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  1. There's little doubt TO needs to shake things up but, I think moving Marner's a bit of a reach. I think it would more likely be Nylander or Kapinen that get moved. They definitely need to revamp their d a bit.
  2. I read a post that said Petey didn't have to be protected. Others say he does. The one reason I can see him not requiring protection is because he will be an rfa and, therefore isn't under contract for the following season. He's, technically, not Vancouver property until he re-signs.
  3. Thanks. Takes a bit more sting out of the expansion draft.
  4. Don't know if I missed a part of this conversation but, Myers has an NMC. He has to be protected.
  5. Is he tradeable after an offer sheets been signed?
  6. And give up a first and third? Can't see that happening. That's why I put the cap hit there. We have a young up and coming team that's not that far away from contention. This core should be together for a long time. These are factors that would look favorable in signing an offer sheet.
  7. Vancouver showed they can beat this team during the regular season. They also showed there's a lot more depth here then most thought. We have the Marky factor St. Louis didn't look unbeatable during their series against Dallas. Picking Vancouver in 7.
  8. Other moves may be necessary (moving Virtanen, Sutter as a pair?) for this to be more realistic but didn't want to go too far off topic which was acquiring Cernak.
  9. Paying Tanev 4.5 mil per season seems to be proper value to many CDCers.. It would seem 4.2 mil for a more physical defensive specialist that may max out at 15 points, is fair.
  10. This proposal mainly stems from my belief that we now have two premiere defenders who will be providing offense in great amounts in Hughes and Rathbone. With big offense comes big paydays and I have little doubt that Rathbone could be in a high cap bracket. I am also predicting Ferland will be on the LTIR list or will be done for good (unfortunately), saving us his cap space. We have Tanev working well with Hughes and now need a right side match for Rathbone. Enter Erik Cernak. A physical defensive specialist who has really come into his own with the Bolts. The Lightning, like the Canucks, have cap problems coming. Both Sergachev and Cirelli will be needing raises, Vasilevsky's 9.5 million dollar contract kicks in, and they will have a whole host of ufa spots to fill. According to capfriendly, Tampa will have just over 5.3 million in capspace this year leaving them in a dire situation. Many have us in the same boat but I contend that some of our current rfa's may be of less importance then theirs. I am quite confident that his ceiling will be 10-20 points and will be most valued as the physical, defensive, complimentary defender. Him getting 15-20 points would be considered a bonus. 4 x 4.2 Compensation would be our 2021 2nd round pick. I think we get great value here. This contract would be very desirable by Cernak's camp as it takes him to ufa eligibility without eating any of his ufa years. This contract could also be too rich for Tampa to match for a complimentary dman when they have bigger fish to fry in Sergachev and Cirelli. Signing Cernak would create a problem for us in that we also have cap issues but to this I simply say, release Stetcher who many have valued at around the 4 mil mark anyway. I'm replacing a little more speed and offense in Stetcher for more size and physicality in Cernak. I see their defensive play as a wash. Some will criticize walking him into free agency but, that's 4 yrs away. Our situation will look a lot different then. The two big questions are: Is he worth it? Can this offer pry him away from Tampa? Hughes Tanev Rathbone Cernak Juolevi/Tryamkin Myers
  11. If both are interested, I simply look at who's willing to take the bigger cap dump. As far as the return is concerned, I'd rather take a mid-round pick as compensation. Demko, Eriksson/Sutter for 4th/5th round pick
  12. I firmly believe he will be in training camp next season.
  13. Seriously; Is there anything this kid can't do? Everyone had the feeling he was going to be good but, I didn't think he'd be controlling games like this this early in his career. Mr. Norris, meet Quinn Hughes.