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  1. Any word on Toffoli yet? Can't find anything still.... would love to get his offense!!
  2. If it wasn't nasty Covid.... We would be hearing cars honking all night on Robson!! Or maybe there are a few cars doing it now??
  3. Juolevi only got 6 min of ice time??? Why dress him if you're afraid of playing him?? It also puts a heavy burden on other D-men!!
  4. Let's go Olli!!! Prove those doubters wrong and show us you were a worthy #5 pick overall!!!
  5. Let's plan our Robson St. celebration for the series win!!!! Who's in??????? We'll keep it safe, no jumping out of cars and stupid High-5's!!!!
  6. 3-1 Canucks! Here we goooooooooooooooooo!!! Will do the goal horn for the block for every goal scored! Also, Ferland needs to retire now!!! plssssssssssss... for the love of your family!
  7. Any good place in Downtown to watch the Canucks??? How was the atmosphere out there in Game 1???
  8. Yup!! it was just one game... I ain't losing faith yet... it's been far too long since our last playoffs action so we gotta show our support. Sucks that I don't know where it's safe to watch games outside with a few friends... seems to me a lot of peeps don't really observe social distancing still... a bit annoying!!
  9. How about fire Benning who screwed up our cap room by throwing out big $ contracts to Eriksson, Sutter, Beagle, etc.... ??? ok... sarcastic (50%) here!
  10. We got this!!!!! bouncing back to win 4-2 tonight!! Any of you watching outside like in a downtown pub or something?? I wonder if any fans are waving our white hot towels.... sad that Covid has killed the mood!!
  11. Happy Retirement!!! Thanks for not doing much for us as part of the blockbuster trade...
  12. Looks like Rathone has been assured of his chances to crack the lineup next season!! Pretty sure he'll be taking Benn's or Fantenburg's spot... But then he's a smallish D-man... is it even possible we'll keep 3 smallish D-men on roster: Rathbone, Stecher and Hughes? Could this be the last season for Stecher? Anyhow.. I'm just excited as you all to have a talented offensive D-man with great potential!! Let's hope Benning will make the right moves to clear our cap room for next season without sacrificing Boeser!!
  13. So..... I'm guessing Leipsic was really bitter before and after he left town here??? But still.... you're a grown ass man... .move on and be a bigger person... no need to take cheap shots at your former teammates especially not their families!!! What a clown!!! Sad to see his true face like this though.... I was rooting for him early on as he played bigger than his size... got great speedy and could chip in goals... his inconsistency let him down and eventually lost Green's trust! Now that this scandal is out.... other GM's should take note!
  14. Leivo doesn't suck... he just got unlucky with that serious injury... he's a great fit on the third line but unfortunately no room for him especially if Ferland is back healthy. Hoglander will either be in NHL or back to Sweden next season. He needs a strong 2-way centre to succeed!