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  1. Just don't re-sign Toffoli. Doesn't that solve this pending problem?
  2. Will the Canucks hold their resumption training camp in Utica? Would certainly avoid the Canadian quarantine problems. And upstate NY has fared much better than the city
  3. From today's Edmonton Journal (on whether Chicago's recently signed Mitchell could play on resumption: “I can tell you that as of right now, our position, and this is something we’re going to have to ultimately resolve with the NHL Players’ Association like so many other contractual issues, but our position, the League’s position right now, and our position with our clubs since the start of the pause, is no club is entitled to sign a current‑year contract,” NHL vice-president Bill Daly said during a Zoom call with reporters. “They are free to sign future‑year contracts, so for the 2020‑21 season and beyond, perfectly fair game. “But it would be our position, particularly given the advanced date and given the fact it could affect a lot of the players who might now be able to play the balance of the season, it may be unfair to let them play the balance of the season. We’ve progressed past the trade deadline. Each team has kind of set its roster. Its roster reflects — and everybody will come back healthy, which is a benefit to the teams — its roster really reflects its efforts in the 2019‑20 season. And to add a couple of, for lack of a better term, ‘ringers’ when you’re going into the playoffs is not the best way for sports to proceed in our view.”
  4. We had our own "bearded wonder" down in Utica last season. Anyone remember Saucerman?
  5. I read an interesting stat the other day (can't remember where - Kuzma, maybe?) .... In 71 mins of ice time being paired together (equating to 5 games at 16 mins per game - although obviously fewer minutes in more games) Stecher and Fantenberg were never scored on. Not sure what that says but it did intrigue me Ah - found it ... The Daily Hive: Oscar Fantenberg – Troy Stecher EV TOI: 72:40 CF%: 47.3% xGF%: 41% It’s a bit of a turtle race to decide who plays with Troy Stecher on the third pairing, but the slight nod goes to Fantenberg. Benn and Stecher had their struggles together, while this suggestion has less of a track record together. Some of the defensive numbers aren’t great, but it’s worth noting that the pair hasn’t been on the ice for a goal against. They’re both good puck movers and they’ve allowed fewer scoring chances than all the Canucks pairings that don’t include Hughes. Here's the link to the full article;
  6. As an aside, if Stecher isn't resigned, I wonder what Edler and Tryamkin would be like as a pairing. I can't remember if they were ever together in Tree's first stint with us.
  7. One of the things I liked about his play is that he is an agitator. Post whistle he was always in the goalie's, or a defender's, face. Couple of times I heard the Utica commentator say "and here's Lind, doing his usual Lind stuff". I see a future for him with Gaudette and Roussel/Virtanen as a Pest Line.
  8. Poor Quinn Hughes. He must be despondent carrying the stigma of being a negative player..... -10 over his entire NHL career
  9. I think Gaud's is pretty wicked, but the "pound for pound" qualifier stacked the deck j. Petey's favour. Edler isnt too shabby either
  10. I was referring just to his taking an 8 on the Thursday on the opening par 4
  11. I just hope he's not another BoSan Some great seasons in the AHL ...... 9 goals and 29 assists in 61 games for the Hartford Wolfpack 10 and 40 in 60 games for Charlotte 16 and 24 in 41 for Utica, followed by a great playoff run with 3 and 11 in 23 games But a bit of a bust in the NHL ... 2 goals and 4 assists in 45 games But he had size, and had wheels. Was a first round pick by the Rangers. Here's Elite Prospects take on him then: (sound familiar?) Sanguinetti is an offensive-minded defenseman with good vision and puck-moving ability. Likes to use his terrific speed to join the rush. Without the puck, Sanguinetti is not overly physical, but has a good reach. However, there is room for improvement defensively.
  12. Channeling his inner MacIlroy at the Open at Royal Portrush maybe?
  13. AHL closed the 19/20 season, not just a pause. If and when it reopens will be in the fall/ winter for the 2020/21 season My thought was that we might bring Hogz over just to soak up the NHL atmosphere, practice with the team, not necessarily to play a game, although he would be eligible for the taxi squad, no?
  14. Sure, but for every Larianov and Bure there's a Koltzov and Shirokov. (But I guess you could say, too, that for every Pettersson and Hughes there's a White and Ellington)
  15. Will Hogz be on the charter plane that brings Marky & Petey back for the season resumption?