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  1. Since Dmen take longer to develop, it's a valid philosophy. You get a 19 year old out of the CHL who will take 3 years in the AHL or a 21 year old out of college who might be ready right out of college.
  2. A lot will have to do with whether JB moves Hutton as the team is really deep at LD and Hutton looks to be the odd man out, which is a shame because his game really improved last year. If they move Hutton and don't sign an LD that will open the door for OJ to win the spot out of camp. If not, Sautner impressed me last year and could keep the spot warm until OJ is ready. Right now I can't see them moving Tanev unless they get a RD back. The organization is very short on RD. Bulldog doesn't play 40 games for a playoff contender. I know RD is high on JB's priority list, hence the Barrie trade talk, because the team's best RD in the system not playing in the NHL is Woo. This is based on current roster: Edler - Stecher Hughes - Tanev OJ/Hutton/Sautner - Schenn/Woo Bulldog Fingers crossed for Woo to have an amazing camp and force management to keep him.
  3. Glenn Greenwald is a complete pro-Russia moron! Drumpf is innocent of nothing, he commits crimes daily. Don't forget Barr was called the Cover-up General by Bush 41 insiders because he made Iran Contra go away, but he can't make this go away, nothing is settled by Barr's letter and makes it more likely that he could be indicted for obstruction of justice himself. Nobody will be satisfied until Dems see the unredacted report, the underlying the evidence, and the Grand Jury documents and testimony. I see you didn't answer any of my questions, so you're obviously just a troll living in your mommy's basement in St. Petersburg.
  4. If he's innocent then answer these five questions: 1. Why did people associated with the Drumpf campaign have over 100 meetings with Russians during the campaign? Most campaigns have ZERO. 2. Why did they ALL lie to the FBI about those contacts? 3. Why did Drumpf insist that the ONLY change in the GOP platform should benefit Russia over their invasion of Crimea. 4. Why did Jared seek out a Russian consulate back channel to Moscow that could not be monitored by US intelligence? 5. Why did Barr craft his cover-up letter so specifically as to say that Mueller found no conspiracy between the Drumpf campaign and the Russian government? That wasn't the accusation, they colluded with Russian oligarchs and Intel cutouts, not government members. Fredo Jr agreed to collude with Russia, released his emails regarding that and Drumpf lied about it to the American people. The cover-up letter actually clears Drumpf and his campaign of nothing.
  5. I've been thinking about Schenn coming out of the box for a PK, having to play forward and looking realkly good doing it. Got into an odd man rush where we had a chance, could have had a second if he wasn't gassed. He has been a really pleasant surprise, seems to be well liked by the guys, says the right things, looks and acts like a leader.
  6. I'm far more impressed with Sautner's game than Brisbois' game. To me, Sautner's NHL ready, skates well, moves the puck, physical, he's much smoother than Brisbois and makes Pouliot unnecessary. Short of moving Hutton in the off-season, next season's left side will be Edler, Hughes and Hutton. To me Sautner is forth, and depending if JB signs or trades for a right-hander, or we go with Stecher, Tanev and Bulldog, I could see them keeping Sautner as #7 next season.
  7. Take it easy on Lind, OJ and Gadjovich, they are all only 20 years old this year, which is two years younger than Gaudette. This was they're getting their feet wet season in Utica, learning how to become professionals. Check back in two years and tell me then if they're flops. At the time they were drafted, nobody doubted they were quality players. I think OJ sees significant time in the NHL this coming season if he can stay healthy. Gadjovich is a power forward in training and we know they can take a little longer to develop, it took him two years to become a point per game playet in the CHL. At every level Lind has struggled his first season before becoming dominant. I expect he will be among the team leaders in points next year and push for a roster spot in the 20-21 season.
  8. Yup, the coaches should get an Anderson highlight tape and give it to Jake to watch everyday and tell him, "this is how we want you to play. "
  9. Demko is a LOOOOONG way from being an NHL #1. Canucks need to resign Marky ASAP!
  10. Hopefully: Baer Bo Pearson Goldy EP Brock LE Gaud Virt Motte Beagel Granny
  11. Unfortunately for Pouliot, Sautner's excellent play and Hughes signing have made him superfluous on this team. Left-handed Dmen on the team next year short of an unexpected UFA signing or trade will be, Edler, Hughes and Hutton. Sautner would be #7.
  12. Management will give Hughes every chance to succeed. If Stecher and Hutton could come from the NCAA and make the team pretty much out of camp (both played 4 games in the A before being recalled and staying), then Hughes had better make the team. I'm not a giant fan of the Hughes pick, but JB and Green need him to make the team. Yes we should move Tanev he is injury prone. In my earlier post I didn't realize exactly how short we are on right-handed D until I looked it up. Somebody is going to have to play their off-side. If Stecher and Hutton aren't top-4 then how is Tanev top-4 in your book? Stecher and Hutton both bring more offense and physicality to the game on their worst days than Tanev on his best. Hutton is 25, Stecher is 24 and they have made great strides this season. It has always taken Dmen longer to develop, Stecher and Hutton, are both two or three years from peaking. They are both top-4 on this team, Stecher should be a top pairing guy next year with Edler. I think Stecher has made Sautner better when they've played together. I guess they could move Hutton for picks or assets to make room for either OJ or Sautner. I feel bad for Sautner, he's looked so good on this job interview and there's no room on the left side for him. My earlier post was just showing our top Dmen left vs right. My pairings next season, depending on which lefty can play the off side: Edler-Stecher Hughes-Hutton OJ (if ready)-Biega Sautner- Schenn If Eddy is more comfortable on his off side then I'd put him and Hutton as the top pairing with Stecher and Hughes as the second pair. Biega hasn't been perfect, but he has played well enough to be the third pairing right D. If they can find a solid young right-handed D in exchange for Hutton, they should make that deal.
  13. Honestly, on a still rebuilding team, that's Stecher. He and Hutton really stepped up while Tanev and Edler were injured. Stecher and Eddy can be our first pairing, he has been tough and resilient, plays a flawless physical game for a smaller player and is very smart. He's not the best shooter, but nobody has everything. I've never really looked before, but wow do we have a ton of left-handed D. We have only three righties in the organizational top 10. The pressure will be on Woo to improve quickly because he is now our best right-handed D prospect. Maybe the team can't move Tanev unless they get a near NHL ready right-handed D prospect. Left Right Edler Tanev (injury prone and should be moved) Hutton Stecher Hughes Biega OJ Schenn Sautner Chatfield Brisebois Pouliot (Sautner's play has made him expendable) McEneny
  14. I don't think the team needs a free agent D-man. I also think they should try to move Tanev for a pick this year. We know the team's top 4 next season will be Edler, Hughes, Stecher (who impresses me more every game with his physical play), and Hutton. That leaves the bottom 3 spots for a competition between OJ (who will hopefully force the team to keep him in the NHL), Sautner (who I think has shown he belongs), Brisebois (who has looked pretty good and will only get better), Biega, Teves (remember that Stecher and Tanev made the NHL right out of college), Schenn and Puloit. There are of lots of decent options without spending a ton of money on a free agent.