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  1. Hey, It's the Senators. Could regain our lost first rounder for him.
  2. Gaudette's situation is so hard to assess. He has so much potential and his energy level is so high but he just hasn't been able to secure an every day spot (mostly due to contractual obligations, imo). His preseason should've earned him a full-time spot but, again imo, Sutter got the spot because of his contract which, I felt, was really unfair and totally contradicts what Benning and Co. said about making a spots available for youth. As to what his value is, it's so hard to say because he's not been able to get a real chance to show what he can do in an everyday role. He gets games here and there but then is sat again for another undetermined amount of time. The only reason I even bring up Adam's name in a deal is because TG seems reluctant to commit to him. If they're not going to give him a chance, I'm totally ok with them moving him somewhere he will get that chance. It is rumoured Taylor Hall might be available in a deal. Gaudette could be a great fit in NJ where they've begun gathering some great youth. It may be time for them to look to some young depth and Gaudette would provide that. Taylor hall is 27 years old and entering is in the last year of his contract. He is a great offensive, intense talent but has been injury bitten lately. This could work to our favour come contract time. Being in Vancouver also gives him the opportunity to stick it to the Oilers on a regular basis. Adam Gaudette is still young but is still a bit raw. He needs regular NHL time. Gaudette for Hall could make sense.
  3. Sutter's played well so far and it sounds silly to be talking replacement, given the early success the Nucks have had but, being a more traditional hockey fane, I prefer a ground and pound style third line. I know this name is not popular here but Nazim Kadri's game is a great example of what I like to see at that position.
  4. I feel bad for Gaud but; What do you do? The Canucks are winning, which is the ultimate goal and is, obviously, paramount to developing Adam and making sure he's getting his fair ice time. Right now, going to Utica is probably the best thing for him.
  5. If that happened in Boston, the refs would be digging Chara out of McCarron with a shovel. Nobody did anything. Brutal.
  6. Hoping to see a bit more passion tonight. Thought they looked flat and were more on the receiving end of the physical game on Wednesday. Need to be on the initiating side tonight.
  7. I think the topic of who's available for trade, for the most part, is on hold for now. The season's just begun. Who truly earns a long term spot is still yet to be determined. Like many Canucks, Leivo has shown promise but now needs to really cement his spot here through consistent play and skill improvement. Whether or not Leivo stays is up to him and judgement should be reserved for, at least, the tdl.
  8. I really want to see who this kid really is. it sucks having our farm team so far away.
  9. Gaudette has busted his ass to make this team and he's 100% earned a spot. I hate how this guy may get the shaft while Virtanen probably just floats into a spot, simply because he was a high pick. Potential is great but it can only go so far before it has to be realized and Virtanen, imo, needs to go. He, literally, showed from day one of camp that he's not willing to put forth the effort to improve himself and I don't see his attitude changing. Imo, Goldy, Virtanen, Eriksson, and Schaller should all be gone.
  10. 1. Gaudette is a no for sure. He is going to be a valuable piece of our core in the near future as a 3C. 2. Olli has gone through hell to get to this point. I want to see what he is at the NHL level. 3. Tanev has to prove he's healthy and can play more than half a season at a time. 4. If Winnipeg's going to deal a big piece, I would think it more likely Laine finds a new address than Connor.
  11. I would say yes, though I don't know Edmonton would be so eager to do it. Ferland Petey Boeser Miller Horvat Puljujarvi Pearson Gaudette Sutter Rousell Beagle Leivo That looks to be a pretty potent forward group to me.
  12. I agree. It drives me nuts to see players intentionally turn their backs. I think it was an ok check. Got him from the side and the speed wasn't a pace I would call agregious. I don't see any intent to injure. I agree with TG. It was a hockey play with an unfortunate consequence.
  13. I agree. The offseason additions have ended the necessity to rush our youth's development and push them to the NHL I believe this strategy really damaged Virtanen's growth and seeing it happen again would be tragic I am loving what I'm seeing from Gaudette but he needs to play, not sit. He needs to slow things down in order to fully embrace his skills and maximize his abilities. Gaudette is best served by continuing his development in Utica. Sutter's contract is up in two seasons. I'm hoping hecan stay healthy and perform well enough to possibly be trade bait next offseason; maybe at the draft which opens up the third line spot for Gaud next year.
  14. Unfortunately, I am forced to agree with you. He's one of those players that has all the skill in the world to succeed yet doesn;t have the passion or drive to match. Right now, I can't see any scenario where Goldy sticks anf his opportunities are running low.
  15. The thing I love about this kid is how engaged he is in every zone and how impactful he is is everytime he's on the ice. He looks like an absolute workhorse. The points aren't there yet but they're going to start coming.