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  1. Dallas commentators thought that Horvat, Leivo and Edler were the 3 best Canucks. Go figure. What do they know?
  2. Coming out for the opening faceoff was the TSN turning point
  3. 3 players showed up. - Beagle, Leivo and Horvat. Petey and Miller invisible, defense non-existent, Marky hung out to dry
  4. Wow some interesting stats from Dallas commentators: - Hughes ices the puck 4.2 times a game on average - Edler and Tanev block 40% more shots on PK than any other defensive pair in the NHL
  5. He's impressing the Dallas commentators - they must be watching a different game
  6. Did that when I moved from England to Toronto, and my gf flew over at Xmas. Went to a game. Was never more embarrassed when this uniquely English voice yelled "Ho heave ho"
  7. 5 - 2 Final Way to make a return, Boucher. Nice hatty
  8. Did I hear him say "No JT Miller in the starting lineup tonight"?