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  1. [PGT] Arizona Coyotes vs. Vancouver Canucks

    Oh thank you so mucj for all these great years Sedins <3 going to miss you both so much
  2. Kole Lind | RW

    Damn feel bad for Lind. He obviously tried hard though 8 points in 4 games is great
  3. Olli Juolevi | D

    Well isnt that just part of him gaining more weight? Give him a little longer geez lol you act like 1 20 year old Dman is going to change us from a bottom 5 team to a top 10. Simmer down
  4. 2018 NHL Entry Draft

    I really have a good feeling that we win 1st overall. Idk what it is but I just see Dahlin in a Canucks uniform. However if we dont I just want Svechnikov or Boqvist, I feel that Svech can completely give our offense a new dynamic by the fact that he can score from any where, and I want Boqvist because he can skate and run our PP which we need very much. I really really like Bouchard but something about him makes me think he'll be just a very good #3 or #2 Dman
  5. Elias Pettersson | C/RW

    So do you think he becomes a centre??
  6. Elias Pettersson | C/RW

    Just thinking about when I was younger and seeing those 2 dominate lol would love Virt to turn out
  7. Elias Pettersson | C/RW

    Pettersson=Nazzy Virtanen=Bertuzzi?
  8. Brendan Leipsic | #9 | LW/C

    Another point tonight. How much is that since he's come over now?
  9. Phillip Holm | #29 | D

    Awesome.! Cant't wait to see Holm in action.
  10. Preseason GDT/PGT Flames @ Canucks | Sept 28 | 7PM | SN

    Is this game televised?
  11. Brock Boeser | #6 | RW

    Nope lets just go all out and get Svechnikov haha
  12. Brock Boeser | #6 | RW

    Now we just have to find an elite left winger
  13. Brock Boeser | #6 | RW

    Or can call it Bo-Bo-Baer
  14. Individual Top 10 Canuck prospect Rankings

    1-Boeser 2-Juolevi 3-Demko 4-Pettersson 5-Dahlen 6-Gaudette 7-Dipietro 8-Virtanen 9-Lind 10-Gadjovich I am really loving our prospect pool now.!