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  1. Management will give Hughes every chance to succeed. If Stecher and Hutton could come from the NCAA and make the team pretty much out of camp (both played 4 games in the A before being recalled and staying), then Hughes had better make the team. I'm not a giant fan of the Hughes pick, but JB and Green need him to make the team. Yes we should move Tanev he is injury prone. In my earlier post I didn't realize exactly how short we are on right-handed D until I looked it up. Somebody is going to have to play their off-side. If Stecher and Hutton aren't top-4 then how is Tanev top-4 in your book? Stecher and Hutton both bring more offense and physicality to the game on their worst days than Tanev on his best. Hutton is 25, Stecher is 24 and they have made great strides this season. It has always taken Dmen longer to develop, Stecher and Hutton, are both two or three years from peaking. They are both top-4 on this team, Stecher should be a top pairing guy next year with Edler. I think Stecher has made Sautner better when they've played together. I guess they could move Hutton for picks or assets to make room for either OJ or Sautner. I feel bad for Sautner, he's looked so good on this job interview and there's no room on the left side for him. My earlier post was just showing our top Dmen left vs right. My pairings next season, depending on which lefty can play the off side: Edler-Stecher Hughes-Hutton OJ (if ready)-Biega Sautner- Schenn If Eddy is more comfortable on his off side then I'd put him and Hutton as the top pairing with Stecher and Hughes as the second pair. Biega hasn't been perfect, but he has played well enough to be the third pairing right D. If they can find a solid young right-handed D in exchange for Hutton, they should make that deal.
  2. Honestly, on a still rebuilding team, that's Stecher. He and Hutton really stepped up while Tanev and Edler were injured. Stecher and Eddy can be our first pairing, he has been tough and resilient, plays a flawless physical game for a smaller player and is very smart. He's not the best shooter, but nobody has everything. I've never really looked before, but wow do we have a ton of left-handed D. We have only three righties in the organizational top 10. The pressure will be on Woo to improve quickly because he is now our best right-handed D prospect. Maybe the team can't move Tanev unless they get a near NHL ready right-handed D prospect. Left Right Edler Tanev (injury prone and should be moved) Hutton Stecher Hughes Biega OJ Schenn Sautner Chatfield Brisebois Pouliot (Sautner's play has made him expendable) McEneny
  3. I don't think the team needs a free agent D-man. I also think they should try to move Tanev for a pick this year. We know the team's top 4 next season will be Edler, Hughes, Stecher (who impresses me more every game with his physical play), and Hutton. That leaves the bottom 3 spots for a competition between OJ (who will hopefully force the team to keep him in the NHL), Sautner (who I think has shown he belongs), Brisebois (who has looked pretty good and will only get better), Biega, Teves (remember that Stecher and Tanev made the NHL right out of college), Schenn and Puloit. There are of lots of decent options without spending a ton of money on a free agent.
  4. Actually this is EXACTLY when you find out about your team. Tough back-to-back against two teams with playoff aspirations and talent. The Canucks are playing for nothing, yet come out with energy both games and get two wins. Yes it's important to win when it matters, but the fact that the ENTIRE team is still working hard with nothing on the line is laudable and is important for development. It would have been easy to mail in the final 12 games, the team is exhausted, but they keep working hard and that's important. These wins are showing the young guys that they can compete in the heat down the stretch.
  5. I was watching that goal too, and was initially angry with Goldy, I looked at it again, and that man in front was the Dman's responsibility. Goldy was in the right spot. Canucks had two in the corner and the Dman was watching the play in the corner instead of taking his man. Goldy should stay in a position where he can get to the puck if it's ringed around the boards by the guys in the corner. Also not sure what you were watching but I thought Goldy won more battles than he lost against NJ. This is Green trying to motivate Goldy, but he has played far better than Loui, Schaller, Granny, Leivo and and Pierson. Very disappointed. I'm hoping Goldy is still with the team in the fall, because he has skills and sees the ice better than any Canuck other than EP.
  6. Hughes will only play nine games through the end of the year, I wouldn't be surprised if they kept him in a boot for two weeks to TG doesn't have to answer the question about when he's going to play.
  7. So funny, last year people on CDC were convinced we could flip Tanev for a 1st, but now some claim that Edler isn't a top pairing Dman. Seems to me that Edler has heen protecting Tanev. The team's record sans-Edler is abysmal, about a 33% winning percentage. Rather than getting a UFA, I'd like something like this: Move Tanev Hutton-Stecher Edler-Sautner/Hughes (if he's ready) Biega-Pouliot (this pairing had been decent for the past few games and I think they too will continue to improve) Schenn Hutton and Stecher are coming along really well, why not see if the can really settle in as a true top pairing. We have a ton of defensive talent expected in the next year or two in OJ, Hughes, Woo, Sautner, Breezer, Chatfield, etc. Why overpay for a UFA when we are close to having a corps of great young talent?
  8. That's crazy! Stecher is a young Dman making the transition from 3-4 to 1-2, he is still improving and appears to not yet be hitting his peak. Im not a big fan or Corsi but Stecher is our best defenseman when you look at his analytics. He is also in our top three defensemen when you use the eye test. It takes a long time to develop Dmen, you don't give a guy like Stecher up unless what comes back is a serious over payment! If he had a better shot he would be nearly perfect.
  9. He's a point a game player in the A, I think he processes the game there just fine. Travis has said he's staying for the rest if the year. I think JB moves Sutter in the off-season and Gaudette is our regular third line center. He'll be sheltered for awhile, but eventually play PK2 minutes. Gaudette's problem at the NHL level is that he still lacks foot speed. That comes with training, not playing. Processing the game at this level will come with playing at this level. Also, when they sent him down, it was a numbers game and he didn't have to clear waivers. I'm sure they told the kid what to work on, but everybody could see why he went. He needs to improve his foot speed and his strength to win more faceoffs. Better to train hard all summer and come to camp bigger, stronger and faster, than a long AHL playoff run, and less training because you"re tired. He is also a little older and more matire than our rookies down on the farm who would benefit from more games in the playoffs.
  10. Back in the low-scoring mid-'90s to mid-'00s era, teams played a neutral zone trap, they would forecheck with one forward deep and keep two forwards out high at the offensive blueline. The goal was to clog up the neutral zone and stop the puck from entering your zone. Basically it was a waiting game, hoping to catch the other team with a bad pass or a bad change to score a goal. NJ won cups with little front end talent, two great defenders and the best goalie in the league (all time?). It was awful to watch but effective with the rules at the time (clutching, grabbing, hooking and slashes to the stick and hands were rarely called and the redline was in play). Teams are doing a similar take on that now, but at their blueline. If the team with the puck uses a breakout, the defensive team gets back and stands up three or four at their blue line, making entry really hard. You see that with other teams PK, and our inability to gain the zone with possession. The same is true in 5 on 5. If the other team is clogging the blue line, the solution is to hit the line with full-speed or dump and chase and win a board battle. The Canucks don't always dump and chase, but do it when either they are changing, disorganized in the neutral zone or facing a clogged blueline. Some teams, AZ is one and so was CO, have really good Dmen with great gap-control who stand up at the blueline to make entry hard. On your comment about Brock, he's only in his second year as a pro, so he is STILL developing. He has not had a great year, but I expect with a full summer of dryland work he will rebound to the type of player we saw last season.
  11. Honestly, Gaudette's time in the A is over. It's time to think about what will make him a better NHL player next year. Its better long-term if he stays in Vancouver and works with the coaches on strength and quickness. A long playoff run would rob him of a good summer of training, which is more important to his career. The same is true of Demko.
  12. I'm sick of the Green line blender. Three games ago he finally put Goldy back with Petey and Brock. That was the most dangerous that line has looked in weeks, Goldy scored, Petey had two assists, Brock had several chances. Since then they've played one period together and again looked good. Leivo and Pearson dragged Petey down tonight. They are both straight line players while Petey plays more of a cycle game. Goldy looked great again tonight, why not put him with Petey and Brock? I thought Petey looked tired tonight, probably a hangover from a high minute OT game at altitude. Demko was awful, yes he was rusty, but why start him in a must-win game? Yes I'm sure Marky was tired but he would have been better than Demko. It's almost like Green has become the tank commander. Oh, and Pouliot didn't play, but he's been playing really well and should have played ahead of Sautner or Schenn, though Schenn played pretty well.
  13. We can only protect one goalie, five forwards and three Dmen OR one goalie and eight skaters. That's why moving Dahlen was a good move, one less potential forward that we could lose.
  14. Sadly if Marky continues to play like this we are likely to lose either him of Demko in the Seattle expansion draft.
  15. The problem with Petey is that they keep screwimg with his left winger. That line looked like trash until TG put Goldy with them in the third. Just leave Goldy on that line! Yeesh!