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  1. Very silly if you don't appreciate eye candies
  2. Is that McDavid's gf in white dress showing major cleavage?? The lady on stage is really hot too!! Good to keep guys watching!!
  3. What is the point of moving up to #6?? Is he NHL ready now??
  4. OK... search up scanadusa in Twitter!! I don't make stuff up here... but it's an offer, not an imminent trade... but sure hope so!
  5. How about you post it for us? I'm at a work meeting.... I can only talk here during pee breaks!
  6. Sorry my bad!! Go to Twitter, type in Harkki.... he's a legit Finnish hockey reporter...
  7. Woo wow!! "Entire farm"?? Can you make some sense in your argument pls?? You don't give up anything decent to get upgrades?? Go back to playing your NHL fantasy game!
  8. OK as per a tweet by a Finnish journalist: Trade offer on table: To Van: 1st #31 pick, 6th round pick, Ristolainen and Nylander To Buf: #10 pick, Juolevi, Virtanen Worth considering.....
  9. Exactly my point too.... but most ppl feel like our 10th pick is so divine....
  10. Fair point....but we also need to be realistic too... if you were the GM of the Sabres, what kind of package can you expect out of the Canucks??
  11. Not at all if you look at how much Risto has accomplished as an offensive D-man.... Baerstchi is a throw in to offset some salary. OJ and the 10th pick are at this point a good potential.... not a sure bet!! It's just enticing enough for Buffalo to consider. Makes sense?
  12. I would totally trade our 10th pick + Juolevi + Baertschi for Ristolainen. To those that are adament that we must make our pick because we are the host city.... well, it's not like we got a top 5 pick in the first round. Secondly, you always grab an established NHLer that can help us NOW over an unknown pick! Risto got size, RH shot and pure offensively gifted... he'll do list fine when paired with a defensively minded LH d-man. I bet you this trade announced by Bettman will generate a much bigger roar from the home crowd than whoever we are gonna pick!
  13. Call me crazy but I do wanna see Phaneuf - Schenn rotating for our 3rd D pair than Biega and whoever that can't stay healthy.... both vets should be happy to take $1-1.5M a year!!
  14. Agreed 100%! We don't wanna ice 3 small d-men with Ghost, Stecher and Hughes... just too much of a disadvantage on size in the backend!!
  15. When's the soonest the Tram can come back to us? Would be pointless to wait till April just to have him play like 3 games and burn a year's contract. Can't we buy out his final year from his Russian team?