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  1. No because they play like Minnesota, only even more frustrating. The last few games with them have been maddening losses.
  2. Penalties and giveaways: he's had a terrible series. Surprising. Time to think of bringing in Rafferty? or Juolevi? Something has to change.
  3. We have been asking versions of that question all season. But now of course it is just so obvious. Coaching. We don't have it.
  4. Forgot about that... lol. Bonehead play. These are things you have to have in place when the playoffs come.
  5. Can you believe they left him out the first game? So that the likes of Beagle, Motte, Sutter could play? Lol, this team's coaching is just nuts sometimes.
  6. Refereeing has to be changed via change in rules. The league needs to do what football has done in Europe: make the stakes a LOT higher for misbehavior (red cards, yellow, etc.,) and make it clear what the limited avenues are for physical contact. The NHL is living with the long tradition of allowing way way too much to go by. Every single punch, push after the whistle, etc., should be penalized. The players aren't stupid, they would adjust. There is this stupid tradition of thinking of hocked as a "game of emotion." If American football can ban fighting/police rough stuff, then we certainly should be able to.
  7. I would add: consider taking 2 D out or one at least and putting in Juolevi or Rafferty or both. Edler and Myers were awful, sit them. (They took critical penalties and generally were walked all over by forecheckers.) With Virt and Mac in, together with quicker, new D: we should do better at breaking through the Minnesota's system of filling up the middle of the ice. In the long run: the rebuild is not even close to being over, someone has to tell Benning this. It was add-on vet players and our own vets like Edler that killed us. Would have been better off saving the money and playing Rafferty, Juolevi, and Big Mac.
  8. Very good question. We look slow and ill-prepared. Not starting Virtanen had an unforeseen consequence: 2nd powerplay unit absolutely sucked, admittedly they only saw 35 seconds of play, but still. Really missed Virtanen: an absolute difference maker. And I hope we can put to rest the value of our vaunted vets such as Beagle, Edler, Pearson, Tuffoli and Roussel. Younger players were actually the better bunch. I hope the team thinks about this in the off-season, assuming this series continues on like this.
  9. Yes, no rebound chances, little penetration; I think you are right about our being boxed out.
  10. It is always bad for stress when we expect to win. I try to relax, remind myself it is only a game.
  11. That's a very good question. I think part of the problem is the way Green is coaching the team: too passive on D? Also, we don't seem to be supporting each other well enough on offense, but this could be due to Minnesota's excellent defensive game. A lot of the time when we have the puck in their zone, it seems that the guy with the puck has to somehow get through 2 or 3 players. And a lot of the people who a player could pass to are covered.
  12. I would start Shotgun and rest any of the forwards that haven't done much, and maybe consider sitting Edler in favour of another D, maybe Juolevi if he's healthy.