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  1. As pointed out by many, the Canucks will have cap issues next season and beyond. Obviously management will deal with it, but simply acknowledging that kills our fun in talking about it. I will not do a bunch of math as Provost and others have done some very good breakdowns on where the team is at dollars wise. Capfriendly is a good resource and we can all look up the Canucks. The guess is where does the cap go? It will bump over the next 5 years but by how much? Signing Markstrom and Tanev is a bad idea I think as it will compound the cap issues. I agree they are both good players and I would like to keep them both but I just don't see how that makes sense against the cap. That said, I fully expect Markstrom signed. Likely a 5 yr 5+ deal with no trade protection. I just cannot see Tanev taking a discount deal (nor Markstrom). The reality is this likely is their last contract each (perhaps a 2 year ish contract after this depending on health/ability). Tanev is going to get 5 yr 5+ from someone in FA. I just can't see either of them taking a one year deal to help with the expansion draft either. If Markstrom is signed then Demko is traded in the next year (please let that be the case otherwise Benning will give up assets to protect him). If Tryamkin comes back then Stecher is gone. There are so many variables at play but Benning is certainly going to be challenged to get this straightened out. The main thing is the cap issue isn't resolved simply and it is a gift that keeps on giving - solving it for next season just pushes it to 21/22 and once Hughes and Pettersson are signed then Boeser needs a new deal the year after and then Bo and Miller the year after that. What about Virtanen, Leivo and Stecher? Pearson the following year? Benning has to at least lever "unaffordable" players into future assets. Moves will need to be made. We all would love to see Eriksson retire after his bonus is paid. If that happens so many issues are solved. Perhaps there have been discussions to that effect already? The cap hell is created because of underperforming/injured/overpaid players. Obviously it will get sorted out because it has to. Will the fans be pleased with the outcome? I suspect there will be some pain involved in fixing it and that will be frustrating. I hate to see good assets lost simply to fix a financial issue that should have been avoided by some fiscal prudence by our GM (and yeah, I know... Beagle/Sutter/Eriksson/Myers etc. wouldn't sign if they were offered less). Hopefully Benning has some magic and can work deals out for Baertschi, Sutter and Benn or even Beagle. I think trading Eriksson costs too much (but hoping some team needs his contract to get to the floor). Hopefully there are a couple moves made in the next 7 weeks that move the team in that direction. I can't wait for all the future threads talking about the moves that happen. One thing for sure, we will always have something to talk about!
  2. Quesnel, then Vernon for a few years. Been in the Edmonton area since 2008.
  3. I find it odd that Baertschi gets waived and not Schaller. The savings of $1,075,000 is the same. The only thing I can think of is they tried to make trades over the summer and couldn't - so Baertschi gets waived in anticipation of him getting picked off. This will give the Canucks full savings on his salary to create some more cap room both for this season and next. I think Baertschi gets picked off but Goldobin passes through (lots of teams have "Goldobin" and there are few of them on waivers rights now). Once Roussel is back then we will likely see Schaller waived (barring other injuries). Scary thought is the depth that was supposedly there doesn't look very deep now. Really hope this line up stays healthy. Team is better off with Baertschi in the mix than not.
  4. Sorry all! I trusted Georges (he is often well connected). Looks like Brassard to the Isles...
  5. Update from Jason Gregor - both sides interested but nothing imminent. Georges is a good source but sounds like he jumped the gun and therefore so did I.
  6. Cap crunch is hitting a lot of teams. Oddly enough I think Brassard sees the Oilers as a great opportunity (there is some talent there). He certainly is an upgrade for 3rd line center from what the Oilers had the past couple seasons. He likely gets power play and penalty kill time as well. Oilers have many short comings but if they did sign Brassard that does help them with forward depth.
  7. Rumour per Georges Laraque that Derick Brassard has agreed to a one year deal with the Oilers. No dollars mentioned at this point. He would be a good fit with the Oilers if this is true. Oilers don’t have a lot of cap space so assuming a lower priced deal. Good for player with chance to get career going again. Good for Oilers - player delivers team benefits. Player doesn’t deliver, it is only a 1 year deal.
  8. Yup, Darren Haynes reporting 2 years X 2.55M AAV. Pretty decent contract I would say.
  9. Watching for the numbers but nothing from the media yet (must be enjoying their summer break). Teams never seem to put the numbers out there. Capfriendly will have the details shortly. Wonder how much they will have left to sign Tkachuk...
