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  1. Miller is ethically intense.. that type of game can become infectious in a room and on the ice. This is a bold move by Benning.. the right one for an injection of character above everything else this player brings.
  2. If he was arbitrarily going to hit the 3.75- 4m per range... it’s good to let him go. That money can be better spent. I would rather see Schenn UFA back in a Canucks Jersey,. and even though I’m not big on Myers,. It frees up some money for him or someone else. Myers, Schenn and Edler Or Maybe Ristolianen, Schenn Edler Offsetting the smaller portion of the D core. Sorry Ben, Im a Fan.. ya gotta grind those teeth harder when it’s not pond hockey.
  3. He’s building a solid future and farm system for this franchise, and a competitive team in the now, from the ground up. Appreciate your Opening Post,. should put it all into perspective for others.
  4. Ive never mentioned Virtannen, some body else did.. I’m not for moving the Tuna at this point. I’ve said all along that I think Tanev and a 2nd starts the conversation.. to add to that would probably cater to The Sabres future needs.. so what MIGHT their needs be? Tanev could do well in their D core.. a second rndr,. and maybe Dipietro comes into the conversation. like I have stated before, it all depends on Buffalos NEEDS.. Is it NOW? Is it the FUTURE?.. is it a bit of both? Buffalo management has stated nothing.. they’re dangling Risto as bait just to see what it attracts.. it’s optics for there fan base. receiving 1st rnd picks aren’t always the best scenario.. throwing your eggs into one basket can fail you. Ristolianen is good, but everything I’ve read has him underperforming in the Sabres eyes.. Sabres Management has stated that. So.. We would be taking a chance too. What would you offer for Ristolianen?
  5. Miller is Smyl 2.0 .., and when the time comes we will see this ethic mentored on to others on this Team.. like Vasily. I wll be Happy to see this “blue collar” attitude back on the ice again.
  6. So what? ... this isn’t just opinionated conversation? This is all for REAL !?!? OMG! Where am I?.. is this Earth? ... sorry, That’s how I feel. .
  7. It finding out what each other is looking for.. knowing what is ON the table starts the conversation. You tell me what you would offer? Then tell me what would make the deal? you gotta have something here,. Or are you just trolling?
  8. Systems change. The game is too fast not to. If players don’t evolve, they lose value because they can’t keep up. It’s already happening.
  9. But proposals start the conversation, whether it’s on these boards.. on over the GM’s telephone. Do you really think a GM would just double down to get a player in an opening conversation.. it all about wants and needs. .. but to just sit back and scream the “sky is falling”.. like you are.. well that’s kind of redundant.
  10. I really don’t buy into to much on what Hand a shooter is to what Side he plays anymore Agent.. the game is changing rapidly, roving, and rotating coverage is rapidly evolving the game. Saw it in the playoffs. The way that young new players like Hughes, Makar, and even Macevoy move, reaction and action on play making outweighs a zone type era. We might be surprised to see Risto move.. a conditional 1st rounder for JT miller?... Buffalo has expected more out of Ristolainen perhaps.. at 24, I think he is right on track.
  11. I wonder if Schenn is going to find much interest, given he played less than 20 games for us, the cap is not rising like it has in previous years, and the talent and prospect pools of teams is brimming.. we might be the only suitors to keep him up in the Bigs for at least a solid year for him to make a lasting impression. regardless I do like his play and how he fit with us.. I hope he can find something better than what we offered,. But chances are his agent will use our offer as minimum leverage.
  12. This may have been posted already, just a little more on Vasily..
  13. I don’t think we need to include the Tuna. Tanev still has value to the right team,. He would look better than Risto to them along side Bogosian or Montour. Tanev has never had a player properly watching his back here .. add Hutton. Or a 2nd rnd pick. Pretty sure Hutton will be passed by a prospect here by Christmas if his game hasn’t dramatically progressed.. if that’s the case, Hutton will be gone then.. or perhaps with the arrival of Tryamkin in February if his team is not in the KHL playoffs.
  14. I just think that Buffalo would still take Tanev, he is a drop of a mil on capspace.. and fills a hole that they would have by moving Risto. Tanev might look pretty good along side of Bogosian, Montour, Dahlin.