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  1. A defense of FA signings/Benning by a Benning hater

    Since the best Russian player in the world plays for them, I suspect Drumpf's been a Caps fan for several years. Just like, I'm sure he was fist pumping when Russia made it through to the next round in the World Corrupt today.
  2. Canuck Young Forwards: Assessing 2017-18

    Disagree. As was stated up the thread, Baer got 1LW/2LW deployment (depending on how much ice the Sedins got on a night) for only 30 games (with Bo and Brock). He saw the rest of his time as 3LW with a variety of lesser centers. Even then if you project his stats for a full season, he put up solid 2LW numbers. Injuries scrambled the lines and I think a lot of players lacked the chemistry of having consistent linemates.
  3. Canuck Young Forwards: Assessing 2017-18

    People are giving up on Goldobin WAY too soon. He came on late in the year with a series of "best game yet" games. He went down to Utica without any drama and busted his hump in the playoffs. I thought he really showed his high-end skill with the puck and worked hard on the defensive end as well. I think he has first line potential. I could see him as the playmaker on a line with Brock and Bo. I could also see Baer in that role, as he's a better passer than he is a shooter. Goldy has the better high-end skill, but Baer has a more complete game. Goldy's game was coming on at the end of last season. Let's see if he can add a few more pounds and some upper body strength in the offseason and really compete for the top spot. Baer turns in classic 2nd line LW stats. If you project his stats for a full season, he's a 20+ goal, 50-60 point guy. He just has to stay healthy. I see Jake as a 2nd-3rd line beauty. He's a guy who needs a passer on his line and if Bo and Brock are on the top line then that's not them. I could see a future top line of EP, Jake, and Brock. EP has elite vision and passing skills to go with an NHL caliber shot. Jake has elite speed and is getting better at board battles. If only he could hit the net with his shot. And of course, Brock is an elite SEAL Team 6 level sniper.
  4. Canuck Young Forwards: Assessing 2017-18

    You do NOT introduce a cancer like Kane to a young team with little veteran leadership. That would be the worst thing you could possibly do to the Canucks. Kane works in SJ because they have lots of veterans to keep him in line. Do you anticipate Edler keeping Kane in line? I'm not sure even Gudbranson would be up for that.
  5. Anders Nilsson | #31 | G

    I honestly think that Nilsson and Markstrom are hurt by having Cloutier coaching them. Maybe Cloutier is a nice guy, but I think he's an awful coach at least for taller goalies. Markstrom and Nilsson are two of the biggest goalies in the NHL, but with Cloutier coaching them, they play really small and compact giving shooters lots of space under the bar. Nilsson's performance at the WC should be proof positive that we need a new goalie coach next year!. Yes, Sweden has a MUCH better defense in front of him, but early last season Nilsson was really good, and he got progressively worse as the season progressed as if the more Cloutier coached him the worse he got. Get him away from Cloutier, let the Swedish coaches make some adjustments, and bang you have a gold medal goalie again.
  6. Elias Pettersson | C/RW

    What I liked last game was that he used his speed on the backcheck. Showed his high hockey IQ to get back and make good defensive plays. He's already showing that he has a pretty complete game aside from adding some size.
  7. Elias Pettersson | C/RW

    I just watched the highlights of the Sweden-France game, wow. That setup on the powerplay goal to Backlund was special, and then the drag and shot, amazing. This kid may shoot it as well as Brock and he's a better playmaker. I'm liking him more and more. Seems like he's getting comfortable at this level. Like I said earlier, he needs to add 10-15 pounds of muscle, mostly in his lower body, and he's going to be magical!
  8. Elias Pettersson | C/RW

    If EP makes the team out of camp honestly, then good, but don't rush him for two reasons, he needs more size and it's one less player to protect in the Seattle draft. I'd also keep as many of these young guys in Europe or the AHL for another year as possible because we'll get screwed by the Seattle expansion draft in 20-21, and we can't protect them all. I say, let Goldy play the whole season next year, give Jake a shot at top six minutes and replace him on the checking line with Gaunce. Keep Boucher up for the year to see what he can do. Give Gaudette a good look at 4th line center. Let Gagner play 2nd or 3rd line center and maybe sign Dowd for another year. Keep OJ, Dahlen, EP (if he's not quite ready), and the other 2016-17 draftees out of the NHL for another year. Put them all together next year and let them grow as a unit. It'll maybe be a stealth tank, we'll get another good draft choice, we won't lose any good prospects and we'll give some of the young guys some who are on the cusp some PT. In watching EP at the Worlds, he needs about ten or 15 more pounds, and he needs to get stronger on his skates. He seems to be getting knocked down a lot, but he's a 19 year old playing against men. I have been impressed with his puck handling and hockey IQ, and other than size don't think he looks out of place at the highest level he's played at yet.
  9. NHL 2018 Draft Lottery

    What I'm saying is that when he was drafted, American and Euro players were not being scouted at the same rate they are now. We can see by the number of misses, like Jack Skille, that teams didn't put as much time and money into scouting especially the non-CHL players. I think that if Suter had been drafted today, he'd go much higher because he would be a much more known quantity. Nowadays, with the explosion of scouting sites on the internet, there is a pretty good scouting book on pretty much every guy who laces up a pair of skates whether he's playing in the CHL, Tier 2, High School, College or the Euro leagues.
  10. NHL 2018 Draft Lottery

