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  1. But the Nux walk from hotel to rink is longer than the Blues .........
  2. Then the old geezers on the Blues team will be dead tired
  3. Or maybe Florida - he needs to kickstart his sunshine strategy
  4. Watch Toronto get drawn for the #1 pick. These boards will explode
  5. Happy, and content, are not the same thing I'm happy we made the playoffs, but I'm not content - I want more
  6. He changed a winning line up last game. Didn't we win game 3 by 3 to 0, with Fanta in the lineup?
  7. I agree and OJ hits just as hard, and is actually a bigger body than either, but I really can't see Green starting him in game 1 (nor Gaudette). While he has a history of preferring his vets, he did bring in OJ for a crucial game, so I dont know
  8. Per the NHL website, after completion of the Leafs game.
  9. I should hope not. Toilet graffiti results in instant ejection from the bubble
  10. Won't be ready for the 1st game, and even if, Green won't change a winning lineup except Fanta or Benn for Juolevi
  11. Not so sure.somehow, Green has found and activated LE's goon switch. He thinks he is Lucic now. Look out Binnington
  12. DP was the decoy on Petey's 1st ever NHL goal, so he has fond memories of him as a teammate. He'll treat him gently