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  1. His last three seasons have been posted here quite well.. there are 2 resources on Twitter that post hi lites Vids weekly . You won’t find everything thing here, but if your interested it’s not hard to find.
  2. That’s the problem , you are behind the times.. and this is the conjecture you offer.
  3. .. for a “school teacher” , your dont seem up to date. ... and for this player being someone that doesn’t interest you, your crappy two bit comments “peg” you as the troll you can be. if my vocabulary or “punk-tuation” offends or helps you feel academically superior, then your at a level of “pathetic” I have never seen before. Thank you.
  4. ... it was weeks ago tas.. sleeping under a bridge again?
  5. I didn’t know Jamie Benn and others played in the AHL There’s a couple / three of 88’s in this mix too, sorry couldn’t find any from the AHL Rob.
  6. I Didn’t realize Rafferty had a 1 way contract with us for next season? from the province: On the right side, there could be an opening either for Brogan Rafferty, who has a one-way deal next season — meaning that if the Canucks were to reassign him to the AHL next fall, he’d get paid the same as if he were in the NHL
  7. I’m pretty sure he’s done with the KHL Deniro, rumour was his team was trying to extort him to signing a new contract by keeping him out of games... in the latest interview (this month) he stated he looks back to his time in Vancouver as a good one, but realizes he was young and immature for making some of the decisions he did. i think JB has a real gem with longevity, pride, and faithfulness in Nik. if he can recognize his own faults, he wants to resurrect himself, this is a determined man who has always wanted to play in a the best league, with the best.
  8. He was already a solid 3rd pairing D in his rookie season as a 21 he old with 60 GP. im sure you’ll be pleasantly surprised JD
  9. I think his agent was making* the point that NT is NHL ready.. his rights are ours for 1 or 2 more seasons regardless. i don’t see that comment as a point to go elsewhere or a threat. Tryamkin will bring a catalyst to the D core not unlike what Tyler Motte brings to the F core.. balanced strength and chemistry will flow through all other D pairings with a player like Nik in. Just to note: I think Joulevi will replace Tanev either before the TDL or next season. and if Ferland gets back FULL ON soon , and add an arrival of Tryamkin to our team this season.. its going to be a great playoff season for us. A learned one in the least.
  10. I think that that within, or after 1 complete season in the NHL Tryamkin will be a top 2 pairing D man on this team.
  11. What I noticed when Tryamkin was with us as a 21 year old .. He doesn’t track an opponent like Tanev does it a cycle, he simple shuts them down. He doesn’t play with stick checks in his own crease area,. He simply puts his body where he wants with an opponent and easily leveraged them out of position.. He rarely turns away on his gap coverage after an opponent makes a pass, he follows through to take the passer out of the return play the passer is trying to make. im not into analytics.. but for his rookie year as a 21 year old , I think his shutdown game was pretty good. He was a “hits” leader on this team. so if there are comparisons to Tanev, let’s include the age difference, the physical play, and the “Ironman” aspect as well. ps. Tryamkins shot was recently clocked at 101 mph.
  12. Larry Robinson? Chris Pronger? .. let’s start a list
  13. The big Russian defenceman is under contract with the KHL’s Avtomobilist Yekaterinburg through the end of the 2019-20 season. “Obviously he’s on our reserve list,” Benning said Thursday morning. “Our pro scouts continue to watch and keep tabs on him. When his season is over and his contract is up, I’ll speak with Todd.” “Nikita is a guy we know can play in the league. He’s a good skater for his size and he can make a good first pass.” Benning and his pro scouts held meetings last week in Vancouver, taking stock of the players they may want to add to their roster, should the opportunity arise.