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  1. The smartest thing to do this exhibition game was to: 1. Not show your cards to the Wild 2. Not play physical hockey sustaining possible injury 3. Practice all scenarios The first penalty was clearly drawn up by the coaching staff telling Sutter to take a penalty but act as if it was unintentional. Testing our penalty kill. The goal we scored was a clear indication of this team going from playing 45% power compared to 75% power. What I saw was a team that could TURN UP when it needs to or when asked to. This is exactly the type of practice game we needed. JV will be a difference maker in the playoffs and I feel he will be to Minnesota what Ferland was to Vancouver when he played in CGY. The media is taking too much out of him sitting in the box for an exhibition game. The kid looks swole as &^@#. Just watch him go.
  2. SNET Vancouver? didn't go through thread im at work rn.
  3. Some people play too many sim games where they win nothing but 1st ovr draft picks. This is real life. Petey is here Huggy bear is here we need to give them a team every single year. Why not us.
  4. Not worried at all about something someone else is getting paid BANK to worry about. Really, caps coming off the books caps going on the books just relax have a beer call up Dubas ffs. We are FINE.
  5. Not playing hockey for a year and a bummed knee before that while playing had an effect on OJ but from what I’ve heard in the Twitter sphere he has been doing very very well lately. Not every season where we can insert a top 6 in Podkolzin and an NHL ready D into our lineup. And who knows what happens with BR the kid is looking for his opportunity too. Lots of pieces in play. Our team looks locked solid with grit and skill when healthy it’s a very good playoff build. Guys like Horvat Sutter Motte Virtanen Tanev and Miller are so valuable come playoffs. Foundations of a playoff run. Grit and skill.
  6. Ferland needs a lot of rest. He can sit until he’s effectively playing his style again. Loui has had a very good stretch. I wonder if hes playing better because the team as a whole is competitive again?
  7. REMEMBER, ITS POTENTIALLY 100 VOTES PER EMAIL ADDRESS / NHL ACCOUNT. If you have multiple email accounts please make the nhl accounts and after the voting process you can simply unsubscribe from their emails. Please and thank you!
  8. Don’t think I’m spouting none sense. Im allowed to disagree with your opinion or whatever you implied. Rather, I’m allowed to have my own opinion on your opinion. If you come at me asking me “who said he did” re-read your post where you categorize them as similar iffy players. Furthermore you just DID try to project JG as a career AHLer. spouting nonsense ? &^@#
  9. “Iffy young player like goldy or gadjovich” You havent even seen him in the big league yet you call him an iffy young player like goldy that you’re darn sure you would trade.
  10. You implied it when you categorized him with 77. You did. You said it.