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  1. Worst part about the leafs game being over is that we now have to listen to them talk about the leafs.
  2. Still summer and the first preseason Canucks game about to start! Nothing wrong with that! Let's go boys! GCG! So stoked they started and still televise preseason Canucks games.
  3. Canucks Teams: Most Underrated?

    No Canucks team has been underrated. We have not won the cup. Vancouver has had some great teams and not so great teams. I've loved watching all of them. I'm looking forward to watching the future teams of Vancouver. Media rated different story. Nice dog days read though. Thanks Appollo!
  4. Name That Canuck!

    Is that a young Doug Halward?
  5. Would like him to prove me wrong! Love his heart! Not good enough yet.
  6. Name That Canuck!

    J Lebate?
  7. NHL 2018 Draft Lottery

    That's how she blows! Good to go next year. Try outs will mean something. On a side note, Comets are still in the playoffs. That's right!
  8. NHL 2018 Draft Lottery

    Me again! Messing.
  9. NHL 2018 Draft Lottery

    Roger that!
  10. Just A Bit Outside - Canucks Post Mortem

    Maybe what isn't mentioned on these boards enough is that we lost 3 depth players before all are main injuries. Horvat and Sutter on the shelf at the same time being some of our main injuries. Dorset was forced out of the lineup. Rodin and Burmistrov skipped town before the injuries hit hard that tested the depth. The organization is building better depth than it has had in awhile.
  11. Name That Canuck!

    Tony Tanti?
  12. 5-3 Vancouver! 4 points
  13. [PGT] Arizona Coyotes vs. Vancouver Canucks

    That's what I'm talking about! Amazing! Great stuff! Great send off, all the best to them. Another great game. Good for the up and comers to be a part of. GCG! FOR LIFE!
  14. 5-2 Vancouver! 38 minutes