    He would have to be a late bloomer for that. Scouting is so much better today than it was when Suter was drafted. If he was drafted in today's NHL he'd have gone top two or three. Look at how many first rounders the Canucks whiffed on over the years that never turned into NHLers. Some of their first rounders never played a game in the league. These days, American high school kids have full scouting profiles, as well as all the euros and college kids. Back in the day, if you didn't play in the CHL you were a stretch as a first rounder. Sure a guy with an eye like JB can find a diamond in the rough like EP or Stecher, but that's a lot more rare than it used to be. I love looking at old rosters on HockeyDB and am always amazed at how many great players back then were never drafted.
  11. NHL 2018 Draft Lottery

    So frustrating! At this spot, we'll be lucky to get a good 2nd pairing Dman or a middle six forward. None of the guys after the top three or four are top tier prospects. Hopefully, JB can pull another rabbit out of his hat and turn this #7 into a stealth #1 like he did last year. I noted that the list of former #7s included Jack Skille, gawd I hope we do better than that! I'm not sure I trust the NHL's doing the lottery behind closed doors. Why don't they actually show the ping pong balls on TV, that would be great entertainment! They probably do it with a computer algorithm, which obviously can be f'd with in order for the NHL/Bettman to get their preferred outcome because we all know they prefer American teams and the Maple Laughs. Now we have to hope that JB was right in the Juolevi pick and he turns out to be a true top pairing player that we need! He was certainly right about EP. One other note, if the Seattle expansion draft has the same rules as the BS Vegas draft, then we don't want to have a team full of young guns in two years. 1st and 2nd-year players are exempt but what year does 2020-21 count as? If we brought JD, EP, TD, and OJ up next season, would they be considered 3rd-year players, since they would have finished their 2nd season at that point? If so, we'd have to protect them and would have to leave some quality players unprotected. If that would make them 3rd-year players at that point, then we should leave them all in Europe and Utica for another season, because if they're in Utica it would be very difficult to keep them there with injuries, and once they arrive in Vancouver, if they light it up, how can you justify sending them back?
  12. 2017-18 Utica Comets Thread

    It's funny hiw much difference there is between the AHL and the NHL. In Utica, Boucher looks like Brock, in the NHL even when he was playing on the top two lines, he looked nothing more than pedestrian. But then the AHL makes Chaput look like Pete Mahovlich. In Utica, Goldy looks great, fast, shifty, great passer, but the loss of time and space in the NHL has been a tough shift for him. I think he looks really confident in Utica. Motte has been a revelation in this series! Looking forward to seeing Goldy, Dahlen, and Motte at camp next year.
  13. I noticed a 25-year-old defenseman with decent size who might be good. He certainly had great stats during the playoffs. The scouting report said he has good vision and is good with the puck.
  14. Maybe not QUITE this much, but I have a feeling Jim's eye test is pretty impressive. He was certainly coy about the pick last year. I remember a lot of screaming here on CDC about how he'd drafted a skinny kid who would never make it, lol. I'm not sure if he or Gradin spotted Pettersson while scouting Dahlen for the Burrows trade, and maybe forecast what kind of player he would be, but man what a great move! From the video, the kid has great puck sense and hockey IQ. That strip on the stick lift makes me think that Pettersson is stronger than advertised. He also looks to have a large frame that could probably take on an extra 10 or 15 pounds or so of muscle. He certainly has a nose for the puck and reads the play really well and gets into areas where he can take passes. I'm excited! I'd play him with Goldy and his playmaking ability and/or Jonathan Dahlen because of their previous experience together. I'm afraid the Canucks are going to need a bodyguard for him, like Zac MacEwan. I'm too lazy to look, but I'm now wondering if there are any free-agent or draft projects on either Pettersson's team or Dahlen's team that JB might be looking at.
  15. Draft Lottery

    I still don't understand this STUPID system, we stand a better chance of moving down than moving up or standing pat, just f'n ludicrous. I know the NHL needs an Oiler's solution, so how about this: You finish last, you pick first. You finish last again within a three year period, you get bumped down to 5th. Everybody 2-5 moves up a spot. Everybody else picks opposite to where they finished. I know that the NHL loves the lottery because it's a topic of conversation for cities that didn't make the playoffs, it creates some excitement for puck heads like us, but really it's justs not fair. Personally, I love hockey, but I probably won't watch much of the playoffs this year. I'd love to see a Canadian team win, so I'm wishing the best for Winnipeg because I can't cheer for TO the way the tanked to get their #1 pick. I have no respect for obvious tanking. I'm also cheering for the Pens because I appreciate what a class act Sid has been with all the pressure that comes with being the face of his team and of the NHL for the past ten plus years and SJ because I'd love Honey Badger and Joe Thornton win a cup. Jumbo Joe and Sid have been stalwarts for Team Canada over the years too. When the Canucks have been bad, I've at least enjoyed winning Olympic gold and World Championships. Living in the Seattle area, I actually own more Team Canada swag than I do Canucks gear.