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  1. Jan, his “out of shape” report came from Desjardins mouth.. obviously designed to put more pressure on Tryamkin to go to the AHL as a “right of passage” from an old school coach. Remember Desjardins comments to Stetcher after his camp? “your not supposed to be here”. Desjardins should have been fired after the Season that Nik arrived for his short 10 game end of season with us. Deployment was a huge issue, as fans we saw it, even announcers questioned some of the matching. I am convinced that Linden protected Desjardins from being fired by Benning that season.. too many times when match ups were bewildering, or a power play flogged death, did the cameras turn to see Benning questioning Linden , and the optics/ body language was frustration on Benning part and Linden preaching patience for his. I’m pretty sure that came out of the wash in conversations with ownership a year later, who may have been disappointed enough in Linden to let him go as well at a less timely date. optics are everything. just my 2 bits, I can’t claim to be a mind reader.. but there was something in those optics in the press box at certain times in games that even play by play guys recognized as confusing.
  2. From Russia with Love.. Podz, Tryamkin, And our next mystery pick...
  3. He scores that goal and you think that makes it all go away,.. gotta luv the empathy some fans have for their favourite flo’s. Cinderella stories, and happy endings don’t define careers or place you in a throne.
  4. Haven’t seen a Face off percentage, but Beagle Horvat Sutter and Miller seemed to keep us icy cool.
  5. Now it’s a Cup.. ? The comment was on the crappy officiating which is actually effecting both sides,.. your an alarmist, and disproportional . You remind me of this guy..