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  1. Game 24: Canucks at Anaheim Ducks 7:00 PM at Honda Center The team embarks on a California Road Trip 4-2 Canucks Question: How many total shots will the Canucks block this game? 10 Shots Leaderboard:
  2. Final Score: 6-3 Jets the grinder is the lone winner who gets the 3 points Leaderboard:
  3. Ok Game on! no more guesses
  4. Game 24: Canucks vs Winnipeg Jets 7:00 PM at Rogers Arena 3 Points for the Correct score prediction. No question for this game. Leaderboard
  5. Final Score: 3-2 Canadiens 2 Points for: Westcoasting Correct Answer: Elias Pettersson 1 Point for: Westcoasting, MoneypuckOverlord, Strombone, coastal.view, Jaku, TheGuardian_, Bo fan, HOFsedins, CLuminati*, Dombrova22, Blaze04, fourtwentyfour, Cali Canuck, -Vintage Canuck-, Pete M, Canuck73_3, CaptKirk888, petmar74, and PistolPete13 Congrats to Westcoasting for getting the score and the question right for a bonus point!
  6. Game 22: Canucks vs Montreal Canadiens 4:00 PM at Rogers Arena. Hockey Night in Canada! Back in the confines of Home! 4-2 Canucks Question: Name a Canuck who will be named a 3 Star of the Game (1 Player only please!) If you think no Canuck will be named a Star, you must specify to get credit. B. Horvat Leaderboard:
  7. Final Score: 6-2 WIld, nobody gets 2 Points although a few were close. Elias Pettersson finishes the road trip with 2 Points Sadly, nobody gets any bonus points this road trip. Time to put this behind us and move on!
  8. Game 21: Canucks at Minnesota Wild 5:00 PM at Xcel Energy Center Final game of the road trip, please WIN boys! 3 1 Canucks Elias Pettersson Points so far: 2
  9. Final Score: 5-2 Islanders Fijian Canuck and ItsAllOursBoys (Since you posted shortly after I said no more guesses I will give you credit as the game technically did not start) get the 2 Points Leaderboard:
  10. Ok Game on! No more guesses!
  11. Final Score: 2-1 Rangers Nobody gets 2 Points.
  12. Is There A Player Pettersson Can Be Compared To? Good feedback from 99
  13. **Doing this one early as it is back to back with the Rangers game** Game 20: Canucks at New York Islanders 4:00 PM at Barclays Center 4-2 Canucks
  14. Game 19: Canucks at New York Rangers 4:00 PM at Madison Square Garden Canucks pay a visit to the Big Apple. Expecting a Big Win from the club 5-2 Canucks Elias Petterson Points so far: 2 5 Points: Westcoasting, rychicken 6 Points: Isam, -Vintage Canuck- 7 Points: smithers joe, Roberts, 406in604, BCNeil 8 Points: Rindiculous, Hairy Kneel, mikeyman109, Bo fan, MikeyBoy44, MattJVD, revelnuck, Apple Juice 9 Points: spook007, Whaleroad Train, Amebushi, canuck73_3, Pete M, HOFsedins, PistolPete13, Blaze04, TheGuardian_, EP Phone Home, Cluminati*, hoholla sk, Ronaldoescobar 10 points: Canuck_Fan_52, goalie13, zombieksa, Rodishred, Salacious Crumb, Green Goblin 11 Points: Mikey2Dope, Just1CupBeforeIDie, maginator, debluvscanucks, Cali Canuck, Baggins, petmar74 12 Points: LowerMainLander18, Viper007, costal.view, Plsdontdoit, spur1, Rabbit, WHL rocks, Amazing Sedinery! 13 Points: fourtwentyfour, Fijian Canuck, Googlie, Davathor, Whale Tail, Shift-4 14 Points: Mcllhargey the Lesser, CaptKirk888, cory40, J-23, Maginator 15 Points: Strombone, the grinder 18 Points: Mr.hockey604 19 Points: canucksnhl, Veskit Leaderboard: