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  1. (Newest) 2018-2019 Time Capsule thread

    Palmu makes the lineup before Christmas - scores 2 goals in first game
  2. Top 6 versus bottom 6

    I can see Baer, Bo and Brock remaining a unit, and I would love to see a tre kroner line of Dahlen, EP and Erikson. But I would also love to see EP between Lippy and Jake, to see what speed and finish could do. We might see some combos experimented with in exhibition games. JB keeps saying that Gaudette is one who can help fill the scoring void left by the twins retirement, but 650 this morning (I forget who) said that Beagle's signing was a punch to the gut of Gaudette, and almost certainly meant he'd start the season in Utica.
  3. Top 6 versus bottom 6

    The danger of stereotyping though is that we'd never see the Burrows or Hansens grabbing that top line baton and running with it. I could see someone like Schaller, for instance, getting a chance as a winger to Pettersson and Erikson and becoming a fixture.
  4. [Poll] Logjam on Defense

    I could see JB going all-in and giving Green both Hughes and OJ to begin the season. Edler - Stecher Hughes - Tanev OJ. - Gudbranson MDZ & Biega spare Hutton and Pouliot to Utica
  5. Quinn Hughes | D

    Help propel - big difference. I think having Pettersson will propel us, though. If these lads are 1/2 as good as the ones I saw on first coming to Canada, I will be thrilled ..... Pettersson. - Gretzky Horvat - Messier Boesser. - Kurri Virtanen. - Anderson Dahlen - Hughes Sutter - Linseman Hughes. - Coffey Edler. - Lowe Gudbranson - Huddy Demko - Fuhr Etc In my dreams, I know, but still ..................
  6. Quinn Hughes | D

    How about rushing him into the NHL to be the difference maker in 20 games and help push us into the playoffs, where anything can happen? And forget bonding with Gadjovich, Lind and Palmu - how about bonding with Boesser, Horvat and Petterson, who will be his teammates for 2 decades, we hope? He thinks he is ready and Benning thinks he is ready. Only Aquaman thinks he should go back to college for a year's more seasoning (hey, I can read A's mind as well as the conspiracy theorists on CDC)!!
  7. Burrows? Do We Really Need Him?

    Or Comets' captain / assistant coach
  8. 2018-2019 - Line-Up - Trades to come ?

    Hughes said in his interview he is comfortable at either L or R D, and expanded on that to say at right D he shoots more
  9. Elias Pettersson | C/RW

    I bet EP has these figures etched in his memory
  10. Elias Pettersson | C/RW

    That's exactly how I heard it. And having been raised in Europe until my mid 30's, exactly how I would have expressed it. A high round number of pounds to get the journalists hearts racing, then the actual weight in his own currency, kilos. I'll wager he has no idea what his weight is in lbs.
  11. Elias Pettersson | C/RW

    In retrospect it's a good thing we let Linden, Bure and the Twins get some seasoning with the farm team. Imagine how less stellar their careers would have been had we rushed them straight into the NHL as teenagers!!
  12. A Case to Draft Oliver Wahlstrom

    He (Boqvist) left the game (IIHF u-18?) the other day with his second concussion
  13. Topic Title a bit obtuse - at first I thought it was another conspiracy theory rant aginst a putative rigged lottery system
  14. Canucks for Kids $100 for 1st, 2nd or 3rd
  15. It may have been asked already , but should we read anything into the non-appearance of Eriksson, Pouliot, Dowd and Gaunce?