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  1. Let's not forget Toni Utunen. He is quietly developing into Finland's #1 defenseman (Junior) .... always been sound defensively, but lately adding some offense to his game. And he is another of those "character players" that Benning loves to draft.
  2. My experience (admittedly California) is that Center Ice doesn't broadcast games carried by NHL-TV
  3. And Fox Sports prime ticket, which you can get on a 7 day free trial via YouTube. (Have to give cc information, just need to remember to cancel before 7 days are up)
  4. And he wins twice as many faceoffs as does Gaudette. That's a huge competitive start to every shift, having puck possession instead of chasing it.
  5. I don't know. He showed some moxie on that second unit, leaving the point to go set up a screen. Took a bunch of cross checks for his trouble
  6. Eriksson had Prust stay with him for a week in the summer giving him boxing lessons and teaching him the "ratboy poke". I heard that somewhere (or did I just make it up? Maybe .........)
  7. I always liked Roussel on a line with Jake. It seemed to bring out the beast in Virtanen
  8. He played in Calgary in the first split-squad game.
  9. Looks like Hughes is shut down for the night. - back down the tunnel
  10. That's Goldy screaming as Green tortures him
  11. He lost the game-opening faceoff .... still the weakest part of his game
  12. Yeah, I can hear Stephen Colbert in my head. " dot, dot, dot, dot"
  13. Right after Hughes went down the tunnel, trainer signalled to Green it was teeth
  14. Confused, because I dont understand the post