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  1. I don't think Goldobin is that great. 27th OA pick.. deffiently should have looked to shop Hansen elsewhere. ID say 3rd liner at best
  2. I see Gaudette being our future 2nd line C Pettersson Horvat Boeser Goldobin Gaudette Granlund Baertschi Sutter Virtanen Gadjovich McEwen Lind Palmu Zhukenov Lockwood Juolevi Stecher Tryamkin Gudbranson Hutton Brisebois McEneny Subban Demko Greig Depietro
  3. He's eligible for Utica. Probably a huge reason he was put ahead of Glass by JB
  4. I wanted Makar or Glass, but Peterson is by no means a bad pick. You realize Pettersson is better than Nylander in their draft year right, and id take Virtanen over Glass. Stop complaining for the sake of complaining. If we had takem Nylander you would be crying for homeboy Virtanen and ramble on about how we needed size because the Bruins bullied us in 2011.. Welcome to Vancouver Pettersson, where you get no love until you become a star
  5. Hortankin

    Adam Polasek | D

    And Bieksa sent us to the finals the following season. Gotta love Bieksa!
  6. Is McEwen suiting up for Utica soon?
  7. I just checked their roster and dam they look tough. I can't see us getting to 6 games with them. Atleast I get to watch Brisbois and Neil! Also I thought Sprong was playing for the Pens already?
  8. Eagles won both OT games so far, I attended their 5-2 come from behind win. Hoping the Eagles pull through, if not it better be McEwen putting them away. I was hoping to make it to the game but couldnt
  9. Hopefully I can make it to game 6!
  10. McEwen is HUGE. He scored 2 goals today and could have scored 3 or 4 more. Everytime he touched the puck our fans were nervous. I'm not a big fan of overagers but I have a great feeling about this kid. Few years away but he will make a great 4th liner some day
  11. It only took 1 click. That didn't answer my question. Is he better than Gaudette?