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  1. Let's work out a trade to get Backes if they retain 50% of the salary!! He's a proven leader and will help us in the playoff run!! He can easily take over Eriksson's spot!
  2. Let's send them a proposal now by offering Baertschi, Goldobin, Sautner
  3. Lucky to be down 2 goals only... but I believe in the boys!! We are gonna make a nice comeback win!!! Well.... I also got $ on them to win!!
  4. I just too a dump and shower... and Eriksson scored but we gave up 6 goals in 2nd?????
  5. Please enlighten me here.... we have a $3M+ depreciating asset in Baertschi that nobody cared to pick up via the waivers and is currently rotting down in the AHL.... in Lias Andersson, there's a potential upside + a lot cheaper in cap hit... Baertschi's cap hit carries through the next 2 seasons and you don't think it's a fair deal if we can find a taker that would pay a good portion of his salary + sending us Andersson? Are you trolling or you think the world out of Baertschi's current value?
  6. which is why I mentioned it may take a lil more.... the kid has NO future with the Rangers as he wants out... Baertschi can help them right away! If we were to retain a % of his salary.... it's a fair deal!
  7. If true.... I can't wait to see them re-united on a line here!! The Rangers probably won't ask for much either... maybe let them pick between Goldobin and Baertschi?
  8. Let's make a Baertschi for Andersson trade?? Both players are upset with their current team so... why not??? I see some upside in Andersson and if it takes just a lil more to make the Rangers take on Baertschi's contract, go for it!!
  9. Blame his agent!! His $3M+ cap hit is keeping teams away and he didn't stand out during those 6 games so that didn't help either!! We are getting much better value out of Leivo so he can just start planning for a stint in Europe if they can work out a release.... unless there's an NHL team that's willing to take a 4th round pick to accept his full salary!
  10. Gotta be the ever-increasing high cost of living here.... rent/mortgage... time to move to Alberta or Manitoba... where ppl get to save up more $ and have no other entertainment other than hockey!
  11. Just give us Bowey!!!!!!!!!! He's young, got size, nice exotic look (good for marketing!) and... in 123 career NHL games, he has racked up 30 points!!! Not many of our D-men can top that!
  12. Yes, do it!!! Push that Claim button!!! You never know how many times Edler goes out on IR this season...