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  1. How does Edler need to be added? He holds a bunch of franchise records for defense men already. Nominating Edler. Voted Daniel.
  2. Karlsson's season has been the tale of two teams. His first team, Karlskrona, was somewhat challenged offensively. Their leading scorer has 37 points in 52 games (0.71 PPG) and Karlsson in his time there before the trade had 22 points in 36 games (0.61 PPG). Karlsson's new team however has some more offensive firepower and his offense has taken off as a result. Karlskoga, his new team, has the 6th and 7th leading scorers in the league at just over 1PPG each. Karlsson has put up 18 points in 12 games (1.5 PPG) on this team. If Karlsson does stay in Sweden for another year, hopefully he can continue this kind of offensive output.
  3. Paryako couldn't replace all of Pietrangelo's offense, but he's capable of playing those minutes. You don't think Paryako's point totals would jump playing on the first unit powerplay? I agree that no team would let their #1 defenseman (and captain) walk, but every decision has to be made with the cap implications in mind especially now that we could actually see a cap reduction next year.
  4. Much more likely that they let the older, more expensive player walk rather than move their younger, cost controlled asset who could effectively replace him. I get that he's their captain, but tough decisions have to be made.
  5. The Rangers signed Miller out of the NCAA yesterday, so signings are still allowed. Of course the new signed players aren't really going to play anywhere, but they get their money.
  6. Wow, this could severely impact a lot of teams including us.
  7. Newhook has had an incredible 2nd half of the season in the NCAA. Sakic took the two west coast boys while in Vancouver.
  8. Ovechkin will bump up other player's totals, but not to the same degree as Crosby. Ovechkin has played with prime playmakers (Backstrom/Kuznetsov) for a reason. Crosby has played with relative plugs (Kunitz/Dupuis) for far longer and much more consistently. As a lesser example, Boeser's scoring dried up when he moved down to the 3rd line. Virtanen's scoring jumped up after playing with Pettersson.
  9. I see a lot of young players as potentially good fits with Pettersson. That shows how elite Pettersson's hockey sense is; we can throw virtually anyone with him and expect them to become offensive forces. One of the true traits of a great player is the ability to make other players around him better. It's one of the reasons I favour Crosby over Ovechkin in that particular debate.
  10. I feel bad for @SilentSam. He was counting down the days like a kid counting down until Christmas morning, but there was no Tryamkin under his tree
  11. Podkolzin could play with Horvat, especially since Pearson hits UFA that year.
  12. I'd rather pick 1st overall than 4th and 5th. You telling me you'd pass this up? Miller - Pettersson - Boeser Lafreniere - Horvat - Podkolzin Put some duct tape on our defense, re-sign Markstrom and we're good to go
  13. Rafferty with the dangles in tight to win it in OT.