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  1. What ufa's should we go after?

    James Neal comes to mind.
  2. I liked Ferland, he is an impact player, we know he was fighting demons in a bottle , but was apparently through that. I wonder if, . With Burke gone, that Peters has become the more deep tone guru Grand Poohba that the Flames GM is not.. if so, that could be dangerous, perhaps he was like that in Carolina? Ferland with Svechnikov could be one of the most effective tandems the league might see in the future.. add the right guy to catalyst that chemistry, and you might see something like “the East Coast Express” or “SouthEaster”
  3. Rumour that Tavares meets with 5 teams tomorrow, NYR not involved. (Larry Brookes tweet?). Just caught this watching the 4th rnd draft.
  4. [Signing] Markus Granlund, 1 year x 1.475

    Solid tools, Good signing, get to see more enthusiasm from Granlund.. works well placed on any line, or situation.. he is the type of unsung player who would be left unchecked in playoff competition and perform exceptionally well. I hope he weighs in at 195-200, has a spectacular year, and is Re-signed before the 2018-19 season is finished, or used as a solid asset with another player in a trade to upgrade a weakness on our team
  5. It’s been a bubble team for 3 years .. maybe it’s just the atmosphere there ONews, but something has been missing.
  6. I kinda think Trotz and LAmarillo are about 3 years too late for that organization, Garth Snow being 10 years or more too long. The Islanders are in need of a rebuild. Tavares is in the back end of his career, and needs a team rising on to/or in, cup contention, this is his free opportunity to find it. I will be shocked if he re-signs.
  7. The Karlsson’s need a fresh start, perhaps the west coast lifestyle would prove to be far more appealing to this Swede, as it has to so many others who have come here. if the right opportunity arrives, with the best situated club he becomes a 9.5- 10.5 per. lets not forget the cap is rising almost 10% per year. So, who would move from Vancouver? Tanev would have to replace the RHD position left void by Karlsson. Then I think Reid Boucher, and the Sens can have Dahlen back. Sumptin like that.
  8. Nikita Tryamkin | D

    So what,. There is a life above hockey.
  9. Nikita Tryamkin | D

    He has been getting top mins against top opponents.. this kid is not built to regress... the sooner he gets here with Green, that’s when Greens patience and prowess will guide Nik to his dreams of being an outstanding player in the NHL. Fortunately, Nik met Green between the 15-16 / 16-17 season. His comments when asked to compare Desjardins to Green were quite humorous... When asked about WD , Nik replied that “WD was an average person,”. Compared to TG?? “ TG is above average person” love it.
  10. Nikita Tryamkin | D

    I don’t think we have been watching the same player, this kid in his rookie year shut down JBenn, TBrower, and a host of other power forwards that Tanev, a seasoned vet would rather play shinny with and end up on IR for half a season. I recently posted this, and @Hairy Kneel has posted others to refresh your memory. Tryamkin is everything the Canucks lack on D.. hopefully using Tanev plus others in a trade brings us a legit nhl proven #1 D before next season. (coast to coast) Ps. Tryamkin avgd 22 mins a game last season in the KHL, captained his Team, named an all star, and a spare on the National squad. ... that IS where this kid in the present. Let go of the past.
  11. Nikita Tryamkin | D

    Tryamkin has been the best looking defensive D man we have drafted since Bourdon. His first full year was perfect for his first, he out shined many on the roster above him, and if Desjardins would have deployed and played him effectively, before injuries had forced his hand, Tryamkin would have still been here. i do think that the way Desjardins handled Tryamkin, compared to our other young prospects, is one of the reasons that got him fired. It was well deserved. .. but consistently throwing Tryamkin under the bus, citing “out of shape” was a demoralizing thing to do for 4 months to a young man who had just left his hometown in Russia for the first time. Am I saying Tryamkin should have been handled slightly differently?.. yes I am. He will return, the kid is goal orientated, has a huge heart, and loyal to his word.. he just needs to be handled fairly. Never have I sat on the edge of my seat like I have watching a D man on the Canucks, as I have watching Tryamkin against some of the NHL’s power forwards.. he is young exciting prospect without a ceiling for his potential in the NHL.
  12. Nikita Tryamkin | D

    Tryamkins game at 22-23 yrs is better than Charas was at the same age. Im not talking points, which would be nothing to look at comparing both players at the same age.. im talking game. Tryamkin IS 10 times the skater Chara was at the same age, and is presently a far better skater than Chara IS. His hockey sense of system on D is outstanding and can shut down a cycle by simply taking 2 steps and wiping out the puck carrier, thus eliminating all potential options. There are many hilites on you tube, even more on twitter with him making goal line to goal line rushes. Once that 265lb frame clocks up to 45-50 kph.. he is hard to stop. A better Coach than WD , would have worked his strengths, and not preyed on his weaknesses. desjardins was selfish. (coast to coast)
  13. Hopefully they get it right, Seems like theres a batch of good prospect coming soon.