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  1. Lol. I don't think it's an illusion. I think he really is returning to the Canucks.
  2. I think Larionov should apologize for comparing Pods to Messier. He obviously just said it to stir up controversy. And really, what the hell would he know about it anyway? Lol.
  3. Don't get too excited about Feb 27. Only one third of KHL teams miss the playoffs, and it doesn't really look like Tram's is going to be one of them.
  4. He posted a number of points, one of which was opinion, a couple of which were logical conclusions, the rest being verifiable facts that support his opinion. He often does post links to his sources, but they tend to be in Russian, which Google translate struggles to deal with. What "exact same nonsense" are you referring to? Tram's belief that both he and his team should feel obligated to honour their contracts? Where exactly does this "sulking because he doesn't want to earn his minutes" come from? Where is your "link to a resource that corroborates (your) belief?"
  5. That "random person" speaks Russian and actually follows what is written in the Russian media about our prospects. The information he provides has been consistently high quality and is invariably very plausible. When I read anything, I consider the credibility of the source. That source has earned a very high degree of credibility. You, on the other hand, someone who acknowledges that they don't pay any attention to what is going on with Tram...
  6. Sulking, diva, doesn't want to earn his minutes? Sounds like projection to me. I heard about the team trying to bully him into signing a new contract in this thread, as did the other fans who are interested in him. The information was posted by one of the Russian speaking fans who provides us with information about our Russian prospects. If you wanted to actually know what is going on with him, rather than just spouting nonsense to put him down, you could read this thread too. But I am not holding my breath on that.
  7. It really is, if true. I had Dobson and Bouchard as my top choices for our pick, but only because I figured Huggy would be gone 3 or 4 picks before ours.
  8. Well, if it is true that he is disillusioned with his present team because they tried to bully him into signing a contract extension and lowered his icetime when he refused, I don't blame him.
  9. I guess it might be worthwhile if we had a shortage of prospects. But since that is far from the case, I would have to say no, it is not worth worsening our playoff chances.
  10. Yeah, we have an awful lot of depth and it would be nice to get back some future assets for some of them. But it looks like we will be in the playoffs, and if we are, we'll probably need all the depth we can get. Cause you know we will need a lot of bodies to get through 15 or 20 playoff games.
  11. Considering he has the size, strength and reach to be able to grab a heavyweight by the throat and use their head for a speed bag, I don't think he will need to fight very often.
  12. Really? I guess this must be your first visit to this thread? Lol.
  13. I think that's actually pretty good for a wrist shot lol. I remember when he was here that his passes were often harder than many players slap shots. Takes a fairly high skill level just to be able to receive them cleanly.
  14. Yeah, when things aren't going that well for the team, the trolls pretty much dominate CDC, but they really do stand out now. It's funny how hard some of them have to reach for pretexts to be upset over, now that the team and most of their prospects are doing well.
  15. It says something positive about a Canucks prospect. Evidently not the sort of thing that would interest you.