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  1. komodo0921

    (Speculation) DiPietro Called Up?

    If the injury to Demko is more than just a tweak; Does DiPietro get into a game or two?
  2. My first thought when I saw this was; If a 35-year-old, slow, modest producing player like Boyle is worth a second-round pick, What would Goldy be worth? I have to think he's worth a little bit more than an aged forward. I know he's not going anywhere, but I have to wonder.
  3. komodo0921

    Adam Gaudette | C

    I think if you put Dahlen in as a lock, you have to put Jasek in the conversation too. He's really showing a solid game. His offensive numbers are not that different from Dahlens except Jasek looks to be more dependable in the two-way game.
  4. I like JB's comments during last weeks interviews. He's not going to be trading any assets that involve our future, ie. draft picks, top prospects, but if he can make a solid hockey deal without giving up either of those then he'll do it. If not then standing pat is the right play. That being said, if we can get assets for any of Granny, Goldy, Guddy, Gagne, Pouliot, Sutter or Schaller, then I'm all for it.
  5. komodo0921

    Canucks Sports & Entertainment acquires National Lacrosse League team

    Would like to see some games on tv. My nephews are big Lacrosse fans but live too far away to be able to watch. I'd love to watch the Warriors too. A recent move to the island prevents me from attending a lot. Exposing the game to more people should be a priority and is essential to expanding a fanbase.
  6. 1. Your expendables make sense. I would like to add Pouliot to that list. 2. I think Byrom is wishful thinking as we might not even be a lottery team this year. 3. I find it difficult to envision Boeser making more than Horvat as he's yet to eclipse Bo in offensive production. I do see a bridge contract at a similar number though. I don't believe Boeser is necessarily a greedy guy, to begin with, and would be fair in his negotiations. 4. Trouba would definitely be a desirable blueliner to obtain, but I have to think he's got to be a priority signing, behind Laine and Connor. The only possibility is to offer sheet him to more than Winnipeg can afford but; Would that involve another overpayment? Even if the possibility of a trade were there, I think the price would be higher than your proposed players. 5. Any deal involving Loui begins and ends with Loui. If he were willing to waive, his list would be limited to contenders and would involve some pretty sizey salary retention. I would like to add that I would definitely like to see something done with Guddy, whether it be in the form of a deal or a buyout. Guddy is not built for today's game. Take what we can get for him or admit to the mistake and move on.
  7. komodo0921

    Brandon Sutter | #20 | C

    If Sutter's going to have any value, he's going to have to prove over the next two to three weeks that he's back to the Sutter of old. The good news is, he looked pretty good last night. Hopefully, it continues. I don't believe Washington would have much interest in Pouliot at all. Pouliot has proven to be prone to defensive gaffes and poor judgment. In the postseason, one bad play can cost a season. The fact that Benning's already made inquiries on Burokovsky and nothing came of it, tells me that the ask was too high, certainly more than Sutter or Pouliot. The price may come down as the deadline gets closer but I still think it would take more than Sutter or Pouliot.
  8. komodo0921

    The Canuck Player who is most Underrated?

    100% Troy Stetcher for me. To do what he's doing at a position, traditionally reserved for bigger players and prove you don't have to be big to be effective, is something special. In Stetcher, I've turned from skeptic to believer. He is, with out a doubt, my most underrated player, not only on our team but in the league.
  9. komodo0921

    Jett Woo | D

    Yup. those were the two I had as well. Hughes Woo First pairing of the future.
  10. komodo0921

    Jett Woo | D

    Other than his meteoric rise in the production numbers, which is very exciting, I'm most encouraged by his staying healthy. The biggest knock on him, going into the draft, was his injury history. Him staying healthy and proving he's durable could turn him into the steal of the 2018 draft. Going into that draft, I didn't have Woo on my radar but I can say with certainty, he's on it now. Love this pick.
  11. komodo0921

    [Discussion] Braydon Schenn

    I'd rather see picks or prospects come our way and open up a spot for Gaudette.
  12. There are players who have taken discounts to stay put. That being said, JB has an equal responsibility to get the best deal he can and to not weigh his team down with an aging player that will decline. JB's already erred twice in the Eriksson and Guddy fiascos. Imo, he cannot afford a third lapse in judgment. Edler has stated he has no desire to leave. The question is; How bad does he want to stay?
  13. I like the indirect message he sent to Edler's agent. Your client is older than Muzzin, hasn't won anything (yet), and is, basically, a lesser player than Muzzin, thus far. I think JB's definitely looking for a discounted contract here.
  14. komodo0921

    [Proposal] Van - Car

    I actually think Hutton's showing much more upside than Pesce. The only way I'd see Pesce making sense is if Tanev's on the move.
  15. komodo0921

    Optimistic or Pessimistic about Canucks making Playoffs?

    I agree. I think they fall short but, hey, it's been a great season to watch regardless. We should all be excited with positive traction this teams gained.