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  1. Follow this fella , he posts a lot of vids on Canuck prospects
  2. We have done well in this trade, our first overall next season will be lottery exempt if we are in the playoffs,. Even then the luck in getting a first round pick to perform point wise in 2 years, as well as J.T. is already (and he could be an iron man on top of that) would be pure luck. JT is 3 birds in the hand presently,. That pick is one bird in the Bush 2 years from now. This player was built for this club as it is presently representing itself the opposition,. And he will probably be an asset to keep or move on for futures in 3 years. I can’t even, and will never dwell on this move or what that 1st round pick aims to be,. JT might even bring one back to us in 3years.
  3. Any word on Tyler Motte??. I’m really looking forward to seeing his energy back in the line up.
  4. A Joulevi and Tryamkin Pairing might look sweet in the future.
  5. Yes, pretty sure it keeps them on their toes lol! At least it’s the beginning of symmetry between the world of hockey internationally.. to add , Tryamkins game suits the smaller ice, he likes to stay close to opposing players, and his speed, stride, strength and reach make him the perfect shut down D man... just ask Jamie Benn. He does have a great offensive prowess, great breakout pass,.. and when he gets that 265 lb frame accelerating quickly, nobody gets in front of him. Looking forward to what may transpire in late Feb- early March between Nik and the Canucks.
  6. Follow this fella and get a lot of vid on our prospects.
  7. In the KHL, 6 Teams are playing on NHL Size rinks,. 11 Teams are on Finish size rinks, and only 7 Teams remain playing on KHL size rinks for their home games.
  8. There seems to be a few posters on here who rate this player far less than his actual worth. Josh is a player who puts out 100% on a regular basis, but his individual playmaking benefits far more when this team is healthy. He is a valuable complimentary player, not a lone standout.. a type of player that can create chemistry in a healthy line up.. and make it win. Tyler Motte is another, and I look forward to his return. When this team is fully healthy, it’s players like Leivo, Motte, Beagle, Rousell, and Schaller that keep the prowess of this team hot and hard to handle.
  9. WoW! Fast game! Commentary dosent have time to talk about the lack of whistles and how fast the period has gone by! Maybe more days off the ice between games is a good thing.
  10. Attrition of vet D in 2 years almost guarantees Tryamkin the opportunity to be a 2nd pairing D or better after 1 more full season in the NHL. Injuries will allow him to pair with any top 2 or better pairing in that first season... Im sure Tryamkin will not take those opportunities lightly and make the best of them. There is an untapped potential offensively in this Big Man that suits the NHL size rinks once he gets accustomed again to the game here.. Coach Green will help him bring out the best of him. Looking forward to the last month of the regular season here,. But enjoying everything about our team in the meantime.. and am excited about the probability of seeing Tryamkin return in a playoff push.
  12. Could be one of the next assistant Coaches for the Canucks.