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  1. It’s only the Analytic Gaffers that keep this trade / contract discussion alive. I beleive that Canuck Management just want to see Gudbranson perform well so that he and the Canucks both get good value. I think that Gudbranson will remain a Canuck. We have 2 other Dmen whose skill set can be replaced, easier than the complete tool box that Gudbranson brings. Either Tanev or Edler could bring an interesting return, or a strong platform to add to and bring an upgrade in their position.
  2. Quite frankly,. I Would rather see Zack Macewan dressed with us than L Eriksson.
  3. I think that’s the curve that Marner is on Shiz,. one or 2 injuries and his game will change like RNH has. Great to see these kids skate around like Bantam AAA’s,. on a midget rep team.
  4. Zack MacEwen | C

    I’ve liked this signing from the get go.. unfortunate that an injury sidelined the start of his AHL journey. would love to see him get 2-5 games with the nucks before season end, and put a bit more cash in his pocket for Summer training. If he stays strong on his feet, and keeps that powerful stride, I think he pushes for a spot next season. Great shot, good skills, heads up, finds the lane, and strong.
  5. ^^^ My above suggestion, and Uncle Bens Beer... that’s for @Jimmy McGill
  6. Medically and scientifically clone Todd Bertuzi and Cam Neely.
  7. (Proposal) Erik Karlsson

    Karlsson will go the extent of his term into full Free Agency. He will set the new standard. Which means Ottawa is probably going to lose him,. As will any other team that trades for him,. Which means that the closer he gets to Free Agency, the less Ottawa will probably get for him. To have Karlsson, a legit #1 Dman, a Team Captain, a mentor, for one full season at 6.5m, with our D core, helping to develop the likes of a Stetcher, Pouliotte, Joulevi, Hutton, Mceneny, Brisboise, would be an outstanding move by the Canucks given where the Team is in development. If we were one of the teams in on his list of 10 to be traded. I would trade Tanev, Dahlen or Goldobrin (or both), and a 1st in 2019. We then lose both, Karlsson at 6.5m and Edler 6m in 2019, by trade, or contract expiry. Leaving approx 12m in capspace to Re-sign Karlsson, or go after another legit #1 Dman.. the 2019-2020 season should be less about having a top 10pick, and more about solidifying or bolstering the Team that’s built.
  8. I like Gaunce with Dowd, I think there’s a bit of swagger/ leadership in Dowd that’s rubbing off.
  9. Dowd will be able to show pure strength now that Horvat is set to return... lines will balance, and Dowd will look great. love the fact Green has trusted him during this injury stretch as his go to pk, D end face off man. Dowd is a big body in front of that net at times.. kid deserves some pp time. LA Kings gave up a beauty.. and took our “hype” player in Subban.
  10. I think it was the last TO game second period offensive zone face off.. Edler was right beside the bench for the face off, Dowd had just finished a shift, Edler was in continuation.. Dowd was standing right beside Edler and giving him an earful. Beauty.
  11. Feels like a really bad “hip-pointer” purple, black, blue, green,.. hard to move, hurts.
  12. If that report is true Buffalo’s GM is on glue. They should have cut a deal with us last year.
  13. Louie Eriksson looks no better than Mats Sudin in his brief jaunt with the Canucks.. Mats actually could shoot better.. and we have LE for 5 or 6 more seasons? Lets Get Real about Louie.
  14. I think it just goes to show you that if the Comets, or a Canucks Affiliate AHL or ECHL Team was IN Vancouver.. it would get a ton of support Edgar. ... but yes, a lot of posters here are like fish attracted to shiney bits or algebra scientists