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  1. It's funny how one injury has changed the dynamic of both the third line and Bo's line. With Gaudette in for Sutter, the third line is more of a scoring line and less of a shut down line. Without Sutter, Bo's line and the 4th line are getting the tough matchups and more D-zone starts.
  2. Marky was great in the first, but the D was very casual in the second and left Marky out to dry. You can't expect him to play 100% all the time, but those saves in the first were timely and gave the boys confidence. I know there were two or three he would like back, but a win is a win.
  3. Here's hoping at the deadline the Canucks are still in the race and Benning has no need to trade him.
  4. I think CDC folks are funny, Tanev, a fragile, 50-60 game per year stay-at-home home Dman with zero offensive game and no grit was easily worth a 1st a year or so ago, but Demko, a goalie prospect who was a college and AHL stud who has played well in the NHL is only worth a third and is a reclamation project? Riiiiiihgt.
  5. Yes, the concussions are an issue, but lots of players have had some concussions and still are successful, Sydney Crosby ring a bell? Ayone who has been watching Demko can see that his fundamentals are sound and he was a stud in the AHL. At his age, he's worth much more than a third. Plus he'll get more starts down the stretch to further improve his resume. You don't think teams looking for goaltending help haven't scouted him?
  6. The stat comparison was minus the one blowup game a few weeks ago. Prior to that their stats were pretty equal. I think anybody looking at our team's prospects would put Demko in the top two or three. But yeah, pretty sure what you said above is what I wrote more concisely.
  7. That would depend on whether we could get more for him this year, a playoff bubble team with weak goaltending might part with a lot to get a great young goalie prospect.
  8. Except these days backups are expected to take on much more of the load and can often be as important as the starter. Look at Toronto, the lack of a quality backup was one of their biggest problems earlier this season, I think I read they were like 0-14 with a backup in goal at one point. I say keep Demko for now, sign Markey to a five year deal, we'll know by the trade deadline if Mikey is the real deal. If the Canucks are buyers at the deadline keep Demko and deal him over the summer for picks, if we're sellers, deal him in a package with LE and maybe Baer for picks/prospects. If we keep them both, one will have to be exposed in the Seattle expansion draft and we lose him for nothing. At this stage their stats are pretty equal, but Markey brings the leadership intangibles and Demko has concussion history.
  9. This is why IF the Canucks have to expose a goalie in the Seattle expansion draft, I think it should be Demko. He's injury-prone and has suffered concussion problems which always seem to be lurking around the corner for players with these issues. Marky is the better goalie and has been much healthier in his career. Mikey might be ready to be a #2 after that draft, he's having a fantastic year in Utica and it looked like he took over as the #1 after not winning that spot out of camp.
  10. This team is not the same without Edler. Look at our record with and without him over the past few years. I thought it was a mistake to put the "C" on Bo, he's feeling the pressure and it's effecting his game. They should have put the "C" on Edler for a couple of years, he's really the glue guy on this team, quiet leadership, unflappable personality, a player everyone likes and respects. Don't get me wrong, I love Bo, but if your captain is a forward it's expected that when the team needs it he'll reach down and find another gear, like Crosby, Toews, Messier, Iginla, etc. With Bo there is no extra gear, what you see is what you get, maximum effort every night, which means when the team needs extra, he has nothing left to give. Honestly, they should call Goldy up, give him a month to make it or break it playing every shift with Petey and Miller. Not a period before Green puts the lines in a blender, but every shift. Petey has shown very little creativity without Goldy, yes he's still getting his points, but it's obvious to me that even Miller doesn't process the game at the same level as Petey. The Canucks have only one other player under contract who sees the ice the same way, and that's Goldy. Petey looks joyless out there, it's obvious that he's also putting a lot of pressure on himself and that's affecting his game.
  11. I absolutely LOVE this guy. Great player, says the right things with the media and in spite of draft year questions about coachability according to Brian Burke, Miller seems like great veteran leadership. I'm sure JB did his due diligence before making the trade, but no doubt this has been the acquisition of his career. Finding a inexpensive, under-used player of this caliber with term, and he ONLY cost us a 1st rounder, no prospects or additional picks? That's robbery!
  12. Neither Hrudy nor Friedman are "Torontonian" critics. Hrudy is the TV color guy for the Flames, so he sees the league and in particular the Pacific a lot. I think his relationship with the flames tends to color his perspective some, but he is certainly NOT east coast centric. Juice was teasing him over a poor choice of language regarding Pearson, but you have to admit last year was a very bad year for Pearson if not quite rock bottom. Nobody who is offloaded twice via trade is having a good year. Neither of those trades was quality asset for quality asset but the exchange of disappointing players looking for a fresh start. Good for him to have turned it around. Friedman has his finger on the pulse of the entire league better than anybody in media, hence his position on the HNIC panel in spite of never having played the game. I listen to his podcast and he is always very fair to the Canucks. That said, I got a kick out of Juice on the panel and hope he becomes a fixture, his sense of humor and insight really improve their segments.
  13. Great full-game effort by the boys, they did a great job back checking, I can't count the number of Oiler pockets picked by Canucks skating hard and staying with their man. I thought Stecher was an unsung hero, and I've changed my mind on Hughes' lack of size, at least in the short term. Last night his body position was perfect and how solid he is on his skates allowed him to physically push guys like Draisaitl off the puck along the boards. He has learned since Draisaitl schooled him in the first game, good on QH. Last night's game was tailor made for Tanner Pearson, hard, heavy and not pretty, I wish he'd play that way every game. Side note, Smith was awful last night. Neither of those low post goals (Leivo and Pearson) should have gone in.
  14. Fantenberg is left handed. I know that Travis prefers to play Dmen on their correct sides due to the speed of the game. Back when I played I didn't care, there were benefits to playing the off side, like walking the blueline forward and having a better angle for shots and passes, but hearing Friedman and Marek on their podcast I realized something that I hadn't thought of, the first pass as you come around the your net is either on your backhand or delayed which with the speed of the game is significant.
  15. If they are out long, look for Miller to move to the middle on the third line and be on be PK2. Until tonight, Miller has taken the majority of the first line faceoffs, I suspect to preserve Petey's left wrist and hand.