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  1. Yes, absolutely,. But that is the mental wear and tear that those guys shine in, fortitude, cunning, those longer in the tooth that can play recognize a weakness to prey on, Or to find a motivating factor to uplift their own.
  2. That Cap number for the KHL is similar to the money that has historically been paid out by teams. The fact that they are implementing a Cap is to even out the Leagues playing field, and away from the back pocket cash to some players that end up stacked on certain clubs. They actually played into the 3rd or 4th round of playoffs this year before they stopped playing, which might be better than the NHL’s situation . I have heard nothing of players “fleeing”.. I try to follow @IgorEronko on Twitter, usually finds the top stories and changes the KHL is making. He is established , well known, and has a good relationship with Tryamkin. he was one of the first writers 2 years ago report of the KHL reducing Ice size and implementing a future Cap. Thats all about to change as he has just been hired as the Assistant GM of Avanguardomsk HC Ive heard of more scouts following the talent in Russia, as the KHL seems more receptive to this, and wants to establish a better relationship with the NHL. A report at Christmas stated they would like to create better relationships with contracts and player rights. It dosent matter what anyone gets paid in another league before the arrive to the NHL. That is predjudicious,. And would do no service for players presently playing in the NHL.. if you get to the NHL , “GET”.. you play the game in such a way that other professionals in that industry are opinionated enough to offer you a contract. ... For Tryamkin, that happened 3 years ago. It was a 2 year ELC at 925k per. 13 games in his first short season, 66 games in his 2nd. He proved himself then, and he was offered a 2yr, 2m per before he left. This time he will be offered a fair contract, one that works for the Club, and the player. The bigger picture here is the players who are, or who are not playing in the NHL , who are either not capable of playing up to their contract, or whose tenure in the NHL still Effects a teams Cap Space after they are retired. Eriksson / Luongo. 9m + per?
  3. I Heard Ferland is feeling pretty good,. I’m curious about Leivo.. could be another bright addition.
  4. It seems it is a bit of dilemma for a few clubs,. I think it has to do more with the evolution of the game.. it will be rare to see a player over 32 years of age playing in the NHL in 3 years. These young men are thoroughly equipped, and the skill level is on the roof.. I saw video 3 years ago of kids in Russia training and skating with the puck like it was the Cirques de Solei .. Pretty easy to see that Sevechnikov might get at least 25 goals in his career lacrosse style, behind the net.. Hoglander could be another. Its a younger man’s game,. It will need a vets presence mentally,. But older guys are feeling the push to pasture.
  5. “ Teams” are probably showing losses.. they have historically always tried to like any Buisness.. Thats not to say that Entrepreneurial Owners feel it the same way. Like I said Q , you hypothetically could have 3 buy outs but not necessarily use them.
  6. This kids Twitter account profile pic has looked like this for the last 3 years while he has been playing in a different league.. Is it too hard to tell where his heart is?
  7. Hughes still does not have the right D partner in Tanev.. Frankly I think Myers is a better pairing.. but Hughes can make anyone look good.. Luke Schenn a grounded D man , looked invincible with Hughes,. Imagine the possibilities with if Tryamk8n and Hughes could create a chemistry, it could be like having Bobby Orr and Z Chara paired in their prime.. 3m for 2 - 3 years for that possibility? Or risk signing him for 4m or more after his next single season as a UFA.
  8. Pretty sure Benning is telling Nik’s camp to wait.. besides Russia isn’t thinking hockey yet as this Virus is setting in hard at this time.. be lucky if Nik could find a flight out in July , unless it’s private. Im with you on the Leagues Buisness Jan, why not up the buy outs to 3 per team.. you don’t necessarily have to use them,. But it allows the game to shape to younger players, and the fact that some RFA signings are become the big money, prime age bracket for players. There are so many things right now that would make sense to establish or talk about to evolve the game for its betterment.
  9. Absolutely. People forget that when Tryamkin finishes a check ,. And you and I witnessed it this season HK,. he is either putting that offensive play to it’s full stop for a teammate to have puck advantage,. Or he is taking that offensive player out of the play, usually a “give and go” or “tail and follow” for that forward. In comparison Tanev “tracks”, consistently. That does not stop any thing or anyone,. You are only try to waste time to have your forwards come deep to help you set up. Tryamkin may not look as spectacular as Tanevs greasy flo whipping outside of his lid, or his itty bitty quick feet spraying snow flakes.. But Tryamkins game IS pound for pound far more effective than Tanevs round up at OK Corral. Seek and Destroy over , Bait and Wait.
  10. Then the argument should be that 6 mil is too much for Edler, and the thought of paying Tanev 5+ m per in UFA is eye rolling.. .. and don’t get me started on Dead head Eriksson. The truth is we are arguing over a million dollars because of the above players and the Luongo Shtick. So Tryamkin takes the heat over a difference of a million dollars because of other mis givings. Lets scrutinize what is truly disproportionate, the top end and the lack of attrition, not the bottom end and the real future. .. 2m for one season would put NT into UFA. by then he will have proved himself to be worth 4+ per.. 3 mil is close to appropriate for anything around to a 2-4 year deal. I think the beginning of next season it’s without Tanev, signing him to anything long term is going to bite.. so is anything over what he already makes.. he is over rated. This team is long over due to be bringing its D prospects in to play. Rafferty as a 25 year old will do fine. Rathbone might be another sweet surprise like Hughes. Breisboise is chomping at the bit. again, I’m sure Tryamkin just wants to play, and what ever amount he signs for is probably more concerning for us than what it needs to be. There are bigger fish to fry.
