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  1. Yes, a 26 year old Dman is obviously over the hill. That is probably why the highest paid Dmen are the 20 year olds, and why most Dmen retire by the time they are 25. That is the way it works, right?
  2. Yes. And after taxes, that 750 - 900 was the equivalent of 1.4 - 1.7M here. And since he was offered 2M per year several years ago, of course paying him 1M per year now would be totally reasonable. Since, as everybody knows, due to natural deterioration in skill levels from aging, 26 year old defensemen are typically worth about half of what they were worth as 21 year olds, right? (Sarcasm)
  3. Sure are a lot of clowns who figure a young professional athlete should be living like a monk. Who are determined to assume the worst and then vilify him for their assumptions. And to put the worst possible spin on every tiny piece of "news". What would this forum be like without such wonderful "realistic fans"?
  4. Seems to me we had a fairly decent young Dman break out recently. Led all rookies in scoring and could very easily be our second consecutive Calder winner. Was it all a dream?
  5. I agree. But you know how it is to some posters here, any Canuck, especially Jake, is guilty until proven innocent.
  6. And then you post another piece of garbage like this.
  7. I see that you are a lawyer. So of course you are aware of the legal principle, "De minimis non curat lex"? Translated as "The law does not concern itself with trifles." Or to put it another way, nobody cares. It must be very exciting, after months with nothing happening in the NHL, for you to have a new opportunity to crap all over a Canuck.
  8. In this environment it makes perfect sense. When does the contract start - this season or next season? How much money is available - like how high is the cap going to be next season? I expect the contract to be for a relatively short term, but we do not know for a fact that both sides have agreed to a one-year term, that is just a rumour. Nor do we know what either side has in mind for salary or terms. All of those things are important to the parties to the contract. Contracts only seem easy to negotiate to those who have never tried to do so.
  9. "A little birdy told him" sounds like a fabrication. If he had a real source he most likely would have indicated roughly where the rumour came from, ie: Tram's camp, or the Canucks organization, or an agent, or another team, etc. And it sounds like the two media colleagues have a bet on whether or not it is true, so apparently even his partner doesn't believe it.
  10. True. But Benning is really good at making gravy, and we have become accustomed to receiving generous portions.
  11. Pretty well everybody knows what a mental midget is. Obviously the question was, "Why did you call Lind a mental midget?"
  12. I would be surprised if that were the case. Since even an old player like LE is still in his thirties, and the youngest person to die from this disease in BC was in his forties.
  13. Some of us understand sarcasm by being aware of context and history. Before I respond to a post, I generally follow the thread far enough to ensure that I understand the context and history behind the post, because I prefer not to appear ignorant or stupid. Those of us who have have "knowledge of what the speaker is referring to and how the speaker might feel about it" often can detect sarcasm without needing to observe the speaker's tone of voice or facial expression. If you try that, you might be able to do it too.
  14. Not to mention head coach Green still holds the all time NHL record for most face off wins in a single game.
  15. Personally I would feel much safer if an effective treatment was found. Vaccines tend to be far short of 100% effective. Some years the flu vaccine effectiveness is 20% or less. Not that comforting for those of us in the vulnerable demographic groups.