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  1. Hopefully, Benning puts a deal like this in his memory banks (if he's still here, that is). Both teams filled a need. Philly got more speed and skill while Washington picked up more grit and toughness. Washington, in particular, walked away smiling. I'm thinking by 2022-2023, we'll be looking for similar depth for a true contender.
  2. If Benning did and Boeser declined, I would be very interested to see what teams would be willing to offer him. He'd be getting close to the 2x1st rounder plateau. If he's going there anyway, might as well find out. Benning always has the right to match.
  3. Last season really showed Vancouver fans that there's something to be excited about in Jett Woo and makes his 37th OA selection a steal. It seems concerns about being injury prone have been answered and it's very positive. He only missed 6 games last season (issues unknown) and was a very consistent producer. His offense exploded from 0.57 ppg to 1.6 ppg. That's a big time jump and he'll only be 19 at the start of next season which leaves a lot of time to make more improvements. He also was able to maintain his physical presence which is an attribute we really need on our blueline. In this case, I totally agree with your strategy of patience. There's a big opportunity here to develop a star defenseman beyond his projected ceiling. Rushing him could disrupt the positive strides he's made and stall his development. If caution is taken by the organization, Jett Woo could be a true diamond in the rough and the one 30 other teams regret passing on.
  4. I've also read about those concerns but we have to take into account that he played in multiple leagues in one season. Makes it tough to get comfortable with a team. The reports I've read, say the skills are undeniable and his ceiling is high. Him staying in Russia for a couple of seasons would allow him to develop at a more natural pace and allow him to grow and mature. If there's a chance to be taken, this could be the kid to take it on.
  5. I've spoken highly of a few draftees this year, but I really like Podkolzin. Though I've not seen much of his play, I've read a few reports on him and they all say the same thing. This guy's ultra-competitive. I get the impression that he's a high-pressure player with an endless supply of energy and the skills to go with it. He's a hard forechecker who's not afraid to get his nose dirty. It seems his drop in draft status stems from comments he made about staying in Russia until he's ready for the NHL. If we got what he's promising to be, I'd be happy to wait. This is the type of top-six player I like and feel we need. His skillset figures to translate well to playoff hockey. This is the type of player I could see with either Petey or Horvat. I'm really hoping this kid drops at the draft.
  6. Is this where a deal involving Jake Virtanen might make sense? Jake has one year left at 1.25, making him a cheaper option. His qualification number next year would be lower too. We get a more aggressive player who I can see being the swiss army knife player. Full-time third liner who can move up when injuries occur. Third- liner for third- liner. Both have very similar numbers, both get fresh starts with both still having the potential to develop into what they were drafted to be. I would want a bit more due to Jake being locked up for one more year. Jake Virtanen to Calgary for Sam Bennett and a 3rd.
  7. While many have hostile feelings toward Milan Lucic ( for reasons I can't understand), I think it's fair to say he'd be a better fit here than in Edmonton. My biggest reason for thinking this is the fact that our team does not play at a fast pace. Petey is not known for his speed. He plays a cerebral game, relying on his vision and foresight. He can see the play develop and knows where he has to be or where he needs to get the puck. Imo, Lucic can keep up with the likes of Petey, Boeser, and Horvat. I could see a great match with Horvat in that both play a gritty forechecking game where working the boards and getting the nose dirty are key strategies to their success. A partnership between beast and bulldog could be a great advantage to our team. I also like the idea of reuniting Boeser and Horvat. They had great success in Boeser's rookie season. I like his fit better with Horvat. Think about it. Horvat can either shoot or pass the puck. Boeser, the sniper extraordinaire, constantly shooting and creating rebounds. And Lucic, the beast in front of the net, cleaning up the garbage created by the other two. Playing for his hometown team could also reinvigorate his game and reignite his passion.
