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  1. Ya a good coach usually has a winning record.
  2. Thank you, McCann wasn't to bad a pick. Shinkaruk didn't last long.
  3. Agree.......Wtf 7 lol , BB was a late 1st rounder that year. Don't ever remember having more than 1 1st rounder ever.
  4. 2 awesome players , not bad drafting , probably better than average.
  5. Hopefully LE is gone on his own accord. Sutter would be a upgrade at 4th line center, if we trade Beagle.
  6. Agreed, the new roster should help when it comes to these 10-15 game mid season losing streaks.
  7. As long as he doesnt turn out like Erickson who had similar numbers, on a good team.
  8. Great Job? Maybe ok job........Islanders are more like a great job
  9. Henrik had easy min last .... pp and all offensive face offs. Bo and Sutter had all the hard min. But having said that if Markstrum hadn't learned rebounds are bad, we wouldnt be in a playoff race .....sort of.
  10. To much tanking is not good for job security, pretty sure Banning won't be drafting this year. He's failed big time how can you justify him getting another shot to fix this mess.
  11. Ya agree pretty simple system, funny thing is when it's not working they keep trying again and again, kinda like their pp. Good coaches adapt and change their style of play to stay on top.
  12. There's only one way to go, not a lot of gm's get 5 years at the bottom. If he goes for f/a's hoping he doesnt mess that up again.
  13. Is it do or die for management and coach next season? Can't be asking for 5 years of patience.