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  1. Scroll back up. - they are both there
  2. Showed great patience too, outwaited the goalie Way to go, Jake
  3. As they are exhibition games, and not real games, should it be light beer?
  4. Have you heard him in karaoke? Snipes with the best, especially the high notes!!
  5. Haven't read much about Eriksson, Baertschi and Horvat. Are they noticeable or just savvy vets doing just enough to not get Green on their case?
  6. Maybe JB is working a 3-way deal ....... Brock to Wild, close to family Wild package to Jets Laine to Canucks (or a 3-way involving Wild and Leafs for Marner)
  7. He was announced as "in the next group" (the 3-some) and when they sat down I heard a voice "should we wait" then another "let's start" ....... so I think he was expected to be there
  8. I was spelling it fonetically ( ;) )
  9. I watched all of the media sessions, and to me the leadership was evident; Horvat, Sutter, Beagle, Miller and Stecher. Their communication skills were in evidence..... they were articulate, honest, showed commitment and were charismatic
  10. He can resolve it with one fone call to his agent
  11. All 617 pages !!! Oh, wait, that was the squadron number
  12. I would be much more concerned if he had said he was going to leave all the goal prevention to Beagle and Loui
  13. Tusk tusk. - what a thing to wish on them
  14. He is using the time to set personal goals and challenges. e.g. he now holds the KHL record for fastest time opening and closing the bench door
  15. Saw this today .... interesting