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  1. Pod for me - we have tried the undersized shooters (don't need another Wellwood or Boucher and have Palmu and Manukyan in the system to meet our "gnome" quota)
  2. I guess Seider won't be our pick after that hit by Nagy (unless we want to reprise JJ on crutches)
  3. Why bother with pick swaps? Just do a trade of problem/misfit/underachiever/albatross assets ..... To Edmonton: Eriksson Goldobin Sutter Schaller To Vancouver: Lucic Puljujarvi Kassian Russell
  4. Among forwards..... 1st in takeaways 2nd in hits (behind Motte) 5th in blocked shots (Bo, Motte, Petey and Roussel ahead of him) 3rd in shots on goal (Bo and BB) 4th in goals (Petey, Bo and BB) but ... 5th worst in giveaways (but worse than Jake were, in order, Petey, Bo, Goldy and BB, so he was in good company) I'd say that's quite the resume
  5. Only because he has the best conversion % of any Canuck
  6. And whose praises do they sing? (Couldn't help myself - does no-one proof read before hitting "submit")
  7. Yeah - need to show longterm intent: 1) buy a mansion in Point Grey, 2) endow a faculty at UBC or SFU (can't be hospital related, Twins have been there, done that) 3) join a golf club (for all those missed playoff seasons the Tankers want you to have so that our lottery odds inreass by 1/2 of 1%) 4) dump your Swedish g/f and find a nice lower mainland girl to marry 5) become bbf with Tram to induce him to return That should be enough proof of your commitment to the city!!
  8. I think it is more likely that EK signs with us - has good chemistry with Edler, and really took a shining to Petey at the allstar game
  9. In fact, Forsberg was Eric's equal, if not better, as a power forward. (Especially when playoffs rolled around) Plus, Quebec (Colorado) got Duchesne, Huffman, Ricci and Hextall immediately, and Thibault and Simon later, plus the $15 million. Will be remembered as the worst hockey trade ever
  10. Do we even know if the brothers want to play together? Jack passed up on the opportunity to play with Q at college, and their situation is nothing like the twins, who played together for every team ever since they learned to skate.
  11. 8 - 1, with a shorthanded goal by Jamie Sifers (who earlier this week announced his retirement at the seasons end)
  12. Exactly. - he is Edler 2.0
  13. I'm big on Broberg: Philip Broberg is a smart two-way defenceman with undeniable skill. His fluid skating ability allows him to punish over-extension immediately with how quickly he can start plays from his own end. What his impressive mobility tends to overshadow, though, is his positional play. While he doesn't always make the high percentage play, he is very perceptive and thinks his decisions through. On the fly, he pays close attention to where the puck's going and where it's been. This allows him to read the play early and make the most of any time and space found. All-in-all, Broberg could be the most complete defenceman in his draft class. He's got elite mobility and hockey sense, and he doesn't give up his own end. (Curtis Joe, EP 2018) 6'3" and 203 lbs at age 17!!! (Alex Edler was listed as 6'3" and 194 lbs with the Manitoba Moose in his first year there)
  14. Or Palmu - fly him in for it - he could look up to Caufield !!!