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  1. I watched the game, barely noticed Jake aside from the back check on that one scoring chance. I didn't see him throw a check, he didn't get in a scrum, face wash anybody, he looked disengaged to me. He is one of our bigger players, our smaller guys are getting battered every play, and Jake did nothing. If you play only eight minutes, they should be meaningful minutes. When Mac was playing limited minutes he found a way to do something memorable, throw a hit, get in a scrum, make his presence felt. Even Myers was engaged, he took a couple of penalties, but he got some licks in.
  2. Honestly, I thought Sutter looked on Honestly, I thought Sutter looked really good on the third line, and LE surprised me with his game, he had some offensive chances and played good defense. I think Gaudette should feel fortunate if he gets back in.
  3. Petey should have had two helpers; he forced the TO and deflected the puck to Miller on his "unassisted" goal. That little tap to Brock for his goal was an underappreciated thing of beauty. The NHL TV guys said it was a deflection, but it was a perfect feed to an open Brock for the finish. I like Brock better on that line, when Toffoli gets back I'd like to see him on Bo's line. Petey had a great game, he's getting a ton of dirty attention, I hope he can hold up over the course of the playoffs. Also, very disappointed in Jake, one good play backtracking to break up a scoring chance, but I expected him to play with some edge, like he had a chip on his shoulder and he gives us blech. Honestly, if JB can get somebody to take LE's contract and the sweetener is Jake, I'm all in on that.
  4. If they can't talk LE into retiring, I could see JB offering Jake to Ottawa as a sweetener to take on LE's contract. JB needs some cap space to sign Toffoli, Tanev and either Stech or Tryamkin.
  5. Last season Petey hit the wall shortly after the all star break, this season he lasted a little longer. He's not yet physically mature enough to play a whole season producing at a 1C clip while being hooked, hit and held more than anybody on the team. We should have expected his performance this season to drop off around 60 games. He's looked like he's running on fumes for a couple of weeks. He'll gain another 10 or 15 pounds of muscle this offseason and last through game 70 next year. It's a maturation process, he's basically playing with the body of a skinny 18-year-old. I heard Eddie Olczyk on a podcast a couple of weeks ago. He said that he would lose over 20 pounds in playing weight during the course of the season. Petey can't afford weight loss like that, he doesn't have 20 pounds to spare.
  6. According to Brian Burke, who was a GM in Miller's draft year, everyone loved his physical attributes but he dropped because people questioned his mental makeup such as an inability to accept criticism. Some GMs saw him as kind of uncoachable. He has obviously overcome those faults in his game and become a leader on this young team. It wasn't the trade that made Miller grow up, it was growing up and playing on a championship caliber team with world class players who were a lot better than he was. When Stamkos tells you to get to a spot for a pass, or dump and chase harder, or backcheck harder, you do it.
  7. I don't mean to bash Brock, but he also played most of the season with Miller and Petey and on one of the best PP units in the league. This is also a team that plays a fairly wide-open style. LA has become more of a low-scoring team the past two seasons and I would think playing there when they are as bad as they've gotten after being a regular cup contender made the game harder for everybody. So it makes sense that Brock had eight more points. Honestly playing on that line should have gotten him more. I like Brock and understand he's still developing, just saying that in this case the rental is an improvement. Since this is supposedly the leading edge of our window I wouldn't be crushed if the Canucks gave Toffoli a contract and looked to move Brock.
  8. When Brock gets back, he'll be either second or third line, I'm pretty sure Toffoli is stuck to Petey and Miller for the duration. Even though Petey was fighting the puck tonight, that line was still dangerous because of Miller and Toffoli's play. Petey should have had two tonight. Also keeping Toffoli with Miller and Petey increases the chances he signs with us after the season, because he can see the potential of winning a scoring title and another cup.
  9. Honestly, all around game, Toffoli is better than Brock. He's more responsible defensively, he may not have Brock's finish, but he's a better skater and is a better passer with a higher hockey IQ.
  10. Toffoli has very high hockey IQ and thinks the game at a level with Petey and Miller. Jake is much better this year, but he still doesn't think the game at their level. I wouldn't mind Jake on Bo's line as they are more of a transition line where Petey and Miller tend to be more of a cycle, play-making line. Toffoli might be the perfect match for Petey and Miller, higher hockey IQ than even Brock, who is pretty much only a finisher where Toffoli is a great finisher, but he can distribute too.
  11. No doubt in my mind Marky is our MVP, not just for his stellar play but also for his obvious leadership on this team. Marky should be in the Hart trophy conversation and an obvious Vezina finalist. If the remainder of the season plays out as the first 75% has, Hughes should be an easy Calder choice and a Norris finalist as well. I think Bo should get some Selke consideration and I wish there was an award for what Miller has meant to this team. Not only has he been far better than expected but he has brought a whole new winning attitude to this team. This is team is far harder on the puck top to bottom than any Canucks team in the past five years. I think that's a work ethic, professionalism and attitude that Miller brought to Vancouver.
  12. Can you imagine how good the twins would have been with Miller on their wing?
  13. Eell Well this move opens a regular spot on the 4th for Big Mac. Seems like JB solved the top 6 forward and toughness issues with one move. This move also suggests that Brock is gone for a while longer. If it's really a shoulder injury, then when he's back, he probably won't have his shot or one-timer, so he'll be a regular 3rd liner until fall camp.
  14. It's funny how one injury has changed the dynamic of both the third line and Bo's line. With Gaudette in for Sutter, the third line is more of a scoring line and less of a shut down line. Without Sutter, Bo's line and the 4th line are getting the tough matchups and more D-zone starts.