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  1. I brought up Heinola and Kokkonen a while back too. If the draft was based purely on stats, they would both be surefire top 10 picks. Neither are particularly small (Kokkonen is pretty solid already at around 190lbs) and I'm not really sure if there are any glaring weaknesses. Everybody was happy when Juolevi was playing in a men's league in his draft +2 year; these guys are doing it in their draft years and putting up better numbers.
  2. That again shows that Duszak held more value for Teves but opted to sign a more organization friendly deal. I'm sure there were teams that were willing to burn a year of his ELC this year, but Dubas in Toronto convinced him it would be better for him to choose Toronto on their terms. Perhaps having a strong AHL organization that is constantly supplemented throughout the year played a part in that decision for Duszak as well.
  3. Duszak was valued higher and he agreed to an ATO with the Marlies and a two year ELC with the Leafs starting next year. Seems odd that Teves didn't get the same thing except a one year ELC for next year.
  4. Boldy is someone that management has been rumored to be high on. He would be a good fit as he addresses a need and could be available at our pick.
  5. I have a couple questions for you if you don't mind. 1) How do measure Podkolzin's ability playing in a considerably weak league? Kravtsov has consistently been playing at a higher level than him and outproduced him at younger age and he went 9th overall last year. I know Podkolzin has had a couple of good tournaments this year, but the quality of competition and comparisons don't bode well for him in my mind. I'm wondering if you've seen anything different in you experience that leads you to believe he'll be able to follow the same path as Kravtsov. 2) Turcotte seems to have gained a following now that he's healthy and they seem to have him as a lock for the top 4. You obviously don't agree with this sentiment. Do you not see many high end traits that will translate to the next level?
  6. If we don't want our defense to be good then why are we giving away an unprotected 1st in a stacked draft?
  7. Boy just dangled his man 3 times on his way to the net.
  8. Only if Juolevi's not injured by that point
  9. Huge day for the USNTDP. Hughes has 26 points in 11 games since the WJC and 74 points in 36 games on the year. Caufield has 26 goals in 23 games against USHL competition.
  10. He really is this year's DeBrincat. There will probably be a team that takes him late in the 1st round.