set out by the health officials, and those who will be doing the research. What I said was, they can't KNOW long term effects at this stage. They might suspect, research might suggest, but we're only a few months into this so we don't know what the long term effects are. The title of the ad was sensationalized to get people to click. That's all I said.
  5. Sorry but that headline is dangerous and misleading. There hasn't been any 'long term' experienced since the virus has only been in humans for quite a short term. Click bait.
  6. Sorry I was being over sensitive...was forced out of bed early with really bad neck pain and was more than a bit grumpy. Thanks for the article it was really informative. Clearly not an easy solution to get to.
  7. Thanks for the law 101 lesson. While I'm not a lawyer I'm also not an idiot. I do understand how contracts work. My point was that this situation isn't something that anyone could predict, and while they are obligated to fulfill their end of the contract in this situation they can't so I would be surprised if they are penalized extra. I am not saying that the networks should forgive any debt that might be owed ie money paid for services not provided. I hadn't seen anything before about the structure of the proposed ending of the season was to fulfill their obligation to the network so thanks for pointing that out. I don't suppose you have a link where that's talked about?
  8. I don't know how the TV deals are structured do you? Do the networks pay one lump sum payment at the beginning of the season? If yes then of course the NHL would either have to pay them back or complete the season. If it's paid quarterly then perhaps the networks withhold the last payment. I personally doubt that they would have it structured to pay it all up front as that's a lot of cash and businesses like to hang onto their money as long as possible.
  9. Do you really think they'll be penalized by the networks? It's not like they just decided to cancel the season, the pandemic did that for them. I think if the networks pushed the NHL could take them to court. Not a good situation either way but I just don't think the networks have a legal leg to stand on. Although I am not a lawyer so am possibly speaking out of my @$$.
  10. Many of us are on the longest weekend of our lives.
  11. Pretty sure there would have been a riot in 2011 even if we won. We'll never know for sure though...
  12. When I was in grade 5 (1977) our teacher used to call 'misbehaving' students to the front of the class, have them bend over and touch their toes, and give them a couple smacks on the a$$. Happened to me a couple of times... other than that he was a great teacher.
  13. Taxes are going up, way up to pay for all this government support people are getting because of covid. I'm not complaining, but just pointing out that these billions of dollars in support wasn't just sitting there waiting for a crisis to come along to be used up. We're borrowing from our future selves.
  14. Where (roughly) are you from in the UK? I'm dual as well but moved from Canada to UK and live in Hampshire.