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  1. Is Binnington a Vezina candidate? I realize this is his rookie year for Calder,. But the kid is sensational.
  2. That would be,. His game is similar to Tanner Pearson, perhaps a little grittier , no?
  3. Actuall PB, this is good.. its like the first step of Alcohol Recovery is admitting your an Alcoholic. I look forward to changes for the referees to be able to use the proper tools of technology to help them do their job more fairly, with more consistency. The iPad / Monitor could have easily been used in the Eakin incident. It would have taken the referees less time to get it right, than what it took to help Pavelski off the ice surface. Its something the NHL SHOULD adopt today, not tomorrow, mid stream of these 2018-19 playoffs. The game has become too fast for the naked eye,. Time to use the tools to help keep up with it.
  4. Perhaps Benning has put positive pressure on himself by publicly stating “the Defence will be addressed this Summer”. We know Benning is a huge Tryamkin fan.. time for some FaceTime
  5. I would like to think a fresh slate might be here for him. The question other than money is Lifestyle vs Cup contention.. maybe we have both?
  6. Don’t count on 6 ? games as proof PB.. Eriksson would prove to be an excellent mentor for Hughes and give us the 2 line punch on D to excelorate our Teams rise.. EK65 Edler Hughes Tryamkin Stetcher Schenn Biegga/ Hutton/ Sautner/ Brisboise
  7. But you stated the above.. “formula for winning”. >. “1 elite defenseman at minimum”. We have NEVER had an Elite D man... Still don’t. We have to buy one.
  8. EK65: Cons- it’s hard to find cons with this player. We can say “age”? . .. but a player that skates that well does not break down his form over time, and it’s his mental game, his smarts, intelligence, offensive “reaction and read” that keeps him above average. Injury prone ? .... but he is a high end minute player,. injuries may be due to fatigue. That should be monitored. Playing on a team where you want prospects and players to develop, theoretically his ice time should not be over the top of 22-26 mins. Pros- His game is elite,. shot, skating, intelligence, stamina. He is what I like to think of a player as “stock”. His game will “breed” and wear into other young players who will add and emulate parts of his into their game . Mentorship, he has the experience, and gainful respect to be listened to. The effect of his service on other young Canucks would leave a lasting effect on this franchise. That’s Future. The Canucks have never had a bonofide #1 Dman. To win a Stanley Cup, you need one. Adding EK65 speeds up our Cup Contension by 2 years. Money/ Contract? : If we can trade a D man to free some money up, AND that roster spot, it helps. I would like to see Tanev (for many reasons) and his 4.5m per moved. If Edler signs for less than his 6m per, there is more to spare. Try to sign for 5 years, Try to sign for 10-12m per. 50-60 m for 5 years of work. Retire a healthy man at 35? perhaps. Construct the contract to be less impactive as the Cap rises.
  9. Possibility of the Refs messing up the outcome of 2 game 7’s in a row? 100%. priceless.
  10. If they have time to talk about it they can damn well pick up an iPad. Same with last night... Pavelski is bleeding out, Trainers are on the ice.. GO LOOK AT AT GDAMN IPAD ! it isn’t wasting any more time , than that time to discuss or repair.