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  1. One must also remember Pods is going to be available for the 21-22 season. Could be a more pressing situation than Hogs.
  2. I think going from 12 pnts in 56 games to 33 pnts in 59 games is pretty good progress. However, I do agree patience must be exercised with Hogs' development. With all the bad contracts, he has, at least 1 season to learn the North American game.
  3. Exactly the lineup I was going to propose. I think it's the most balanced lineup we can ice this year. I might swap Roussel and Ferland if Ferland can show he's symptom free. He seems to be one who's honest about how he feels and can be trusted to give an accurate assessment.
  4. The best games are the ones where the whistles are pocketed. Other than plays that are potentially harmful, teams should be given more rope to determine the outcome themselves.
  5. One question I have is; If the cup is, indeed, awarded, What affect would it have, if any, on the salary cap?
  6. I don't know how to transfer articles but, one is called "Eight Minute Insights."
  7. In "The A" he looks great but scouts, including our own, say that the hype surrounding him should calmed. As was stated, he makes a lot of mistakes with the puck and his skating still needs improvement. He gets beat on the outside way too much. His edge work still needs improvement and he doesn't pivot well. Don't get me wrong, If he earns a spot, I'd be as excited as the next guy but, I'm simply being cautious with my eagerness.
  8. When I first saw Rafferty's stats, I was hyped to see him in the NHL but, my excitement has been, somewhat, tempered since then. Most articles on him do not speak glowingly of his skills or abilities. Most speak of him as a really good AHLer but may never have the same success at the NHL level. Sound familiar? Reid Boucher has always been great at lower levels but could never transfer the same success to the NHL. While Rafferty's stats look encouraging, his hockey IQ isn't considered to be high. He doesn't read the play at a particulary high rate. He often defers the play to his defensive partner or a near forward. Most of his longer outlet passes, more often then not, fail and frequently turn into opposition rushes, many offering scoring chances. He's seen more as a support defender than a rushing catalyst. His shot is not particularly strong and shouldn't be considered an effective weapon from the point. I now see a player that should, maybe, spend another season in " The A" to hone his skills and improve his mobility. I am encouraged by his progress but' to say he's NHL ready may be a bit premature..
  9. 100% agree. He's in a great position to succeed and achieve his highest ceiling. He's surrounded by some of the best faceoff men in the business. Let him grow on the wing where he isn't under the pressure of a centerman and can learn and fine tune his faceoff strategies. Slowly integrate him into the position with strategic starts in the middle. No matter how it shakes out, space must be made for Podz. Moving Big Mac to the middle could be a definite plus for his future here. Ferland coming back could also add to his development. Putting him on the left side with Beagle and Macewen until he proves he can stay healthy would seem a logical move. Miller Petey Toffoli Pearson Horvat Boeser Roussel Gaudette Virtanen Ferland Beagel Macewen Motte This could be a great lineup to, at least, start next season.
  10. Can't be a ligit list without Rypien. But Gino's still got to be the king of beasts. Just ask St. Louis.
  11. This is my preference also. In my humble opinion, he needs to start getting used to the North American game asap. The smaller ice surface, the higher level of intensity, and the higher skill level of the opposition are all things he'll have to adjust to. This is a guy who's minor league career could be very short. He'll need to adjust fast.
  12. This guy is very, very intriguing. On the verge of 25, he's already fully matured. Haven't seen anything of him but, it seems he's a great offensive producer and his two way game, apparently, makes him a great possibility as a penalty killer. To get a player without having to give up anything is always good but this guy seems to have slipped through some cracks I'm wondering why.
  13. So, I've been sitting here on a rainy day off watching a lot of player highlights out of shear boredom. Watching Jake's, I noticed how lopsided his production is from the left side is compared to the right. It's hard not to notice most of his offence comes from the left side. I'm wondering if he could benefit from a permanent move to that side; Especially after Podkolzin arrives.
  14. While I think it unanimous that Eriksson draws top vote for buyout, imo, Beagle should be our second (if we get two). Jay still has skills and attributes that are desired in todays game; Mainly his face off success and gritty attitude but, my biggest concern is his production. Looking at his on ice statistics shows 15 goals for and 43 goals against. That's a huge gap. While some of it can be attributed to his linemates, namely Eriksson, Motte (who I have as a third man gone), and Macewen, a lot of it has to be put on him. I've posted before about how invisible he is on most nights and I think this single stat really says a lot. If that stat is even dropped to 33 goals against; How many more wins does that translate to? If we did drop Beagle, Sutter could be slotted into that 4C spot for the final season of his contract. Macewen showed some great potential over his last few games. Having a more offensively minded Center could raise his game even more and maybe give him some pointers to playing center. Grooming Zack to be our 4C wouldn't be a bad idea, at all. As for re-signs, Marky at 6.5 is a stretch, imo, and is a place I wouldn't want to go. He's recently said he wants to stay. I'd go 5 x5.5 and be happy. The Toffoli deal is probably where we'd have to be and would be one I'd be happy with. Tanev at 2 yrs would be great but, I think he'll be looking for term which I hope JB won't do. With young defenders coming, I'd be reluctant to sign him longer term. Gaudette could be a great player to go for a value contract. 5x3 mil. Does he go for it? I doubt it but, worth a shot. Otherwise proposed deal looks right. Jake is one I wouldn't mind seeing go to rfa. I can't remember who said it but, it was said that Jake's value could exceed 4 mil. If this is the case and a team does sign him to an offer sheet reflecting this, it could bring a first rounder our way in compensation. Depending on who the signing team is, this could be very attractive. If no-one shows interest of this level, it could hurt his value which brings about another value contract situation. Unfortunately, my opinion's the same for Leivo. He has been good but, he doesn't bring anything we don't already have in better options.
  15. Sounds like he really liked it in Vancouver. His game elevated to levels he'd never accomplished before. He showed that a point a game is not out of the realm of possibilities for him here. As I've said before; this guy's got to be top priority for this offseason. Miller Petterson Toffoli Peaerson Horvat Boeser That looks like a pretty potent top six to me.