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  1. No kidding. After pulling the 9 best prospects out we still have a much better pool than we had when JB took over. I'm going with Brisebois, but there are still a lot of intriguing looking prospects left. This game would have been a lot shorter a few years ago. After the first 2 or 3, nobody would have wanted to play any more, because there weren't any prospects left with any real potential. Another cool thing about this thread is that it's nature keeps most of the trolls and haters out, because there is really very little for them to work with here. The air seems to be a little fresher and cleaner here than it is in many of the other threads. Lol.
  2. Yes, it's unlikely that everything will go right. But there are a lot of things that will probably improve. I expect the twins and Eriksson to have bounce back years. I expect the young Canucks like Bo, Baer, Granny, Stecher, etc to continue to improve. I expect one or more of the young prospects like Brock, Jake, Goldy, etc, to blossom into NHL players. And I think it's very unlikely that the Canucks will lead the league in injuries again. If we just see most of these improvements, the end result is a significantly better performance next season.
  3. I have a tough time seeing Guddy going anywhere, Tanev almost the same, best choice would be Edler, IF he's willing, which is a very big if. I think both forward and defense are likely to need either some trades or some waivers, depending on how the kids look in camp. JB's going to have some difficult choices this fall, but I like this kind of tough choice over last year's Skille or Chaput or Megna or Cramarossa type choices.
  4. I think it's more than "might". The alternative to a trade is to waive some bodies and hope nobody picks them up. I suspect that JB will be trying very hard to make some moves near the end of camp, especially if some of the kids look like they belong in the NHL.
  5. Still don't see that much difference between Subban and Ehrhoff. While Ehrhoff was excellent offensively, I shuddered every time an opposition forward entered the Canucks zone when he was on the ice because there was very little chance that Ehrhoff would deal with him effectively. Either one of them needs a Tanev type for a partner to compensate for their defensive deficiencies. There was a reason why Ehrhoff was bought out.
  6. Sounds like you are describing Ehrhoff, who some posters feel is one of the bigger missing components.
  7. Yes, with the way the game is officiated in the playoffs, a team that is heavy on skill but light on grit, one that relies on a power play that seldom sees the ice in the playoffs, has a real uphill battle to the Cup. The Canucks need more Lindens and Ohlunds, playoff warriors who will dig deeper when it really matters (he'll play on crutches!). That's the reason why JB focuses on character, because the character kids are the ones who, like Bo, will put in whatever work it takes to exceed everybody's expectations, and who you just know, will not disappear when the going gets tough. Those kids, JB's mid to late round draft picks who are always captains of their teams - if one of them gets a shot in the playoffs due to injuries, how big a shock is it going to be if they come up big? Not that much, those are the types of guys who do that. And look at Jake - I was as disappointed as anyone when JB didn't pick Ehlers or Nylander, but it was immediately obvious why he picked Jake. Jake is built for the playoffs, and if he turns into a Raffi Torres with better hands, he absolutely will not be a waste of a high draft pick.
  8. Sounds like Gadjovich will be about 5 times as productive as Lucic. I could live with that.
  9. I guess you mean a really big meteor, not just a little one hitting Brock.
  10. Green has been coaching him for a year already and seems to be happy with his play. Why would having him available on the big team throw a wrench into Green's plans?
  11. Some of the posters here apparently would prefer that.
  12. Yes, actions speak louder than words. His usage in the playoffs made it pretty clear how Gallant "really feels" about Guddy. Despite what the frog is purporting to believe.
  13. You are right about what JB said, but what he did not say was that if a player shows he appears to be ready (in training camp) they will throw away assets to make room immediately. No contradiction.
  14. Yeah, a 1 or 2 year one-way contract seems the most likely.
  15. One would need to dig really deeply to find a single post where that poster has said anything positive about any member of the Canucks organization.