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  1. Elder simply because he will be gone soon enough for it not to be a problem. He's had a bounceback year and is still the blue line leader making him a good candidate for being a stop Gao captain. Sutter is a great leader too, but I'd prefer him wear the A for now and when Bo gets the C instead of giving him the C and maybe giving him an A, or having to get rid of him, when Horvat gets the C.
  2. [PGT] Vancouver Canucks vs. San Jose Sharks

    Someone should tell Henrik that not every play needs to be a sneaky, finesse, and soft one.. Shooting the puck around the boards or down the ice are still options in OT. Entertaining until OT though, glad to see Virtanen and Boeser with points and good games.
  3. Boeser in All Star Voting

    Boeser isn't a candidate for captaincy simply because he's played about half a season in the NHL.. Baer is only on there because Bo is really our only deserving candidate to be a captain and they had to have a second choice for the team. Brock will make it as a regular player, the same way Matthews did last year, and that's good enough for me to be interested in the game.
  4. [PGT] Philadelphia Flyers vs. Vancouver Canucks

    Yea I've kinda just accepted the autocorrect and am rollin with it now
  5. [PGT] Philadelphia Flyers vs. Vancouver Canucks

    They really missed Horvat's leadership and explosiveness... Bowser looked a bit lost besides the goal he got.
  6. Chemistry and Splitting the Sedins

    Those aren't pp lines, just how the lines would look splitting the Sedins.
  7. Chemistry and Splitting the Sedins

    I'm open to it just to give Boeser and Horvat each their own lines to be the go to guy on. Hard to say if it'll be effective given their age and ability to adapt these days. Daniel-Horvat-Virtanen Baer-Henrik-Boeser
  8. [PGT] New Jersey Devils vs. Vancouver Canucks

    Starting to think Horvat and Boeser might not be the most compatible pair as they both like to 'hog' the puck as much as they can to try to score. Boeser had ample time and space to pass to two open players for one timers, but held it and tried to shoot instead resulting in a weak goal at our end. Horvat will make plays similar to that as well, but instead of shooting he'll deke or charge the net with the puck. Baer-Horvat-Rodin would be a line I'd like to see, but with our current team there really isn't another spot for Boeser unless you bench Vanek and run Burm-Gagner-Boeser??
  9. [PGT] Vancouver Canucks vs. Minnesota Wild

    So it's either a shutout or first period pull for Nilsson eh? I can live with with that. Solid defensive performance and not much beats Virtnanen scoring the game winner
  10. I'm confident that Gaudette will be nhl ready next season and I'm more than okay with any 4 of Horvat, Granlund, Sutter, Gaudette, Burmistrov, or Gagner down the middle until Petterson is ready.
  11. Jake Virtanen | #18 | RW

    Jake-Bo-Gagner would be a line I'd like to see on the powerplay, or even strength I guess. Bo and Jake's speed/shot on the rush/forecheck with Gagner's ability to make a play in the offensive zone could be a winning combination. That'd make room for the other lines to be: Baer-Granny-Boeser Burm-Sutter-Dorsett Sedins-Vanek
  12. Baer going for 25g this year, starting with the first of the season.
  13. [Report] Josh Anderson (CBJ) requests trade

    The relationship is sullied at this point and a trade is probably the only viable option left. As mentioned before, Duchene is probably the best target and if Columbus can end up with a top 9 of: Panarin-Duchene-Foligno Milano-Wennberg-Atkinson Jenner-Dubinsky-Bjorkstrand And top 4 of: Werenski-Jones Johnson-Savard I'm gonna pencil them in as a strong contender in the east.
  14. Top 30 Current NHL Players - Completed List

    Lots of great players didn't make it, but OEL is better than any player in the 20-30 spots except Eichel, who should be in the top 20 anyways. Matt Murray probably shoulda snuck in as well, but I get his limited experience (despite his two cup rings) keeps him off the list. 1. Crosby 2. McDavid 3. Karlsson 4. Malkin 5. Hedman 6. Burns 7. Kane 8. Tavares 9. Stamkos 10. Bobrovsky Would be my top ten, price and ovi drop to 12/13 with Kucherov sitting at 11. The list really makes you look at Tampa and see how there's 3 players who could be in the top ten. They've got to win at least one cup while they have all this top end talent.