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  1. My argument is to play the HOT HAND. Let me spoon feed you what im trying to say since clearly you think that you were the only one watching this game and were "able to catch" Bo's amazing faceoff performance. Its not about Bo. This is about Travis not playing their top guys when they are feeling confident. Pettersson is then effectively NOT our number one C if this is how he continues to be deployed. Trust your stars. Especially when they had all that momentum going into OT. Hughes would've been on NM like white on rice. I have my investments into the team as im sure you do so im going to say whatever the &^@# I want and if you don't like it,
  2. Sorry dude Im just a &^@#ing idiot. Momentum and Confidence mean NOTHING in this sport, I forgot. don't call me a nut you nut read between the &^@#ing lines.
  3. Yup, I hear you. But our kids were feeling hot. Tanev against MacKinnon? Was that a joke or did TG expect Tanev to be able to chase MacKinnon?
  4. Yup. Travis is Petey's kryptonite. Kid starts feeling it and gets benched to start the OT. BUT BUT BUT, LETS GIVE HIM A D - ZONE F/O - WHICH LED TO A GOAL.
  5. Yet this game went to OT, and we ultimately lost. When the kids start feeling hot, he puts them on the bench to start? Hughes would have been on MacKinnon. Not uncommon for Petey Boeser OR hughes to cause a turnover even IF they lost the faceoff.
  6. PETTERSSON AND BOESER: “ OOOOH BABY WE’RE FEELING IT! “ Then Travis starts Bo and Miller in overtime. You &^@# nut.
  7. This ENTIRE coaching staff has ZERO creativity. &^@#ing embarrassing.
  8. Markstrom is an Elite goaltender. Stop trolling. Hows uncle bob doing? That 10 milli elite starter?
  9. Bo's out there killing penalties don't expect him to be fresh enough to generate any scoring chances. Green's coaching is like beating a dead horse. Yeah you change the lines up but the strategy is the exact same. This is &^@#ing pathetic. Is no one else tired of seeing our supporting cast carry the play 80% of the time? I must be &^@#ed in the head for thinking that if Pettersson and Boeser (& hughes, Horvat, miller) are on the ice, the puck shouldn't be on anyone elses stick for too long. Scrub coach that has a job solely because of Bennings drafting. Go out there and coach the club instead of &^@#ing with the lines. No, let me do your job for you. This is your Jack Adams winning strategy right here : "Hey boys get the puck to our stars as SOON as possible and let them generate a scoring chance"
  10. Alf hes 12 and played a total of 10 minutes of pro hockey
  11. I’d rather enter the zone with possession
  12. Guy... My guy... He shields the puck unbelievably well. He is HUGE and uses his size when needed. If you HAVENT noticed his stick checking then get on that before you want him to completely put himself out of position for a hit. He pokes literally every up and breaks up plays. But of course our current D core has nothing to do with our phenom GA right? How about complimenting him for getting those chances in the first place? Or constantly clearing the crease for Marky and Demko? Or giving our young kids some peace of mind? Or I don’t know, winning a Calder? You literally pointed out everything he &^@#ed up on but replace him with Pouliot and Vancouver is 3-9-3 instead of 9-3-3. You WERE talking about giveaways right? Us Canucks fans know ALL about it. We watched Pouliot last year. I also saw Tanev give the puck away right in the slot but nothing about that eh? EVERYONE HAD MISSED OPPOTUNITIES IN THAT GAME. EVERYONE. I’ll leave it to YOU to call the defenseman our on it though. Cool.