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  1. With you Jan.. lets not forget that the extension to this season because of Covid is a directly related to all of the above. There are players who are on are roster who would not be,. And Benning would have proper numbers and a roster to fill if hockey had been stopped. And quite frankly,. I doubt if we see this season finish with out it look8ng like an emergency call up challenge Cup.
  2. Playoff depth? a vet with great insight? lets not forget that we probably let Tanev go, and Edler after that.
  3. Jan, I think this is the direct initiative behind Benning creating a true Farm system, with exceptions to players like EP, QH, and possibly Rathbone,. Time can be more rewarding to let more physically apt players develop to their best opportunity to make it to the NHL Level an stick. Joulevi, Woo, Breisbois, Rafferty,. even apart from the absence of Tryamkin,. To have them at their mature best, to defend against some of the leagues strongest is a true advantage. just because players spend a little more time on their game elsewhere, does not mean their game is not good enough.. but because they are possibly more physically attributed.. it’s best to let that mature muscle and mindset build.
  4. Ahhhhhh... Juice kinda jumped him after he had enough.. juice had to try and take his adrenaline away.
  5. Ferland was at his best when he did not drop gloves. The year he played us with Calgary he avoided it , playing a heavyweight forecheck game that had the Canucks coughing up apples. This day and age suits the type of game Ferland played then.. drive your opponents nuts and they end up on the pk. No one says you have to fight. So don’t. Its a mindset of not picking numbers off the other team to physically contact, but rather the whole crest and colour. Good luck Micheal Ferland!
  6. Moving Boeser would not only sort out some of the Cap for contracts.. but allows the team to invest in the future.. Boeser for a 1st round pick +. Id do that. The line up without BB is still ok,. With guys ready to take a step next season. This is an opportunity with an asset , to keep the norm and invest in the near future.
  7. A young man and his wife starting a new family,. I can’t think of a better place for new beginnings than this Country, this Province, and this city in the Entire World right now. Nik will play to stay.. First contract I think is 2 years Theo, close to what he was offered before he left. Im pretty sure he will prove himself to be worth more than double that before he signs his UFA deal.
  8. Would be nice to do that with some posters here as well.. you know, the ones that are bored.
  9. I’m guessing 2 years (1.75 and 2.75) ... and a new home in the best place to be during a pandemic,. even if it’s a little “skunky” ... I’m pretty sure he signs for 4 years after that. ..and to all of those hormonal tweeters out there...
  10. .. more so WD lasting as long as he did.
  11. With you 100% Fred. .. the NHL is creating a high risk tournament . It’s unfortunate. If I played at that level I would bow out until the next season starts. The PA and NHL could be working out many better things for the future of the game at this time.. Owners in cities with low attendance should be given pragmatic solutions to relocate .. Quebec deserves a team back. Another out west... portland, Frisco, Oakland , Diego.. Seattle is going to go off so well, looking forward to that. Fighting this Pandemic is just flailing stupidity.
  12. That’s where it’s going to backfire and mess up the quality of the “playoffs” this season , if this gets off the ground.. I mean seriously, is it so hard not to realize that the last 2 remaining teams might only be able to dress 10 decent players without it be coming the year of “the emergency call up player” Cup?
  13. Is but isn’t relevant. .. I beleive most teams need to see where the Cap space for next season before any major signings take place.. As in Tryamkins case. . CapFriendly (@CapFriendly) Tweeted: The June 1 deadline for clubs to sign players to contracts that begin next season which was extended to July 1, is tentatively set to expire tomorrow. This was to give clubs additional time to sign players to 2020-21 contracts if the league held firm on no new 2019-20 contracts.
  14. It does seem though, by watching the graphs, that after the case count rises or spikes,. It’s roughly 3 weeks before you see the cases that require medical attention surface. How everyone’s immune system is different, and who’s to say that this virus can not be making itself weaker or stronger after it’s passed on to the next person.. mutating. ..and or,. How it cripples the ones who may be “at risk” with other ailments. This truly has to require the patience and respect it deserves .