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  1. Game 73: Canucks vs Ottawa Senators 7:00 PM At Rogers Arena 6-4 Canucks Question: What will be the COMBINED save total for the goaltenders? (Excludes Shootout) 55 Saves Leaderboard:
  2. Final Score: 3-2 Canucks 3 Points to: Zhukini, Rabbit, Just1CupBeforeIDie, Amazing Sedinery!, -Vintage Canuck- and Cali Canuck Leaderboard:
  3. ***Doing this one early since it is back to back with the Stars Game*** Game 72: Canucks at Chicago Blackhawks 5:30 PM at United Center 5-3 Canucks 3 Points for correct score prediction
  4. Final Score: 3-2 Canucks 2 Points for: Bo fan, Rabbit, Crimson-JH, Blaze 04, debluvscanucks, -Vintage Canuck-, Amazing Sedinery!, Cali Canuck and Rogers Towell Correct Answer: 4 Different Players 1 Point for: Twilight Sparkle, Fijian Canuck and Googlie Leaderboard:
  5. Game 71: Canucks at Dallas Stars 4:00 PM at American Airlines Center 4-3 Canucks Question: How many Canuck Players will register at least a point during this game excluding shootout? (And yes if the goalie gets an assist or scores a goal, that counts too!) 6 players Leaderboard:
  6. Game 71: Canucks vs New Jersey Devils 7:00 PM at Rogers Arena 4-2 Canucks Question: How many total MINOR penalties will be called this game? 7 Minor Penalties Leaderboard:
  7. Final Score: 3-2 Devils 2 Points for: Qwags and BCNeil Correct Answer: 6 Minor Penalties Called 1 Point for: rychicken, NUCKER67, canuck73_3, BCNeil, Rabbit, Timrafan, Amazing Sedinery!, Strombone, Cali Canuck, -Vintage Canuck- and debluvscanucks Congrats to BCNeil for getting the score and the question right for an additional bonus point! Leaderboard:
  8. Game 70: Canucks vs New York Rangers 7:00 PM at Rogers Arena 5-2 Canucks Question: What will the total shots on goal be for BOTH teams? 55 Shots Leaderboard:
  9. Final Score: 4-1 Canucks 2 Points to: FijianCanuck and TheGuardian_ Correct Answer: 50 Shots on Goal 1 Point for: Strombone and Just1CupBeforeIDie Leaderboard:
  10. Final Score: 6-2 Golden Knights ForzaTikare and Shift-4 pick up the 3 points Leaderboard:
  11. Game 69: Canucks vs Las Vegas Golden Knights 7:00 PM at Rogers Arena 4-2 Canucks 3 Points for the correct Score prediction. Leaderboard:
  12. Game 68: Canucks at Edmonton Oilers 6:00 PM at Rogers Place 5-3 Canucks Question: What will the DIFFERENCE in the Penalty Minutes PIM be for both teams? 2 minutes
  13. Final Score: 3-2 Oilers 2 Points for: BCNeil Correct Answer: 0 PIM 1 Point for: Twilight Sparkle and JesseBlue Leaderboard:
  14. Game 67: Canucks vs Toronto Maple Leafs 6:00 PM at Rogers Arena 5-3 Canucks Question: What will Austin Matthews and Elias Pettersson's Point Total be? (Total Goals and Assists) Both must play or else it defaults to 3 points for the correct score prediction. 3 Points Leaderboard:
  15. Final Score: 3-2 Canucks! 2 Points for: fourtwentyfour, Rabbit, -Vintage Canuck-, Blaze04, Just1CupBeforeIDie and canucksnhl Correct Answer: 0 Points Nobody gets 1 Point Leaderboard:
  16. Final Score: 3-0 Golden Knights Nobody gets 3 Points and our leaderboard stays the same
  17. Game 66: Canucks at Las Vegas Golden Knights 1:00 PM (NOTE THE TIME!) at T-Mobile Arena 4-2 Canucks 3 Points for the correct score prediction Leaderboard:
  18. Game 66: Canucks at Airzona Coyotes 6:00 PM at Gila River Arena Right back into action in the desert 5-3 Canucks Question: Which Canuck will score the last goal of this game? (excludes shootout and if you think the Canucks get shutout, please specify to get credit) A. Roussel
  19. Final Score: 5-2 Coyotes with ex-Canuck Richardson scoring 4 times No-one gets 2 Points Correct Answer: Antoine Roussel 1 Point for: Amebuschi and myself (Canuck_Fan_52) Leaderboard:
  20. Game 64: Canucks at Colorado Avalanche 6:30 PM at Pepsi Center 5-3 Canucks Question: How many total penalties will be called this game? (Canucks and Avalanche) This includes all types of penalties (minor, major, match etc.) 7 Penalties Leaderboard:
  21. Final Score: 3-2 Avalanche No one gets 2 Points Correct Answer: 10 Penalties 1 Point to : Whaleroad train and Whale Tail Leaderboard: