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  1. Might be better to have a bum that wants to play here instead of a bum that doesn't, idk.
  2. He just got a 20 goal scorer for scraps and he's bad at pro scouting eh...
  3. If we are already spending X amount for silver, why not spend the X and a half for gold. But no to Myers, No to Gardiner. Karlsson or Panarin or just stay off the market.
  4. I saw your reply, stoned faced for 5 seconds and then rofl'ed. Jonah Hill lmao.
  5. I love Kapanen but I believe the system GMJB is creating it amazing and I do not think moving any of his draft picks are ideal because I consider all of his draft picks lottery tickets with increased odds, because its JIM! All in for Panarin or Karlsson. I think theres a significant chance we land one of the two. Panarin would be a few hours away from LA, we have specific "California swing" road trips, and our west coast weather is pretty comfortable. I say we get a seat at his table at the very least, and Pettersson death stares him until he signs Vancouver's deal. Pettersson and Panarin could make ALOT of money together. Its the "clout" era, and Vancouver gets it, theres a lot of branding, sponsorship, etc etc opportunities with Vancouver as apposed to sunny Florida I would assume. All we have here is hockey is what im saying. Hockey and overpriced real estate.
  6. OF COURSE NOT! I bet Toronto does WN for BB straight up, but we don't. So we shouldn't expect him to get a dollar less than what WN received (6.9 AAV?) BB OFFICIAL ROOKIE SEASON: 62 GAMES PLAYED, 29 GOALS, 26 ASSISTS, 55 POINTS. WN OFFICIAL ROOKIE SEASON: 81 GAMES PLAYED, 22 GOALS, 39 ASSISTS, 61 POINTS. (He played 22 games the year prior) The guy is a 30 goal scorer, calder trophy winner, top scorer in franchise history if it wasn't for a freak accident 2/3 into his rookie season followed up by the classic sophomore season where he was also injured and played somewhat effectively through it for the first bit of it too. Not a great offseason for him too.
  7. He’s getting exactly what he wants wherever he goes. Id take him any day of the week on his terms. He’s not a moron and won’t try to handcuff teams either, I don’t think. Anywhere from 9.5-11.5 is my estimate for him.
  8. He’s a very good player. I absolutely love Troy and I think this will really sky-rocket his value, just like Tanev from a few years ago. Him Hutton and Hughes are my absolute faves on D. On a side note, and my word isn’t even worth two cents to this franchise, but my only concern (critique) with Troy is his IQ / choice of positioning in the defensive zone. And this isn’t even an issue MOST of the time! I’m sure he’ll come back next year and this won’t even be a concern ever again, the kid works too hard. Great effing job bud, take a day off and pound a few rona’s. You deserve it!
  9. If he plays this way, he will be considered an elite goalie in this league by late next season maybe even mid season. He is a number 1, 100 percent. On a good team he would be considered elite.
  10. Bro Broberg Flow to Bro, back to Flow, GREAT SAVE BINNINGTON, REBOUND ALIEN SCORES. Woo! We are Quinning all the games next year.