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  1. Actually, most of his posts are number 2, lol.
  2. Quite possibly. That was the reason Jagr went 5th overall even though he was acknowledged to be the best player in his draft. Pens were the only team who he let know that he would come over immediately. I wonder if Pod is doing the same thing: letting only the team he wants know that he is immediately available.
  3. You know that he makes it up as he goes along, so better not to quote him and give him the attention he wants.
  4. Yeah, it would be pretty foolish to treat him like crap to save $1M in salary cap. While he is certainly overpaid, it's not as if we could hire someone to replace what he does for $1M.
  5. Yeah, you don't need to be injury prone to have concussion issues from dirty head shots.
  6. Yak was the apparent BPA, but in hindsight, he was not. BPA is often a very subjective thing, since there are so many different factors and the kids are so young. What teams really do is pick the kid who they expect will be the most valuable to their team.
  7. Yes, his goals per game already justifies $5M plus. I don't think there is any chance at all that he signs for less than that, regardless of the term. And $6M plus is more likely.
  8. One big difference between the Canucks and the Oilers is that we have used a number of high draft picks to draft Dmen, which provides a much more balanced lineup. What Dmen have the Oilers drafted?
  9. Well, since you are too lazy to bother checking to see what you are talking about, here, I've done it for you. A poster was expressing sympathy for what DiPietro has been going through: Now no reasonable person would think that he actually believes Mikey is going to win several Vezinas and Conn Smythes. But your buddy responded with: Which was a pretty stupid and obnoxious response. At least in my opinion. Perhaps in your mind it was reasonable, which puts you in the same class as Fred. So you get your wish, you are now on ignore too.
  10. Hang on to your ignorance. I am sure that it will serve you well.
  11. So you are too lazy to follow the conversation back to see what it was about, and are determined to stay ignorant and spout off about something you know nothing about. Suit yourself. Your opinion is obviously worthless.
  12. You might want to follow back a bit to see what the conversation is about. Or you could continue to talk crap.
  13. Many of us reading this thread have been wondering the same thing. Like why would JB be mentally unstable enough to give up a huge amount of assets to take on a wrong-end-of-a-bidding-war priced 6 year contract for a 30 year old player who is almost certainly already declining? When we are not yet serious contenders and will be needing cap space to sign our own young stars before that grotesque contract is even halfway finished?
  14. I almost agree with you. Except I think that with 3 or 4 games left in the season is when we lock up our playoff spot. It all depends on how much our young players and prospects progress. We have quite a few of them now, and there is a huge variance in their possible productivity. Imagine Quinn stepping in the way Brock and Petey did, while Petey takes another step forward, as do Brock and Bo and Jake. And Baer and the majority of the team stay reasonably healthy and Marky continues where he left off, along with Pearson and Leivo, etc.
  15. Hens make it look so easy, but have you ever tried that yourself? You'd probably hurt yourself too if you tried it.