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  1. That's not the way I remember it. The majority of the draft rankings had Hughes gone before our pick. I remember being happily shocked when I found out we had landed Hughes, because I wanted him but thought he would be taken at 3rd or 4th overall, well before our turn to pick. Specifically, of the latest draft rankings, i.e. the dozen made in May and June, he was ranked 7th in one ranking, he was ranked higher than that in 8 rankings, and only three analysts had him going later than our pick.
  2. Absolutely. Our Dmen are always going to get injured, we need lots of them. Remember in 2010-11 we didn't have room for all our good Dmen, so Juice was considered to be tradebait as soon as Salo comes back from injury. But we always have more D injuries, so lo and behold come playoff time we still had all 5 top 3 Dmen. Another Salo would be just fine. And it kinda looks like that's what we will be getting.
  3. Two points and draws the OT penalty (yes, he was actually playing in OT!) that led to the gamewinner. He continues to get more consistent, and playing with Rooster and Gaud certainly doesn't hurt. This is not the first time that Jake and Rous have looked really good together; hope this line stays intact for a while.
  4. Actually, I stand corrected. He has more total time on ice this year than any other player on his team. I wonder how long until we hear some more about how "He plays 3rd pairing minutes...", "he's often a healthy scratch", etc. Lol.
  5. Actually, right now I think he is second in TOI/game, by about 16 seconds per game, although he may have played the most total minutes. He is one of the top 2 Dmen on his team in most categories, including ice time per game, points, hits, plus minus, etc. Claiming he is currently a 3rd pairing Dman is about as accurate as claiming JT Miller is a 3rd line forward.
  6. Anyone remember the last time we had no D injuries late in the season?
  7. Yes, what management knows is that he is under contract AT THIS TIME and will not be available until the end of this season.
  8. Yeah, I could definitely see those CRA parasites taxing him on the value of the electricity he produced for himself. If they are going to gouge him for HST, why not also gouge him for some income tax on it?
  9. I suspect that most NCAA players are on full ride scholarships, so if that is the case, they are being paid.
  10. That's quite a difference between 2 goals and 6 goals. You don't need to score as many points to be considered productive when most of your points are goals. 9 points in 19 games is ok production but 6 goals in 19 games is excellent.
  11. It was not an assessment of the player. It was an assessment of how difficult he expected contract negotiations with the Canucks to be. Presumably based on his discussions with the Canucks and with Tram.
  12. Then work your way back through this thread. It's all here. The quote that I suspect the poster is referring to wasn't that long ago. In it, Tram's agent states that he does not expect reaching a contract agreement between the Canucks and Tram will be very difficult or time consuming.
  13. I guess this means that now is the best time to get rid of our PP coach. We need to trade him now while his value is at an all time high lol. And maybe at the same time we can trade away our entire first PP unit. Imagine the haul of draft picks we could get!
  14. You don't need to be worried about Jake being sent down, since that will not happen, as he obviously would not clear waivers and there is no way JB would throw away a valuable asset for no return and no reason. And the chance of him being traded is only slightly higher than zero, so you don't need to worry about that either.
  15. Claiming that Edler can neither pass nor shoot, but can only hit opponents' shin pads with the puck most certainly is cutting him down. During Ehrhoff's tenure here, his points per game production was virtually identical to Edler's, while his power play points per game was slightly higher than Edler's. And of course Edlers's career power play points per game is higher than Ehrhoff's.