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  1. I don't believe we've seen the best of Jake Virtanen yet and it would be a very foolish move to give up on him. He and Gadjovich are two players, I believe, are going to make impacts in the NHL, pun is definitely intended. He , simply needs time to develop his game at lower levels. It was a mistake to bring him up at an early age and I say, good on him for showing the maturity to recognize his need for said development. It says a lot about his character and willingness to do what it takes to better himself. Although I would love to see him turn into a top six power forward, the reality is he may not. I cannot see him as a fourth liner. IMO, he becomes, at least, RW on a very good third line. He brings a lot of physicality that we sorely need.
  2. Sounds like a Tanev type player and that's not a bad thing. If he comes as advertised, he would be a good defensive player to offset our young dmen who are still developing at the NHL level, namely, Hutton and Stetcher. All in all, a good signing.
  3. I love the idea of stocking up on lottery picks to improve our odds of getting into the top 3, but unfortunately, Montreal is going to be outside the top 15 next season. I'd be looking to deal with teams on the fringes of making the playoffs, favoring those that, I feel will flop next season. I would ask if he'd waive for any one of, Philly, Carolina, Florida, Detroit, New Jersey, Winnipeg or LA. It could be, that he gives multiple options on that list. If any offer up a first rounder next year as part of a deal, I'm in.
  4. So you're saying there's a chance.
  5. I disagree. The problem isn't that he had to follow the rules; the problem is that he did follow the rules. As a fan of good, hard nosed hockey, and a former player, one answers the bell when one has to, no matter the rules or the consequences. Ferland behaves the way he does because he knows there's no Canuck willing to answer it. If he leaves his feet, wait for your chance and lay him out, with or without the puck. Put him out of hockey for a couple months. I see a lot of hate for Chicago and Boston for the same reasons. The bottom line is, no Canuck did anything about it. We just, simply, didn't have that kind of team. Duncan Keith, Dustin Byfuglein, Zdano Chara and Brad Marchand all do what they do because no one holds them accountable. Until that changes, it will keep happening.
  6. I hate 30 other teams in the league. Guess who they are. It's nothing personal, just the principal of it.
  7. Money seems to win most of the time, but maybe the direction the Oilers are taking may win out. Depends how close they get to any offer sheets that may present themselves and improvements he makes to his stats. The intangibles he brings may play a big part in his payday too. Big, physical defensemen, like Nurse, always carry more value. If he can get his numbers closer to 30 points, keep his defensive numbers sound and remain healthy, he could go beyond Edmonton's ability cap wise. Even if he's trending upwards, I believe thre could be a couple teams willing to take a risk with an offer sheet, knowing Edmonton could be handcuffed. And if Puljujarvi pans out, they will be dealing someone.
  8. Agreed. They're going to need cheap options beneath their top two lines to make up for the huge contracts that are piling up. Draisitl next and Nurse is going UFA soon too. McDavid giving Oiler nation a bit of a break on cap hit helps a bit but I can see them doing a lot of patch work on the supporting cast as prospects like JP start demanding more money. Could become a constant cycle of players going in and out of Edmonton on short term deals over the next 8 years.
  9. I'm looking for big things from this kid. He seems to be more of a scorer than a passer. A line of Horvat, Boeser and Gadjovich could turn into one of the best lines in hockey. Could be a steal.
  10. Care needs to be taken with our prospects. I would hope that management learned something from Virtanen's situation. I'd rather see a little too much caution than not enough. I'm hoping Boeser and Juolevi spend, at least, one season in Utica before they make the jump to the NHL, just to be sure they are ready for a grueling pro season.
  11. I hate to say this as I am a huge Horvat fan, but if Draisitl were on the block and they were willing to deal for Horvat, I'd have to do it. After seeing what he did in the playoffs last year; not only in points but phyically, he is, clearly superior to BoHo. He becomes our 1C and Bo becomes their 2C with a much more manageable contract which would fit their structure better. With the talent they have, Bo would easily fit. Makes sense for both teams.
  12. What? No love for Palmu? I chose Boeser but my dark horse is Petrus. He's got sick skills and elite speed. Scouting report said, the only thing that may keep him out of the NHL is his size but he seems to have the same determination as St. Louis, Fluery and Ronning. It would be awesome to see him make it.
  13. The addition of Gagne would seem to afford us someone like Granny as long as JB is willing to part with him.
  14. Teams always seem to find a way to keep their superstar players together. The Oilers are going to have a great team for a long time to come. Chiarelli just has to do a little more homework on his support players from season to season. Vancouver is trending toward a balanced attack, with speed and skill on all 4 lines. We will have no, true, superstars we will be looking for, significant offensive numbers from, at least, three of our four lines, while maintaining good defensive stats. This is why Benning is concentrating on two way players.