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  1. This is a statement game and we gotta win this!! 5-2 Nucks! Marky to stand tall and I expect Petey to pop in a couple! Let's Go!!!
  2. To stay on track of the topic... Burrows, do we really need him? Yes and No... Yes, he should come here more often to pump up the morale. No, he's way past his prime to suit up for us. Please just lock up the thread ffs... lol
  3. Wowwwwwwwwwwwwww as predicted... blowout win in the making! Makes me wonder what kind of moves will JB be making when Sutter, Motte, Beagle and Ferland are ready to return.... I really want Gaud and Zack M to stay!!
  4. We'll be inspired by Burr tonight... and win the game 6-2! Boeser with 2! Eriksson will get one too... (hopefully not stupid penalties)!
  5. I know Loui's 2 penalties cost us the game but to be fair, he was a lot more engaged than before playing with offensive linemates... I feel that if he can consistently play in top 6 role,he will get to produce!!
  6. LOL... he would have to get on an amazing hot streak like 10 G, 15 A in the next 20 games for ANY team to take him!!
  7. OK now.. we have a dilemma... still keep him around when ALL the bodies are back healthy?
  8. OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I suggested Green should put Eriksson on the top 6 and he did.. and he FINALLY SCORED FOR US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It feels like we have just won the cup!!! OMG! OMG! OMG!!!! OK.. I need to take some pill to calm down...
  9. Green is now in desperation mode... but Eriksson deserves another chance on an offensive line!! Let's go!!!!
  10. Well.. in my poor recollections.. I don't think Green ever dared to try that for once!! So far, we are seeing an Eriksson that's not doing much on the 4th line... Do not get me wrong, I've been beyond disappointed with this guy who was supposed to be lights out with the Sedins. I would not mind one bit if he gets sent down to Utica today! However, this season alone, have we seen him given opportunities to succeed offensively - top 2 lines & PP? Have Ferland, Pearson and Leivo been lights out in top 6? Just using logical thinking here... I just want to see which version of Eriksson will show up playing with Petey... will his wheels just fall right off or become more motivated to engage and try to score goals? Is Eriksson a lot worse than Baertschi and Goldobin in top 6?
  11. Just a thought... maybe it's time for Green to try something drastic like putting Eriksson on Petersson's line!! We need to see if Eriksson can still score goals and Petey should boost his confidence! Eriksson is pretty responsible defensively so I don't think he can really be a liability to Petey. If Eriksson really falls flat on his face... then we can finally write him off once and for all!! Green gotta think outside the box man... it's not like whoever the 3rd body is to Petey & Boeser is lights out right now...
  12. But they still got Malkin who's basically better than all our forwards!!?