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  1. Maybe Timrafan can corroborate - a friend tells me he got the nickname shortly after Goldy arrived. He asked Loui a question to which he replied "I don't know, I am Swedish", but Goldy heard "I am Sweetness." And it stuck
  2. I missed the game due to a golf clash, but have just watched the bulk of it (using fast forward where appropriate). Seems like we were hemmed in our own end on frequent occasions, and, notably, a few players were -3 on the day. Prolly a good one to miss!!
  3. I'd love to see him audition for the big club. Down here I get a lot of the opposition team feeds, and almost without exception they comment on Canucks team speed, and having Bailey would certainly add to that mystique. Paired with Jake, and with a center with speed (Madden?) they would give the other team fits. I fear though that the concensus here would be to slot him onto the 4th line, but he is having his success as a first line Utica player. He'll hit if the opportunity is there, especially to spring the puck loose, but he's not like, say, Arseneau, who never saw a hit he didn't like.
  4. I see it's available now. What was interesting during our to and fro is that the Comets stil hadn't updated their results on their website. Was still showing (and still is as I type) 0 - 0 almost as though the game never existed!!
  5. Burke also orchestrated the Peter Schaeffer for Sami Salo trade, which ranks as one of Vancouver's better ones
  6. I can't say I have tried after the fact to retroactively watch a game. Didn't really know one could do that. My tablet has a screen video capture app, so after a goal or a play I can rewind the feed and then screen capture the action. I assumed that after the game was finished and the feed discontinued that the 3 hours or so just deleted ps. Just checked. - yes, you are right. I can replay Friday's game, but Saturday's isnt listed at all. Strange
  7. I wouldn't be surprised to see Goldy back with the big team next season. Cull is coaching him the same way Green handled Jake in his stint in Utica; 1st line t on 5 with Boucher .... 1st unit Powerplay, again with Boucher, and 2nd unit PK, with, guess who, Boucher again. The chemistrybtheybhave developed is palpable, and may of Boucher's goals have been on Goldy assists. Goldy "gets it". He's hustling on the forecheck, putting his head down and pumping his legs on the backcheck, and while he will never hit like a truck, he is putting a shoulder to the player on the boards. On the PK he is blocking shots as well as posing that breakaway threat. Along with Baertschi, his NHL pedigree shows in his passing, and with him eliminating (most) of those blind passes to nowhere, is now prolly our best. A long Calder Cup run would do him a world of good, but if Comets exit early, I could see him arriving in Vancouver to finish our run (not sure though if a team can add players after the playoffs have started, or if rosters are frozen at the beginning)
  8. All 5 of the 30+ gang played well. .... Beagle, Edler, Eriksson, Sutter and Tanev. Even Myers, who will join them in 2 weeks, had a stellar game.
  9. And the Comets second in the Eastern conference and 4th overall in the AHL
  10. Like the way Jake sought out Burns to neutralize him
  11. Page 43 coming up. - that's when Huggy Bear scores
  12. I still think Huggy Bear's passes are harder than Stecher's slapshots