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  1. I agree about Baer; he is clearly NHL quality and is far to good to be playing in the AHL. But saying that Leivo and Jake are bringing no offence isn't really fair. Both have recorded a few points and Jake brings a physicality that Sven doesn't, and as for Leivo, the last time the Canucks won, do you remember who scored the goal that got them the win?
  2. With the huge increase in quality and depth on both the big team and the farm, the trolls are like the wasps at the end of the summer; they are fast running out of food and know their time is near an end, so they become irrational, desperately looking for any pretext to be obnoxious.
  3. I think the Comets fans had better enjoy this while they can. Seems unlikely that Baer, Goldy and OJ will all stay down here for the whole season to help continue this dominance. And hopefully Lind continues his progress and gets a call up. Sure is nice to see the Vancouver depth looking so good on Utica.
  4. That is, was, and always will be complete nonsense. I realize that it seems to you that negotiating would be very easy, if you just had the opportunity to try. But if you ever actually try to negotiate something, you will find this: When you are on the wrong end of a bidding war, competing with a dozen other buyers to purchase a very desirable, valuable commodity, you will not be able to steal the commodity for a low price, regardless of how motivated or desperate the seller is. You could try of course. But only a simpleton would actually expect to have all the other buyers sit around also making nothing but stupidly low offers to allow you to steal the asset.
  5. No he didn't. You just missed something and posted out of ignorance.
  6. And if they turn suddenly they can really hurt you, so it's best not to get too close to them, lol.
  7. Couldn't possibly have been a smart play, passing to a teammate when another is coming in behind in case the first target doesn't collect it? Nah, must have just been pure luck, ok...
  8. Calling him a bust or a wasted pick, is.
  9. You must be new to CDC. Quite a few posters have been determined to call OJ a bust, a wasted draft pick, proof positive of JB's incompetence. Over and over and over again.
  10. Green does seem to be getting the best from the team now. I think part of it is he gives everybody opportunities. I just noticed that every single skater got some powerplay time this game; I've never seen that before. And not just a few seconds: Ferland got 20 seconds on the PP, Tanev got 30, and every other skater got over 50 seconds PP time. The guys must like that.
  11. A classy move by JB, doing the right thing for one of the ultimate team players. Bulldog would sit in the pressbox without complaint for weeks at a time, working his butt off in practice, just waiting for his chance to play. And when he got his chance, he would leave it all on the ice, not holding anything back. Anybody complaining about this move because we are giving up number 10 or so on our D depth chart to show loyalty and appreciation for the efforts of an aging warrior who we no longer need, is showing their lack of class.
  12. Considering how well Demko has played in his NHL games, it sure doesn't take much to scare you. You must be scared to go outside because a big mean chipmunk might cross your path.
  13. If he was honest, he would have already done so. Anyone who claims to believe that 70 points or 25 goals is second line production is obviously an idiot. I guess spending a minute on NHL.com to check simple statistics is too complicated for some people.
  14. Now there's a prediction that I suspect won't age very well. I guess we'll see.
  15. Reading one of your posts is much like stepping into a big pile of dog crap. I wish your owner was a better citizen and would bring along a pooper scooper when he takes you for a walk.