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  1. I read somewhere that the MHL actually has a higher point equivalency to the NHL than the CHL, which is pretty suspicious but encouraging. The MHL loses their more talented players to the VHL and KHL as soon as those players are ready to make the jump (for example Dorofeyev made the jump to the KHL this year), whereas the CHL retains their better players longer (for example Smith really should not be in the WHL this year). I would think that having better players equates to a having a better league scoring wise, but possibly not.
  2. I feel like anyone who likes that kind of animosity, grit and pushback must love Tkachuk's game.
  3. Surprisingly, I can actually see where the Canucks are coming from in regards to leaving Hughes on PP2 for now. The first unit is obviously all about Pettersson. They want the puck in his hands as much as possible and for him to make plays. That can include the zone entry, but it definitely includes everything past that. Hughes is talented enough to have an entire unit flow through him, and that just won't happen on that top unit. Edler is effective on that unit and he doesn't need the entire thing to flow through him, he's just a nice complimentary piece. On the second unit, Hughes get's to control the play and have it run through him. It maximizes everyone's abilities and doesn't put anyone in a lesser position than they can/should be. With that said, I do want to see what happens when we load up a unit. I'm sure Pettersson, Boeser, Hughes, Horvat and Miller on the first unit wouldn't be bad either.
  4. There really is no excuse for clearly sending an elbow straight through someone's head in any situation. The fact that some people are proud of the double standard they hold in regards to hits to the head is honestly kind of disgusting. I don't think Hoglander meant to do that, but he did it and he'll probably get slapped with a suspension for it.
  5. Hoglander gets the elbow up going for the reverse hit. EDIT: He got 5 and a game for this play.
  6. No worries. Everyone wanted Eriksson, Schaller, etc.
  7. Everybody still happy with the bottom 6? Sutter with the turnover on the McDavid goal. Beagle dump in on a breakaway. No offense outside of the top 2 lines.
  8. How so? Harman Dayal uses a lot of numbers and analytics to back up his claims.
  9. I think he was referring to Focht going undrafted in his draft year and being drafted in his draft +1 year.
  10. Interesting alternative. I had Baertschi - MacEwan - Lind as a line because I wanted Baertschi's NHL experience and high caliber of play to rub off on the two prospects. Specifically, I wanted Lind's offensive game to improve playing with an elite AHL talent and MacEwan deserves to be close to NHL caliber players as well. I had Boucher and Goldobin together as they were junior teammates and have shown chemistry in the past. Perron and Jasek were playing together a lot in development camp if I remember correctly so I just paired them together. On defense, pairing Beiga with Juolevi for many of the same reasons as the top line. Sautner is one of the Comet's better defenseman and I don't think there's any way he get's taken out of the lineup.
  11. Vets: Baertschi Biega Boucher Camper Graovac Bancks Hamilton Vet-Exempt: Goldobin Bailey Based on that information, does a lineup like this look reasonable? Baertschi (V) - MacEwan - Lind Goldobin (VE) - Hamilton (V) - Boucher (V) Perron - Graovac (V) - Jasek Gadjovich - Malone - Stevenson? Juolevi - Biega (V) Brisebois - Chatfield Sautner - Rafferty Teves, Eliot McIntyre DiPietro Bachman
  12. 1) I'm not sure if there's much we can do here besides wait for Pettersson to reach his prime. If Ferland is not on that line, he becomes another meat and potatoes guy lower in the lineup who can't generate his own offense all that well, so getting the most use out of him is fine by me. I agree that Miller would make that line better, but I think it would make our other lines worse. 2) This has been the hot topic everywhere recently. Our bottom 6 was bad last year and it seems as though Green and Benning are comfortable going back with essentially the same unit. I really don't know how to justify this to be honest. I'm really not sure how anyone can justify having Eriksson still be on this team in particular. Killing penalties is not enough to warrant a spot with horrendous 5 on 5 play. In my eyes, the third line out of camp should have been Baertschi - Gaudette - Leivo, leaving the 4th line as Pearson - Beagle - Sutter/Virtanen. 3) Right now, our most defensively oriented pairing is probably Benn - Stetcher. I don't think our defense is built to have a dedicated shut down pairing though and Edler will still eat some hard minutes. I understand where you're coming from, but it's not as big of a concern for me right now. Also, I don't think we have many defensemen who are good enough to be on a shut down pair anyways (ideally it wouldn't include Benn).
  13. I still don't really understand this move. Benning was talking about Green having a specific structure for the bottom-6; guys that can forecheck and contribute on the penalty kill. To me, Baertschi was a good forechecker. There's more to it than just skating fast at the defenseman and getting a hit in, Baertschi was smart in applying pressure and can read plays that other players can't. His anticipation works well here. He's not going to bulldoze someone to get the puck, but quickness and anticipation go a long way. Baertschi doesn't kill penalties. At the end of the day, I don't think that's a good enough reason to justify sending him down. Assuming we sent down Schaller and Eriksson instead, we would still have Suttter, Beagle, Motte and Pearson as the main penalty killers with guys like Horvat, Ferland and Virtanen being able to sub in when needed. I can understand not wanting any of the top 6 guys (Horvat and Ferland) to kill penalties because Green wants to play a high tempo game and controlling everyone's minutes will go a long way in preserving that style, but our top 4 PK options are all in the bottom 6. Again, I don't think this is a good enough reason to cut someone like Baertschi. People have been talking about injuries and how Baertschi can't stay healthy for a full season. It's unfortunate, but if a season/career ending injury were to happen, what would actually happen? His contract would go on LTIR and not count against the cap, not hurting us in any way. Any minor injury can be addressed by simply calling up any of our forwards in Utica. And besides, why does Baertschi's injury history diminish his ability to play on the team but Sutter's doesn't? Gaudette made the team as a center, so it makes sense that a center should have been pushed down, but nobody was. We also have the same player on a cheaper deal with less injury history in Beagle. Again, it just doesn't add up for me. There seems to be a lot of hope that guys like Leivo, Virtanen, etc. can pick up the slack scoring wise, but I wouldn't bet on it (unless they're with Pettersson). Baertschi was someone capable of making plays with or without Pettersson or Horvat, though obviously not to the same degree. Who else can do that? Are you really comfortable in having 2-3 forwards capable of that? I don't think that's a recipe for success. The main possible reason that comes to mind for this move is that Benning wanted to give Baertschi time to fully rest, recover and get his timing back. He did mention that Baertschi looked a little passive and was avoiding contact. I'm not sure that sending him to Utica would be the best option in that scenario, but it kind of makes sense. Benning didn't imply that at all, he simply said Baertschi was pushed out because Green wanted PK players in the bottom 6. Overall, I think this was a bad move with bad implications for how the organization wants the roster built going forward this year.
  14. It's apparent that Podkolzin would body the MHL (Russian equivalent of the CHL) if he spent the whole year there.
  15. Podkolzin with 3 assists (2 primary assists) in MHL play, including this beauty. SKA defeated Kapitan 4-2.