  11. Sid, It could easily be that Nik regretted not staying in Vancouver.. As for his last 2 seasons with Avtomobilist it was rumoured that Tryamkin was being pressured to sign an extension to stay, note his second season posting only 41 games.. and the on / off again Captaincy. His game has progressed, although his numbers don’t really show it, but trust if given the right direction here, and the right opportunity, we will see something similar to his 17/18 season .. 25 pst in 51 games is nothing to shake your head at. I see a motivated above average skater, with size , strength, and skill , on stand-by , ready to sign. I do not think money is even a motivating factor at this point for him.. I think he wants to prove himself to be everything he can be, first to himself,. and at the same time to the Fans in Vancouver. He came out last season and admitted his immaturity in leaving this city,. 21 / 22 years old,. Hard to find anyone mature at that age. He also stated he wants to come back. Lets all just let this happen and cheer our best D prospect on. Either 2m or 3m per.. that’s what these conversations are about,. 1m dollars. What ever this ends up being, my guess is that it means less to Tryamkin than it does us, and 1m dollars to add to our D core what Edler dosent bring anymore, Myers tries to, Tanev can not,. Stetcher tries out side of himself to,. bring a level of physicality that in his rookie season had numerous power forwards on there backs and out of the play. .. for the argumentative sake, he will prove to be worth more.
  13. If he’s our best, then there is lots to worry about. Lol. ... and less to worry about a guy that isn’t signed yet.
  14. CS, I didn’t see this season as a strong push to win a Cup, I did see playoffs,. But even with our D the way it is, it doesn’t seem to have the physical resistance to survive 2 strong series. Personally I thought it probably more an opportunity to bring a rookie or 2 up . With Rafferty, Joulevi, Breisbois , Sautner , available to help for a round or 2.. and be able possibly pick up a 2nd rnd pick this draft or next, just helps, and speeds up the way this is probably going to play out. Hughes is going to make all of his partners look great,. It will be interesting to see how much better he gets with the right partner. One that can shut cycles down physically and almost instantly for QH to pick up on the puck separation, without losing speed.
  15. He has played a solid 79 games in the NHL. Was offered a contract 3 years ago to stay. The amount was rumoured to be 2m +/- per. 3 years ago. Benning wants him. That’s all that matters. Say goodbye, so long, to Tin-ev.. Not paying 4 -5 mil per for a guy who should have come into the league with a personal medical stretcher, and leaving a half season gap in the line up every season. Tryamkin will fill that nicely. Will be a shame we didn’t ship Tanev this season for a pick.
  16. It will be interesting to see what the protocol is for a team, if or when a team member tests positive.. protocol right now is 14 days at home if exposed to some one. I beleive there has been NHL players who have already tested positive only a few weeks ago,. And noe some of the information states that it lingers on without an expiry. KHL Canceled their season amidst the playoffs in April.
  17. Nobody owes anybody anything except Bettman to Corporate Networks for not having an insurance policy in the contracts for something like this. Force de jour.. its in many other industries.
  18. That’s bs. And I bet you close to, or more than half the players have a problem with this.. probably why I’m hearing it’s not going to a membership vote. Hey boys, back to meat packing.!
  19. It’s going to be such a fiasco S. T. Sorry guys, no spitting on or off the ice,. No sweating, Don’t touch me! No Heavy breathing.. Shower at home, and take your gear with you.. Like you said, these teams are going to get pulled apart with the slightest indicators of health issues.. What about the Diabetic and Asthmatic Players, or anyone else with issues.. This is a huge gamble for 2-3 months of hockey, for a Tainted Cup one team won’t be able to share a drink from.
  20. Meat packing plants aren’t Arenas either.. 40 - 50 guys going to work.. cool air and flesh.
  21. ... it’s more like Corporate Greed.
  22. I don’t think the NHLPA is greeting this concept of returning to work with open arms,.. wait until the players react to this. ... would you go back to a meat packing plant for work ?
  23. What’s the rational behind not realizing that this Virus is existing and thriving still? I don’t want to see the NHL return to finish this season because even behind what “safe guards” are dreamt up your asking athletes to return to a game with 40 players engaged in full physical contact, body fluids, blood, and sweat being passed around into each other’s immune systems... from one team to the next throughout a tournament. This isn’t a one hour MMA fight between 2 fighters.. it’s far, far , from that. And even knowing that someone might not test positive, they can be positive. Even the testing is messed up. So , we play 2 months of hockey that might totally write off the following season.. how about that financially?.. that’s the rationale. If there was ever a test for patience, this is it. Hell, start the 20/ 21 season in September with Camps opening in late July.. open the broadcasting contracts now to specifically and significantly raise the Cap next season.. The Summer movement of players and team restructuring would be dynamic. Up the buy outs to 3 per team,. Move this age progression in its proper direction. If the NHL can sit a season over CBA agreements, they can certainly sit on there hands for 3 more months and come up with how the next season will open properly and in a spectacular fashion with new norms and rules solidly in place. Times like these call for positive pragmatic moves to enhance,. not band aid solutions to save.