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  1. It makes more sense to play Tanev and keep him back on the track to being an asset to move on our before the trade deadline. At 4.5 and UFA , to keep him would be more money. We Trade Tanev for a 2nd round pick in the future, we need to reclaim some picks we’ve let go. The Canucks still have more contracts to negotiate, and Tanevs 4.5 in Capspace helps with that. Tryamkin would probably do a 2 year 2 - 2.5 per, and look great with Hughes. Hanging on to Tanev slows down the rotation of our good prospects replacing our aging assets
  2. ... it’s an Uber ride to Utica for Eriksson while they’re in NY State. I can’t see Green wanting to bust up the chemistry the Canucks are creating right now. Keeping Guadette, Motte and the return of Rousell has to bump Eriksson out. It is what it is.
  3. I’m thinking this road trip is the end of the line for Loui.. maybe he gets none, or one game to show in NY state,. and then finds himself in an Uber to Utica. I don’t think Green wants to upset the Chemistry being created on this trip
  4. The truth is the “choir boy” press in this town and fans aligned with that same type of freak out mentality, buried him. Had more in this city come to his defence during and just after the fact , I think Bert could have recaptured his career form game for at least 3 more seasons. That squad was destined for greatness that season.. but the inaction of rubber neck NHL brass did not act on Moores intent to injure Naslund.. Had they done that minor, but major detail, none of this would have happened. Coach Tony Granato was a major motivating factor in what happened and should have been banned himself. Its a shame what happened,. But a true investigation should still happen regarding the decisions and actions made that led up to that one point in time. Yes, ..“ it is what it is”.. but what made “it” happen should be a huge lesson to learn for every one.
  5. Character game. Build from this. New Jersey will be another good test.
  6. Who ,. Me? If I lived up to that, people would try to walk all over me. i think if you can find the humour in all of it, that light at the end of the tunnel actually illuminates the whole damn thing. i try not to take myself too seriously,. Perhaps there’s a suggestion in that.
  7. To add to this point Deb.. I would have to watch that part of the game over again but I seem to remember Granato double shifting Moore (at least 3 times) taunting Crawford and the Players to instigate an upheaval in the game. Granato .. a punk agitator himself .. now a Coach?
  8. I see some similarities.. Can Myers be nik-named “Clyde”?
  9. Schaller! Hope he’s in a groove,. Starting to feel like it