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  1. As it stands... just 4 points behind and the Coyotes have one game in hand.... sure, why not??
  2. And who said Eriksson is useless??? He's gonna be our MVP in this playoff push!!
  3. Schenn has been such a stabilizing force since his first game with us. We should sign him up before losing him to free agency. I'm sure he'll be happy to accept a 1-way $800k deal.
  4. Is it too late now to vote for Schaller to be Comeback Player of the Year (within same season)???? lol
  5. Juolevi will get #7 just like in his juniors days. Bet your house on it!
  6. Is Teves making his debut next game? Anyone knows if he's NHL ready and possibly better than Pouliot/Biega?
  7. So far I can only see clips of his offensive plays... can this kid lay a hit?
  8. When can we get his #43 jersey before his debut on Wed??