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  1. So for the same price as Tanev's last contract you actually believe that we can sign another's team's UFA that is bigger better and stronger than Tanev? That is completely unrealistic.
  2. It depends how subtle the sarcasm is. The post that you apparently had difficulty understanding was obvious to everybody except you.
  3. I would have thought the sarcasm in that post you responded to was completely obvious to anybody. But apparently not.
  4. Yeah, it may have taken a while for Eddie's point production to pick up, but from the first time he stepped on NHL ice, he looked calm, cool, confident and competent. Kinda like OJ does. Much like Myers, at times in his career Eddie has looked somewhat disappointing only because the beginning of his NHL career started so strongly.
  5. He was obviously responding to the AJ post you were quoting, and didn't notice your insignificant little quibble at the bottom. Was that really not obvious to you?
  6. You know that is exactly what was said about Tanev, earlier in his career when he was still establishing himself, right? And it still applies; playing with Tanev allows Huggy to just relax and play his game, knowing that his D partner is totally reliable defensively.
  7. If you really want to see a kinder gentler Myers in the playoffs, yes I am pretty sure you are in the minority. He is playing solid playoff hockey, and the type of penalties he is taking, for strong physical play, teams almost always kill off.
  8. Probably because your fellow haters whined about it ad nauseam years ago and nobody but you hates Benning enough to have any interest in reviving that particular piece of ancient history.
  9. Yes, that's how we got Miller. And with just a little bit of luck, the Canucks could be there very soon.
  10. Jake is usually on the ice near the end of tight games. That's how he got 2 empty net goals last year. To me, playing 5 on 6 defending the lead late in a tight game is a defensive role.
  11. Way higher than bullying and assaulting him would rate, as is obvious to anyone who is not completely brain dead.
  12. If you say so. Personally, I would say the player who led the team in points and game winning goals led the team to the series win. Much like when Kesler put the team on his back for one series in 2011, when the Sedins were being shut down by tight checking.
  13. I don't think it is completely fair to give the 06-07 series to the twins rather than Linden. While the Sedins got more ice time in that series, Trevor, despite his venerable age, led the team in plus-minus (+4 compared to the twins combined -13), points (7 points compared to the twins combined 9 points), and game winning goals (2 compared to the Sedins combined 1).
  14. Better get used to that if you are going to respond to that poster.
  15. You "do know" that, do you? Well then, it seems likely at this point in your life that you will never understand the difference between what you actually know and your opinion. Before you could possibly know what you think you know, in addition to knowing exactly how OJ and his peers will perform, you would need to know what trades the team will make and what injuries they will suffer. Wisdom just never comes to some people.