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  1. I get it... but the main point here is, he offers very little value and seems to be a total outcast... why waste a roster spot on him when Green no longer wants to play him?
  2. Why can't we just waive the guy hoping he will retire? I rather have Leivo and Motte over him.
  3. But I really like Leivo... can move up and down the lines, works hard... good value!
  4. I said just waive the guy to free up a roster space for Motte.
  5. So.... you think Management will still hold on to Eriksson even though he's just $6M PKer and doesn't care as much as Motte?
  6. Yes you're right... but Roussel isn't too far off...
  7. Sure hope so!! Coz Motte offers a lot to us.... he's a poor man's Matt Cooke and we need his tenacity! I don't mind having Schaller around too if he continues to use his size and hussle. As for Loui, he is just not a fit anymore!! Let him go play his last couple years in Sweden! It makes no sense now to let him occupy a precious roster spot!
  8. With Motte close to returning, Green and JB will have a tough decision to make: waive Schaller or Eriksson who's doing nothing now!
  9. Here's my post-game assessment: Good: Pearson - always looking to create scoring chances! Nice tip in goal + winner in SO Myers - played like a beast tonight!! Virtanen - much improved and showed a lot of hunger! Not so good: Ferland - still struggling to fit in Schaller - too tentative with the puck, had one good blocked shot Leivo - lacked confidence with the puck but had a lot of energy to show
  10. Virtanen was very noticeable tonight on a few shifts with Horvat!! But Ferland didn't do a thing... Schaller is quietly doing little things right!
  11. We all love Tuzzi...... But... we also wanna see Nassy and Trevor skating out with their C's... come on Aqua man!!!
  12. Is it just me or Schaller had a much more noticeable game than Ferland??