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  1. Any good place in Downtown to watch the Canucks??? How was the atmosphere out there in Game 1???
  2. Yup!! it was just one game... I ain't losing faith yet... it's been far too long since our last playoffs action so we gotta show our support. Sucks that I don't know where it's safe to watch games outside with a few friends... seems to me a lot of peeps don't really observe social distancing still... a bit annoying!!
  3. How about fire Benning who screwed up our cap room by throwing out big $ contracts to Eriksson, Sutter, Beagle, etc.... ??? ok... sarcastic (50%) here!
  4. We got this!!!!! bouncing back to win 4-2 tonight!! Any of you watching outside like in a downtown pub or something?? I wonder if any fans are waving our white hot towels.... sad that Covid has killed the mood!!
  5. Happy Retirement!!! Thanks for not doing much for us as part of the blockbuster trade...
  6. Looks like Rathone has been assured of his chances to crack the lineup next season!! Pretty sure he'll be taking Benn's or Fantenburg's spot... But then he's a smallish D-man... is it even possible we'll keep 3 smallish D-men on roster: Rathbone, Stecher and Hughes? Could this be the last season for Stecher? Anyhow.. I'm just excited as you all to have a talented offensive D-man with great potential!! Let's hope Benning will make the right moves to clear our cap room for next season without sacrificing Boeser!!
  7. So..... I'm guessing Leipsic was really bitter before and after he left town here??? But still.... you're a grown ass man... .move on and be a bigger person... no need to take cheap shots at your former teammates especially not their families!!! What a clown!!! Sad to see his true face like this though.... I was rooting for him early on as he played bigger than his size... got great speedy and could chip in goals... his inconsistency let him down and eventually lost Green's trust! Now that this scandal is out.... other GM's should take note!
  8. Leivo doesn't suck... he just got unlucky with that serious injury... he's a great fit on the third line but unfortunately no room for him especially if Ferland is back healthy. Hoglander will either be in NHL or back to Sweden next season. He needs a strong 2-way centre to succeed!
  9. Any chance Hoglander can break into our top 9 next season? He seems to have tons of speed and creativity.... his roster spot will depend on whether JB brings back Leivo/Motte. Would love to see another exciting Swedish rookie though!!
  10. Then..... they can just forfeit the season and we'll hold a Canada Cup tournament!!
  11. Only 66 new cases.... I suppose it's a small win for us.... as long as we keep it below 100 on a consistent basis... but who knows how many more peeps will come up with symptoms severe enough to be eligible for testing.... I'd be in complete shock if we all get to talk Canucks games again in May! The season will get cancelled if no puck drop by mid-May....
  12. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh don't you worry about me not understanding the situation.. I know full well how community outbreaks could've been prevented if we imposed the strictest isolation rule for all travellers coming into the country right from the get-go!!! Instead, no screening at airports.... people didn't give a damn about staying home with or without symptoms after they got back.... What else am I missing other than the obvious.... ?
  13. well.. I sure hope SARS won't ever come back... that thing has a mortality rate of 10%+
  14. I like your optimistic view and sure hope you're right too.... we'll see if there are any spikes over the next week or two. If all of us would stick to the isolation protocol where one person gets out once a week to get food or the ones that must go out to provide essential services, we can definitely defeat this beast in less than a month!
  15. Well... maybe you are right in your approach... it'll just take longer and risk having more ppl infected if we don't weed out as many and as quickly as possible.... maybe we don't need a lockdown after all seeing very few deaths compared to Italy/Spain....
  16. I totally get your point... and perhaps, I'm more focused on identifying as many as possible NOW then let the numbers linger over time.... the most effective approach, in my humble opinion, is to isolate as many positives ASAP.... we can't afford to take a chance on community outbreak.
  17. A lot of celebs have made donations already to their own countries.... have we heard from our local big shots yet?? say... Pattison Group? Aquilini Group?
  18. You seem to know a whole lot about the operation of Bonnie's team... care to comment why they refuse to test those that clearly got the symptoms?? I know this friend who's got fever and coughs for days... but got turned away coz apparently, she is "doesn't seem like dying".... it's true story! Knowing the exact # of cases in each specific area say... Kerrisdale, Killarney, Fraserview will DEFINITELY make a HUGE difference in how the people behave.... are you telling me your neighbours are not gonna smarten up when they just found out another 30 new cases in their hood today and think twice about meeting their buddies to get Starbucks??
  19. Would be nice to know the exact # of cases per city/town.... just so we all have a better idea about our own community! In Korea, they decided to battle by transparency over privacy..... I know most ppl would feel uncomfortable letting all others know there's an outbreak inside their specific neighborhood.... but that helps heighten the awareness!!
  20. Wow.... only 42 new... I guess we'll take that as a pleasant surprise! I've been expecting hundreds on a daily basis for next few weeks looking at the trajectory.... but then again, maybe they are still very behind in testing and it sucks that we don't have resources to test every suspect patients like Korea! Korea quickly max'd at around 5,000+ in such a short span and then the curve got flattened right after.. I wish Bonnie would go into more detail as to how many new cases relate to recent travel history and how many are from community transmission..... we deserve to know more! I want to thank all the medical staff, delivery drivers, workers serving us at groceries.. they are all taking on a huge risk at a difficult time like this.... I have very little sympathy for those who just had to travel out for fun and then got infected... the alarm bells started back in Feb and yet I know a lot still chose to vacation throughout March.... it doesn't kill you to just cancel your damn trips!
  21. Hard to when I'm working from home and watching stuff on TV... can't afford to do research on internet to take snipshots of that open letter by Royal Columbia Hospital staff addressed to Dr. Henry... and then her response live on TV couple days ago... it's just very infuriating because we know we can trust our frontline heroes... they wouldn't blow this out of proportion to benefit themselves.
  22. Yup... exactly my thoughts... whatever coverings you can find or make... you use them to reduce droplets, both from others and fired out by yourself!! It's quite a simple logic and yet not really accepted by our society. I got kids... I got elderly living in the home... I can't care less about the looks on people seeing me wear a mask to the grocery store.... if anyone challenges me, I'd say "F off!! you are not the one taking care of my own fam, I am!!!"
  23. I don't know what else we could do.... public shaming on social media perhaps??? Dr. Henry clearly said that we don't have the manpower to take tips and arrest people.... so all this talk on isolation is kinda ..... nice to do in reality??? When I was watching the speech by Mayor Stewart, I could feel his determination... however, his powers are limited and it's up to Dr. Henry's orders.. and so far, no offense..... it sucks balls!
  24. You are damn right... which is why I'm always pissed to see people having fun in big groups... out on beaches.... it's fine that they don't fear this pandemic.. but their selfish actions might lead to others suffering!