  8. Those were, quite literally, all of his highlights. The Jenner hit was even replayed to extend the video a little due to there being nothing else. His size and potential, skew the fact that he was wildly inconsistent and spent a lot of minutes in the realms of the invisible. He sat because he was ineffective. I have no problem with this. A lot of fans blamed Willie D. for this but I say put the responsibility on the player to earn his spot and not think he's entitled to it. He commented on not understanding why other players wanted to fight him for making a good hit. The fact is, he doesn't have to understand it but he does have to accept it. This is not the KHL. This is the NHL; the pinnacle of hockey where the best in the world play. Every successful player in the league earned his success through blood, sweat, injury, and pain. The NHL is a physical league just as much a skill one. There are few players that will take a hit without taking exception to it. The Jaimie Benn incident (which was left out of your video) should serve as an example of what to expect in the NHL when playing physically. If he can accept these conditions, he has a great chance at having a successful career here. If not, he should probably consider a long career in the KHL where he can play a softer game and not worry about having to back his play.
  9. In my last post on this thread, I got away from the whole point of it. Apologies. Outside of Byram, I don't see another need so pressing that we give up, much-needed assets to move up four spots. Of course if Dipietro can get it done, I'm all for it but I don't see it being realistic as players that will be available at six should be NHL ready in a season or two. Dipietro is many years away from seeing consistent NHL time. After Byram, the defensive prospect pool drops off sharply. There is, however, a wealth of forward talent available. We will have little problem securing one of great quality at ten. Every draft also has a few surprises, whether they be big or small. Last year we were gifted Quinn Hughes which was a major stroke of luck. Perhaps this year sees another unforeseen player become available to us. Either way, I'll be happy with what we get at ten. Pretty much, the only move I'd be happy with is one that gets us Byram, but that is going to be very costly in assets which makes it a proposal I don't see JB making.
  10. I said a couple of weeks ago that I see him in a Chicago uniform. He makes a lot of sense there too. If we want to get him, I think we'd have to snipe the second spot to get the jump on Blackhawk Nation. Good luck with that. We need everyone they'd want and JB doesn't trade picks. The only player that I would consider dealing and one that may interest New York, aside from Petey and Horvat, would be Boeser. As I do value a quality defenseman over a winger, I would consider Boeser expendable in this case. However, If Boeser is in play, our 10th would not be. Boeser is a proven, young NHL forward, and well worth the second. The only reason I consider this is due to our more dire need to build our defense. Being a fan favorite as well as a productive player, losing Brock would hurt, no doubt but, wingers are plentiful and quality can be found at an affordable price. Keeping our 10th also allows us to draft a winger to replace Boeser. Matthew Boldy, imo, would make a great replacement. This would be a case of taking one step back to gain two steps down the road.
  11. Winnipeg Jacob Trouba (sign and trade) Winnipeg is going to be in tough with a lot of rfa contracts to be negotiated. Relieving themselves of one of their big negotiations gives them money to sign their other big ticket players and maybe dip into the free agent market Hutton is beginning to emerge as a solid defender but he just doesn't offer enough of what we need. In Winnipeg, he wouldn't need to be depended on as much for the physicality and can concentrate on simplifying his game and playing to his strengths. Solid defensive positioning and good supporting offensive numbers. He will never be a premiere defenseman but makes a good #4 dman. Jake needs a reboot. He's made incremental improvements to his game but has yet to fully realize his potential. In Winnipeg he can play without the pressure he's getting in Vancouver to be a top guy. Again, I don't see top-six in him but it's not difficult to see a third-line support player who may be able to move up to cover for injuries. They also get a top 10 pick with which they can do as they wish. All in all, it's a pretty handsome return for one player. We are in bad need of a premiere defenseman with Trouba's skill set. It wouldn't be hard to get excited about a Hughes, Trouba pairing. His solid defensive play would allow Hughes to fully maximize his offensive talents with Trouba benefiting greatly from it. His willingness to drop the gloves on occasion also provides a degree of protection for our young, up and coming defender.
  12. Agreed. As much as we could use a modern-day, much younger version of Milan, I hope the ship has sailed on any notion that he may play here.
  13. It was only meant to provide an example of the level of player we'd have to trade to get into the top five. I've said in other threads that I believe Chicago will be Byram's new home.