  10. Per Flames Twitter Sam Bennett signed to 2 year deal. Terms to come.
  11. Just for fun I sorted and summed the ranking of the player (1st on the list = 100, 100 on the list = 1). Canucks rank 18th out of the 31 teams even though we have 4 players (152 value). Notable - Ottawa is last with 1 player for 6 value (Brady Tkachuk). LA, Anaheim and Minnesota all have one player as well. Top of the list is Toronto with 4 at 301. Second is Washington with 5 at 283. Vegas has 6 players (the most) for 222 but that puts them at 13th in the league. Of note the eternal rebuilds of Edmonton, Arizona and Buffalo... Edmonton is ranked 11th in the league with 3 players for 232 (McDavid and Draisaitl will do that for you), Buffalo at 22 with 2 players at 98 and Arizona at 23 with 3 players for 96. I get this is arbitrary and subjective. Still fun to analyze. Interesting that St Louis has only 3 players for 152 and that would put them behind Vancouver at 19th but they won the Cup so let's not put too much credence in this. Certainly arguments for and against players on or missed from the list (Anders Lee, Josh Bailey and Sam Reinhart for example). Also interesting that Jack Hughes and Kakko are already on the list.
  12. Not sure if there is confusion or not on the Hutton situation but since no one else spelled it out clearly I will take a shot at it. If Hutton is qualified, he only has to be qualified at 100% of his current salary. We can all agree that Hutton is not worth 2.8 (see Stecher at 2.3). The issue with being qualified is Hutton has arbitration rights. If he does not accept his qualifying offer (which I suspect he would not) he will take it to arbitration. Rick's comment about the sub 4.4 million is based on an arbitrator award and the walk away limits in the CBA. If the assumption is that Hutton will elect arbitration (which he would and not the team), then an award of less than 4.4 the team cannot walk away (CBA rules). This is the root of the issue - the Canucks qualify him and he takes them to arbitration then the Canucks are trapped to a contract. This is why Hutton has no trade value - the new team would be in the same boat. Hutton has to go UFA to get signed to a contract with proper value. He is not worth 2.8 (minimum qualifying offer) to 4.4 (max can't walk away arbitrator award). For those that want - Capfriendly lays out the arbitration rules very clearly. The other issue is that you cannot negotiate an amount less than the current salary when the player is an RFA. So the minimum the Canucks would sign Hutton at is 2.8 if they qualify him and he agrees. I think the Canucks would like to see Hutton more at the Stecher price point but the reality is they need change on the D and unfortunately Hutton is a victim of that circumstance. Once Edler was signed that was the last of Hutton. It is sad he has no trade value but that is not a slight to the team or to Hutton - it is a function of his current contract, the CBA and the likely award of an arbitrator. Plus if you are another GM - you are not giving up an asset when you can try to get the player for free. I would not be surprised to see Hutton sign on with Ottawa (home town) for 3 years at 2.25 to 2.75.
  13. First let me say I was grumpy about the trade on Saturday. I am not really pro Benning. So now let me say this - the pick will be a 2021 pick (more on that in a minute). If we assume that most players don't make the NHL for 2 years after being drafted then the 2021 pick doesn't play until the 23/24 season. I must admit that is a long ways out from now. Truth is - lots can change. So while I don't like the cost, I honestly cannot predict the roster for next year let alone 23/24. Yes Tampa could end up with 2021 first overall, or they can end up with something from 20 to 31. I will do my best to not lose sleep over it at this point and realize the Canucks get 4 years of Miller contributing before that pick even steps on the ice in the NHL. I don't see the Canucks making the playoffs next year. Pardon the expression but the Canucks currently have a bad case of roster constipation. Sutter, Schaller, Beagle, Granlund, Baertschi, Spooner, Motte, Eriksson, Pearson, Leivo. The D has not changed other than Hughes graduating to the team. Adding Miller means that one more of that previous list isn't on the team but the reality is - too many of them still are. Benning needs to clear up his mess and until that happens this team is not a playoff team. Granted not all of them need to go but Eriksson, Sutter, Spooner, Schaller have to be gone ASAP. The D needs fixing - so far it looks like Hutton goes to make room for a free agent. If Myers is signed another D has to go (Tanev or Stecher). Lots of work to do on the current roster with very little return value in trades. There is still almost zero organizational depth at forward. Might I also say Calgary and Vegas lock up the top 2 spots in the Pacific. SJ is unknown. LA & Anaheim are awful. In the Central - Winnipeg, Nashville, St Louis and Colorado are excellent teams. Minnesota & Chicago are bad. Dallas is definitely in the thick of the Wildcard fight. So reality is SJ, Van, Edm and Ari are fighting it out for 2 playoff spots (Pacific 3rd and a WC). Last season 5 made it from the Central and I doubt that changes next season so I really think only Pacific 3rd is open.
  14. Sure shows what a steal Bo's current deal is. Bo's next contract is going to be significantly bigger. Cap management is going to be fun for the Canucks - fortunately most of the contracts are staggered timing wise. Although Pettersson and Hughes up at the same time will be interesting. I think Nelson is slightly overpaid. But given the Islanders arena saga not quite done and the departure of Tavares, I think they had to overpay to get him to stay. Curious to see what happens with their other free agents - Eberle and Lee in particular as those are the two contract I want to see. Can't imagine what the Islanders do if they lose them.
  15. Islanders twitter stating Brock Nelson has re-signed. 6 year deal at 6 million per AAV.